Interview with a Teen Muscle Jock


By johnd7102000

Well, John, I never gained so much bone and muscle as I did in that three months before my 12th birthday. I hit puberty and started liftin' and my body just exploded. You remember I told you how I gained 15 pounds in four months after I first started doing pushups and pull-ups and stuff when I was nine. Well this time I gained 30 pounds in three months. All my stud male hormones were raging, and with all that heavy lifting and big eating, my body got real big real fast. I got taller, my shoulders got wider, my chest got deeper and I packed tons of muscle all over my bigger body. Yeah John it was great. It felt so great getting bigger and stronger so fast.

It was fun going to school and having all the kids go bananas over my body. It was fun showing off how strong I was. Sometimes a girl would come up and feel my arm. Of course I'd flex for her. "Oh Mike," she'd say. "Your muscles are so big and hard. Show me how strong you are." So I'd turn around and grab some kid who was standing there watching me show off for the girl. I'd pick him up by the armpit and crotch and press him up and down about 10 times. Fuck, that was real easy. Most of my puny little classmates only weighed about 80 or 90 pounds so it was a fucking piece of cake for me to press `em. Shit, I could press over 200 pounds so pressin' these kids was nothin' to my big muscles. The girls would always rub their fingers on my delts as I lifted the poor kid up and down like a fucking broomstick. Then I'd flip the kid over and curl him for about 10 reps. Fuck, that was easy too since I could curl 150. The girls would grab my arms with their little fingers and feel my big biceps bulging as their curled the kid up and down like it was nothing. Sometimes a boy would feel my arms too. I know you did quite a few times, didn't you John. Yeah, you really liked it when some girl asked me to show her how strong I was. That happened every day. The girls really liked it when I showed off for them. Yeah, and I liked doin' it. They'd asked me to take off my shirt, and I'd rip off my tight t-shirt so they could see my body. Then I'd flex for them and they'd go ape-shit. Yeah, John, every day I got to show off my muscles. My classmates were my props for my big strong muscles. They were like little toys for me. I outweighed all the boys by more than 50 pounds, except a few fat dweebs, and I was solid muscle. They were nothing compared to me. Their little 9 inch arms looked like toothpicks next to my big 14-1/2 inch guns. Their flabby 32 inch chests looked so puny next to my big, bulging 42-1/2 inch monster. My shoulders were almost a foot wider than their bony little shoulders and mine were capped with inches of thick, hard, striated delt muscle. Their weak little 15 inch quads looked so skinny next to my 23 inch masses of muscle that could squat with over 350 pounds. The only part of my body that was about the same size as theirs was my waist. But my waist was rippling with hard muscle that looked and felt like corrugated steel. Their waists were mostly soft and flabby. Even the jocks who had some abs had nothing compared to mine. Yeah, John, it was great being so fucking big and strong compared to all the other boys.

And you John. Geez, you were the smallest and weakest of all the boys. You only weighed 70 pounds. I weighed more than double what you weighed. I could press you with one arm easy. I remember pressing you 10 times with my right arm and then 10 times with my left arm. I just grabbed you under your armpit and press you up. Piece of cake. I could even curl you with one arm. You were so light. I'd get up on a chair and tell you to grab onto my wrist with both hands. Then I'd curl your puny little body up and down. You were starin' at my big bicep the whole time, the big, shredded bicep that was curlin' your whole body like it was nothin'. Yeah John you really got off on that, didn't you. You really got off on the fact that I could lift your little body with only one arm. My delts and arms were so big and strong they could lift you like a toy. I remember after lifting you like that you couldn't keep your hands off my big delts and arms for a whole five minutes. You just kept rubbing your fingers over my delts and arms, just like the girls did. Pretty soon you were runnin' your hands over my whole body. I didn't know then you were gay, but I knew you were really getting off on it. And I liked flexin' my muscles for you John, just to show you how big and hard and strong they were, especially compared to your weak little shit. Yeah, you really got off on that didn't you John.

Well, let's do it again John. I'm gonna press you up and down with just one arm and then I'm gonna curl you with just one arm. And I'm gonna do it with each arm so I get a nice pump. Yeah, you're heavier than you were in sixth grade but I'm fuckin' bigger and stronger too. You're still just a little toy for my big muscles John. You still don't weigh shit. My muscles are gonna play with you John. They're gonna lift your puny little body like a fuckin' toy. Yeah, here I go. I'm grabbin' you under the armpit with my right hand and liftin' you like you were nothin'. Yeah, up and down, up and down. Fuck, your little 115 pounds ain't nothin' to my big delts, John. I do dumbbell presses with 150 pounds, 150 pounds of fucking iron. You're just nothing. Okay, 15 reps with the right arm. Now 15 reps with the left arm. Look at those muscles flex and bulge John. Yeah, they're getting nice and pumped. Look how big they get when they're all flushed with blood. Ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Piece of cake John. Yeah, feel those big delts. Rub your little fingers over them just like you did in sixth grade. Yeah, they're twice as big as they were then aren't they John. They've gotten huge. And fucking strong! Too strong for you to even imagine. My delts are ten times as strong as yours John. You can't even begin to think what it's like to be so strong, can you John? No, I know you can't. Well it feels fucking great! It feels just fucking great! Okay, enough feelin' John. Now for the curls. I'm getting up on the chair and now you grab on to my right wrist. Yeah, just like that. Now watch me curl you with one arm John. Look at that huge bicep flex as it curls your little body up. Look at that muscle bulge. Look at how big that muscle is. Look at those fibers. Look at those veins. Yeah, you can see the two heads of muscle. Yeah, I got great separation. Look at how the huge muscle just pops out of my skin. I'm doin' my third rep. God that muscle is pumped. Look at how fucking big it is! Done! Wow! Three reps. Three fucking reps with 115 pounds. God I'm getting strong. Yeah John. Feel that fucking muscle. It's bigger than you can even imagine ain't it. Yeah, it's huge. And hard as rock. Now the other arm. Gotta pump my left arm too. Grab on little man. Okay. One, two, …………………fuck, look at that muscle explode! Grrrrrrrrrrr! Three! Three fuckin' reps with my left arm. Both my fuckin' arms are fuckin' strong as shit. Fuck it feels good to be so strong! God John, you're goin' crazy again. Yeah my cock's rock hard, just like yours. Your hands and face are all over my delts and arms and pecs and lats and abs. You're just ravishing my body again John. You're fucking worshipping it again. Yeah, it's fuckin' nice, ain't it John. It's like a fuckin' piece of sculpture. And it's as hard as rock, just like a sculpture. Oh John, you're turnin' me on so much. Oh your tongue feels so good. Your fingers feel so good runnin' all over my pecs and abs. God John, I don't think I'll be able to go on with this story too much longer. I'm just so hot. My cock's ready to blast like it's never blasted before. But John, I'm a man of my word. I told you I would tell you and your tape recorder the story of what it's been like to grow up as a fuckin' muscle jock, and I'm not quite done yet. So I'm gonna lift you up and put you down one more time. Yeah, good thing I'm strong. I can do it with just one hand.

