By Freaker

Pie Charts 240 inches!? Oh my muscle god, that's how huge Rick's chest became. Enormous. Absolutely enormous.

It was huge to start, so when he inflated his massive lungs he became gigantic!! And somehow as he stood there redefining the very shape of his Torso for us, making our Cocks ache, he turned his mounds of muscular magnificence into oh so accessible man meat where every fibre of his being bulging supremely powerful yet protective body begged us to worship him inch by fucking inch, if necessary. And air rushed into his lungs passed his sensuous man lips that begged us to plug them with our hot tongues!

All this took place in the middle of a hearty breakfast where we consumed jug after jug of prepared protein shakes that fulfilled our every nutritional need. A need heightened by our Phase 1 Gene Transformation that enhanced our nutrient partitioning digestive abilities with stomachs half their former size yet work 10 times as efficiently with a maximum pH acidity level of 6, comparable to a vultures digestive juice, so strong that no virus or bacterium can survive the digestive process.....so, adding this to Rick's incredibly enhanced immune system, his body is not only disinfective, its practically disease proof!

And there, right under our noses Rick's inflating muscularly burdened chest was being reshaped for us and his pleasure. His Pecs turned into even more powerfully protruding suckable pillars of torture muscle as miles of ribboned 5mm thick striations exuded powerfully from the top row of bricks for Abs that formed a pliable wall of tantalising tapered Abdominals and his Lats spread like massively thick curtains heading towards his elbows and as they expanded sideways increasingly collided with and subsequently lifted his immensely huge arms into the horizontal position signifying his consummate control. But with a slight inward turn of his arms as his powerful Lats at first tended to accumulate behind the outer reaches of his Triceps and as his massive powerful Biceps turned inwards they pressured his flexing Pecs making them mound in front of his face as unavoidably his huge biceps kept on colliding as unavoidably his Lats kept on expanding and his waist kept on growing more narrow and steely tight and his Cock grew more hard and glistened with steely determination to defeat the tape.

Then, to increase his Torso dimension for the purpose of taking this chest measurement, he flexed his upper Pecs so that they pushed back down and against his lower Pecs that were being lifted by his inflating chest. They could not go sideways as they were buttressed by his expanding Lats, and the resultant force made his lower Pecs protrude way, way, out. Further and further forwards stretching the tape towards its final defeat and mesmerised we were as this was happening and we stood there listening to Rick sucking in litre after litre of air juicily flowing over his succulent red masculine lips, and yet somehow we managed to wrap the tape measure around his phenomenal Torso. We were half automatons, coordinating the tape in 5 foot sections as Rick watched us smiling through pursed lips sucking air watching our semi confused yet determined desire to know how huge Rick had become. And somehow the tape stayed stuck to the tight paper thin skin that wrapped his Torso tightly and revealed every tensed muscle fibre with just a touch of pink milkiness diffusing an otherwise purely anatomical dissection.

And everywhere we applied the tape, his body had beads of glittering sweat that tasted sweet to our lips and begged us to suck and enjoy his body. So we found we could let go of the tape that started to the side of his thickly protruding left Pectoral muscle as we continued wrapping it around his torso in a anticlockwise direction progressing first to his left Lat, then to his extraordinarily massive Back muscles and passing over a huge deep cleavage that ran down his spine created by the collision of 2 massively mirrored mountainous muscle formations. A chasm that would open when his shoulders went forward and his Pecs bunched up, or close when he shrugged and his Pecs would widen hugely. We paused and kissed each other at this point, and then on we went to his right-side Lats and then his right side Pecs that constantly swelling and flexing when we arrived.

We took turns threading that tape and rubbed against each other as we threaded it from one muscle peak to the next, traversing from one tightly packed muscle peak to another and straddled the tape across 2 arm pits and every part of Rick we passed was becoming more defined and harder to resist as our adoring lips needed to kiss and suck and worship our God and so the measurement took at least 15 minutes! It was an exercise punctuated by worship and scientific data gathering as we just couldn't resist him and kissing each other behind Rick's Back and taking turns to flex. Rick knew when we were kissing. He could hear our lips smacking and the lack of lips on his muscles and we were given a sign from our muscle god when we kissed behind his back by the way our god flexed his incredible tight and hugely striated muscular Arse that we had to kiss and suck and before resuming our measurement god opened his arse cheeks an revealed a passageway that rippled with smooth pink muscle to a tight pink hole that looked like a rose bud about to blossom in such a way it could swallow our manhoods whole!

Every inch of his smooth paper thin skin was extraordinarily strong. It had to be to contain the explosive power it had to contain. And as that power was released became covered in veins that pulsed with the extraordinarily slow rhythmic beat of a powerful heart that was no doubt the source of the animal magnetism that held the tape to his body as it straddled the deep and often narrow chasms where his musculature collided and from where wafts of steam occasionally escaped.

