U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

Today was the day. For months now, all five men had been looking forward to this very day. Jeff and Carl were the ones that were to bring Steve into the group and the rest of them were to be here at the gym, by sunrise. That was Jeff’s plan. The very idea of all of them finally becoming a complete group kept all five of the present members half hard all week. Every time any one of them saw Steve, they just wanted to tear his clothes off and start the process. Lifting with him this past week was shear agony for them. Each one would have to run into the showers and secretly unload gallons of cum down the drain for fear of the insatiable desires overtaking them and raping or scaring Steve away. Every night all five would have sex, either one on one or orgy style. Each time they would increase in size, getting enormous and then shrinking just enough to look as though they were gaining muscle at quick rates but not to the extremely unreal. Bo was so horny when he woke up this morning that he shot his ceiling 5 times before getting out of bed.

“Last night must have been one Hell of an evening. I wonder what will happen today and how fucking good is it gonna be. God, I hope more than I could ever imagine. ” Bo thought, rubbing his eyes and his swollen crotch. He had returned from the sorted memory of his becoming one of the group, to the present day. He still didn’t know all of what had happened the day he changed with Jeff. There were only bits and pieces he could recollect, but someday soon he would figure out everything. He would come to an astonishing realization. He was now able to completely control his pleasure gift which his spirit self had told him. He loved walking down the street and seeing some hot muscular guy, whether straight or gay, smile at them, drenching them with pleasure, they would follow him, and then h e’d have his way with them. Jeff wasn’t thrilled about him doing that, but he said that it was all in fun and the guys never could remember anything about it.

He got out of his truck at the U4ia Gym early this morning and noticed a familiar odor in the air. It was pure sex, but not just regular sex, extreme muscle sex. His cock jerked even more awake. He noticed the other two muscle men, Eric and Joe, pulling into the parking lot. Eric was the first to pull up next to Bo. Bo could see the excitement in Eric’s eyes like he was a kid going to Disney World. He also could see that Eric was just as excited as Bo, himself, was down below because when Eric got out of his Metallic Purple PT Cruiser, the aroma hit him just as hard and he moaned loudly.

“Shhhhh,” said Joe, as he closed his Navy Blue Honda Accord door. “We have to be quiet and not let them know we’re here. We have no clue, what’s happened in there last night.”

“I’ve got a clue and I’m fucking hard as a rock wanting what Jeff and Carl have, I’m sure, already had. Grrrrrrr.” Bo said as he grabbed his and Eric’s crotch with both hands.

“Hell yeah, we gotta get fucking wired up, just like them. Don’t you want that Joe?” Eric said as he grabbed Joe by the back of the neck and laid a huge wet kiss and the man. Joe was horny as well, from the aroma and excitement of what was to come, that he stuck his long tongue deep down the boy’s throat. He really liked Eric, but so did Bo, Jeff and Carl. In fact, Joe thought Jeff loved Eric. It seemed the boy loved playing the affections between the four older men. Many nights all four of them would fuck Eric. But Joe’s main focus was always on Bo. He had wanted Bo from Day 1 of him coming into the group. Why he and Bo never got together, alone, Joe couldn’t understand. Bo was always with Eric or Jeff. Carl, never really got along with Bo, but you could tell he had a thing for Steve. Maybe Bo didn’t like Black men. But Eric sure did and since Eric was constantly wanting Joe’s thick black cock, Joe was happy to give it to him.

Eric was the newest member of the group, since Chad’s death only a year ago. He entered the group two days later, after Carl had brought him to the gym, hoping to make Jeff feel better. Carl figured that Eric was so much like Chad that he could fill the void. Jeff turned on to Eric rather quickly and thanked Carl for the gift. Carl had been the only one Jeff had mentioned anything to about what had happened to Chad. Bo, Joe and Eric were told nothing about Chad and in doing so, it left Bo unable to refresh his memory, leaving Joe and Eric none the wiser. So as far as they were concerned, Eric was an original member. To Jeff and Carl, it was hard to tell Chad apart from Eric.

Especially for Jeff, who transferred his fatherly love so quickly over to Eric he brought the kid into the group in record time. What normally took 3-6 hours of transformation was completed in just over 2 ½ hours with Eric. The only difference in Eric and Chad was he was a couple of years older. But to Jeff, Eric was still a kid, a boy of only 23 naive years. Another difference was that his hair was blond. He looked like a surfer dude from California. His “Special Power” was that he could literally fly after he went through the change. And he was strong and large enough to carry up to two of us with him. All of the guys had had sex with Eric, but only Jeff was able to fuck him while in flight. That was their special father/son bond, even tho ugh Eric was fair game otherwise. Maybe it was Jeff’s way of overcoming Chad’s demise.

