Prisoner, The

By johnd7102000

I'll never forget my first day in prison. I was sentenced to one year for drug dealing and I was scared as shit to be going to prison. You see, I'm not exactly the prisoner type. At least the prisoner type I had in my mind -- big, tough street thugs who started their criminal career while they were still in middle school. No, I'm just a little runt – five foot six and 115 pounds – and I'm gay. People always said I was cute. I've got blond hair and blue eyes and I guess I am pretty good looking even though I'm a little shrimp. My little body looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I never got in trouble with the law until I started dealing drugs. Shit, even though I graduated from college I couldn't find a good job, so I started selling to my friends and then friends of their friends. One of those friends of friends turned out to be an undercover cop, so I got busted. Because I had been arrested for possession twice before, I got sent to state prison. So there I was, walking through the prison gate in handcuffs. I was a 23 year old wimp, and I had no idea what was going to happen to me.

I got processed and assigned to a two man cell. I asked the guard who my cellmate was. He looked at the record book and said, "Seems he's a 22 year old who's in for assault and battery. That's all it says. You two are almost the same age, so maybe you'll have something in common. As if I care." The guard laughed. Then he unlocked my handcuffs and said he was going to take me to my cell. But first he was required to show me around the prison so I would have some idea of how things were run. We went into the mess hall, where there were tables and benches. "You can eat as much as you want," he said. "Three meals a day. Some of the prisoners really pig out. They eat better here than they ever did at home." I was never a big eater and the thought of prison food didn't excite me very much. I knew I wasn't going to be pigging out.

Then we went outside to the exercise yard. It was a big concrete area surrounded by 20 foot high walls with walkways on top for the guards. Three guards patrolled the walls, watching for any signs of trouble in the yard. Most of the prisoners were just milling about the yard, smoking cigarettes and talking to each other. My eyes were immediately drawn to an area in the center of the yard. It was about 30 feet square and it was full of iron. Iron weights and iron bodies. It was the weight pen. There were three benches with weight racks, two pulley machines, a squat rack, some dipping bars, a chinning bar and some miscellaneous benches. Lots of barbells and dumbbells were strewn around the ground and there were plenty of 45 pound plates for the big Olympic bars. Nothing fancy but lots of iron.

But I wasn't looking at the iron weights. I was looking at the iron bodies working out inside that weight pen. There were about 25 guys in there and they were huge. Every one of them weighed well over 200 pounds. They were stripped to their shorts, so all the other prisoners could see their buff bodies as they worked out. Huge arms, massive chests and shoulders, tree trunk thighs. These guys were all so massive it was unbelievable. The other prisoners looked absolutely puny compared to these muscle giants in the weight pen. They looked to be in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Huge muscle studs in their prime. They all had great tans from spending hours and hours in the sun pumping heavy iron. The other prisoners all wore shirts -- tee shirts or long sleeved jailhouse shirts. They knew their bodies were nothing compared to the muscle giants. I noticed that the other prisoners stayed way clear of the weight pen. It was like there was this invisible boundary and none of the ordinary prisoners dared come near it. Off to the left of the pen there was a group of prisoners just staring at the big monsters working out 20 feet away from them. It was like they were transfixed by the awesome display of massive muscle pumping and bulging before their eyes. I knew I was going to be one of those prisoners. I had never seen anything like this in my life. My cock was rock hard under my pants.

In addition to the weights, there was a big punching bag in the pen, hanging on a chain like a huge, lifeless body. One of the muscle studs was holding the back of the punching bag while an incredibly big black dude punched it with such powerful blows that the guy in back was pushed backwards with every blow. The muscles in the black dude's shoulders and arms exploded with every punch. His arms must have measured at least 20 inches. Twenty inches of solid muscle that powered his fists with devastating force. I couldn't believe how hard the guy could punch. I thought to myself that if a real human being were there instead of that punching bag, just one of those punches would kill him for sure. Some of the other prisoners in the yard were watching the black dude with a look of total awe in their eyes. They knew he was so strong he could snuff them out like an insect.

