By Freaker

My Cock felt so hard and so good buried as deep as I could go inside of Rick's muscle shoot. It was like a tube of muscle set in the middle of his powerful upturned arse. A superbly muscular arse and fantastically striated arse that Rick gyrated in a way that clearly begged me to plow him. It was his way of communicating with me as he kissed Ron.

As far as body language goes, you could say he was literally shouting at me and in a way that was much louder than the sounds of the deeply sensuous delight he and Ron were enjoying as they smooched away with Ron was pinned down under the weight of Rick's enormously muscular Pecs and surrounded by 80 plus inch arms which ever now and then Rick turned his head and sucked. And who can tell just how massive Rick's forearms are? And under him Ron remained completely impaled on Rick's massive mighty Cock as he was before they fell over and it was by now probably some 22 inches and no doubt a little bit thicker too and my mind boggled at the thought of just how huge the veins had become that previously covered his prodigious Prick in what seemed like a net.

But from my point of view Rick's pinkish hot arse not only represented a sculptors work of mega art, it presented the most amazing and attractive muscle shoot I could have imagined and it invited my Dick to enter when he opened it up under perfect mind control and when the light was right I fleetingly glimpsed his puckered sphincters and they were jaw dropping magnificent and a sight for sore eyes that brought a smile of wonder to my face and puckered my lips. Then, a moment soon after my Cock touched his outer gluteals and suddenly he swallowed my dick whole! The suction was incredible and it reminded me of a pool pump it was so insistent as he wrapped my hard muscle pole with his powerful arse muscles and took the first 8 inches of my Cock before I reached Rick's powerful sphincters. By which time my Cock was so enveloped and so well massaged by Rick's hot and smooth gluteal muscular development/envelopment.

He was all pure lean muscle. His huge Back was mountainous and completely lean and tight and hard and there was more than a hint of sweet mintiness escaping from that inner chamber as beads of glistening sweat covered that absolutely massive 6 foot wide Back. It was like a fine carpet of glistening silver beads and there was not a hint of fat covering his tight gluteals that formed into a solid yet wonderfully malleable (given enough pressure) pair of high rising powerful Butts that bulged up and out like 2 huge powerful love handles. His legs were spread for the occasion allowing reasonable access considering the limits of the geometry of the arrangement and his arse rippled with an exciting youthful vibrancy as he gyrated his Butts so incredibly, so responsively they conveyed his lusty enthusiasm for male on male on male contact.

The way he gyrated his arse as he kissed Ron passionately and perform pushups over him made me weak in the knees as Rick's arse was covered in rippling striations that all seemed to form a focus upon his muscle shoot as his arse muscles seemed to me to like folded corrugated roofing iron that a magician could curve and shape into fantastically. But the primary purpose was obvious. It protected his rose bud. And one form of that protection was his ability to allow only the juiciest of Cocks inside of his minty chamber. Like mine and Ron's Cock that satisfied the minimum 9 inches needed to reach and then pass through his sphincters on a downwards thrust. Which happened when my highly hardened dickhead plunged his sphincters sending me to a place of supreme bliss. To a muscle heaven that went beyond addiction and in the act of trying to love this muscle monster the hardness of my dickhead was at times challenged by his ever changing set of sphincters. They went from requiring a force entry that needed the full force of my Mr. Olympia certified body to being sucked in and sucked dry when his arse turned into a veritable vacuum cleaner! A vacuum so strong it could lift a 16lbs bowling ball if one was supplied and applied to this muscle shoot.

And knowing I was allowed in made me feel like I was a trainee muscle god!

Back & forth and inch by inch Rick's modulated arse massage the head of my dick for a full 15 minutes. This sent me into a state of such genital bliss my whole body gained a full pump from the excitement and the effort as synchronously I pounded his sphincters to his gyrations and sweat poured from me like a summer shower turning my black skin into what looked like a glistening ebony & gorgeously stunning muscle statue. But I had too much work to do as this ex-Olympian plowing the hugest pile of highly integrated pink muscle that narrowed to an incredibly narrow waist before expanding to a torso over 5 feet and 6 feet wide that lay on top of another gorgeous black man who was almost 3 feet thick!

So the 2 of them formed an enormous pile of solid muscle almost 7 feet thick after some compression took place and they too poured with sweat just like myself, if not more making a larger pool of sweat on the vinyl floor and as I gave Rick's white arse the treatment it became the maddest and frenziest black and rock-hard muscle pounding treatment his needy pink arse not only fucking deserved but had had since his transformation now entering only its second day, officially.