Like the 2 chasm that separated his Lats from his Pecs and where the tape passed over what was a large enchanting cave of manly arm pit full of straight wet dark blond hair covering muscle and tendons joining a multitude of muscles to shoulders and large enough to completely consume both our heads, one inside each and we decided to make it so as soon as possible. And if we had stopped and investigated his body inside those chasms he would have filled our every thought with the mystery of his muscular body and the odour of his perfume de masculine extremus.

Onwards and over we fed the seemingly endless tape worshipping Rick's expanding torso as we proceeded and the tape stuck to Rick's thickly ribboned Lats, his huge mountainous Back and the rippling waves of powerhouse Pecs. It was like pure animal magnetism that held the tape tight to Rick's sweaty body as we worshipped his finest muscular bulges that filled our hands and mouths with his rippling corded musculature, sucking in his muscle power and feeding on his godliness until reluctantly yet excitedly the tape slipped through my fingers when it encountered a large circular bulge that ran vertically out of a crotch buried by exploding powerhouse thighs that practically encased Rick's tight narrow waist in a band of muscle and thick Cock that rose like a veritable pillar of manly power and as a conduit of his creamy goodness it curved and fitted tightly against his body as Prick that had long since risen to the occasion and so well so it had become stuck to the deep cleavage between his 2 columns of Abdominal bricks. And it was no ordinary Prick. Instead it was like a counter balance to the weight of his Torso. It was like the counter balancing tail on a big plains red Kangaroo! And for now it hugged his Abs and curved up through Rick's mighty protruding Pecs and where it passed through the bottom of his protruding Pecs it narrowed before exploding with a dickhead that was almost encased by his pair of Pectoral muscles out of which it popped above the line taken by our tape in the shape of a very swallowable and perfectly voluptuous mushroom that pokes its way out of the embrace of his phenomenally huge 2 foot thick Pecs, and still they were rising as he inflates his lungs! Monstrously massive Pecs that glisten with his muscle man-power, taking the tape measure a further 10 or more inches on it long journey, and just above the tape the mushroom spread and glistened at us with its warm crimson colour that radiated heat as it issues drops of white creaminess in fits and starts, sometimes oozing, sometimes spluttering like a volcano rising up between 2 symmetrically positioned and much broader and more massive mountains onto which the volcano had ejected dollops of its white hot lava sourced from a deep magma chamber from where it has spewed forth. Yet from another point of view, the volcano seemed covered in slowly drifting thick deposits of snow, and the ends of the tape finally overlap Rick's central bulge, and yet Rick continues his mighty expansion, filling his incredible huge lungs with a seductive "ssshhhhhhhing" sounding as his suckable blush pink lips seduce the very air of the room to fill his 200 litres?!!!!

And we knew we were creating a MuscleGod. We knew this because we had the gene transformation technology perfected. We had ran countess computer simulations, so none of us expected anything quite as incredible or as handsome as Rick turned out. Our only explanation is the influence on the results of Rick's own input into how he developed. Nor anything quite as massive as the Muscle-Monster that stood before us begging to be worshipped and fed protein this breakfast as he inflated his chest for us to measure him. So clearly he begged us with every fibre of his body to worship his magnificent enormity. An enormity that not only glistened with deeply striated muscles, but took our breaths away as-he-resembled-the-most-exaggerated-yet-accurate-3D-anatomy-chart. A chart where muscles were separated by deep and sharp cleavage lines. Lines so deep we could fit our hands into them or explore with out tongues. Like the one that ran down his chest between his 2 ripped yet bulging pair of Pecs. But that's if his Cock is out of the way. And Rick just kept on keeping on, surprising us as we watched in awe. Watched in awe of Rick's ever expanding, powerfully flexing chest finally drew the ends of the tape together and to a mind boggling full stop. At exactly 20 feet.

20 whole feet! Nothing more, nothing less. 20 neat feet. 20 feet of rippling flexing thick and incredibly muscular magnificence. So we fainted of course.

I'm Kevin, and probably one of the handsomest of black hyper-stud BBERS ever. Before my Phase 1 treatment my best 100M dash was 10.2s. I have no idea what I'm capable of now but my gut feeling is I could break the world record. Easily! But its because we've been so tied up with our transformations to find out. Ron on the other hand is very similar to me. The only difference is, he consistently beat me at BBING contests. But I've long forgiven him for that indiscretion. Basically, he couldn't help himself. Now we both have had the phase 1 gene transformation and it has turned us into 2 of the most beautiful and handsome-as-hell black bodybuilders and 2 of the 3 most amazing BBERS on Earth. 3 of 3 of whom have been romping around in this kitchen worshipping each other and among us, the world's most amazing new creation of hyper muscular magnificence - The RICK!!! Who's the most gorgeous muscle man I've ever laid eyes on, and ever created. And we've been kissing and sucking his muscles all breakfast long and he's an even bigger fucking muscle STUD than you can possibly imagine!!! Even with my best efforts to describe him to you I think I fall well short of putting you in the picture.