Joe was different. In fact, he was so very different from all of them, that some of us never knew why he was part of the group. Bo knew though, because Bo had helped Jeff bring Joe into the group. You see Joe was part black and part white. But that’s not what made him different. It was his body. Even after the change, Joe had yet to grow into the Herculean proportions of the other men. Even though he did grow and fill out to look like a pro bodybuilder, he was so much shorter and less muscular than the others. He was smaller than the others everywhere, except in one area. Of course his cock was huge at well over 18”, but it still wasn’t the largest. What was massive on Joe was his mind that expanded beyond any realm of reality. Joe could move anything, and I mean anything with his mind . If needed he could turn back time, change the weather, and move mountains literally. There was nothing he could not move or change with the awesome power in his head. Well, there was one thing, he could not stop my control on him, or change or move me.

So, there was a definite plan here. All of the men have one special power the others don’t. Joe can move anything with his mind. Eric can fly. Bo can create super increased amounts of pleasure in a person and invade their body. Jeff can subconsciously hypnotize anyone with his massive body and pheromones causing you to desire him above everything else making you completely incapacitated. Carl can lift massive amounts of weight nonstop without ever getting tired or weakened. Me? Well I can control all of them and make most anyone to do my will. I can read their minds and if you were wondering, that is how I know about Chad. I’m sure Jeff and Carl, never had any intention of letting me know about their secrets.

I don’t know how each man feels about his own special powers, but I personally, loved my new body and what I can do. I am the largest, most muscular, strongest man in the world. I had just made Jeff and Carl want me above all and then they became a part of me. I was able to read their minds and know all about them. I was able to mystically lock us together for a higher purpose. A purpose that none of us really knew.

When Bo, Eric and Joe reached the door to the gym, it was eerily quiet inside, until they heard a huge bellowing voice yell, “Okay, Enough!! You two are like the Chipmunks on that old Warner Brothers cartoon: A couple of dizzy nuts. Tell me, what the fuck this is all about.”

The voice was extremely deep and booming. Each one of the three stopped for a moment, realized that it must have been Steve going off on Jeff and Carl, then proceeded on. The first through the door was Bo, then Eric, followed by Joe. When Bo first inhaled the strong testosterone laden air outside in the parking lot he felt his cock start to jump and thicken. The same went for Eric and Joe. But now inside the gym, the scent was overwhelming. It felt completely sexual and caused each guy to stop and moan quietly to himself. All three of them sported immediate hard ons that would not go down.

Eric was the first to notice the state the gym was in. Huge craters dotted the floor. Much of the machines and weights had been thrown everywhere. The whole place looked like an earthquake had hit here. “What the fuck happened here?” He exclaimed.

There was wet and dried cum glowing all over the gym. It was as if the entire place was sprayed down with the stuff. Eric eyes widen at the scene before him. He could smell it and knew what the goo was. “Oh my God, this is where that totally awesome smell from the parking lot was coming from. I crave this shit.” He loved the taste of the special Muscle God cum that each of them produced that was so different from any normal man. It was like candy for him. But this smelled even better and more potent than any of their spunk. It had that immediate arousal effect, more powerful than any smell Eric had ever inhaled. He couldn’t help himself as he licked one of the grips on a chest machine.

“I gotta taste this. Mmmmm.”

“Eric, don’t! You don’t know where that came from and what it’ll do to you,” bellowed Joe.

“Mmmmmm, God that’s good stuff. I just can’t get enough of that hot muscle cum and this cum feels so…so fucking good. Oh shit, yeah man. This stuff tastes totally tubular.” His mind started spinning. “I can’t help myself. I gotta have more” He dropped to the floor and cupped a huge hand full of the goo and sucked it down his throat. “Like, it’s totally energizing me. I feel so horny and powerful. This Fuckin’ Rocks. I can literally feel it making me bigger and more of a god.” He could feel himself expanding. His clothes were getting tight on him fast.