So when I turned 12 years old I was already a total muscle stud. I was so much bigger and stronger than all the other kids it wasn't even close. I had a big body and a big cock. When I changed my clothes after track and field practice, all the other boys would just stare at my body and my cock. They just couldn't believe what they were seeing. I was a man among boys. And I dominated all the competition in track and field again. I even entered some competitions I had never tried before. I was so fast and strong I just blew away the other boys. I won the 100 and 200 meter dashes, the 100 and 200 meter hurdles, the long jump, the high jump, the pole vault, the discuss, the hammer throw and the shot. And I set city records in most of them. My school came in first in the city and it was all because of me. I carried the whole fucking team. After the all-city track meet, I was given a special medal as the best grade school male athlete that had ever competed in the meet. God I felt good. It feels so great being such a total jock.

I continued lifting over the summer and was even bigger and stronger for football. God I love football. I just mowed over the other kids. They were all so puny compared to me. The parents of the opposing teams kept asking to see my birth certificate. They couldn't believe I was only 12 years old. At 155 pounds of solid muscle I was way bigger and stronger than any of the other kids. Joey was like a little girl compared to me. We played the Raiders the first game and I kicked his sorry butt so hard he was out of the game after the first half. Shit, when you can bench 325 and squat with 375, some big fat 12 year old is just a punching bag for you. I just hit Joey at will. I pounded his fat body into the ground so hard he almost broke some bones. Then when I carried the ball, I just ran right through him, giving him a powerful knee jab or a straight arm in the gut for good measure. Yeah, he was totally fucked up after the first half. After that game the league commissioner made me move up to the 14 year old team, a jump of two years. He said it just wasn't fair for me to be playin' against 12 year olds when I had the body of a strong and muscular 16 year old. I loved playin' against the 14 year olds. I was way stronger than them too They were really embarrassed to get their asses kicked by a 12 year old, but I kicked their 14 year old asses real good. They were nothin' compared to me. Football season was great. We were undefeated and I was the MVP. Yeah, John, I'm always the MVP.

I was now in seventh grade. Already I was stronger and more muscular than the 9th graders and I knew it. But there was this one big 9th grader named Ben who thought he was a real hot shit. He was about five or six inches taller than me and had a pretty good body, although he wasn't anywhere near and buff and hard as me. I figured he weighed about 175, maybe 180, while I weighed a little more than 155. He was obviously the big stud of the ninth grade class. All his friends followed him around like little groupies. And he dished out shit to everybody, including his groupies. He thought he was the stud of the school. A couple of his 14 year old friends were on one of the football teams I had thrashed. I had kicked their asses real bad. They were really embarrassed that a 12 year old had dominated them so much on the football field. So they went up to Ben and asked him to pound the shit out of me. They told him I was strong for a seventh grader, but he would have no trouble kicking my little ass `cause he was a big stud ninth grader and the strongest kid in the whole school. They said, how strong can a seventh grader be? That little Mike ain't nothin' compared to you Ben. Of course Ben ate up this shit. He liked bein' the top dog in our school and showing off for his groupies. And he had a girlfriend too. She loved feelin' his muscles when he flexed for her. And she loved it when he put another kid in his place, pounding him with his big muscles and proving again he was the man. It made her feel real good being the girlfriend of the big man on campus. It was like she was the top girl `cause she was dating the big stud boy. It was important to both Ben and his girlfriend that he stay top dog. And they both loved it when he showed off in front of everybody. So Ben was more than happy to agree to pound my 12 year old ass and show off again to his groupies and his girlfriend.

At lunch time one day, two of the 9th graders I had dominated at the football game came up to me and told me their friend Ben wanted to teach me a lesson. He wanted to teach me to respect 9th graders. He wanted to teach me that him and his friends, including the two fuckheads who were talking to me, ran the school. He wanted to put me in my place. They told me Ben wanted me to meet him after school so he could teach me the lesson. Oh, and yeah, if I was too chicken to meet Ben, Ben would just have to come lookin' for me. I looked at these two punks and laughed. "Me, too chicken to meet Ben?" I said. "Ben's gonna be the one who turns into a chicken. I ain't afraid of nobody. Just tell Ben he better be ready to get hit by this." Then I flexed my arm in front of their faces. Their eyes got wide as they saw just how big and hard my muscles were. "I'm gonna fuck up Ben so bad he'll wish he never set foot in this school." I was real cocky. Shit, I deserved to be cocky. I was a total stud. I knew I was way stronger and way quicker that that big asshole. I could hardly wait for the fight.

So after school I went to meet Ben. When I got there, there were over 100 kids standing around waiting for the fight. Word had spread real fast. You were there weren't you John? Yeah I knew you wouldn't miss it for anything. Ben was standing there with his girlfriend holding on to his arm, clutching his muscles. He wasn't wearing a shirt, just some shorts and sneakers. His groupie friends were standing around him. When I walked up to the group I stripped off my tee-shirt so I was wearin' just my shorts and sneakers. There were a bunch of gasps as the 9th graders got a good look at my body. All the 7th graders knew how big and buff I was, but some of the 9th graders, including Ben, hadn't seen my body before. They were real surprised that a seventh grader was so big and muscular. I threw my shirt to one of my friends. All my 7th grade friends stood around me, just like Ben's groupies. Yeah, you were standin' there too John. Shit you were one of my friends too. Ben would never have let a wimp like you be one of his friends, but you're one of my friends even though you're a little nerd. I'm not stuck up like Ben.