For Rick became more than we imagined. And let me tell you - just listen to my words - though this is only a partial account of what happened this morning at breakfast. But it is what happened!! It is what I felt and it is what I saw and continue to feel and see, and see and feel. It was real! And it is real! Oh so fucking real I assure you, even if many of my readers are on the other side of the world from where it is all happening, on the north coast of NSW, land of total freedom and tolerance and, dare I say it? Happiness. Which is the same as muscle madness. Obsession. Power.

It happened, and it is happening right now. Rick and us are real, and we are so fucking awesomely muscular! But even I can't believe it sometimes. So I doubt you will or can. But try! And if you qualify, cum over. Join us. Grow!....And that thought, the thought that you can't believe makes me laugh. Even for me its a dream. Except its so starkly real. And if anything, it's the crystal clarity of Rick's muscles. The way his muscles are covered in so many veins when he's pumped and so hot to the tip of my tongue. But I know I'm not dreaming......No!!!!!!!!! Its too real.

Like only an hour and a half ago it all started. Breakfast that is. And being such a fresh memory, should I try and describe it as accurately as possible? If 'YES' then you have to ask yourself, "CAN I TAKE IT"? "WILL I FAINT TOO? CAN MY COCK TAKE THE REALITY OF RICK?...ok. You asked for it and don't forget you did!!!!!

Now, think of the biggest, and most handsome, and most incredibly muscular MONSTER of pure lean hard muscular magnificence - imagine him if you have to. Ok. Now, multiply that by 20 and you have what Rick stands for - HyperMuscleMan.

Yes, he's that big & that beautiful. He's the biggest white/pink bodybuilder of all time. That goes without saying of course, and he LOVES TO BE WORSHIPPED. Absolutely begs to be Worshipped. And he's the very first phase 2, gene transformed MuscleGod of a future full of them, and future updates, in case you were wondering.

And an interesting fact is the 2nd Transformation is more of a gene "update" than a transformation. And updates are easier to both endure and achieve for various technical reasons and yet Rick now stands proud and muscular beyond what we thought we were creating and it seems to have something to do with an unexpectedly strong feeding-back initiated by Rick himself responding to what he became. But then with a 20 inch dick, now possibly 21 or 22 and a chest that was computer simulated to reach 16 feet but is now possible more than 20, 'cos I suspect he deliberately stopped flexing and inflating his lungs when the tape reached its 20 feet limit, well, its clear that we have a lot to look forward to when it cums to Rick and our own journeys into muscle heaven.

And yes, Rick's cock is always HARD. So far. Which begs the question, "Will it ever go soft? Will Rick ever not be in the mood for worship"?

And yes, his waist is about, I'd guess....wait a sec as I get my hands around him...Look at him noticing what I'm doing!...."What you doing Kevin", Rick booms at me, white perfect teeth smiling across hugely piled up Pecs. He knows everything. He's just pretending not to know. "I just want to feel with my hands how small your waist is muscleman". Yeah, now let me test how thick his Abs are. "Then hurry up Muscly Kevin", Rick says with a slow groan. My hands struggle to penetrate through his relaxed Abdominal cleavage surrounding his navel and of course I succumb to sucking the broad protruding base of Rick's massive Pecs. Ron's worshipping the expanse of Rick's broad back muscles. Then, more comfortably my lips turn to the top row of Rick's Abs, my head rocking side to side as each each Ab gets as good suck of my lips. "Oh yeah that feels great", and Rick half groans and flexes his arms turning his head side to side taking in the power of his being. The indominable superbness of his body. Oh yeah if I can get my hands down inside of his 6, 7...god 8 inches of deep abdominal cleavage passed the pile of bricks for Abs.....fuck they are so fucking like bricks and so powerful! My lips feel like they're sucking lucky stones!! Oh yeah now I can now feel the flatness of his tight navel with my thumbs, "Oooohhhh, yeah....make my day Kevin" and Ron starts to fuck Rick from behind with his 9 inches, and that only just penetrates far enough to reach Rick's sphincters. But its effective from both points of view. My thumbs are now over his navel and I now trying to reach round Rick's incredible hard small waist when the Ab pack is discounted. "Yeahhhh"!! that feels so good to Ron. "Go for it as hard as you can man", and I slip my fingers Rick's waist and, "oh yeah Rick, pretty narrow hey"? "Yeah, I love my narrow waist. Feels so good having you testing me too. Fuck I love being tested Man!! Feels solid hey"?!!! "Yeah, you're a God Rick. Feels like banded steel", and Ron starts to pound really hard. As hard as a Mr. O. can!!