“Damn, what a rush. Fuck, I feel absoulfuckinlutely amazing. I could fucking rule the world. I need more of…that…stuff…to” His voice deepened and trailed off. Then his whole body suddenly stopped. He couldn’t move. Without any warning the enriched fluid started to completely take its effect on the young man. Eric’s mind started sending sharp signals of a super increased growth to his body. Waves of insurmountable pleasure poured over him. His back arched and his head fell back as he closed his eyes in ecstasy. His own special gift of flight started to kick in and he floated off the ground into the air. In a matter of seconds he was ten feet off the ground. More and more consistent waves of pleasure were overtaking him. He exploded in growth causing all of his clothes to shred instantly , jumping off his body, as he grew. But this was an even more powerful type of a change.

His entire body started to go into complete euphoric spasms and it was growing bigger than it had ever been before. His entire body was shaking uncontrollably. His cock hit the previous two-foot max level at record speed and continued to grow. From now on, Eric never would need to bend over to reach his shaft to his lips. He voluntarily opened his mouth take in the massive snake and its impending explosion. His cock literally extended right up to his mouth as if it were searching for it all along. As his lips touched the muscular pipe, he instantaneously shot glob after glob of his own muscle milk down into his gullet. It mixed with my life juice already inside him, sending him deeper into my erotic trance. He kept shooting into himself as h e floated up. He finally quite his continuous cumming and his body stopped rising in the air just before he was about to hit the 30-foot high ceiling. He was totally aware of what was happening, but he didn’t care. He knew he was powerlessly under the effects of my juice and he willingly enjoyed every ounce of pleasure it was giving him. It was the most magnificent feeling he’d ever had. It was pure unbridled euphoria. His mind wasn’t totally under my mind control yet. Only his body was, being in a state of pure euphoria, tagging his mind along. It was all too good to him for him to worry or be scared.

He managed to look over and down to see two small figures standing next to what looked like a giant. He knew the men next to the beast were Jeff and Carl, but his focus was on the giant. He started to shoot precum the instant he saw me.

I could feel his stare and pleasure at the same time. When I turned to face him, he gasped. Eric wondered if it was me that was the giant, but he wasn’t sure. I looked so different. Then he saw my eyes. “YES,” he thought, “that gorgeous mountain of a man is Steve. God, he’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and he’s looking right at me with pure lust in his eyes. He wants me, OH GOD HE FUCKING WANTS ME”

And I did. I poured my thoughts of Eric and I having amazing sex into his Blond covered brain. He again started to cum in his mouth and he could not move or even care about moving when he saw the colossal muscle monster that I was, start to come toward him. He only wanted to be a part of me. He wanted me to Breed him. Now I was going to have total control over the boy.

My body was an immense creature of muscle with a cock that was over 4 feet in length. Eric had never in his life wanted to be with someone more. He noticed that I stood somewhat hunched over since I was taller than the 30-foot roof. He totally got off on how huge I was. I was the most amazing and gorgeous thing Eric had ever seen. He was in complete and utter lust for me. His whole being was now meant to be a part of me. And I knew that.

I wanted him and the others so bad I couldn’t wait. I was so turned on myself, that it was hard to keep my own wits about me, so I had to control them.

As I approached Eric, I spread his legs apart with the unseen hands of my mind and his ass was exposed for my coming invasion. His ass was one of the most beautiful ones I had ever seen. It was extremely round and full of muscle. I could see his hole actually pulsating for me, waiting and wanting my Godlike appendage. I started to fuck him with my mind. He was now screaming in pleasure. I grabbed his body and pulled it down to the level of my cock. I was almost inside the boy; my cock pulsating with anticipation, when I noticed two figures darting to another area of the building.

“Fuck,” I thought. “They need to ingest my cum, before they’re under my control. But I’m going to enjoy this boy first. The doors are locked and they can’t get out. Sooner or later they will ingest my juice and then they will be easy to find and complete the process.”

I grabbed the boy’s massive legs, spreading him wide as I touched my cock to his anus. My magic precum not only lubed him up but also made him extremely pliable. I could feel his tight hole expand and open to receive my massive god cock. Eric screamed in pure pleasure and glorious pain. “Oh God, Master, please give me all of you.” He cried out. Having the gift of flight made this easier and 10,000 times more incredible. He just floated in the air, as I was about to fuck him.