There was one of the muscle monsters who stood out from the rest. He was very tall, about six feet six inches, and he was absolutely huge. I was sure he weighed well over 300 pounds. He had massive arms that hung like big hams at his side. When he curled up his huge forearms, his biceps popped out like bowling balls. His shoulders were incredibly wide and covered with thick, striated delt muscles, veritable cannonballs of muscle. His huge traps bulged up from those shoulders and met his big, thick neck. His chest was enormous, with thick pecs bulging like melons and wide lats flaring like slabs of beef. His legs were absolutely huge, bigger than my chest I thought, and his giant calves looked as big as my legs. And then there were his abs. Believe it or not, this huge monster had a six pack. His abs looked like a fucking washboard. Thick ridges of cut muscle that looked as hard as a brick wall. I was stunned. This stud had almost no fat on his whole body. He was six and a half feet of massive, solid muscle. There was a huge bulge under his workout shorts. God, his cock must be huge, I thought to myself. The funny thing was that he looked young. He had dark hair, cut short, and brown eyes. His face was ruggedly handsome, with strong wide cheekbones and a strong jaw and square chin. His tan skin was smooth and hairless. He might have been young, but he as definitely in charge. The other monsters in the pen always got out of his way when he wanted to do an exercise. I saw one big guy doing some lat pulldowns. The young giant came over, put some more weight on the machine and just took over. It was like he said "Get lost, I'm usin' this now," but he didn't even have to say it. The other guy just knew to move aside. There was obviously a pecking order in the weight pen, and the huge young muscle god was number one. My cock started throbbing under my shorts.

The guard saw me staring at the weight pen. "Those are the Junk Yard Dawgs," he said. "That's what they call themselves. They kind of rule this place. Even the guards don't mess with `em. They lift weights every time they come out to the yard, twice a day, two hours each time. They totally pig out at mess. And they take tons of supplements. As you can see, they're all huge. Every one of `em gains at least 50 pounds of muscle once they become a Dawg. One of `em put on 125 pounds of solid muscle in just a year. They're all strong to begin with and once they become a Dawg they get so strong it's scary. And they can all fight real good. They had to win a lot of fights just to become a Dawg. Those guys are like supermen. They're way bigger and way stronger than any of the guards, so we don't mess with `em. All they do is lift and eat and punch that fuckin' bag. Oh yeah, and fuck. They fuck anyone they want. They're like royalty around here. They're in control of all the other prisoners. They're so fucking scary strong that the other prisoners are all weaklings compared to them. They don't let any other prisoners near the weight pen. They own it, just like they own everything else. The weight pen's for building the Dawgs' bodies bigger and stronger, way bigger and stronger than the other prisoners. They're so much stronger than the other prisoners it ain't even funny. And they want to keep it that way. The other prisoners are like slaves for them. They make `em buy stuff for them and they fuck `em at will. They make the other prisoners buy them lots of supplements. Besides eating huge amounts of food at mess, they take a lot of supplements to keep their bodies growing bigger and stronger. I heard that The Bull uses over two hundred dollars worth of supplements every week. He's got 50 of the other inmates--- fucking puny weaklings to him---buying him the stuff. When The Bull asks you to buy him something, you don't say no. You just do it. One guy said no and The Bull grabbed his arm and jerked it up his back so far it got dislocated from his shoulder. Guys who saw it said The Bull didn't even have to strain. His arm was so big and so strong, the guy's shoulder joint didn't have a chance. It was like The Bull was just pulling a drumstick off a chicken. The Bull could have ripped his whole arm off real easy, but he stopped before the flesh ripped apart. The guy went to the hospital and had a cast on for months. And yeah, he bought The Bull whatever he wanted. Every Dawg in that weight pen has probably fucked up five or ten inmates who didn't do what they wanted. Yeah, like I said, those Dawgs fucking rule this place, so you better watch your step. Any one of `em can fuck you up real bad. Nobody talks back to a Dawg. When a Dawg tells you to do something, you do it." I nodded my head. All I had to see was the huge muscles of the Junk Yard Dawgs powering their big fists into that punching bag to know they owned every one of those prisoners. Those huge young men could do anything they wanted.