I close my eyes and feel my way further. Judging the circumference eof his waist as I suck on his upper Abs...Oh fuck, he's so hard to resist. "Slurp...oh yeah, SsssssuuuuuuuKKKKKK" those hot Abs I slurp!!!! Oh fuck, feeling Rick's power is awesome! "Yeah" and my thumbs and hands have completely disappear into Rick's relaxed Abs as I try to fathom his inner Abdominal girth. And with my hands completely disappeared inside the incredible valleys of muscular cleavage, yeah, I swear Rick's Abs are?????......hhhmmm, "No more than 28 inches!!" I call out 'Cos my hand feels about half way round a region of immense tightness and ribbed extreme flexibility. "Thanks for that Rick". "Thank you Kevin", Rick's obliges. "Feels good, you doing that Kevin", Rick ads with an invitation to kiss his lips. I oblige! But have to stand on my toes! Oh, yeah, so fucking hot and this man is so attractive.

Massive is too modest a word to describe 'Rick'. Especially his torso. It was already enormous before he inflated himself, so when the ends of the tape met at "exactly" 240 inches we had no choice. We fucking had to faint to avoid permanent brain damage, I expect. It's that simple. We couldn't stand there and stand it any more. He's so fucking incredible!!!!

We absorbed as many of his surprises and erotic visual stimulants as we could before the excitement of watching Rick expanding his chest grew to a fucking absolute crescendo. Muscle on muscle bulged all over his torso and each muscle fibre seemed to jostle for a better position and right under our noses. We could feel the heat radiating onto our cheeks and we couldn't see the forest for the muscle fibres. We were too close and then there was his odour. The B.O. of the perfect most handsome man ever conceived. It was the odour of a hyper-muscular and extraordinarily handsome man who's nostrils flared as he breathed and who's lips were full and blushing pink and he was not just expanding, he was transforming in front of us!

Muscles jostled and re-aligned as he transformed the kitchen into a "flexing heaven" and we joined him and flexed as well and kissed each other, Ron and Kevin kissed and that delighted Rick into renewed effort to expand his torso as the very sight and sound and smell of Rick the muscular magnificent overloaded our every sense until it was too much to stand.

But before we finally collapsed, we saw Rick's muscles become covered in huge thick glossy pulsing veins of power and globs of his freshest steamy hot cum oozed thickly from his constantly churning testicle base, the baby makers that supported his sizeable seminal fluid manufacturing dynamo. His prostate that beat all previous prostates for seminal fluid production and out the top of his prize winning prick oozed his creamy delicious cum from his absolutely gorgeous suckable, inviting 1 inch wide piss slit that he exercised incredible control over.

His piss slit was like a pair of lips the way he could control and manipulate them, like a smile atop his powerful 20 inch (plus) Cock which had a perfect mushroom knob. So perfect it is for filling my mouth and when he flexed his cock it locked onto my jaw and made it seem like his Cock not only wanted to fill me, join with me his being, but it had a mind and will of its own! It wanted me and Ron with a passion.

There was literally no escaping for either of us, and the last thing I recall seeing as the tape reached 20 feet around is chest was Rick's eye balls. They turned into their sockets and went a perfect white. 2 large white eyes and as I expect mine did the same I was shocked profoundly by his extraordinary sexual virtuosity - then we fainted and Rick probably kept flexing his torso. Who knows how much further his Torso could have expanded and he also probably, I'm imagining kept on flexing until his entire body turned into one huge mass of twisted tortured muscle fibres as he enjoyed the personal incredible bliss bombs of exploding mini orgasms inside of all of his muscles as he flexed himself into a state of personal muscle bliss.

And his muscle bliss bombs are the equivalent of mini ejaculations, only they take place inside of his muscles and we can see them reflected in the lusciousness of his manly lips and the hesitations in the movement of his eyes as they explode!

Thinking back over our measuring, or trying to measure his chest, it seems impossible? What we witnessed that is, seems impossible because 240 inches is a huge huge 20 feet of muscle on a Man standing just under 6 feet tall. That's 20 feet of solid muscle!...Ok, ok, so Rick's amazing torso also has a wonderful set of very large matching lungs which happen to be NOT exactly - muscle. Ok, but then talking about Rick's lungs and his luscious man-lips lips...Ok , I'll tell you about his lungs firsts, his lungs should, according to our pre-transformation computer estimates, be about 200 litres in capacity. That's the volume of a cube measuring just over half a metre in length - 1 foot, 11 inches. A capacity easily containable within Pecs 4 foot wide that amply fill the space between his 6 foot wide shoulders. And 200 litres, plus 20 feet of solid muscle takes time to expand fully, and as his enormous lungs did fill with air they stretched his massive rib cage. An incredible rib cage expansion took place. It was so flexible! Yet strong! So when totally flexed his Pecs, plus his Lats, plus his mountains of Back muscle that spread almost 5 feet wide either side of the deep cleavage of muscle than ran down his spine, was another almost 2 feet thick with a cleavage over a foot thick! Fuck you could loose a 'head' inside there!! And all this muscle gave his torso a perfect symmetry. A perfect balance of Back and Pecs and Lats to die for. And I expect 200 litres is a conservative estimate which compares to an average man's 1.5 - 2 litres!