I felt his hole tightly entrap my ballooned cock head. His ass was like a vise. It was amazing. He started to wrap his legs as far around my massive ass as he could and he started pulling me further into him. Inch by inch his ass consumed my cock. Soon he had over 3 feet of my cock in him and I was so completely amazing at the sight that I didn’t noticed that he had lifted me off the ground and we were fucking in flight. This was something only Jeff and him had ever done before. The sensations of feeling my giant cock filling him up, pushing past his prostate and up through his insides, was unbelievable. I was bewildered myself as to how this could even be accomplished without hurting him immensely. But it was happening and it was beyond any comprehension of normalcy that our superhuma n bodies would ever have to be again. I was now balls to the wall inside him. He was thrashing in midair with every thrust of my pole. His screams of pleasure, I’m sure, could have been heard for miles, if we were outside. He started to convulse and grow again. Damn, the boy was getting fucking huge. He was almost 18 feet tall now and about 6 feet wide. I was getting so incredibly turned on.

I knew it wouldn’t be long and case in point we both started cumming in explosive amounts. The more I came in Eric the more he came and then the glazed look of totally submission overcame his eyes. He was now totally mine and we were as one being. He started to softly call out my name over and over. “Steve, Steve, Steve, I am yours sir. I am yours. I am your loyal subject. How may I serve you?”

I told him that I wanted him to lower us to the ground so I could go after the other two and he obliged. When I released my cock from his ass, he shuddered and moaned. I told him to rise again and stay there till I returned.

I know I had to look for the other two pretty soon or they might get to each other before I could. Like I had said, they needed to ingest my cum so I could help change them.

I just figured that all three of them had done this already when Eric did. I was sure they could not control themselves when the aroma hit them. I knew Eric would be a cinch, but I gotta get to these two soon. Where the fuck did they go? I can feel the one is starting to change. He must’ve gotten some of my juice on him. Awesome. I hope the other did too. I think I feel them, now.

And my suspicions were right.

Earlier, when Eric started his change, Bo tried to dive for the boy to keep the kid on the ground, but he missed and landed in a pool of the glowing white cream. It covered his body and he choked on the substance that he inadvertently sucked into his mouth swallowing a large amount of it down into his stomach. He instantly became more alive than he ever felt before and as the most intense sexual heat was building fast within him. Almost instantly his spiritual self left his body and went to see if Eric was all right. He was and the giant was still over with Jeff and Carl, so Bo’s spirit rejoined his body. Even though Bo was much tougher than Eric, he was unable to fight the impending change growing inside him. It was starting to take him over.

Meanwhile Joe, on the other hand, grabbed Bo up from the sticky ground and raced toward the office to try to buy some time and evaluate the situation. Bo started to protest, not wanting to leave, but then willingly went with his friend after his spirit returned to his body. Even more so, the touch of Joe excited Bo. He had always liked Joe and now the feeling was overtaking him. Joe closed and locked the door behind them. Bo fell to the ground and crawled over to the dark, opposite corner of the room. He could feel the change begin. This felt more powerful than any had before. There was some pain, but it was the most pleasurable pain Bo had ever felt. He could feel his spirit becoming restless.

Joe thought to himself, out loud like he usually did, “What the Hell just happened in there. I’ve never seen any of us go through the change that quickly or with that much force before. It was like Eric was in a trance. Joe looked out the window into the gym, but he couldn’t see any movement on the ground. All he could see was a giant shadow on the far wall of a huge monster fucking another large man but Joe was sure it was Eric or not. Then came the screams. “Did you hear that? Jesus, is he killing him out there?” Then suddenly Eric’s gyrating body rose yet again, hanging in mid air mostly limp, but having huge spasms every time he would start growing and cumming.

“Jeff told us he didn’t know what to expect with Steve. Maybe Steve hulked out and is some kind of mutated monster that is not the good man Jeff thought he was. Bo, what do you think?”

There was silence on the other side of the dark room. Bo was starting to lose control.

“God, this just doesn’t make any sense at all. We’re going to have to find a way to get them out of there. Bo…Hey Bo, did you hear me?”

There was no answer, Joe squinted and he could see movement in the far corner and then the soft sounds of heavy breathing. The mass in the corner looked very large: Larger than Bo ever had been. Just as Joe was about to turn on the light, suddenly the room filled with an intense heat as if a firestorm had entered.

“God, it’s getting really hot in here.” Joe rubbed his hand down his face to whip off the beads of sweat. “What the…Dammit, my hands are all sticky and gooey with that glowing shit. God, It’s so fucking hot in here. I’m burning up. What about you, buddy? You haven’t said a word since we got in here.”

Silence. Bo’s physical body and spiritual body were on complete overload. For the moment, he could have cared less what Joe was asking him. Then he realized, he realized his opportunity had arrived.

