My Christmas Present

By FanTCMan

I remember feeling really shy the first time they let me sit in front of the computer screen and go through all those images of guys to pick out what looked really good to me. I was barely twelve, and my dad had said that when I started getting pubes, it would be time to be starting to go through the program.

Since my birthday is right before Christmas, this was going to be my big Christmas treat. Whatever. I hardly even knew what bioengineering was, but I knew that my dad was a big guy in the business, that he'd been working on something secret. I'd also seen him change from a thin, regular guy to this real muscular guy. Not just muscular, but different, real thick even though he stayed real cut. His whiskers got real heavy looking, and he acted different, kind of cocky and showoff-y about himself, like walking around the house more in just his underwear, looking at himself whenever he passed a mirror, stopping to look at the hair that seemed to be growing in all over him, or sometimes just standing there and feeling his hair or muscles when he was talking to me. So I pretty much knew that whatever the program was, they were probably going to be doing something like that to me, only however it would work on a kid. It seemed weird, but kind of cool, too, in a way. Anyway, my buddy, Nick, was going to be doing it, too, so I wouldn't be the only one.

So, they, two of my dad's partners, took me to this room where they told me they're going to determine what kind of guy I'd really like to be, if I could choose. Both these guys were even bigger than my dad, more like real big bodybuilders. Also, even though I felt funny about really looking, they both looked like they had way bigger than normal stuff, you know, down there. They were wearing shorts and T-shirts, and even in the shorts, the fronts really stuck out with the bulges they had. Their legs and arms were real hairy, which my dad's had become, too, now that I thought about it, and they had the same kind of real heavy whiskers. I had only shaved just once, about a week before, and it was just because the fuzz on my upper lip got a little dark, and I couldn't wait till I had to shave. I thought that growing up, getting all that grown-up guy stuff, like hair, having to shave, would be really cool. Little did I know.

Anyway, they wired me up like you see for lie detector tests, so they could test my impulses, they said, and that was when it really started to feel like I was in some kind of experiment. It was like a sci-fi movie or something. They made me take off my shirt, to attach that stuff to me. Then, before we could start, they took a bunch of blood from my arm. I hate needles, and I kind of freaked inside, but I stayed cool and just asked them if they had to do that. They said they did. I mean, it's not like I'd never had blood taken before, and I didn't want to look like a wimp.

After that, I just sat at the computer and they started these pictures running. Mostly they were of guys older than me, probably like high school guys, maybe even college. Some pictures I couldn't tell, because it would be a close-up of just a body part. I probably would have been embarrassed, if they hadn't left me alone. They told me first they would run through all the pictures and I should just look at them all. Then they would go through a second time, and when I saw one that was something I thought would be cool to be like, I was supposed to hit enter. I could hit the spacebar to move to the next picture, or go back with the back arrow, whatever. Just sit there and go through all the pictures again. There were like a hundred or something.

The guys were all good looking. They were all built really well, some better than others. In fact, some were really muscular. It was weird but cool, too, to see guys in pictures like that, all naked, with all kinds of pubic hair, armpit hair, whiskers, and some big dicks. I remember that I picked mostly kind of muscular guys, swimmer types, because I always thought the thin, cut-up guys were the most popular. Everyone said I was cute, so I was pretty popular, but I was also pretty skinny. I remember wondering, when I was doing it, what Nick would be picking, since he was always kind of soft and overweight. In fact, if he wasn't really cute looking, he probably would have taken a lot of shit about it. So, I chose, like they said. I remember picking one picture because the guy looked like an Abercrombie model and he had this really cool treasure trail that started about two inches above his belly button and went all the way down to a really major bush of pubes, kind of trimmed. And I picked one guy's face because he had a big dimple in his chin, and real full lips, and a real perfect looking shadow with these great sideburns. I don't remember everything I chose. I do remember picking the guy with the biggest dick. I mean, why not?

So, then, they came back after a while and told me I did a good job. The computer took the choices I made and combined them with the reactions that it read off all that stuff that was attached to me that told how I reacted subconsciously to the pictures. Then it worked on my blood to change and shift the genetic patterns that I was built on. I didn't understand. Still don't. But they said that they just had to reinject my blood back into me, and it would tell the rest of my cells how to react. That was all there was to it.

I went home with my dad and told him all about it, but he already knew what they did. And that was it. Or so I thought. We went ahead, decorated the house, and I waited for some big Christmas treat to materialize.