The guard said this like it was just a fact of life in prison. Like there was nothing he or any other guard could do about the Junk Yard Dawgs. They ruled. The guard continued. "Technically, the weight pen is open to all the prisoners but like I said the Dawgs don't let anyone but them work out in there. A couple of months ago, a new prisoner made the mistake of goin' into the pen and doin' a few curls with one of the barbells. He only got in about three reps when one of the Dawgs grabbed the barbell out of the guy's hands with one arm and threw it 10 feet away. Then, before the pathetic wimp could do anything, the big Dawg started punching his abs and chest, smashing his big fists deep into the poor dude's flesh, just like he was the punching bag. All the Dawgs can bench more than 400 pounds so those punches were real hard. Like a fucking pile driver. Then The Bull walked up behind the new prisoner. After the other Dawg had landed about six devastating punches The Bull told him to stop. Then The Bull wrapped his huge arms around the poor dude's chest and started squeezing. God I wish I could have seen that. The Bull weighs 350 pounds. He can bench 700 pounds and curl 300. He's got a 65 inch chest and 27 inch arms. He's so huge and so strong it's scary. From what I hear, he grabbed the poor guy around his chest and started squeezing, flexing his huge biceps and lats and delts. Instantly a big rush of air blasted out of the dude's lungs. Then you could hear the sound of bones breaking, as The Bull's incredibly strong arms smashed through the poor dude's ribcage. It was like his ribcage was a bunch of toothpicks to The Bull's muscles. As he squeezed the guy's crushed chest, The Bull said in the guy's ear "This pen belongs to The Junkyard Dawgs. If you ain't a Dawg and you come in here the Dawgs will smash your little body like the piece of shit it is." Then The Bull picked the guy up by his armpit with one arm, pressed him up and down a couple of times and threw him about 20 feet out into the crowd of prisoners. The guy went to the prison hospital with internal injuries and eight broken ribs. This all happened in about 30 seconds and none of the guards saw it. Lots of prisoners saw it, but they know better than to squeal on the Junk Yard Dawgs. The Dawgs said the guy got crushed by liftin' a weight that was too heavy for him. So the guy went to the hospital and the Dawgs continued on as normal. The Bull strutted around flexing his big muscles and telling everybody how great it felt to crush the guy's ribcage. The big kid got a real charge out of that. So that's why we have to give you new prisoners this tour. Now you'll know not to fuck with the Dawgs or to get anywhere near their weight pen. Any one of them could snuff you like a bug. The Bull could snuff you with his little finger."

I was trembling in fear as I listened to this story. But at the same time my cock was even more aroused than before. My eyes were fixated on the huge young Dawg as he swaggered around the weight pen. "Is that The Bull?" I asked. "Yeah, that's The Bull all right. He's been in a little more than a year. He got to be a Dawg only a month after he arrived. I think that's a record. When he got to prison he was tall and skinny, but even though he was skinny, he had muscles. You could see every muscle on his body. He weighed about 225 at six foot six. He already had the nickname The Bull. Someone told me he got that in high school because his cock was so big. As big as a bull's. Now his whole body's as big as a bull's too. On the outside, he was a brownbelt kickboxer so he was in real good shape when he got here. That's why he got to be a Dawg so fast. And once he started hitting those weights and eating like a pig, his body just exploded. He put on 30 pounds of muscle in the first month. He got stronger every day. Nobody could believe how fast his muscles grew. In the year he's been a Dawg he's put on 125 pounds of solid muscle. And even more amazing is how strong he's gotten. His bench press has gone from 250 to 700 pounds in a year. He can press 450 pounds overhead and squat with 1,000 pounds. He can do 10 pull ups with one of those big 250 pound guys hangin' on his waist. He can deadlift 800 pounds. Look at the size of his traps and the muscles in his back. Seems like every week he's gotten bigger and stronger. The dude is just incredibly strong. And he can fight like a banshee. He's a kickboxer. Just think about the force of those muscles smashing his huge arms and legs into your body. I get scared just thinking about it. He took over as the Big Dawg about four months ago. He's way stronger than the other Dawgs now. Oh yeah, and he's only 22 years old. Look at all that fucking muscle on that 22 year old kid."

I stood there trembling looking at The Bull. My cock was twitching. God what I would have given to touch his huge body for just one minute. He was everything I had lusted for my whole life. He was talking to a couple of the Dawgs and even relaxed every muscle on his body bulged with an incredible mass of rock hard fibers. I had never seen a body as big and muscular as The Bull's. And he was just so ruggedly good looking, with his deep tan, brown eyes and square jaw. I was almost panting in lust for this incredible young stud. Suddenly he looked away from his friends and over at me. We made eye contact. A bolt of lightning went up my spine. He caught me staring at him! I was frozen in fear. My mouth dropped open. I think he could see the panic in my eyes. He kept looking at me and I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Then he slowly raised his right arm and flexed his huge bicep. He was flexing for me! My cock was about to explode in my pants. He looked over at his peaked, bowling ball size bicep which was shredded and bulging almost out of his skin and then he looked back at me. I nodded my head, in essence confirming to him that his muscles were the finest things I had ever seen. He smiled and licked his lips, all the while staring at me. A tingle went up and down my spine as my eyes took in the absolute beauty of this muscle god. Omygod, I thought to myself. This is just too much. Then I looked down at his crotch and could see that the big bulge was a lot bigger than before. It looked like his cock was getting hard as he showed off his big muscles to me. He reached down and put his hand on his cock. As he pressed in on his sweaty workout shorts I could get a glimpse at just how big his dick was. It was enormous. As big as a bull's. He saw my eyes bulge as I looked at his gigantic weapon straining the fabric of the shorts. He smiled again and then turned around and went back to his workout. I was about ready to faint. I stared at his firm round musclebutt and his incredibly broad and muscular back as he strutted over to the other side of the pen. "Omygod," I said out loud. The guard turned to me and laughed.