I started talkin' to Ben. "Hiya, Ben, you big fucking asshole. I hear you wanna teach me a lesson. I hear you wanna put me in my place. I hear you wanna teach me that you and your ugly homeboys there rule the school. Yeah, well, we'll see about that. How much can you bench, Benjie? Two hundred? Maybe two ten? Oh , you can bench 225. Oh god, you're so strong Benjie. You can bench 225. Wow. I bet your little girlfriend there thinks you're real strong. I bet all your groupies think you're real strong. Well, guess what Benjie. I can bench 340. Yeah, you heard it right. Three hundred forty fucking pounds. I can bench 115 pounds more than you. Look at my muscles, Benjie. Look how big and hard they are." I flexed my chest and arms. My muscles just exploded under my thin skin. Ben's eyes got real wide. "Yeah, they're a lot bigger and harder than yours. You got some bulk, but my muscles are way buffer and way harder. And they're way stronger too. How much can you squat with, big boy? Check out these quads." I flexed my quads and the huge monsters bulged with shredded mass. "Yeah, so what is your squat? Two fifty? Two sixty? Yeah, I guessed about right. Two hundred sixty pounds. A fuckin' chicken shit weight. A pussy weight. A weight for little wimps. Fuck, I was squatin' with that when I was still 11 years old. Now I'm up to 395 for reps. Next week I'll be up to 400. Yeah, four hundred fuckin' pounds. A hundred forty pounds more than you can do. And I'm gettin' stronger every week, Benjie. You ain't nothin' compared to me Benjie. Check out those huge mothers." I flexed my quads again. Ben stared at the bulging muscle. He didn't look so confident anymore. "Yeah, all my muscles are strong, fuckhead. I can press 250 and curl 160. And I can do pullups with 110 pounds of iron strapped around my waist." I pressed my arms overhead, showing off my big, striated delts. Then I curled up my arms a few times. Finally I hit a lat spread. Ben's mouth sort of dropped open. " My abs are like a brick wall. My whole body is fucking strong as shit!" I yelled as I flexed my muscles. My body looked fantastic. My abs looked like a washboard. Ben stared in disbelief. "And I'm real fast too! There ain't nobody who's faster or quicker than me!" I did a few quick fake punches. Ben was obviously surprised at how quick I was. Then I smiled at him and just stood there, casually flexing my pecs and my abs. All the seventh graders started cheering wildly. Ben's groupies and his girlfriend were standing there kind of stunned.

Ben was looking real pale. I was havin' a lot of fun talking shit to him and playin' mind games with him. Fuck, I was just standin' there talkin' about my muscles and how strong I was compared to him and he was startin' to quiver in fear before I had even laid a fist on him. Yeah, John, the power of words is amazing. Sometimes words are just as strong as a fist to the gut. Even stronger. Stronger that pressin' up 250 pounds.. I can turn girls on real good just talkin' about my muscles before I let `em feel `em. By the time I let `em feel my muscles they are so hot from all my muscle talk they're ready for me to fuck `em right then. Yeah you get all hot from me talkin' like this too, don't you John. Yeah, your little cock's been rock hard since I first started talking. I bet you could shoot a huge load just listenin' to me talk. You wouldn't even have to see or touch my muscles. I'd just talk and you'd go crazy. Yeah, John, the power of words. Well my words had the opposite effect on Big Ben. Ben got petrified listening to me brag about how much stronger and quicker I was than him. He was white as a sheet. Then his girlfriend said. "Don't be afraid, Ben. You can kick that kid's ass. You're way bigger than he is. You rule this school." His groupies started chiming in. "Yeah, kick his ass, Ben" they said. "You're the man, Ben. He ain't as strong as he says. He's lying Ben. He's just a fuckin' seventh grader. He can't be that strong. Kick his ass, Ben. Show the little punk what a big ninth grader can do."

Ben had no choice. He had to fight. He puffed up his chest a little and made a fist with his right hand. Then he lunged at me. I could have easily dodged out of the way, but I didn't. I let him hit me right in the chest. Smaaaack! His fist hit me in my left pec. He obviously hit me as hard as he could. His punch would have knocked over any of the other kids standing there. But he didn't knock me over. I had put one of my feet behind me and I just stood there like a fucking brick wall. His fist hit my thick, rock-hard pec and bounced right off. He didn't hurt me at all. My pec was much to big and hard for him to hurt it. He grabbed his wrist in pain. "What's the matter, Benjie?" I said, taunting him. "Is my big pec too hard for your fuckin' little fist? Did you hurt your little fist? Fuck, I could hardly feel that. My mother can punch harder than that. I can't believe you're the strongest 9th grader, `cause you're weak as shit. That punch was nothin' to me." Ben kept holding his hand, not believing what I was saying. I smiled and made my right hand into a fist. "Here's what a real man's punch feels like, dweeb." Instantly I pulled back my arm and smashed my fist into his chest. I hit his left pec, just where he had hit mine. Except his pec wasn't nearly as hard as mine. His pec was nothin' to my big fist. My fist bashed into his body, making a big dent in his flesh. My follow through was tremendous. There were hundreds of pounds of force in my punch. I just smashed through Ben's big body like it wasn't even there. My arm straightened up and Ben was on the ground. "Fuck, you ain't nothin," I said, looking at my bulging arm. I picked him off the ground and said, "You wanna fight? Let's fight!" I punched him real hard in the gut, smashing all the way through to his spine. His abs weren't nearly as thick and hard as mine. Like a lot of big guys, his abs were like mush. At least they felt like much to my big fist. He knuckled over in pain. I had so much power in that punch he had to go to the hospital after the fight. That one punch had fucked him up so much. Before he could fall to the ground, I wrapped my arm around his neck and flexed my bicep. I love flexing my bicep into guys' necks. It makes `em respect that big monster real fast. Ya know John, I never start fights. But I sure finish `em good. My bicep exploded, bulging like a solid rock ball into his neck. I could hear his windpipe crackle as the big muscle smashed though it. His neck was nothing to my big bicep. I flexed and unflexed my arm. Each time I flexed, my bicep drove deeper into his neck. Finally I flexed real hard and kept flexing. I just let the power of my muscles teach him who was in control. He wasn't teachin' me any lessons. I was teachin' him a big lesson. He was totally helpless. He couldn't breathe. He tried to thrash around, hitting me with his fists, but his little punches were nothing to me. My body was like steel. Like armor. None of his little punches could do a thing to my steel-hard body.