Then, as our magnificently hyper-muscularised Man inflated his pectorally protruding chest, those massive arms were stretched outwards by a pair of constantly inflating lungs and his Pecs, the top of which headed upwards beyond horizontal and beyond level with his chin and even though his arms were essentially relaxed, his Pecs kept on piling up higher and higher in front of his face. Watching this was a heart throb for me and Ron and finally Rick was standing there staring down into the middle of an incredibly seductive, massively rippling, hot cleavage of muscle that formed into a valley of muscle that could hide a 2 foot cock!! I was so tempted to stand in front of him and put my hands in between his pair of Pecs and separate them so we could see each other through them. But then as his massive Pecs pumped with blood and by the force of his will and several attempts at flexing his Pecs they started to push against his massive Biceps that, naturally resisted but still ended up spreading almost fully to the side by his constantly firming up and fabulously perfecting Pectorals and instinctively his new gene transformed banded Pecs split into 5 distinct and dominant domains of striated muscle. Each one formed into an anatomically distinct layer with cleavage, and one piled on top of the other in a tiered arrangement running back from his protruding lower Pecs to his chin supporting upper upper Pecs in a collection of muscles that matched Rick's expanding rib cage and his whole torso excelled itself as a statement of his masculinity.

His lungs absorbed tens more litres of air seemingly like a never-ending transformation that mesmerised Ron & me making our Cocks pound and our eyes bulge to the beat of our hearts and we felt like we could explode any second!!!

Then Rick pulled his arms together and his Pecs resisted at first and the effort filled the room with muscle lust. But then he relaxed his Pecs and they bunched up higher than his forehead and he performed this feat of mass muscle pumping 10 times even as he continued to inhale and his Pecs were ripping out of his skin and pressed against his lips and nose and he kissed and suck on his Pecs 10 times for a moments indulgence and flooded his lips with his own muscle powers and for each flex, each suck n kiss a single load of cum shot from his orgasmic Cock.

Now his arms were directly and fully supported by his incredibly thick powerful buttressing Lats. They were muscles that just kept spreading wider n wider and nuzzling in on and supporting the space between his Triceps and Biceps until finally his Lats spread as far as his elbows!! And his huge pendulous Triceps pressed against and spread away from those uplifting and exposed chambers of magma Lat muscle and there was so much muscle being redistributed just looking at this happening was enough to make a grown man cry. And yes! He was clearly 20 feet of solid torso even though Rick stands just under 6 feet. The same as me. So you can imagine how seriously huge he is.

Its the circumference of a circle just over 6 feet wide (Pi x D) or the width of Rick's relaxed shoulders. But when he flexes his Lats they flare passed the width of his shoulders. And when he holds his arms as he did, forwards and spread out by the expansion of his ribs and the flexing of his Pecs, he transformed his relaxed torso from a little more than 5 feet thick to well over 6 feet thick, topped by 2 feet of Pecs pendulously overhanging his brick for Abs. And if you haven't seen Rick do a crab pose, you haven't seen a crab pose.

It's his ribs that pulled off this measurement I reckon. They stretched more than we could have imagined. Yes, credit should go to them as that self satisfied pose approached 7 feet thick and we would have circled and worshipped his massive posing chest, topped as it was by a big self-satisfied smile. Except we fainted.

And don't think we are weak. You try and withstand the power of his muscular magnificence. You try and stand close to him and not faint. You wouldn't last as long as we did. You wouldn't have gotten to see the 20 foot tape finish its circumnavigation of his colossal muscular chest. And I swear I saw a definite squirt of his Pectoral Nipple Muscle Milk just as I fainted because when Rick hit that exact 240 inches of expansion he flexed his body into granite like hardness and his eyes also rolled back into their sockets like mine did. It's what I saw just before everything went black on me. But I don't think it was what made me faint. I think it was "seeing" the tape straddling his huge pair of Pecs and reaching 240 inches that actually triggered my collapse. That's what tipped me and Ron over the edge into unconsciousness and his Pecs would have then towered over us as we lay blanked out on the kitchen floor, and who knows how much further Rick stretched the tape?

He was a gigantic display of muscle. And I could have swore I heard Rick say, just before everything went black, "Now watch this......POW"!!! But it was so incredible to see his Pecs explode and see the 20ft/6.096 metre tape pass through my fingers. A tape we deliberately selected because we were sure it would be big enough and last the distance measuring Rick's vital statistics.