Still staring at The Bull, I asked the guard how a prisoner got to be a Dawg. He said that every so often, usually when a Dawg has been released on parole, the Dawgs let the other prisoners compete to become a Dawg. "There are only 25 Dawgs, so its really hard to get in. In order to compete, you have to be under 30 years old. They don't want any old guys becoming new members. They want strong young bucks. Once you are a member, you can stay as long as you want, assuming you can keep up with the enormous weights those guys lift. First they have a bench press test. To qualify for the bench competition, you have to bench at least 200 pounds. That washes out most of the prisoners right there. Then they take the eight guys who can bench the most for the next competition. The Dawgs only want strong guys who will get even stronger lifting the heavy iron. They only want studs. No wimps need apply. When The Bull competed, he could bench 250, in the middle of the pack of eight. But that was pretty impressive considering he had never lifted a weight in his life. He was just naturally strong I guess. After the bench competition comes the really fun part – the fights. The eight finalists fight each other in a single elimination competition for the right to be the new Dawg. There are four quarter-final matches, then two semi-finals and then the final where the winner becomes a Dawg. All the prisoners and guards turn out for these fights. They're really great. They're fights to submission or unconsciousness, whichever comes first. The only rules are that there's no eye gouging and no weapons. You can imagine that the winner is a real tough dude. Real strong and real tough. All the Dawgs are real strong and real tough. But The Bull --- shit, he's incredible."

I kept staring at the tall musclegod, who was now doing some military presses with a bar loaded with so much weight it was bending. The muscles on his shoulders were so big and thick I couldn't believe it. Every time he lifted the huge weight, the fibers in his delts exploded under his tan skin with shredded striations of muscle. With every rep, the muscle seemed to get bigger and redder as massive amounts of blood surged through the huge mass, pumping it to an enormous size. I listened with rapt attention to the guard as my rock hard cock ached under my shorts. "Yeah, even though The Bull wasn't the strongest on the bench press, he just wiped out the rest of the competition in the fights. Like I told you, he's a kickboxer, and he was so tall and quick he smashed his fists and legs into those other guys like they were standing still. Even though he was skinny, he was muscular and strong, and his punches and kicks just pulverized his opponents. He smashed each of his opponents into unconsciousness in less than a minute. And this was when he was a 21 year old kid weighing only 225 pounds. You should see what he can do now."

Just as the guard finished saying that, The Bull finished another set of military presses. His huge delts were so pumped and shredded it was like I could see every fiber of muscle. His arms were totally pumped too, with his enormous triceps popping out with incredible size and density. He looked over at me to make sure I was still watching him. Of course I was. Then he walked over to the punching bag and pushed the guy who was punching it out of the way. One of the other Dawgs was holding the back of the bag. The Bull looked at me again and then he pulled back his right arm and smashed it into the bag with such enormous force that the guy in back could hardly keep his balance while holding on. He stumbled back several steps as the overwhelming strength of The Bull's huge arm smashed the bag backwards. That punch looked like it was twice as hard as the punches the big black dude had been throwing earlier. He hit the bag with several more devastating blows of his right and left fists, each one as powerful as the first. His delts and triceps looked so big and shredded as they powered his arms into the bag like fucking battering rams. I was about ready to cum in my pants. Then he took a step back and in a split second smashed his right foot into the bag with so much power that the bag went careening backwards, knocking the Dawg who was holding it down on his ass on the ground. The Bull had more power in his leg that I could ever imagine. Fuck, the guy could squat with 1,000 pounds! And all that power was delivered with such incredible quickness that any opponent would be helpless to defend himself. He would be smashed to oblivion by the massive muscle of The Bull's huge leg. I was completely awestruck by this awesome display of raw muscle and power. I felt weak in the knees. The Bull turned to me and flexed the quads in his right leg. The incredible mass of muscle burst into striations. Huge slabs of fast- twitch fibers exploded under his thin skin, muscle fibers that were not only super strong but also super quick. He looked down at his massive leg and then looked over at me with a look on his face that said, "Yeah, check it out wimp. You ain't shit compared to me." I was panting with lust and my cock was pressing against my pants so hard I'm sure he could see it. He smiled in kind of a sly way at me, and then he went back to some more punching and kicking. This time there were two Dawgs holding the back of the bag. The Bull was too strong for only one Dawg. My heart was racing. I couldn't believe what I had just seen.