Finally he stopped thrashing. He was like a big limp fish. He was starting to pass out. Spit started drooling out of his mouth. He really looked disgusting. His face was all red and the spit was dripping off his chin. I looked up at his girlfriend and smiled. I was making her boyfriend look like a retard. She looked at her fucked up boyfriend and then she looked at me. She was spendin' a lot more time lookin' at me than lookin' at him. Yeah, I was a lot better lookin' than him. Finally I let go of his neck and let him drop to the ground. I stomped my foot on his thrashed body and flexed my arms in triumph. In just two punches and one neck crush I had totally pulverized the biggest 9th grader in the school. I felt fucking great. All the kids crowded around me, yelling and screaming in victory. Tons of kids started feeling my muscles, both girls and boys. I kept my foot on his fucked up body and flexed like a fucking gladiator. I was like a conquering warrior. I felt so good.

Ben's homeboys looked down at their leader who was writhing in pain on the ground under my foot. They had a look of total defeat in their eyes. They knew they'd be takin' orders from me from now on. The I stopped flexin' and walked over to Ben's girlfriend. I made a fist and curled up my arm in front of her. My forearm and upper arm were just bursting with muscle. "Looks like you better find yourself another boyfriend, girl. Benjie's just a big wimp. He ain't shit compared to me." I moved my big arm back and forth a couple of times like I was punching something. Something like Ben's sorry gut. She reached up and felt the bulging muscles in my arm, muscles that were way bigger and way harder than her 9th grade boyfriend's. Her eyes got big as she saw and felt just how big and strong my muscles were. Then she went over and kicked Ben in the butt. "Fuckin' loser," she said as she walked away. Ben looked up at me with a look of total awe, like I was some kind of god. God that felt great, John. Fucking up the biggest 9th grader in the school. Making his girlfriend kick him in the ass. Fuck I ruled the school after that. You know don't you John. I've ruled everywhere I've been. But I'm not a bully John. I only smash guys when they try to smash me. I always win John. Nobody's ever smashed me. I'm always the one doin' the smashing. Nobody messes with me John. Yeah, that's what it's like to be a teenage muscle jock. Nobody messes with you. Everybody respects you. Everybody wants to be your friend. Everybody knows you're a total stud. Yeah, that's the way its always been for me John. I've always been the top dog.

After that day everybody in the school knew I was the man. I kept workin' out in my gym with my dad as my spotter. And I just kept getting bigger and stronger. I was the star on our basketball team. I played on the 9th grade team, cause I was way too strong and coordinated for the seventh and eighth graders. And I dominated all those 9th graders too. Our team won the city championship. I always scored the most points. Even though I was shorter than some of those skinny kids, I just muscled my way through their weak bodies and scored. I just pushed `em out of my way like they weren't even there. I was so much stronger than them it wasn't even close. I was like a man and they were like skinny little boys. I was like LeBron James. A young stud. And I could jump higher than most of them. I just dominated in basketball.

God John. I'm getting so hot and horny. I'm not gonna be able to keep talkin' much longer. My cock's ready to explode. I can hardly wait to have you suck my big cock. I can hardly wait to fuck your little white ass. Yeah, look at my cock John. It's rock hard and ready to fuck. It's so big and thick and hard. It's huge John. It's ready to attack. Yeah, and I can see your puny little cock's so hard it's gettin' blue. You're ready to blow a couple loads too. But you wanted me to tell you what it's been like to grow up as a muscle jock, and I just remembered another amazing experience. I was 14 years old. Just about two years ago. By then, I was five feet eight inches tall and I weighed about 175. I looked fantastic. I was solid muscle. I was by far the best built kid in our school. My arms were 16 inches of solid muscle. My chest measured 45 inches and my thighs 25. My waist was still only 28 inches around, a totally ripped washboard, so I had a fantastic V-shape, just like I do now. I was so strong it was incredible. I could bench 375 and squat with 425. I could curl more than I weighed---180 pounds. And I could do military presses with 275 pounds. Just think about it John. A 14 year old kid pushing 275 pounds over his head. God I was strong. Fuck, now I'm even stronger. Shit, I was such a fucking built and strong 14 year old it was incredible. I was a total stud. Well, I heard about a bodybuilding contest at the local junior college. They had a competition for teens and another competition for men. The teen competition was for guys under 19 and the men's competition was ages 20 and over. There was kind of an unwritten rule that real young teens couldn't enter, cause their bodies weren't mature enough to compete with the 17-19 year olds. Fuck, what a joke. I knew my body could compete with those dudes any day.

So I convinced my dad to drive me to the contest to enter. It didn't take much convincing. My dad was really into my body and he was looking forward to seeing me compete against some real big dudes. We even went out and bought some posing shorts. They were sky blue and they really looked great next to my smooth tan skin. For a few weeks before the contest I practiced a posing routine with my dad. We bought a couple of tapes of bodybuilding contests and I got the hang of figuring out a posing routine that would show off all my muscles real good. After every workout, I'd stand in front of the mirror and put on my sky blue posing shorts. Just seeing my body in those shorts got both me and my dad real hot. My muscles were all pumped from the workout so they really looked good. My face was real good lookin' and my hair was cut in a short buzz cut. I looked like a total muscle jock. God I looked good. My dad turned on the music and I'd do my routine. He'd give me pointers. How to turn to the audience, how to flex better, how to really show off my incredibly buff body. Sometimes he'd run his hands over my muscles and tell me just how big and hard they were. At the end of these sessions we were both so aroused that we'd shoot our loads right at the mirror. That fucking mirror got covered with cum every day. It was awesome.