But instead, the tape was totally humiliated by Rick. By his display of power and muscle control, and the more I think about it the more I'm sure that when Rick flexed and inflated his torso he deliberately brought the ends of the tape together as if he had decided to go no further, for the moment! That he could have gone several more feet if he wanted to. But guessing we would faint at exactly 240", he had to pause and see.

Obviously, when we selected the tape we didn't take into consideration just how much Rick could expand his rib cage. As well as the amount of muscle control his heightened mental control could muster. We knew we were more than doubling his spinal cord thickness (area) and that would enhance his nervous system and control and coordination. But we didn't quite expect this much muscle control and how his mind came to control his Pecs as a unison of muscle where he could muster his upper and middle Pecs and worked them together to press down against his simultaneously uplifting massive flexing incredibly powerful lower Pecs and deflecting them, making them protrude much further than their relaxed 12 inches.

Pecs in particular perpetrated the stretching of the tape. To produce the most incredibly sexual muscle pose imaginable. A muscle torso pose that fully integrated his Pecs with his thick wide flaring Lats, plus his huge bulging mountainous Back muscles. And the more I think about it, the more obvious it is that Rick deliberate played with the tape just to bring the ends together exactly at 240". And he knew exactly how to impress us. Playing a game of 'Stun my Worshippers'.

And from the Tape's point of view, the measurement was a total humiliation!! It obviously loved Rick as much as we did by the way it stuck to his torso as it straddled his amazing Pecs and Cock in the middle tucked so firmly due to its own steely hardness and absolute verticality. Deep into his huge Pectoral cleavage so his Pecs spread even more!! Though the tape didn't cum close to his down turned nipples by the way. But they were steadily rising and maybe, just maybe did, or could have crept up high enough to intersect with the horizontal tape as he continued to expand his chest after we fainted. But we would have been needed to adjust the tape.

Then, he held that incredible pose, breathing with his diaphragm only. Making his bi-columnar set of Abdominal bricks fold smoothly into and out of his barrel chest as he breathed. It was happening when we woke and it was like watching bricks folding into his chest as he breathed just using his diaphragm, sucking bricks up into his chest and expelling them again as he looked over an entirely exquisite display of ripped & rippling Pecs. Pecs that simply reached up high in multiple layers and pressed into his chin as though it was completely natural.

Then he pushed down using his chin and his neck muscles exploded in cords of pure muscle power and press his upper and middle Pecs down into his lower Pecs so they could protrude even further, and his heightened intellect absorbed a constant barrage of mini muscle orgasms flooding his mind especially cumming from his massive lower Pecs. The orgasms were like bubbles bursting in an opened bottle of soft drink and then his intellect applied to the task and absorbed the mini orgasms in its stride but no less appreciated, each and every one of them and a corresponding heightening of his will-power maintained his gloriously muscular pose of exploded harmoniously distinct muscles until we woke. He said, 5 minutes later when we found him standing over us proudly and voluminously dominating the kitchen above us with his huge Pecs that cantilevered out and dripped with sweat that also ran down his wall of Abs and he seemed to expressed unlimited personal power.

Even relaxed his Pecs had to express a huge muscular tension to hold them in place. And what a pose he held for us! A pose that poignantly expressed, with multitudes of radiating fingers of striated muscle a body of muscular delight he offered to us for free and was so perfection it was almost impossible to go passed staring.

His Pectorals! Those 2 tape stretching multi faceted globes of tiered massive masculinity challenged the now inadequate tape that mysteriously stayed stuck to his torso and at the base of his Pecs was a series of thickly knotted parallel fingers of muscle radiating up and sideways in cords of dense power and bulged with muscle that seemed to be exploding from the depths of a cleavage that formed between his upper Abs and lower Pecs. Yes, fingers of glistening power highlighted the nature of his Pecs exploding from that tongue seducing cleavage.

Over a foot thick, and his Pecs extended horizontally and thickly from the limits of his handsome kissable glistening with power upper Abs before they continued on their lustful journey to his far flung shoulders where they found secure tie-ins that ensured his full articulation and capacity to lift huge weights (in the not too distant future) and his powerful Pecs were covered in a dense matt of very short and fine blond hair reminiscent of a baby's bottom and beaded the sweat like he had no hair. And his Pecs glistened with abundant beads of sweat like a polished car with the glitter of submerged golden blondness.

Then, finally the tape measure peeled from his torso and hit our faces but it was the sound of Rick's infectious laughter that woke us. Full of infectious tones coming from a pair of lips far far away, hidden by an immensity of seducing powerful thighs with our eyes distracted by incredible Calf muscles. But it was the desire to look up that brought my eyes to focus on Rick's thighs that were so packed with muscle the cleavages between multiple major muscles formed tightly closed valleys an average of 6 inches deep with 8 or more of these cleavages offering themselves as the exploration of a life time for a worshipper's tongue. They were deep and powerful intersections of bulging power that ran from the exploding margins of his narrow hips down to his knees where they struggled to find an anchorage surrounding his kneecaps.