"See, I told ya," said the guard. "The Bull's the best fighter I've ever seen. He could take on five guys at the same time and kill `em all with his fists and legs. He's just so big and strong and quick. You better not piss him off. You're so puny he could break your arm with just a twist of his wrist." I shuttered at the thought of such overwhelming strength. But my cock was so excited it was ready to blow. "Time to take you to your cell," said the guard. He grabbed me by the arm and led me into the prison.

He brought me to cell B-110. It was on the second floor and to my surprise it looked like one of the best cells in the whole prison. It was at the end of the hall and had a nice view of the surrounding countryside. I wondered how I qualified for such a great cell on my first day in prison. There were two beds, a toilet and a sink. My cellmate had stuff all over the cell---I guess I was going to have to tell him that half the cell was mine so he'd have to move his stuff. On one wall there was a big full-length mirror. I thought that was strange. I didn't think they allowed mirrors in prison. The place smelled like sweat -- kind of like a locker room in school, where all the sweat-soaked tee-shirts and jockstraps and shorts of the athletes filled the air like perfume. Yeah, I like that smell. The smell of male animal muscle jocks. That's how my cell smelled. I unpacked my small amount of personal items and put them where I could. Then I laid down on the bed that looked like it was mine. I took off my shirt and pants, pulled down my boxers and stroked my cock, thinking about The Bull. In less than a minute I came with the most fantastic orgasm I had ever had up to that time. I spurt my cum as far as my own face. I had never done that before. God that Bull made me hot. I hoped that I'd be able to see him again tomorrow out in the yard. I knew I'd never be able to touch his huge muscles, but I also knew just being able to watch him would get me off over and over. He was the most incredible musclegod I had ever seen. I pulled up my boxers and laid on the bed for several minutes, just dreaming about The Bull.

Then I heard the sound of all the locks opening in the cells. The prison had an automatic lock system and the cell doors were unlocking. My cell door popped open too. Then I heard boisterous voices, as the prisoners came in from their two hours in the yard, back to their cells. Now I would meet my cellmate, I thought to myself. I stood up and faced the bars that formed the barrier between the cell and the hallway. Suddenly a huge figure appeared in front of the door. I just about shit in my pants. Then a huge hand opened the door and the most massive human being I have ever seen walked into the cell. It was The Bull! The Bull was my fucking cellmate! He slammed the door shut and turned around to face me. His skin was dripping with sweat. All he was wearing was his workout shorts and some huge sneakers. His shorts were soaked with sweat. His gigantic cock was bulging under the wet fabric. Now that I was standing just five feet from him his muscles looked bigger than I ever imagined. They were hot and pumped and bulging. There he was, 350 pounds of solid muscle, standing five feet away from my 115 pounds of puny soft flesh. My cock got rock hard in a split second even though I had just cum 10 minutes earlier.

"Well, well, well," he said as he looked at me. "I told the warden I wanted a cute little gay boy for my fuck toy and he sure got me one. You're the cutest little piece of ass we've had in this place for a long time. I know, `cause I've fucked `em all." I looked at him in shock. He had requested me! He wanted a cute little gay boy for his fuck toy! He ruled the whole fucking prison and he requested me! He knew I was his new fuck toy when he was showing off for me in the weight pen! "I told the warden I was tired of all those straight boys. Oh yeah, I fucked `em real good. I fucked their brains out. But I told him I wanted a cute gay cellmate who would worship my muscles and really get me off. A gay boy who would like nothing better than sucking my thick 12 inch cock and getting fucked by the big monster. And you got blond hair and blue eyes. You are so cute! God, I'm gonna love fucking the shit out of you." My mouth was wide open as he said this. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was going to be this huge musclegod's lover! Never in my wildest imagination did I think prison was going to be like this. I stared at his huge pecs, which were pumped and covered with sweat and right at my eye level. "Go ahead. Feel my muscles," he said. "I got `em all pumped up just for you." A tingle went up and down my spine. My knees almost buckled. I stumbled over to his huge body and buried my face between his pecs. The hot sweat from his tan skin covered my face. He really smelled good, like the muscle stud he was. I grabbed his huge upper arms, which were hanging at his side like hams. Those guns were so big I couldn't begin to get my fingers around the edges. He flexed his pecs and arms and the muscle turned to rock. My face got crushed by his two massive pecs. I started quivering in total awe and lust. I moved my mouth over to his right nipple and started sucking the big, erect rod. At the same time, I moved my fingers all over his huge body, feeling his traps, his shoulders, his lats, his abs and his ass. I had never felt a body even close to his in my life, not even in my dreams. He groaned as I sucked on his nipple. "Ummmm, that feels real good," he murmured. "I'm gonna love having you as my sex toy." I intensified the pace of my roaming fingers and my sucking. I was getting so aroused feeling the huge muscles of The Bull.