Well, we got to the contest and I signed in. When I wrote age 14 next to my name, the guy who was signing people in said I was too young to enter. I ripped off my sweatshirt and stood there in front of him, flexing my pecs and lats just a little. The muscles bulged, showing off my incredible V-shape. My abs were rippling as usual. The guy's eyes almost popped out of his head. "Still think I'm too young?" I said, grinning proudly. "No, you're fine," he said, hardly able to take his eyes away from my body. Yeah, I was fine, all right. Real fine. Me and my dad went into the warmup room. The teen competition was first, so all the teens were in there starting get oiled and warm up. I was definitely the youngest guy there. Most of the guys were 17 to 19, but there were a few 16 year olds too. They were all in high school or even graduated from high school. I was the only junior high kid who had dared to show up. Fuck, I was still and 8th grader and I was competing with college kids. When I walked into the room, everyone turned to look at me. I had kept my sweatshirt off so my torso and my arms were in full view. I still had my sweatpants on. I could hear some gasps as the other competitors and their friends looked at my totally buff body. I smiled and ripped off my sweatpants, exposing my huge thighs and calves and my round, shredded muscle butt, which was barely covered by the posing shorts. I flexed my quads and the big muscles jumped to attention, rippling with striations of rock hard mass. There was another round of gasps as the kids saw this display of incredible muscle. My dad looked at me with absolute pride in his eyes.

I hit the floor and started doin' some pushups. In just about a minute, I cranked out an easy 100. The other kids stared at me. They couldn't believe how fast I could do the pushups. Fuck, 100 pushups was nothin'. I'd been doin' hundreds of pushups at a time since I was nine years old. I loved doin' pushups. My muscles always got a real good pump from doin' pushups and they were gettin' a real good pump now. Then I did something that really blew the minds of the other competitors. After I finished my 100 pushups, I did another 20 reps of one arm pushups with each arm. Yeah, the 100 reps were just a warmup. Those one armed pushups really gave me a pump. I jumped up and flexed my pecs. The striations of muscle were amazing. The big muscles were red with blood and really bulging in my chest. The muscles were at least three inches thick. Big, thick muscles that were pressing against my erect nipples, pushing them so hard from behind that they pointed down at a 45 degree angle. Veins were everywhere, surging with blood. Then I straightened my arms and flexed my triceps. The three heads of big muscle jumped out in bold relief, fibers showing under my thin skin like steel cords. God those muscles looked good. The other kids were really staring at me. Even though they were all bodybuilders themselves, they could see I had real quality muscle. Real strong quality muscle. They were really blown away by my body.

Then I went over to the chinning bar and cranked out 50 easy reps of chins. Again the kids couldn't believe how fast I could do these. Yeah, my lats were real strong. Pullin' up my 175 pounds of muscle was nothin' for them. And those lats had great endurance too. Fifty reps was a piece of cake. They could have done 150 reps easy. I've always had great endurance. My muscles just keep goin' and goin', like the Energizer bunny. After the 50 reps of pullups, I hung on the bar for a moment with my huge, wide lats flarin' out like fuckin' wings. Then I dropped my left hand and cranked out 10 pullups with just my right arm. I could hear some gasps in the room as the kids watched me do something probably none of them could do. One armed pullups are incredibly hard to do for most people. Not for me though. I grabbed the bar with my left hand and cranked out 10 reps. Then I dropped to the floor, turned around to face everybody and hit a lat spread. My lats flared with incredible width and thickness. The muscles were totally striated and covered with veins. I smiled with supreme confidence as all those older kids looked at my rippling, superstrong 14 year old muscles.

I grabbed a pair of 25 pound dumbbells and started cranking out curls. I wished that they had some heavier weights to really make my muscle work, but all they had was those real light weights for pumping up. I did about 50 reps of curls and hit a double biceps shot in the mirror. Wow, my biceps really looked great. They had a real nice, high peak and you could see the two heads of muscle clearly defined. They were totally striated and covered with veins. Sixteen inches of peaked, rock hard muscle. God they looked good. I knew the other kids thought they looked good too. Several of the other kids flexed their arms in the mirror too, but my arms looked the best of all. Big, buff, peaked, hard. My arms looked awesome.

I took the same 25 pound dumbbells and did 25 reps of side laterals and 25 reps of front laterals. My delts fucking exploded. They bulged out on my wide shoulders like huge melons, striated with shredded muscle. I stood relaxed in front of the mirror, looking at my big, wide, muscular shoulders compared with my narrow athletic washboard waist. My shoulders were more than twice as wide as my waist. The V-shaped taper from my shoulders to my waist was incredible. My lats flared down from those wide shoulders to that narrow waist at almost a 45 degree angle. My pecs were thick and striated with fibers. My arms looked like big hams of rippling muscle hangin' down at my sides. I had so much dense, rock-hard muscle packed onto my upper body it was incredible.

I cranked out 200 situps in three minutes. After I got past 100 reps, half of the other kids in the room stopped what they were doing and watched my abs crank out those reps. They couldn't believe how fast I could do those situps. Fuck, I could have done another 300 easy, but I got a real good pump in my abs from doin' those 300 reps. I jumped up off the floor and flexed my abs in the mirror. They were totally pumped and red with blood and hard as corrugated steel. They looked like they had been cut with a knife. No other kid in that room had abs anywhere near as good as mine. You know what I mean John. My abs have always been totally ripped and shredded. Yeah, John, you can feel `em. You just can't keep your hands off my body for more than 30 seconds, can you John.

Well, after I did the situps I did 50 reps of squats and 50 reps of toe raises with the heaviest barbell they had, just 100 pounds. God that weight felt like a fuckin' feather. But my quads and calves got a good pump and when I flexed my legs in the mirror those big slabs of muscle just exploded under my thin skin, striated with rippling fibers of blood-engorged red hot muscle. My butt really looked good too, bulging out under my skimpy little blue posing trunks, striated with shredded muscle just like the rest of my body. My whole body was totally tan. Even my butt was a deep golden brown. I had been laying out in the sun buck naked every day and my skin really looked good. My skin always tanned real fast, just natural I guess. So when I laid out in the hot spring sun my butt and my lower abs and crotch and my upper thighs got real tan just like the rest of my buff body. I had no tan line at all. My butt and lower abs looked fucking amazing. God I looked good.