Rick's thighs looked like exploded magma. Only magma that had just solidified and formed 2 plateaus at the top where his enormous muscle mass tied into his hips, and in a last minute rush each and every muscle fibre of his thighs formed a platform big enough to land a helicopter. And instead of an actual helicopter supported 2 large oval shaped testicles the size of grape fruits and a pair of testicles that attracted everyone's attention the way they filled out his glistening scrotum that glisten crinkly as they supported a well proportioned pair of testicular guarantees for his continuing muscular magnificence and extreme masculinity.

And though they were god-like testicles, they were just visible to our upward gaze as overhanging orbs at the edge of his thigh high muscular plateaus. Then beyond we could see his partly obscured columnar Cock and part of its distinctive and well shaped lips schmacking corona and some of the furthest protrusions of his unbreachable wall of 10 solid Abdominal bricks made an appearance. But they seemed to support a cantilevered ocean of torso muscle - Pecs that glistened like impossible jewels of solid muscle and I felt in him a highly accessible, always available tower of symmetrical muscle as he laughed at our predictable predicament. But not at us!

And as much as he laughed, Ron and I laughed as the tape measure brushed against our faces after it hit his pair of thunderous flexing thighs that vibrated from his laughter with much distinction and further infected us with the power of his laugh and his 2 columns of Abdominal bricks seemed to have recently popped forth mini bricks from the middle of his 10 brick solid wall that bounced as he laughed yet remained incredibly seductive and solid and powerful. And in the movement I saw and realised just how intrinsically flexible his waist was supporting and joining his 2 massive muscular domains, upper body arms and torso and the huge pair of legs and that oh so caressable/penetrable musculature tight arse!!

Yet Rick's waist is so narrow one could imagine it was a fine balance of engineered unbreakableness and flexibility and I recalled the results of our computer simulations prior to Rick's final gene transformation. They showed his waist would undoubtedly be both narrow beyond our wildest imagination yet capable of withstanding the extremes of tension, compression and lateral distortion he would, or could place on it, with a built-in over engineered capacity to withstand up to 30 G's of force. So laying here, listening to his laughter because he had caused us to faint simultaneously we could only see the edges of his fabulous testicles resting upon the plateaus of muscles cut like a cake with the slices spread around the circumference of his huge thighs as sharp slits of compressed together mountains of muscles packed together tightly along side of, and one on top of the other turning his thighs into power-houses of masculinity that complimented his masculine face and seeing both at the same time is enough to bring tears to my eyes. I wanted right then to lift myself up and press my face into them where they converged at his knee caps that were surrounded by so much and so many terminating muscles that over shot their points of attachment covering and protruding over his knee caps forming caves of muscle for my tongue and only properly accessible by nudging one's face close and sucking the outer edges of those caves, exploring their muscle power with tongue and consummating his thighs with a worshipping kiss to both knee caps that would be followed by an inevitable hands free orgasms.

And so as he laughed his hands outstretched and he lifted us up and suddenly as his face reappeared I realised how small his head was compared to his torso. It was a tortuously sexy face and the proportions only made his face more attractive as Ron and I swayed and needed to support each other with an embrace but looking at Rick we saw he didn't need to relax the huge chest pose he was holding. To breath he just relaxed his diaphragm and let it act a s a bellows to pump air in and out of his huge lungs and his Abs moved rhythmically in and out.

"Look at this Kevin" Rick said to me before he looked at Ron as his 3 upper rows of Abdominal bricks started getting sucked in and out of his chest as he hyper ventilated and his mouth was wide open with a slight smile as the sounds of rushing air in and out was loud and powerful. Yet his huge chest, his ribs and muscles stayed relatively motionless and Ron and I began circling him slapping our hands onto the top of Rick's huge Pecs and bulging shoulders and back! Then I stopped and stood facing Rick and stretched out my hands and cupped the sides of Rick's 4 foot wide fucking massive Pecs. One in each hand and kissed and sucked them left, right, left, right, and he absolutely loved me doing it and then I sucked on his nipples and each one gave me 2 mini-cock treats. The first oozed into my mouth as his nipple grew fully firm inside my mouth and then the second treat shot into my mouth with surprising force.

Each nipple gave me more than 2 drops of his minty white thick creaminess, and I felt a surge of empowerment sweep through my veins a minute later when the many chemical compounds contained in Rick's Pec muscle secretion entered my blood stream. But before that happened I sucked on Rick's down turned nipples some more and raised my arms up over the vast expanse of his powerful Pecs until my arms lay lovingly in intimate contact with his magnificent muscles and they filled my arm pits with warmth and the feeling of power from an enormous muscleman as my hands drove deeply and hard into the massive mounds of his upper pectoral muscles on which he rested his chin.