But I sensed a considerable shortfall in my performance compared to what I expect would be needed to fully satisfy Rick's incredible musculature. Yet it took Rick 15 minutes to completely milk my balls dry. Why? Was it because he milked me for everything I had so well? Or was it my enhanced capacity to cum? Yes. It was so hard to tell because I was in muscle heaven all the way.

But now I'm prepared to withdraw my still absolutely unwilling to "yield" Cock from Rick's marvellously striated hard Butts and find myself gazing straight down into that most extraordinary formation of corded glistening muscle that converges like a vortex not of water or air, but muscle.

Its like a portal into another dimension but in reality it's a place where Rick takes complete control of the Cock that enters, and he did so even as he simultaneously kissed Ron, did pushups, pumped his massive arms 'till they glistened and filled Ron with cum. Probably another a litre more too of his amazingly thick and rich white bodybuilder's testicular and prostatic secretions mesmerising me with his massively muscular gyrating arse and the huge heaving mountainous Back muscles.

Now I'm so sweaty and my 9 inches plus cock so hard. It shows no sign of diminishing in length or girth or hardness but gaining and growing. There is no way I can lose this current erection while ever Rick is near or in my mind. So I start doing push-ups too, imitating him. But my Cock is nothing compared to Rick's mighty impaler. A 22 inch hyper-manhood still buried deep inside Ron's hot Arse as he suppresses his moaning by kissing him hard and my hands spread across Rick's thickly corded massive gluts. I just have to keep fucking his hot arse. I just have to. Just a little more. I can't stop. I can't help it! Oh my muscle god, before I can finally pull my Dick free I really have to kiss and suck his muscles again. Fuck!! Look at them! Again and again I have to feel the power of his body. And just one more time. Feel the power and vibrancy of his transformed hyper muscular body flowing through my lips and my tongue. Caressing his massively muscled Back covered in sensuous striations that are just like conduits of bulging power.

To savour his muscles. Specifically, the muscles of his lower spine and with my penetrating tongue I can feel the resilience & flexibility of his lower spine as I attack the narrow cleavage of his lower Back muscles. They define his narrow waist with muscles so compressed and so dense they are hard to comprehend! But they impart an incredible power to his waist. A power needed to support his massive torso from which sprout 2 impossibly huge arms probably 80 plus inches. Yet I can't let the impossibility of this narrow waist stupefy me or deter me from running my tongue up the middle of his lower spine! "Yeah". Fuck, he is so delicious. Force the tip of my hot tongue through this incredible cleavage of abutting muscle formed from multiplied muscles that cover and support his lower spine as my tongue dives deep into those massive muscles grown thick and powerful from duplication and then quadruplication f the original muscle fibres until they became so massive yet so tight and harmoniously compacted to support the incredible taper from an incredibly huge 240 inch torso.

"FFFUUUCCCKKK you're so beautiful Rick"!! and I keep coming!! "God"!!

It was more than enough to make me cum several more times as I hopelessly try to fill Rick's gigantic hot hard arse. I kiss his Back muscles, his beautiful, beautiful Back muscles and feel the heat of his body transferred to the tip of my tongue as my everhard finally pops out! God! What a fabulous sensation as his tube of solid muscle gives me up. Finally. And I look with wonder and fascination as his tight sphincter shoot closes with a loud POP as my dickhead brakes the partial vacuum created upon my withdrawal. Rick gives a deep sigh that melts Ron's lips and of course my cock slams into my Abs!!!!!! Then I crane my neck and kiss the tip of my Dick. Of course!!

Unexpected sensation rushed from my cock to my pointing down firm nipples!!! Aaahhhh!!!! And my head arched back!! Oh my muscle god my eyes close and my mouth opens. A cloud of hot steam issued from my pink tongue and I mutter, "This can't be real". Its all I can think of as I feel my way around Rick's impossibly huge firm hot body and just flop on top of Rick. The 10 foot ceiling restricts how high I could flop on top of him!

Here I can dwell for hours just rubbing my Pecs and nipples up and down his massive Butts, caressing and sucking the numerous bulging powerful muscles presented to me. Like his lower spine and massive hamstrings. But we have things to do! People to meet. Decisions to make.

But how am I going to separate these 2? •

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