My body was now totally pumped and ready to rock and roll. I looked down at my cock and saw that it was ready to rock and roll too. During my pumping up and posing in the mirror, my cock had gotten rock hard, just like it always does. My skimpy little posing trunks could hardly hide the massiveness of my hard-on. My eight inches of thick, hard 14 year old teenage cock was straining under the fiber, trying to push the fuckin' fabric out of its way. I had pushed it as far as I could to the side, because if it had stood straight up it would have jabbed up about four inches above the top of my low- hanging trunks, almost to my belly button. Letting it stick out front wasn't an option either. That thing was so long and hard it would have burst through the fabric. So I pushed it over to the side. Even then it was so hard and massive it almost couldn't be contained by the trunks. Lucky thing I didn't have those little thong trunks. There is no way they would have concealed my big dick. As it was, my big weapon pushed out the fabric so I could see it when I looked down. It was so long that it ran all the way over to the edge of my body. Fuck, my hips were so narrow, my sideways cock got right up to the edge. I guess I should have been embarrassed, but I wasn't. I was proud of my body and my cock. I knew I was a total stud.

Just then, a big kid came over to me with a bottle of oil in his hand. The kid was probably about six feet two and I figured he must have weighed about 225. He was really big, at least he looked really big to me. Fuck, by the time I'm his age, I'm gonna be way bigger than him. Yeah, he was big, but he wasn't nearly as shredded and buff as I was. His muscles were real big, but he didn't have the definition I had. You could hardly see his abs. He had blond hair, cut in a buzz cut, and blue eyes. Sky blue eyes. He was pretty good looking. Not as good looking as me, but pretty good looking. He ran his eyes all over my body and then he looked down at my cock. I could see his own cock was hard too, although it wasn't nearly as big as mine. "Hey, bud," he said. "You got a fantastic body goin' there. I'll oil you up if you oil me up." Then he handed me the oil and stood right in front of me, ready for me to rub the oil all over his big muscles. So I started oiling him up, working my way down from his neck and shoulders to his chest, lats and back. His name was Matt and he was 18 years old. He was gonna graduate from high school in a week and then go to a junior college where he wanted to lift every day and get huge. Just like I thought, he weighed 225 and his muscles were real big. I had never felt a guy's muscles that were bigger than mine and I really enjoyed feeling his big muscles. I knew my muscles would be that big one day, even bigger. His arms measured 18-1/2 inches. Fuck, my arms already measure 18 inches. By the time I'm his age my arms are gonna be 20 inches of rock hard muscle.

As I rubbed the oil on a muscle, he flexed it for me. It was really fun feeling his big muscles flex and bulge. Like I said, I had never felt any muscles bigger than mine. And Matt's muscles were definitely bigger than mine. But while his muscles were big, they weren't anywhere near as hard as mine. When I rubbed my own flexed muscles, I could feel the hard fibers pressing up against my thin skin. It felt like I was rubbing on steel cords. When I rubbed Matt's muscles, they felt like a big mass under my fingers but not steel-hard fibers like my muscles. As I rubbed the oil on his pecs I said, "How much can you bench?" He looked down at his big, bulging pec muscles and said "340 for a couple of reps." I poked my fingers hard into the thick muscle in his chest. "Fuck, you are weak!" I yelled. "I can bench 375 no sweat! I'm shorter and lighter than you but I'm way stronger! Geez you are weak!" He looked down at my rock-hard pecs and his eyes got real wide as he saw the fibers twitching. I don't think he could believe how strong I was. I moved my hands over to his upper arm and rubbed in the oil. "How `bout curls?" I asked, kneading his bicep with my strong fingers. My fingers dug deep into the big muscle. "I can curl 150, but I have to cheat," he said, looking at his flexed bicep. "Jesus Fucking Christ," I yelled. "I could curl that weight when I was 13 years old. Now I can curl 180, and I don't have to cheat. I can curl more than I weigh. My biceps are like big machines. They love to curl heavy iron." I lifted my right arm and flexed my bicep right in his face. The big muscle was absolutely shredded. "Holy fuckin' shit. You are so fucking strong," he said as he stared at my arm. I was really blowin' him away. I asked him about his poundages in military presses, lat pulldowns and squats. In every exercise he was way weaker than me. He could only press 235 pounds over his head, only 10 fucking pounds more than he weighed. He couldn't believe I could press 275, 100 pounds more than I weighed. He just stared at my delts and I flexed `em. I could do lat pulldowns for 10 reps with 295 pounds, 120 pounds more than I weighed. He could barely do a few reps with 250. I could do 200 pull-ups easy. He could only do 15. And then there was the squat. I couldn't believe he could only squat with 365 for reps. Fuck, I could bench more than he could squat! He wasn't even close to my 425 pound squats. Fuck, there I was, a 14 year old kid who was four years younger, a half foot shorter and weighing 50 pounds less than this big blond bodybuilder and I was already way stronger than he was. Way, way stronger. God I felt like a stud. My cock was rock hard and so was his. He just kept staring at my body, probably thinking about all the strength I had in my buff, hard muscles underneath that smooth tan skin. As I rubbed the oil on his muscles, he kind of groaned, kind of an mmmmmm sound, all the while looking at my face and my eyes and my body and my cock when he was facing me. He groaned real quietly. I was the only one who could hear it. He was really enjoying getting his body oiled up by me. His cock was rock hard under his posing briefs. I finished up with his big legs and calves and his butt. I rubbed the oil all over his butt and across his upper thighs His groaning got a little louder when my hands moved so close to his crotch.. I looked him in the eyes and grinned. Now it was my turn to get oiled up.

