MassX Frat

First Day at the Office


By muscleboy82000

Author note: When I picked the title of this series, I had a storyline that was going to be developed very quickly but I have decided to spend a few more chapters on developing the story more completely. I hope that everyone understands and continue to enjoy my work.

**************************************** Cast Shawn Son of Bob, College student at State University, 20-Years Old Bob An X'd Man. Father to Shawn and Vice President of Marketing and Sales for MassX Tommy An X'd Man. 25-Years old waiter at the Big Dan's Restaurant and model for MassX Jason An X'd Man. 19-Year Old Receptionist/Model for MassX and brother of Tommy Kyle An X'd Man. 22-Year brother of Jason and Tommy Sam An X'd Man. Shipping clerk for MassX Todd A normal and former schoolmate of Shawn's Aaron A normal and former schoolmate of Shawn's

**************************************** Dad drove up to an old warehouse a couple of blocks from Big Dan's. As the large metal garage door opened, Dad said that they wanted to keep the location discrete because they did not want people lining up for the formula. He drove in and I found a large open space for parking cars but only six other vehicles were parked. I could tell that they must all be driven by X'd men because they were either small sport cars to showoff in or huge pickup trucks to carry our mass. While the outside looks old and rundown, the inside was clean and new.

Dad said to hurry up as time was burning. We climbed a set of stairs and opened a door and entered the lobby that could have passed for any High-tech Internet Startup. Sitting at the Receptionist desk was a beautiful specimen of X'd maleness. He was on the phone but I could have just grabbed him and fuck him right on the desk. He looked like Tommy only younger, maybe closer to my age. His skin was a golden bronze color with not an ounce of fat and long and long flowing dirty-blond hair. For me, the best word to describe him would be gorgeous. He appeared to be close to my height and was perfectly proportioned. He was wearing a very tight white polo type shirt that looked several sizes too small with the company logo over his left pec. The sleeves were so tight that they cut deep ridges into his huge upper arms. His arms and chest appeared completely hairless and I could see the outline of his large and powerful chest. He saw us and told the caller that he would call them back.

Dad introduced me and told Jason that I joined the X'd side just yesterday. Jason extended his hand and welcomed me to the family. He was trying to test my strength and began to squeeze my hand and I began to return the effort. Increased the force against each other, our arms began to show more veins and muscle definition. The more that he exerted, the more I returned the same back. After a few moments, I started to see the sign of pain in his face; I released him from my grip. Jason began to rub his right arm and asked me how strong which I replied that I did not know. Dad told him that we have not had the chance to explore that yet. With a smile and a wink, Jason offered to help test my strength or anything. Dad interrupted and said that we would have plenty of time for that stuff later and that we had a few things to talk about. Jason gave me a dirty little smiled and patted my ass as Dad led me into a large office.

As we walked into the office, I noticed a large couch against the wall, a door leading to a bathroom, and several large overstuffed chairs. Everything was properly sized to fit the size of an X'd man. We both sat down in the chairs and Dad became to explain the business. The formula is produced at an offsite lab and shipped in. The formula is then divided and packages into individual doses. In additional to packaging and shipping the formula and the X'd men clothing line, the office as a full lab to run the blood samples to determine if MassX will work on people and the administrative and marketing team. The current staff is twelve, all male, and most were X'd men. Dad informed me that the office has a complete gym, kitchen area, break rooms, and a stage and production area for creating photo spreads and video production. I asked about the stage area and Dad said the company was just beginning to make pornographic movies market involving X'd men. It is a great avenue to make additional money for the company and helping to promote MassX because who would not want to watch a fuck flick with young gorgeous X"d men. Dad then offered me a job with the company; as he wanted me to help grow the business, since he has helped me to grow. The thought of helping guys grow and making fuck movies got me so excited that I told Dad that I would do anything to help him, the company and the cause. He came over and began passionately kissing me and rubbing his hands all over my body. His strong hands knew exactly where and how to raise my level of excitement. He pulled my shirt away and began to run his hands up and around my chest and abdomen. I told Dad that either he had to stop or we needed to fuck me with his huge cock. Dad backed away and began to strip me when the intercom buzzed and Jason advised that the people for Direct TV were here for the meeting about the X'd Men Channel. Dad said that he would be there and that Jason needed to come inside for a minute after he had then settled in the conference room. As Dad was getting dressed, Jason walked in. Dad walked over and kissed Jason passionately and told him that I needed to be fully serviced and then give me the tour of the office. Jason said that he could tell as soon as he walked in that I was a very horny X'd man. With that, Dad left us to our passion, needs and desires.

