Roommate, The (by Xyggurat)


By Xyggurat

“I kind of like you this way,” Phil said, looking up at me slightly as I leaned against the measuring stick. “Five nine and a half. Too bad about your cock, though. Eight inches just isn’t as impressive as nine, is it? Well, it’s more than enough. And who would have thought you’d lose so much muscle? One-sixty-five."

He was enjoying taunting me, and because of the force of his command I could do nothing about it.

”I suppose I have to be a bit nicer to you, though. I'd just figured that my cum would make you shrink. I had no idea that your semen would have an opposite effect on me.”

We had measured Phil this morning at his command. With me unconscious, he had seen me cumming in my boxers and decided not to lose a good opportunity. I don't know why, but the stuff had made him grow.

Phil was a bit over 5’7.5 now, and tipping the scales at 145. I now had more right to be physically worried about my formerly diminutive roommate. After I was done with the measuring stick, he picked up the ruler from the floor and set it up to his penis.

He had always been a grower, he told me. That was obvious, as his penis was only three inches soft. I watched, unable to look away, as the inch lines passed under his growing cock. 4, 5, 6, and finally, it came to a rest at 6.4. He stroked it a few times in my direction.

”Look at you. You want more of this. You’re practically drooling,” Phil cackled, as he noticed me watching it. After jacking his tool a few times, he pushed it back into his boxers and glanced down at mine. At eight inches, my cock could still make quite an impression in my trousers. Especially as hard as it was now. “But I like you at this size for now.” he told me. “I’m just not sure about my size.”

He pushed his arms down to his swollen groin and forced his chest into impressive flexion. That I knew the source of his growth did not make it any less astounding to my eyes. His dick was not the only thing stuffing his boxers now—those developed legs were almost as large as mine even at his lesser height. His other muscles were still dwarfed by my diminished ones. I took some solace in that as he forced me to flex my biceps again. They were well over 15 inches still, whereas his were clearly not quite 14 when he brought his up in comparison to mine.

“I must admit I’m a bit disappointed in myself,” started Phil. “I’ll tell you what, though. You’re about to drop your boxers and let me suck you. It’ll be the best orgasm you’ve ever had.”

I couldn’t decline. After he had put the ruler on his desk, Phil got on his knees. The anticipation in his new-grown muscles was pronounced by the too-tight T-shirt he was wearing. I could see the coils of the veins in his arms through the fabric of the sleeves as he placed his hands behind me and went down on my tool. He gagged a bit, and his jaw popped. I wondered if he had done this before, because he wasn't very good at fellatio. I almost laughed when I realized I was comparing him to one of my girlfriends, but then the seriousness of this situation blossomed into my mind. His own cock popped straight out of his boxers, bouncing with excitement.

Phil was getting better at head fast, I noticed through my ecstasy. I started bucking hard against his face. My roommate didn’t seem to mind, even given how ungentle I was. In spite of the clumsy ministrations of his tongue, it was probably the fastest I ever came. Unexpected, my penis lurched in his mouth in preparation.

I spewed. He gagged on the sheer amount of ejaculate the erupted from my engorged eight incher, but he managed to stomach every drop. Pleasure rocketed so fiercely through me that I barely noticed him push me back onto my bed.

Lying there in horror, I saw him start to expand. It was a slow process, compounded by the horror I felt at seeing something so outside of my realm of experience. Phil flexed, and a baseball of muscle exploded out of his arm, he flexed it several times, and each time it mounded up noticeably larger than before. He definitely passed the 14 inch mark and was a good way toward meeting 15. His biceps continued to solidify and stretch. Phil’s pecs had already been straining the fabric of the small shirt, and quickly a slight tear began to form down one massing shoulder.

His cock was growing longer and thicker, amassing much more girth than it did length. Too much girth, actually. I recognized it swelling in preparation for orgasm too late. I should have moved, but I had no warning. His rod spurted thick, white fluid at me. Even as I rolled away, some of it caught me in the face. I frantically wiped it from my skin, knowing full well its effects, but was halted in the act as he gleefully moaned, “Stop and stand up, now.” I couldn’t fight his command.

I rose, and stood straight in front of him because I knew he wanted me to. The level of his eyes was increasing, as if he were pushing himself slowly off of the ground, but I knew he wasn’t. Correspondingly, mine began to drop. I felt mass and strength escaping me as I shrank. His muscles were still flexing of their own accord, swelling with new layers and striations. Mine collapsed into themselves as if they were being compressed. There was no pain, just weakness.

Time and vision swam. Phil rapidly pressed the ruler to his cock again, and watched the head climb to seven full inches. It was almost as big as my still-hard but smaller tool, now. The worst thing was his bright, blue eyes. They were the last thing I saw, an inch below mine and still rising slowly, as I succumbed to the blackness hazing my vision. •

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