I handed the oil to him and stood right in front of him. His eyes got real big with excitement. He could hardly wait to feel my muscles. There I was, this five foot eight eighth grader, getting this big six foot two high school senior all excited wanting to feel my muscles. But hey, that's the way it's always been. I always get people excited when they see me. Matt started rubbing the oil into my smooth tan skin. He started at my neck and traps. As soon as he felt my muscles he started talking about how thick and hard they were. Yeah, my neck and traps were real thick and strong. Then he moved out to my shoulders. He rubbed his fingers into my striated delts and I moved my arms up and down so he could feel the muscles bulge and twitch under his fingers. "Yeah, those big babies can press 275 pounds Matt," I said as he felt the big muscles. "They're real big and real hard and real strong." He looked like he was getting all red in the face as he felt my bulging delts. His cock was so hard it was straining in his briefs. He moved his hands down and started oiling my arms, the right one first. I flexed both my bicep and my tricep for him and he started groaning as he felt the rock hard muscle. Even though his arms were bigger, my arms were much harder and more defined. I had striations everywhere. Steel hard fibers of muscle popping out under my paper thin skin. I flexed my bicep in his hand and said "180 pound curls, Matt. Fifty pounds more than you can do. Think about it Matt. My arm's way stronger than your arm. My arm is a fucking machine. A fucking steel hard machine of muscle." He started panting as I said that. He was really getting off on my body. Fuck, everyone gets off on my body.

Next he moved his hands over to my pecs. I flexed the bulging, striated muscles as he rubbed in the oil. "Yeah Matt, 375 pounds. Those big mothers can bench more than you can squat. They're super- strong Matt. You are so weak, Matt. You've never been able to bench twice your weight have you Matt. No, I knew it. You're so fucking weak. I've been able to bench more than twice my weight since I was 11 years old. I can bench way more than you already. When I'm your age I'll be benchin' 500 pounds no sweat. Yeah, Matt, I've always been strong. Real strong. And I'm getting' stronger every week. Stronger than you'll ever be." I was really driving him crazy. He was really getting excited as he rubbed the oil over my big pecs and listened to me brag about how strong I was.

Then I turned around and flexed my lats. The giant wings of muscle exploded out from my body. Big slabs of solid beef. Matt started rubbing the oil into the skin covering the back and the front of my cobra lats. He kept pressing in with his fingers, not really believing how thick and hard the muscle was. There he was, a guy who outweighed me by 50 pounds, and my lats were way thicker and harder than his. "Just think Matt. I can hang a 120 pound dumbbell around my waist and do 10 pullups easy. I can do lat pulldowns with 300 pounds. My lats are so strong and so buff I can do 150 pullups like it was nothin'. Yeah Matt, feel the power in those big mothers. You're really weak compared to me." Matt was going crazy as he rubbed the oil all over my thick lats. I was lovin' it. I could tell he was really into my body and how strong I was.

He moved his hands down to my lower back, feeling the thick hard ridges of muscle. "I can deadlift 495 pounds Matt. My back is so strong I can lift car engines off the ground, no sweat. I can load five big plates on each side of the bar and lift that fucker three feet off the ground. Just think, Matt. Ten big plates of iron, plus the bar, being hoisted off the ground by my 14 year old superstrong muscles. Nobody can believe how strong my back is. I'm as strong as a gorilla. Feel how thick and hard that muscle is Matt. It's like solid steel. Real thick, real hard steel." Matt rubbed his fingers over my narrow lower back and said "Oh fuck……," as he heard how strong those muscles were. I knew I was driving him crazy.

He spun me around and looked down at my abs. My six pack washboard looked like corrugated steel. He started rubbing the oil all over my paper thin skin. As he rubbed, the skin rolled over the rock-hard muscle like cellophane. "I got great abs, don't I Matt. You ain't got any abs at all. Your abs look like shit, especially compared to mine. Fuck, I've always had great abs. I've had great abs since I was eight years old. My abs are steel-hard solid muscle. I can do 500 situps without even trying hard. And my waist is real tiny, ain't it Matt. My waist is 28 inches, 28 inches of shredded muscle. Looks real good under my 45 inch chest and my big wide shoulders, doesn't it. Look at that fucking V-shape, Matt. You don't got a V shape like that. My body looks so fucking good, don't it Matt.." Matt's cock was just throbbing as I bragged about my muscles and my body. It's real fun bragging about my body when it gets other people turned on so much. It gets me turned on too. My cock was almost busting out of my posing suit.

Matt just couldn't keep his hands off my abs. I don't think he could believe how shredded and hard they were. They were like carved rock. Hot, sweaty rock. Finally I told him "Do my legs Matt. My legs are real hard and real strong." Matt moved his hands down and started rubbing oil all over my legs. I let my big quads just hang there for a few seconds and let him massage the oil into my dark tan skin. My quads looked like huge masses of muscle. And I know they felt real firm and thick to Matt. Then I flexed `em. The huge masses of muscle jumped at my command and turned into striated tree trunks of solid rock. Each of my quads bulged with incredible definition. Now the muscle wasn't just thick and firm. It was thick and rock-hard. "Oh my God," said Matt as he felt just how hard and shredded my thighs were. "Those big monsters can squat with 425, Matt. That's way more than you can do. They can do leg presses with 600 pounds for reps. My legs are so strong I just mow over kids on the football field. If a kid tries to tackle my legs, I just tell those big mothers to bash through the little fucker and they just smash through him like he wasn't even there. Sometimes my knee will hit a kid when I'm running and he'll be smashed to the ground like he was a little twig. These big legs are so strong they can smash through anything. It takes three or four kids to tackle me now. The weak bodies of those kids are nothing to my big, strong weight trained legs." Matt was really groaning as he rubbed his hands around my big thighs. "Calves, Matt, calves," I ordered. And like a good boy, he moved his hands down to my shredded calves. My calves were really big and defined. Every head of muscle was bulging, with fibers and veins everywhere. "Those big mothers help my quads plow through people. They can lift 600 pounds for reps. They are just so fucking strong." Matt groaned louder as he rubbed the oil all over my big, muscular calves.