Then, 20 seconds before I felt that surge, Ron embraced me from behind! I felt his hot solid Pecs press against my back and that 12 inch cock of his rubbed up the middle of my spine several times as his hands adjusted their grip of my Pecs. I felt his fingers clench my Pecs and his biceps press hard into my Lats as he lifted me off the floor! Then Ron pulled me from Rick and replaced me with himself repeating what he saw me doing only he encountered 2 pre-engorged nipples that only sho, didn't ooz and he got 3 hot loads of Rick's creamy pec muscle goodness into his expecting mouth that made his head arched back before he literally exploded in an animalistic roar and started ejaculating up into Rick's massive protruding Pecs.

Ron roared, "AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH" loudly and long. Such close contact with an absolute god of incredibly huge firm muscle had lifted him into a realm of pure sexual lust. He showed no sign of stopping after 3 long loud powerful roar and a dollop of his cum shot up between them. His ejaculations were perfect and rhythmic when Rick simply grabbed Ron as his muscles were tensing for the 4th time and Ron let go of another load that splashed about as Rick lifted him straight! Ricks huge arms rubbed against his massive Pecs but in no time had plunged Ron fare an square deeply own upon his 22 inch manhood and Ron's mouth fell opened and he seemed to be fainting as Rick's incredibly hard fist size dickhead slid inevitably through Ron's perfectly over stretched sphincters and his eyes rolled into their sockets as he yelled out his approval, "OOOOhhhhh Rickkkkkkkkk......I loooooovvveeee yyooouuuuu"!!!!

Rick's head fell back. Then he grabbed hold of Ron's cock with both of his big hands. His arms almost unable to reach over the top of his enormous Pecs and managed to plunge Ron's 12 inches deeply down his throat to gather Ron's 5th ejaculate.

Then Rick's body tensed. His balls rose up and hugged his lower Abs and prepared to match Ron load for load, blow for blow. He reached around and grabbed Ron, hugging him close, pressing their Pecs together and synchronised their gonads and prepared to share their mutual animal magnetism. Then Rick hit a brilliant single right arm biceps as he savoured Ron's previous juicy load and the feelings of orgasmic delight issued from his invincible muscles offered to me as a compromise. But I deemed that arm the better prize as its peak rose up and exploded into my face and Rick's fist. It was so fucking huge I swooned and imagine it must be at least 60 inches and more accurately were quadceps more than biceps as its hardness and hottness met my tongue and the power in his pulsing veins met my lips and I sucked and sucked as slow long powerful waves of their combined orgasms totally filled the kitchen and echoed throughout my body!

Ron's arse seemed to stem the flow of Rick's copious flow of Cum but by the 10th load from Rick's muscular piss slit buried deep inside Ron's rectum the pressure had risen to bursting and out spurted almost the entire 11th, 12th 13th 14th and 15th and 16th load and by the 13th my face and head and Pecs were being sprayed as I positioned myself under Ron's uplifted bum to watch this extraordinary phenomenon! By the 17th joint roar of ecstatic muscle lust the flow was suddenly stemmed as a large portion of Ron's overfull rectum suddenly passed into his lower intestines where it immediately started to be absorbed for all of its rich muscle building goodness and they roared together as both continued to ejaculate. Rick's narrow hips flexed like a coiled up spring pounding Ron's arse harder and harder making a booming sound that reverberated inside the kitchen and when Rick came a 20th time he let out a long sigh of relief and fell forwards pinning Ron to the floor and shutting him up with a big kiss and offered up his huge muscular arse to me for the taking. And I took it. I plunged my total erection into Rick's magnificent muscle Butt and my dickhead passing through 8 inches of solid tightly packed muscle. He swallowed up my entire 12 inches of manhood as if it could have just as easily accommodated 24 inches and for the next 15 minutes I hammered away at Rick's gorgeous gluts, the most magnificent set of muscled butt cheeks in the whole world and I plunged my dickhead deep, 4 inches deep into his hot muscle sphincters buried deep inside his solid muscle bum. I soared with ecstasy, flexing my Pecs a s I hammered his huge arse and my 12" muscle Dick was well and truly milked by Rick of every drop in my ball sacks by his rhythmic milking. His arse cheeks literally sucked my Cock dry. Every drop of my cum was sucked into his arse as I surveyed the most incredible array of massive back muscles as Rick performed push ups over Ron as they kissed on the other side of what seemed like a world of muscle. Huge massive triceps and enormously thick Lats tapered to the most incredibly narrow waist that I held on to tightly that literally exploded as a pair of ripped/striated and extraordinarily bulging muscle butts. Ribbons of steel radiated from a muscle hole that lead directly to Rick's tight sphincters that my Cock attempted to fill as this massively muscled strawberry coloured man covered a the smaller man of rich dark Olympian chocolate who was laying under those piles of strawberry like a large lump of ice cream melting from the heat of extraordinarily passionate kisses. •

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