Suddenly he picked me up and set me down in front of him. He held out his huge right hand and said, "My name's Ryan." Jesus, I thought. The Bull has a name! I reached out my own little right hand, which he quickly enveloped with his giant, muscular paw. "John," I said. He squeezed firmly, but I knew he was being gentle. I looked at his massive forearm, which writhed with muscle. I knew that he could break every bone in my hand without even trying hard. "Good to meet ya, John. We're gonna have a lot of fun together." God, he sounded so normal. Just like any other 22 year old guy you'd meet in a bar. Except this 22 year old was a foot taller than me, had a huge body packed with 350 pounds of solid muscle, ruled the whole fucking prison and could crush me like an insect. My cock was rock hard under my boxer shorts. Ryan looked down and smiled.

"I gotta take a piss," he said. He pulled down his workout shorts, lifted his huge legs and threw the sweaty shorts into a pile of other sweaty clothes. His giant cock sprang up. It was only semi-hard but it was huge. No wonder they called him The Bull in high school. He took off his big sneakers and threw them in the same pile with the shorts. I had never seen shoes that big before. Then I looked down at Ryan's feet. They were huge and thick—more than twice as big as mine. I wore a size 7 narrow and he wore a size 16 extra wide. He had big, muscular feet, big and muscular just like the rest of his body. He grabbed his cock and walked over to the toilet. Then he pissed a thick, hard stream of piss that just went on and on. I never saw anyone who pissed that much and that hard, but I had never met anyone like Ryan. While he was pissing, I got on my knees and felt the incredible size and hardness of his thighs and calves. "Fucking big and hard, aren't they wimp," said Ryan looking down at me. "You saw what I did to that punching bag with these big mothers. I smashed it so hard the fucking dude holding it up fell over on his ass. My thighs are 34 inches around, all fucking solid muscle. It's strong muscle and its quick muscle. I can squat with 1,000 pounds. My legs can smash a guy so hard every rib in his chest is broken like fucking twigs. How'd you like to have my legs wrapped around your little chest, John? They could crush your chest into a fucking pancake without even trying hard." I started groaning, thinking about all the muscle and power in those huge legs. I grabbed his thigh with both hands and squeezed as hard as I could. The thick muscle was so hard it felt like rock. I was really looking forward to having that thick muscle squeeze my little chest. Somehow I knew that Ryan wouldn't hurt me. He'd squeeze just hard enough so I could feel about ten percent of the enormous power of those huge legs.

Ryan finished with his huge piss. He spun around and slapped his big cock several times across my face, splashing the last few drops of hot urine on my cheeks. His cock was like a big thick hose. Even though it wasn't very hard yet, it was big and thick and stung my tender cheeks as it hit them. I breathed in the pungent smell of his crotch sweat. It smelled real strong. His crotch was still hot and sweaty from his hard workout. God I loved that smell. The smell of a total musclestud. I could hardly wait to bury my face in his crotch and suck his giant cock. But Ryan had other ideas first. He bent down and picked me up under my armpit with one arm. He lifted me high in the air like I was a feather and ripped off my boxers with his other hand. We were now both totally nude. "Time for some fun," he said. "I wanna play with my new toy."

He put me down, grabbed my arm and stood in front of the big mirror with me at his side. I looked into the mirror and gasped at the contrast. I looked like a puny little boy next to Ryan's incredibly big and muscular body. And he was one year younger than me! He towered over me like a giant. His shoulders were twice as wide as mine. His arms were way bigger than my legs. His chest was enormous. His legs were almost as big as my chest. His abs looked like a brick wall of muscle. His cock was gigantic. He was so huge and muscular I couldn't believe it. "You're such a little runt," he said. "A cute runt but a puny runt. Look how big I am compared to you." I nodded my head. Ryan was just so big and muscular and so beautiful. His face was so good looking. Big brown eyes, a strong jaw and square chin. His skin was so tan and smooth. His muscles were so big and buff. He was a beautiful young muscle god. "Flex your arm," he ordered. I raised my arm and flexed my little bicep. A small bump appeared. "Fuck, what a wimp," he said. Then he squatted down and flexed his own bicep behind mine. The huge muscle bulged to an incredible size. It was bigger than my head. There was an incredible peak at the top of his giant bicep and I could see the two heads of muscle, striated with cords of steel hard muscle fibers and covered with big veins. His tricep was bigger than a football, bulging with incredible mass below the bicep. "That's a bicep. A man's bicep," he said as he looked at his huge monster behind my little stick arm. "Take a ride on the bicep. Feel how big and strong it is." He reached under my crotch and jerked me into to the air sitting on his upper arm. I was straddling his big arm like I was riding a horse. Ryan wasn't even straining to hold me up. It was like I was a feather to him. My cock was rock hard as I felt the huge mass of his arm under the tender insides of my thighs. Then he starting flexing and unflexing his bicep, bouncing me up and down like I was on a bucking bronco. Every time the huge muscle flexed it pushed my legs apart and my crotch up. I tried squeezing my legs, but they didn't make a dent in the huge muscle. It was so big and hard and strong my little body was nothing to it. It just pushed my legs apart at will every time it flexed. "Yeah, ride the bicep, little dude. Feel how fucking big and hard it is," he said as he watched his huge arm bounce me up and down. I squeezed in with my legs so I could feel the incredible mass and hardness of his 27 inch upper arm as it flexed and unflexed. The peak of his bicep pushed on my balls every time it flexed. That huge muscle felt so warm and hard as it pressed against me. It was one of the most sensual feelings I have ever had. Ryan's huge cock started getting hard as he watched his massive arm bounce me like a rag doll. I was so aroused I could hardly stand it.