Nothing much happened for a while, but pretty soon, I mean within a couple weeks or something, after school started again, I started to get boners all the time. I figured that was just a normal part of going through puberty, which I knew I was doing. Probably all guys did. The fuzz on my upper lip started getting darker and more like hair, though, pretty fast, and the same thing started down the sides of my face and on my chin--fuzz coming in, getting dark, and just, like, spreading. I was already getting pubes, but they started coming in fast, and I started getting hair in my armpits. I thought it was all normal, but I also liked it. It made me feel cool and really good. So good that I kept getting those boners over what was happening and how it made me feel.

About that time, maybe a month or so after the blood thing, my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him to the gym and learn about working out. It was weird when he asked, because I'd been noticing guys on TV and in magazines with workout bodies, and I was already thinking it would be cool to start working out and get like that. In fact, for some reason, and I didn't really put it together with the blood thing, I was thinking about it all the time, and I'd bone every time it popped into my head. I really wanted to get buff, but I didn't know how to say anything. It was like he read my mind when he asked. So I went and started. I wasn't ready for how fast my body responded. It was just so easy to make my muscles grow, and it felt so good working them, feeling the pump, as my dad said. I was a natural.

The gym was at the center where my dad worked, did his research and stuff, and they had all the best equipment and monitored everything we did. Nick came, too, and just like it was easy for me to get cut, he started dropping weight and getting pretty cut, too. In the showers, we could compare, and, after a while, we talked about it. Both of us agreed that if whatever they'd done to us was helping all this, it was pretty cool. He also told me he was boning all the time, now, too, for no reason, because he was feeling so turned on all the time by all this.

By the time I turned thirteen, the next Christmas, that big treat was really happening. My pubes were pretty much like the guys in the pictures, and some hairs were growing around my belly button. A few came in down below it, too, and I was pretty sure, or I hoped, anyway, that I was getting a trail. I'd look at it every day, looking for any new hair that grew in, looking up close, then standing back from the mirror to see if it was really starting to show on me. Every new hair that sprouted gave me a boner.

Meanwhile, Nick was getting hairs on his chest, some right in the middle, some around his nipples, and even some up at the top of his chest just below his throat. We couldn't help noticing, and, one day in the showers, he asked me if I saw it, and about the trail I was getting, and we almost got caught getting boners right there in front of each other in the showers. Our dads probably knew, but they didn't say anything. After, my dad asked Nick if he wanted to come over for dinner, and after dinner we went to my bedroom, and I told Nick I wanted to see the hairs he was getting on his chest, and he told me he wanted to see the trail I was getting. He also said he thought both our dicks were getting big, too. I didn't know how big my dick was supposed to be, but it did seem big to me, like it had grown a bunch, and before we even got naked, both of us were getting hard. We just got naked and let our dicks bone up, just watched each other get boners, and we both got so hard, and it felt so cool.

I told Nick I liked how it looked that he almost had a real shadow on his face, and he said I did, too, and I had this feeling that I really had to touch his, to feel what that felt like on him, on a guy my age, and we ended up kissing, and feeling how big our dicks were, and that night we jacked off together. We said probably a lot of dudes do this. But I didn't really think so.

It wasn't long after that that my dad took me back for a second treatment, as he called it. This time, I pretty much looked forward to it from the time he told me. They took my blood, hooked me up, and started the pictures, and I got hard almost as soon as the pictures started. The pictures were the same, but different. The guys were bigger, more developed, and I found that the ones that really got me were the ones that looked like bodybuilders, the ones with really big dicks, and some looked way bigger than normal, which I thought was cooler than shit, and even the ones with hairy chests and stomachs and all. In fact, this time, I found myself a whole lot more interested in their bodies, their body parts. There was something also that really got me about how masculine they looked, about the kind of masculinity they gave off, and I wanted it, to feel like that, to be that way. After they put my blood back in me, they took pictures, and my dick was hard as steel the whole time. The measured me, and my arms were already fifteen inches and my chest almost thirty-nine, and at only thirteen and a half. My waist was a tight twenty-nine and my abs were already looking like a rock-solid stacked six-pack. And my trail, the treasure trail I'd hoped I'd get, just in a few weeks had grown in thick like a rope of hair that went from the middle of my abs all the way down to my pubes. I was looking good, and when they pumped that blood back into me, and I thought about the pictures I'd just chosen, and about Nick, I thought I was going to blow a load right there in front of them. I was boned all the way home, and my dad just laughed and told me after I went and took care of it, come on back down for dinner.