"OK, Matt, you're almost done. Now rub that oil up close to my crotch and around to my muscle butt. My butt is really strong too. It helps my legs and calves smash through other guys on the football field. It helps my legs squat and leg press with real heavy weights. It's solid muscle, Matt, just like the rest of me." Matt moved his hands up to the area around my crotch and carefully rubbed the oil into my skin. He moved around to my butt and felt the top part of my two globes of solid muscle. He rubbed the oil into my smooth, tan skin. For a second, he put his fingers into my crack. Instantly, I flexed my glutes and crushed his fingers like a grape. "Pretty hard, huh," I said, looking at his startled eyes. He couldn't believe how hard my ass muscles were. My glutes were real solid and round, and they were striated with fibers just like all my muscles. Then I relaxed and let Matt pull his fingers out. He pulled his hands to the front and rubbed my lower abs. His cock was now just throbbing under his posing briefs. Mine was too. He looked down at my huge cock and moved his hands under my briefs. He rubbed his fingers across my cock, taking in just how big and thick and hard it really was.

Then he said, "Let's go into the men's room and take care of business." I smiled. I knew exactly what he meant. I looked over at my dad and said I'll be back in a minute. My dad nodded. He knew my cock was ready to explode. So we went into the men's room and locked the door. As soon as we got in, Matt pulled down my briefs and grabbed my cock. "God, what a monster," he said. Instantly, he dropped to his knees and started licking my cock and balls, all the while feeling my muscles with his roving hands. God that felt good, having a big muscular teenage bodybuilder licking my big dick and balls. He ran his hands all over my abs and my butt and my legs as he was licking, all the while moaning and groaning as he felt my muscles. I was getting so hot I was ready to explode. I grabbed my cock and rammed it into his mouth, smashing it all the way down his throat in one big thrust. Then I started thrusting my hips back and forth, ramming my big cock in and out of the big bodybuilder's mouth. I held on to his huge shoulders as I thrust, feeling the big muscles of this 18 year old teen as he felt my stronger, harder 14 year old muscles. Muscles that he was now worshipping like I was a god. His tongue was licking furiously. He was running his hands all over my ass and legs, feeling my incredible muscles. God he was a great cocksucker. I had had my cock sucked by lots and lots of girls, but Matt was better than any of `em. I know you're gonna be the best, John. I can hardly wait. After less than a minute, I blasted my cum down his throat, unloading spurt after spurt into his sucking mouth. At the same time, he grabbed his cock and it exploded too, blasting tons of cum all over the floor of the men's room. Wow, that was fun.

Well, after we finished our orgasms, we stood up and rubbed each other's hot, oily, sweaty body. Matt had cum dripping out of his mouth and I scooped that up with my hand. "Eat it, big boy," I said. "Eat the rest of my cum. It'll make you bigger and stronger." Matt slurped the cum off my hand and swallowed it. "God you are so awesome," he said as he rubbed his hands all over my hot, totally buff body and looked into my hazel eyes. He leaned over and kissed me. Fuck, I'd been kissed by hundreds of girls, but this was the first time I'd been kissed by a guy. His kiss was real powerful, just like you'd expect from a muscle dude like him. His big strong tongue jammed deep into my mouth. I returned the kiss, jamming my tongue deep into his mouth. I wanted to show him I was the one in charge. My tongue was a lot stronger than his and he really started groaning when my thick, muscular tongue pushed his tongue out of the way like it was a piece of flab. Wow, that was one hot kiss! Our cocks were already starting to get hard again. I pulled away and grabbed his cock. "We better get ready for the contest," I said, crushing his little dick. He nodded as he put his hand around my big cock, trying to crush it. He couldn't do it, of course. Then we went back to the pump room and continued pumping up. It was all I could do to keep my cock down to about six inches.

Well, John, I won the teenage competition hands down. When I went out on the stage and the announcer said "Mike Savage, 14 years old, and still an 8th grader!" the crowd went wild. They couldn't believe a kid with a body like mine was so young. They were yelling so loud during my posing routine I could hardly hear my music. Afterwards, tons of people came up to me and took my picture and felt my muscles. It was like I was a Hollywood movie star. God I felt great. Two little wimps, probably about 17 years old, kept feeling my muscles and looking down at my hard cock. My cock had gotten real hard again from all the attention and muscle worshipping I was getting. I was really aroused and ready to shoot a big load. I could see their little cocks were real hard under their shorts. "You wanna feel more of these muscles? You wanna service that big cock?" I whispered into their ears. Their eyes got so wide I thought they were going to pop out of their faces. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" they yelled. So I grabbed `em by the arm and took `em into the men's room. They probably had the best time they had ever had in their lives. The two of `em rubbed their hands and tongues all over my muscles as I flexed `em for their pleasure. They just couldn't get enough of my body. Then I whipped out my dick and they took turns sucking big cock and my giant balls. God it felt great having two little nerds worshipping my body and cock at the same time. I got so aroused. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I shot a huge load right into their faces, shooting spurt after spurt of cum. They scooped up and ate every drop. Yeah John, it was great winning that contest and being admired by so many people. But that's the way it's always been for me John. I've always been a winner and I've always been admired----yeah, worshipped----by just about everybody.

Hey, John, get the oil over there on the table. Now rub the oil on my body just like Matt did. Yeah, that's it. Feel how my muscles bulge under my skin as you rub in the oil. Yeah, my body really looks good, doesn't it John. Feels good too, doesn't it John. Look how smooth and tan my skin is. Look how the muscles just fucking pop out of my skin. God that oil makes my body look so good. Look at those cuts and striations. Feel `em John. Yeah, my muscles are really pumped and hot, aren't they John. Feel how big and hard they are. God my muscles are so much bigger than yours it's amazing. And they're totally shredded John. Hard as rock. Look at my cock John. It's ready to rock and roll John. It's so big and hard and thick and it's starting to twitch. Fuck, my cock is ready to explode John. I'm gonna cum over and over again with you tonight John. I've been saving up some real big loads. Yeah, John. Six times, seven times. I'm gonna fuck your face and I'm gonna fuck your ass. Yeah, John, I've been waiting for this since you turned on that fucking tape recorder. John, you're losing control! You're starting to crawl all over my body. Yeah, well I'm losing control too John. I'm ready to fuck. I'm ready to flex these big muscles and fuck the shit out of you. God, John you're going crazy. You're out of control. Hey John, watch out! Your foot is gonna hit the tape recorder. You're gonna knock it off the tab……………..


The End. •

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