Suddenly Ryan lowered his arm and grabbed me by my ankles. He lifted me up like I was a toothpick and held me upside down facing his huge body. My face was right in front of his abs and my cock was right in front of his face. I grabbed his huge body and pulled myself closer. Then I started licking his abs, feeling each ridge of the hard muscle with my tongue. His salty sweat really tasted good. At the same time I was feeling his lower back and his firm, round musclebutt with my fingers. The ridges of muscle in his lower back were incredibly thick and hard. I thought about how strong that muscle was---strong enough to deadlift 800 pounds. His butt was as hard as the rest of his muscles. A perfect, round musclebutt with superstrong glutes that helped his quads squat with 1,000 pounds. I saw his cock getting real hard as I licked his abs and fondled his back and butt. Then I felt his tongue on my balls. Another tingle went up and down my spine. He was licking my balls! "You got a cute little cock," he said. "Real little but real cute." He kept licking my balls and then he sucked them into his big mouth, fondling each one with his tongue and lips. Oh that felt so good! My cock was ready to explode. Finally he started licking my little five inch cock. My cock was little but it was rock hard. And Ryan knew just how to make that little cock tingle with pleasure. I had never had such a sensual experience in my whole life. There I was, being held upside down by the biggest arms I had ever seen, licking the abs and feeling the butt of the biggest, strongest dude in the whole prison--- the stud who ruled the whole place---and this incredible musclegod was licking my cock and balls. I was deliriously happy.

Then Ryan lowered me down so my face was right in front of his rock hard cock. His foot-long cock was longer than my head and it was incredibly thick. It was so hard it was almost flat against his abs. I grabbed onto his legs and started licking the giant shaft. Ryan lifted me up and down so I could lick the whole thing from the tip to the base. Once in awhile he lowered me further so I could lick and suck his huge balls, which were the size of lemons. I could only fit one in my mouth at the same time. Ryan lifted me up and down as I caressed his cock and balls like he was lifting a toothpick. He must have done 100 reps and every rep was easy for him. I breathed in the pungent smell of his crotch sweat. My own cock was just going wild as I licked and sucked Ryan's huge organs. Ryan moaned with pleasure. "Feels so good," he murmured as he felt my little tongue on his huge cock.

After several minutes of this total bliss, he dropped one of my legs, grabbed me around the waist and flipped me over so I landed on my feet. Then he reached around my butt and picked me up under my crotch with one arm. My face was right next to his face. I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and he looked into my sky blue eyes. Suddenly he held the back of my head with his other hand, pushed my lips against his lips, and kissed me. It was the biggest, strongest, most passionate kiss I had ever had. He rammed his big tongue in and out of my mouth. His tongue was strong and muscular just like the rest of him. He held the back of my head and kissed me for over a minute. His big tongue pushed my little tongue around like it was nothing. I kissed him back with rabid intensity. That kiss was the best kiss I have ever had. As we kissed, I could feel his big cock twitching against my body. He was so totally hot. My cock was ready to explode. Then he dropped me to the floor and said "Worship my body." Tingles went up and down my spine. I was in heaven!