All I could think about when I was jacking off in my bathroom was how cool it was being just thirteen and having a real trail, and real pubes, and pit hair, and my dick felt big, and even my balls felt bigger or heavier or something, the way they slapped on my legs, and I wished so much that Nick was there, too, so I could see that hair on his chest and his big dick. It crossed my mind that either I was queer, or what they were doing to me was making me queer, and I didn't care at all. In fact, I liked it. It made me feel really turned on, and made me think of Nick even more. And all of a sudden I knew why my dad had split from my mom and got custody of me and all. I remembered her crying but saying she knew it was all for the best, for science, and my dad telling her that soon, she'd feel the same way and wouldn't care any more. It hadn't even been two years, and already, in the past six months or so, everything felt different.

Pretty soon after that, I realized that when I put on my briefs and got my stuff all bunched up in there, I was getting a bulge. I mean the kind that sticks out, so you can see it in your pants. My pants would hang loose, and still, right there in front, they would stick out, and I saw other kids trying not to let me see them looking at my crotch. Thank God, Nick was getting the same thing, although, to tell the truth, there was something about it that made me feel so cool I wouldn't have cared if it had been just me. But it was really cool that Nick was the same way, because we could talk about it, and joke together about how people looked at us. And by this time, Nick was real cut up, and we both had real hard, flat abs, which made anything that stuck out really stick out. Then one day, Nick told me he heard some guy talking to some other kids about it, and one of them said we probably both stuffed socks in our pants or something, just like a couple of queers, but the guy told them that he'd seen us both in the showers, and it wasn't socks. He told them that we both were getting like donkey dicks, and even our other stuff, like he couldn't say balls because some girls were there, but our other stuff was, like, really big, too, and we were growing bigger all the time, real fast. He said he thought we were in some kind of experiment at the med research center.

Nick was all, like, Dude, do you know how cool that is that everyone's going to know, that you and me are like experiment guys? I told him I thought it was so totally cool. I was almost fourteen, so was Nick, and both of us had to shave every day, and by the end of the school day, we would already be showing scruff, and both of us had totally full shadows. Nick grew a goatee and I just had these great, thick, sideburns down past my earlobes. Nick's chest hair was spreading so much that it almost covered his pecs, and he was getting some on his abs, down the middle. Meanwhile, my trail shot up to my chest and I got a thick patch of hair in the middle of my pecs and it was spreading out real fast, too. Both of us were getting hairy arms, hairy legs, and best of all, from the workouts, it was like just any lifting was making our muscles grow, and lifting heavier all the time, with my dad pushing me and Nick all the time, calling us young muscle boys, we were getting so buff we looked like the guys in the magazines, but better.

For my fourteenth birthday, my dad told me he'd arranged a special kind of party for me, a really special Christmas treat, since he knew that Nick and I had gotten so close. Truth was, we didn't just jack off together, we'd gotten into jacking each other off, and mostly we would spend hours just being naked together, flexing our muscles to see how big we were getting, feeling each other's muscles and dicks, and just showing off, walking around with our big dicks and balls and all feeling cool as shit. Anyway, what he, my dad, had planned was that we would both have our next session together. That way, if we were both hooked up at the same time, we would be able to choose not just how we wanted to look, but also, the equipment would read what we would like to see on each other, how we would make the other guy look.

The session was so cool we couldn't believe it. We got to be together, sitting there, knowing they were watching, even though we were alone in the room, both looking at the same pictures, but with different keyboards so we could each make our own choices, pushing return if we liked something for ourselves, pushing shift/return if we like it for the other guy. I could only guess, or hope, that Nick was feeling like I was. The pictures were more extreme this time, like before. They guys were bigger, real muscle men, like some of the biggest guys you've ever seen, some were so hairy, and some had these gigantic cocks that looked totally morphed with balls to match, and at first I was picking just regular, hot looking, real hung bodybuilders for myself, but I was getting really turned on by the super huge ones, and picking them for Nick. Like the other times, after they put our blood back into us, they measured us up while we just stood there with these big boners, both of us dripping precum. My arms were up to seventeen inches, Nick's were almost the same. My chest was forty-six, Nick's was forty-seven, but Nick had a slightly wider back, his lats were so thick, while I had bigger, thicker pecs. Our waists were bigger, but not much. I was still just thirty, Nick was thirty-one, but he was also almost six feet and I was just five-eleven. My thighs were almost twenty-seven inches, bigger than Nick's, and his twenty-six-and-a-half looked really big. I guess that's when I realized how big I was getting.

So we finished the session, and my dad took us home to our house, both of us rock hard all the way home, hardly saying anything, just sort of dazed with how excited and turned on we were, and when we got home, dad took us down to the basement were he showed us that he'd had a whole room done just for us to mess around in, since he knew we'd been having to kind of sneak to be together. It was like a really cool bedroom with a couch and chairs and a workout bench, some weights, and mirrors all around all the walls. He just grinned when he saw how we looked when we saw the room, both of us standing there so boned our bulges were almost pushing through our pants, and he told us to enjoy it, and left us alone, saying happy birthday, and Merry Christmas, muscle boys. Starting today, you become muscle men.