“I’m going to turn on Jeff’s air conditioner. I hope he paid his electric bill.” Joe snickered more to himself than at the joke. He started to tingle with the heat. There suddenly was a certain warm/prickly feeling inside him as well. It felt really good.

A low, growl and a couple of sexual moans came from the other end of the office. Bo couldn’t control his special pleasure gift anymore. It was sending signals out and then back into him and out again to anyone in the close area. Its main target was Joe.

“Bo, are you okay over there? Did you get any of that sticky shit on you? My face feels like it’s starting to melt, I’m so damn hot.” Joe started breathing heavier, almost panting. He tried to turn on the air conditioner but it was broke. “Damn, I guess he didn’t pay his bill. The Fucker.”

More moaning and the sound of fabric starting to rip came from the dark corner opposite Joe. Ironically this sound excited Joe.

“Bo?” Joe asked hesitantly.

Just then, it felt like the heat went from sweltering to boiling in the office. Joe was so hot he couldn’t take it anymore. He could hardly breath. He went over to the door and it would budge. Feeling stupid for a moment, he unlocked it. The door still held fast. “Fuck, we’re trapped.” Streams of sweat poured out from his body, soaking his clothes, causing them to stick tightly to his skin. This actually felt kind of good and sexy to him, like wearing really tight leather, which Joe secretly loved to do. The pleasure was getting bigger and more intense.

Then a loud sound of growling mixed with clothes ripping to shreds, made Joe whirl around and back up against the opposite wall. His body felt like it was on fire.

He rubbed the sweat from his face again, inadvertently rubbing more of my cum onto his skin. Instantly, sharp electric jolts charged every hot zone throughout him. He felt instantly weak and dropped his hands to his sides. He could feel his cock start to push against his dripping wet jock under his Dockers. It was becoming overwhelming. The pleasure was taking over him. He slid down the wall and onto the floor. Closing his eyes, he started seeing visions of huge, beefy, muscular men sucking and fucking in a soup of sweat, cum, lube, and spit. He started to lick his hands and arms, trying to take in as much of my cum as he could. His mouth went dry as the last bit of saliva rolled down his chin. His hands started feeling the moist fabric agai nst his body as he rubbed it over his chest and torso. His cock was pushing so hard against the confines of his jock and pants that he felt it would bust through at any second now. In fact all his clothes felt extremely tight. He literally started to peel off his shirt caressing his nipples along the way, as the full effect of my life oil completely seeped into Joe’s system, causing him to instantly feel an amazing rush of sexual nirvana. “Oh my god, what’s going on? I feel so fucking amazing. I’m fucking burning up. I’ve gotta take off my clothes. I…I have to be naked and touch my body. Oh my God, My body. It feels so pumped and full. I want to cum over and over again. I feel so fucking charged up. Passion is completely taking over me. I can’t control it and I don’t fucking want to. I’m starting to change again and it feels so fucking good. This is the most intense it’s ever been. Oh God, it’s got to be that sticky cum that’s all over the gym. Did you get any on you, Bo?”

“YES, and it’s the cum as well as me that you feel.” A Huge booming voice said from the darkened corner of the office. “I’m giving you the pleasure, Joe, by turning up the heat in this office and in your mind and body. Steve’s cum is helping me, too. Eric was right. It’s fucking awesome. I finally feel like a total Muscle God. I feel so fucking powerful. Even more than any of my prize winning studs.” Bo stepped out of the shadows to reveal his naked, changed Muscle God body to Joe. His was almost twice the size he had ever been before. His head hit the light fixtures on the ceiling as his walked toward his prey. “I’ve wanted your hot ass ever since we first met and now I’m going to take it. Joe. We’ve played around before, but this time it’s fucking serious.” He was a huge specimen weighing over 600lbs and standing 16 feet tall. The width of his back was almost 5 feet long. His thighs were so enormous and pushed together they made his cock look almost 3 and a half feet long itself. “You have the smallest tightest ass of all of us, Joe. And now I’m going to breed that ass to be mine. You’re going to be my bitch, my toy, and my fuck buddy. I can’t control myself anymore and I don’t want to. All I want is you. Get ready for the most pleasure you’ve ever had, Brainiac. And then we will find Steve. He is our one true Master. And we will become one with him. My spirit has told me so. But first you must be as large as us. It’s time, Joseph. It’s time for you to get fucking HUGE!”