I started worshipping the beautiful body of this huge young musclegod. I looked up at his handsome face and said "You are so awesome. You are the biggest, strongest, most beautiful human being I have ever seen. I am nothing compared to you. You are everything I've dreamed of. You are a god. I want to feel and worship every one of your huge muscles." He smiled and flexed his arms. "Feel those fucking muscles, wimp. Feel how big and hard they are." I grabbed his 27 inch right upper arm with both hands and felt the size and hardness of the giant muscles. I buried my face in his huge armpit and breathed in the wonderful smell of his musclestud sweat. His pecs and lats and delts were so huge my whole head fit inside his giant armpit. I ran my hands around his thick neck and huge traps. I buried my face between his mountainous pecs and licked the salty sweat off of his hot skin. I sucked his big nipples until he was groaning with pleasure. I reached up and rubbed my hands on his huge delts. His shoulders were incredibly wide and his delts were absolutely huge. I dug my fingers into the thick muscle and even when it was relaxed is was very hard. Then he flexed the muscle and it instantly turned into a mass of steel cords. I could feel the striated steel hard fibers bulging under his thin skin. As I was feeling his muscles I kept telling him how big and strong they were and what a stud he was. His cock was rock hard and throbbing. He was really getting off on my muscle worship. I was too.

I moved my hands down to his thick, wide lats. As soon as I touched them Ryan flexed the huge muscles for me. I could hardly get my hands around the thick slabs. I squeezed and the hot muscle felt like rock. I couldn't believe how thick and hard his lats were. He had a fantastic V-shape because his shoulders were so wide and his lats were so big and thick. I thought about those lats doing pullups with a 250 pound Dawg hanging on his waist. God that muscle was strong.

Next I got on my knees and rubbed my hands all over his washboard abs. It was hard to believe that a 350 pound guy could have abs that looked and felt like corrugated steel, but he did. I tried to poke my fingers into the muscle, but it was like poking into a brick wall. Ryan's abs were incredibly thick and hard. Then I moved down to his huge thighs and calves. As I was feeling those massive muscles, I moved my face into Ryan's crotch and buried my nose in his pubic hair. I breathed in the strong smell of his crotch sweat. "You make a lot of sweat when you work out your big muscles, don't you Ryan. You work your muscles so hard that your body just drips with sweat. I love the smell of your sweat, Ryan. You smell like such a stud." Ryan thrust his hips forward, burying my nose deeper into his hot crotch. I rubbed my hands over his big calves, feeling the giant heads of rock hard muscle as I buried my face in his crotch. "I can do calf raises with 1,500 pounds," he said. "Just think about it wimp. Each one of those calves can lift 750 pounds. I got more muscle in one of my calves than you got in your whole fucking body. And my muscle is rock hard." Tingles went up and down my spine again. I just couldn't take it any more. "Oh fuck, you are such a god!" Still holding on to his huge calves I started licking his big cock and balls. I was in a sexual frenzy, sucking and licking with ferocious passion. "Yeah suck that big dick, little dude. Suck The Bull's big dick. Feel what a real man's cock is like." I kept licking and sucking Ryan's huge cock. He was moaning with pleasure. I was so aroused I was losing control. After several minutes of this lustful bliss, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his huge shaft. I had never had such a big cock in my mouth before. It was so thick I had to open wide just so it could get through. I sucked and licked the head of his cock and he started moaning louder and louder. Then he yelled, "Take it all, wimp!" and he jammed his huge 12 inch weapon all the way down my throat. I was so excited and aroused I didn't even gag. I had been waiting for this since the minute he walked into the cell. Ryan held the back of my head with his huge hand and thrust his gigantic cock in and out of my mouth. "Yeah, take it, wimp. Take it all. Feel how big and hard my cock is. My cock is big and hard just like my fucking huge muscles. I'm so strong I can do whatever I want. And now I'm gonna fuck the brains out of you!" He started thrusting his hips violently back and forth, smashing his rock hard cock down my throat with each thrust. He was so strong! I kept holding on to his calves, feeling the bulging muscles flex with each thrust. Finally he let out a loud roar, like a lion, and I could feel spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum blast down my throat as he rubbed my head back and forth over his ejaculating cock. He came for almost a minute. He must have shot a half cup of cum. When he was almost done I grabbed my own cock and as soon as I touched it I shot spurt after spurt all over the floor of the cell. It was an incredible orgasm.

Ryan left his still-hard cock in my throat for a few more minutes after he was done cumming. I was so turned on by the feeling of his huge cock in my mouth and throat that I almost started getting hard again. "That was sooooo good," said Ryan. "I like my new toy." I couldn't talk with his big cock in my mouth, but I nodded my head and groaned in agreement. It was the most fantastic sexual experience I had ever had.

Finally he slipped his cock out of my mouth and picked me up with one arm. He hauled me over to his bed and laid down. He was so tall his feet hung a half foot over the end. Then he pulled me down beside him. He pulled me tight against body, against his huge warm muscles. His muscles felt so good. He rubbed his big hand on my soft white butt. "I'm gonna fuck your cute little ass after dinner," he said. I wrapped my arms around his huge chest and kissed him on the lips. My time in prison was the best time of my life.


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