The minute he closed the door, I broke out laughing and jumped on the bed. Nick laughed and bounced right next to me. He said he guessed my dad figured we were a couple of queers, now. I told him it takes one to know one, meaning my dad, but he thought I meant him, and he just pushed me down real hard, pinned my arms over my head, and leaned down and kissed me. I mean he really kissed me hard. He sucked on my jaw, my neck, and I felt his scratchy whiskers on my face, and then he was lying on me with our boners pressed between our stomachs, and I felt how big they were, how hard our stomachs were, and I pushed against him and kissed him back.

We both started pulling at each other's clothes, tugging everything off to get totally naked, standing up, and then just looking at each other, flexing for each other, with all those mirrors around, so we could see everything, front and back, and we both knew right then that we were really becoming a couple of muscle dudes and that our dicks and balls were going to get much bigger than they already were, and they were already bigger than any other guys'. My dick measured eleven inches at the center, Nick's was like a quarter inch longer, but mine was definitely fatter. In fact, I looked at it, and suddenly it seemed really strange in a really amazing way that my dick was almost as fat as my wrist.

Then we were kissing again, and I asked Nick if he liked being queer as much as I did, and he said, fuck, yeah, man, it's hot as shit, and I told him I wanted to suck him off, to feel what it was like to suck his cock, that I wanted to make him feel how hot he was to me, and he said, cool, because so did he, to me, and even more than that. He thought we should try fucking. He really wanted to feel my huge, fat cock inside him. I told him I'd been thinking the same thing. It seemed like since we came back from the center, we were kind of into this whole head thing, this totally queer thing for each other and our muscles and cocks and all. I looked at the hair on his chest, and it looked so masculine I had to touch it, to feel it on his hard muscles. He was doing the same thing to me, going down my trail till he got to my cock, then getting on his knees, looking up at me, and slowly taking it into his mouth. It was so warm, wet, hot. I held his head while he sucked on it, then I made him get up so I could do it to him, and the feeling of taking his meat into my mouth, feeling how it turned him on, feeling how I could make my muscle buddy feel so hot. We were like two young muscle gods just figuring out what we were, and when I got my big, fat cock inside his hard, hairy muscle ass, I knew what erotic ecstasy, which I'd heard before, really was.

Nick and I stayed in regular school until the end of the ninth grade, and then the school called my dad and Nick's parents in and told them they thought we were too distracting for the other kids, that they'd better find someplace more appropriate for us. We felt kind of badly, since we couldn't really help being distracting. In fact, we liked it so much, we brought it all on ourselves. After that session, we started to grow even more, even faster, and soon the bulges in our pants were sticking out really big, and our muscles were getting so big that we began to look like bodybuilders, so everyone was always asking us to flex, or show off our bodies. And we were both so amped with all this sexual energy that we would just show off for anyone, anywhere. We couldn't help it. We wanted to, and we couldn't make ourselves not want to. We loved it too much. Just to flex and have someone feel your muscle was so hot. Just to walk down the hall, feeling how thick your legs were, or your arms, or how wide your back was getting. Or seeing people look at the hair growing out the top of your shirts and wanting you to take off your shirt so they could see it, the hair, the muscles. What really, finally, got us kicked out was when we both stripped, out behind the equipment shed on the playground, and showed a bunch of kids our huge cocks, and jacked off for them. By then we both had over fourteen inches, and no one could believe it without seeing it, even the guys who saw us soft, or mostly soft, in the showers, but never saw how big we were hard, and when they wanted to see, we both just boned up, like, no problem, and when we came, everyone was laughing, the girls were giggling, and making all this noise, and probably Nick and I were pretty noisy when we came, because man did we shoot some big loads, Mr. Halliday, the principal came around and found us and told us to put our clothes on and come immediately to his office.

We probably should have acted sorry, but we couldn't stop smiling, it was just so hot, and we felt so hot, so untouchable. Total studs, man. Who cared what they did to us? We'd still be growing bigger and hotter. My dad was there within a half hour, and Nick's parents, and we were sent packing. My dad acted sorry, but as soon as we were in the car, he burst out laughing. He said he'd been wondering how long it would be before our enhanced hormones would get us kicked out. Not to worry, he said. Arrangements have already been made. The center has set up a school for you muscle guys. There's a few other guys in the same situation. I think you'll all get along very well. And next Christmas, if you work hard, well . . .


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