With that Bo bent over and grabbed Joe by the waist, pulling the smaller man up off the floor to kiss him hard and deep. Bo willed every ounce of his pleasure giving magic out of him so it would course into Joe. He was powerless over the cowboy’s gift to him. He yelled loudly as wave after wave of intense orgasms started to hit every inch of his body. Added to the body changing of Steve’s cum effects, his cock swelled instantly to its hardest and longest and shot stream after stream of hot cum all over Bo’s powerful chest, torso, crotch and thighs. His body started to finally grow into the Herculean God he so desired to be. Bo’s cock in turn had been so tightly pressed against both of them that the intense heat and pressure of the two growing and grinding bodies caused it to erupt as w ell. Neither man could control himself.

Joe yelled some more as Bo turned his ass around to face the wall, “I want all of you, you Huge Stupid Ass Country Fuck. I want your cock deep in me. I’ve always wanted you, Bo. Fuck me with your huge cock, Bubba. Fuck this hot black ass like you never have fucked anything before. Breed me Motha Fucka.” Bo needed no invitation. He plunged his now 3-foot long snake up the tight anus. Since both were in their most erotic and forceful change ever, Joe’s ass eagerly accommodated and stretched to make it a tight but comfortable fit.

All the pounding against the office walls revealed to me where the other two had gone. I was able to control Bo to help me, but I still was unable to located them, until now. Also there was something about Bo, which I couldn’t quite understand. There was an area of his mind, closed off to me. And I wasn’t sure I liked that.

With every thrust into Joe, Bo shook the entire room, leaving imprints of Joe’s now massive body embedded in the wall. Then Bo could no longer take the intense pressure and pleasure-causing surge after surge of cum gushed out of his cock into Joe. Joe’s own cock was now also long enough to suck out his own juices. With every shot of Bo’s cum in his ass, Joe would shoot his own spunk down his throat and he could feel his stomach expanding with the fluid. This was the first time he ever tasted his own cum. He loved it.

Both men were in such a state of ecstasy, neither one noticed the wall and part of the ceiling behind them rip away to let me in. I stopped for a moment and marveled at myself, as to how incredibly strong I was. There was no effort at all for me to tear down half of the room. It was like opening a can of Pringles.

As both men were continuing their eruptions of orgasm after orgasm, I slowly picked them up and held them together. I carried them over to where Eric was still floating in an endless bliss. I stuck one of my fingers, which were over 8 inches long themselves up Bo’s ass, thus giving him the first violation of his asshole. Bo yelled in pleasurable pain. He was completely insatiable now. He started to fuck both Joe’s ass and my finger like an animal.

Also, Jeff and Carl, who by now, could no longer hold off their own insatiable desires that I had put them into, were locked in a 69 position under Eric’s floating body. His sweat and cum leaked on top of their naked, writhing bodies sending more bursts of enjoyment and growth.

I gently put Bo and Joe down, pulling my finger out of Bo’s now hungry ass so they could engage with Jeff and Carl. The four men immediately started fucking and sucking each other in a tangled heap of muscle and flesh. I told Carl to fuck Bo as hard as he could and to let Bo fuck him. I knew that each one of them had to be completely versatile to complete the change. I can’t explain how I knew this, I just did.

The Viking, powerless to deny, gladly obliged. I reached up and grabbed Eric’s huge boy body and brought him down to meet the muscle orgy. In bringing the boy down I just had to taste his muscle-ass that was filled with my own god fluid, giving it a quick lick. It tasted like pure magic to me. I started to precum in short bursts. The smell in the air filled with enormous amounts of cum and muscle sex. My own mind was reeling in ecstasy. At one point, since each one had a huge cock to go with their huge sexual and newfound versatile bodies, they started a five-way fucking circle with each having their cock in another’s ass. The sight was amazing to me and I commanded them to all cum at the same time. That was just the beginning. Each one of them filled every hole possible with cum. It m ixed and turned in them waiting for my supply to complete it all. I watched the amazing show and knew the best part of it all was that I controlled them: Me, the once overweight, bearish, lad from Akron and now THE total Muscle God. I now knew why I was the missing link they needed. I also knew that once I joined with them and filled them all with the right amount of my life juice, that we would then become something even more amazing then history had ever known. I started to cum myself at the mere thought of that. My fountain showered the men with glowing ooze. Their sexual antics become even more animalistic. I stopped and realized I knew it was time. It was time to become one. It was time to become Superheroes. •

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