Jason walked over to me and we began to kiss. Jason was a great kisser and I became more and more sexually aroused as he darted his tongue around the inside of my mouth. As he pulled away to undress, Jason said that I seemed very comfortable with the whole gay male muscle sex bit. I said that I was straight before my change but I am definitely comfortable with my new and improved orientation. He smiled and said it took him a whole three days to become comfortable with the whole program after he was "improved". I told him that I have never been this horny before and all I want to do now is fuck and suck. Jason said the feeling will never go away but I will soon begin to learn to control the "wild animal" within me. Once naked, we met face-to-face and began to "feel-up" each other. We fondled each other's huge chests, muscular arms and shoulders, and tight and defined Abs as are lips continued to be locked. Our excitement grew to the point that our dicks smacked into each other's chest. Mine was slightly longer than his but his was thicker and had lots of veins running all around. Without talking, we both began to lick and suck each other with the vigor that only an X'd man can do. The sight must have been incredible as we stood and licked and sucked each other's dicks like popsicles. We licked the shafts and sucked and nibbled on the mushroom head of each other's cock as we fondled our nuts. Jason's nuts were as large as oranges and felt like they weighed five bounds each. As the level of excitement grew, we both began to flow large amounts of pre-cum. Jason's pre-cum was thick, warms, and the most delicious thing I have ever consumed. Our energy continued to grow to the point that we both ejaculated at the same time. We both pumped and pumped large amounts of cum into each other's mouths and the best part is we did not waste a drop. His cum had a totally different taste than Dad's or Tommy's. Jason's cum was very thick and had a sweet but slightly bitter tasting. As we pulled apart, Jason asked me when was I with Tommy. I had to stop because I did not know how he would have known. Jason smiled and said that Tommy and he were brothers and they had fucked and sucked each other this morning before leaving for work and he could still taste Tommy on my dick and in my mouth. I said that we had breakfast at the dinner this morning and he "showed" me around the backroom, including his ass and mouth. Jason laughed and said that his older brother has never learned self-control since becoming an X'd man. We began to gain our composure and put our clothes back on when I asked Jason how long has he been an X'd man. Jason said that it has almost been a year since Tommy converted him. Tommy was so excited about his new life that he secretly added the formula to a couple of milkshakes and grew Jason and their brother Kyle at the same time. Luckily, the three of them lived by themselves because they were so sexed up that it took a week for them to stop fuck each other and finally leave the house. Being an X'd man is the best thing that has every happened to me.

After going into the bathroom and cleaning each other up, Jason began to show me around the office. The office area had several private offices, a large kitchen and break area with a fast food type milkshake machine. Jason said is made with a high protein mix to keep us fueled up. We went down to the first level and entered the gym and locker room. The equipment was all high tech that Jason said is computer controlled. With an X'd man's super strength, we need this special equipment to properly workout. All of the equipment is connected to a computer that adjusts to our always-increasing strength to ensure that we get a proper workout. In the back of the gym was a large locker room and shower area like I had in high school. Jason said that the staff has lots of fun in the showers after a hard workout or a rough day in the office. Down the hall was a large open area with lighting equipment and video cameras. The set was set up as a bedroom and looked like some heavy muscle action had occurred. Jason said that they had just started production on the third movie and his brother Kyle is one of the stars. Jason said he is hoping to start acting in the films soon. I asked him what type of movies were they and he said that this is the first full-action X'd men fuck movie. The other two had been muscle worshipping and jack-off movies highlighting X'd men. Jason said that we had one more stop on the tour and the shipping and receiving area was next. This is the place that orders to all the stuff currently be sold are processed, blood samples are received, and the formula is repackaged.

We entered the shipping are and I saw three men working, one was an X'd man and two "normal's". The X'd man was about 6 feet tall black man with a shaved head and multiple earrings in each ear. He had on a pair of super tight Spandex shorts and a Spandex muscle shirt that was very form fitting and left nothing to the imagination. His chest looked like it stuck out at least a foot and unlike the other X'd men I have seen, he had no veins crisscrossing his muscles. The two normal's looked like average bodybuilding types and were wearing shorts and stretch tee shirts. The normal's turned around and I immediately knew them as a couple of the football jocks I went to high school that never gave me the time of day. As we walked in, a buzzer went off and the X'd man yelled "break time" and all three walked away and into an office. Jason said that I had to see this and we walked up and looked in the door and saw the X'd man standing in the middle of the room, naked. All of his muscles were well defined and his skin was thin enough to see muscle fibers as he moved. The other two, who were also naked, were actively servicing him. One was kneeing in front of Sam, it looked to be Todd, licking and sucking on his X'd cock and fondling his large nut sack. Sam's dick appeared to be about the same length as mine but was a thick as a soda can with a large mushroom head. Todd seemed to be well trained in the art of deep-throating an X'd cock and was definitely enjoying his work. Aaron was behind Sam had feeding him is "small", if you call an eight inch cock as small, up Sam's muscular ass. I would never have thought that these two guys were gay but they seemed very comfortable with the whole scene. Jason said that these two wanted to grow but Sam decided to string them along for a while and enjoy the fun. Sam told them that they had to work here for six months before we would allow them to be tested for growing and during that period they had to ensure that everyone here was well satisfied. He called it the "right-to-grow" rule. Jason said that we should go play with them as we have two bare asses that need something shoved up them. After watching the scene, I could not wait to play and it took about two seconds to strip. Jason leaned over and we began French Kissing for what seemed like five minutes then said lets go have some fun.

I walked over to Todd and told him he had a nice body, for a normal, and to prepare for the fucking of his life. Without warning, I rammed my huge cock up into his ass and began to pound Todd's ass as Jason was pounding Aaron and they continued to service Sam. I could tell that he has had a large cock in his ass before because his ass was tight but not restrictive. He yelled saying that my cock was the largest dick ever shoved up his ass and he needed more of it. I could feel the ridges of my veins rubbing against the insides of his ass. Once Sam blew is load into Todd, I pulled him away and spun him around so that we were face-to-face. He stared into my eyes with a lust that sent chills throughout my body. Todd began to suck and nurse on my masculine tits like he must have done to his mother as a child and he rubbed his hands along my muscular shoulders, chest and arms. From my excitement, my nipples grew huge and projecting out over an inch. Todd sucked, licked, and nibbled on them as I continued to pound his ass and his small cock, if you called an 8- inch cock small, rubbed between the ridges and valleys of my abdominal muscles. Right before I blew my load, I grabbed his head and pulled it free of my nipples and told him he would never guess who was fucking his ass. With that, I began to fuck is mouth with my tongue as we both blew our loads. His load when all over our bodies and mine deep into his ass. My load shot up his ass for minutes with such a quantity that some of my cum was leaking from is ass. Todd was so spent that he became a rag doll in my arms. He looked up and said that I looked familiar but he could not place a name to my magnificent body. I told Todd who I was and told him that "paybacks" for the way you treated me in high school was going to be costly. Todd smiled and said that I could abuse him anytime with the great cock now shoved up his ass and it was the best servicing he has ever had. With that, I lifted him off my still erected cock and sat him down on the floor. A river of cum flowed out of his ass since I had shot quarts. I looked over and saw that Aaron lying in a heap, covered head-to-toe in cum, and Sam and Jason standing above him with smiles on their faces. Sam walked over and kissed me and welcomed me to the company.

Sam told the group that we just had time for a quick shower and off the five of us went, nude, down the hall and into the locker room. As we entered the shower area, Sam told Aaron and Todd that it is the job of a "normal" to clean an X'd man. After a shower and a blowjob by Todd and Aaron, we all dressed and the three guys from Shipping went back to work. Jason told me that my father allowed for two fuck breaks during the day. The goal is to kept us productive and satisfied. He looked at this watch and said that we should head back to Bob's office as his meeting should be over with. As we walked back, Jason asked if I knew what this afternoon's meeting was all about. I told him that I had no clue. Jason said that we have never had an all-hands meeting before and that Bob said that he had a huge announcement to make. With that, we headed back to the offices to see want other trouble we could find. •

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