U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

As Bo drifted off, he started feeling every muscle and bone in his body fill with the exact same sensation that a cock feels when it gets an erection. That powerful, engorging of blood rushing to the shaft causing it to grow to its super hardened state. Then you have the feeling of the skin stretching beyond its limits. The blood pulsates and the accelerated feeling of euphoria overtakes you. He felt like this all over his body: Growing, engorged, pulsating and throbbing. As the darkness of going unconscious took over it’s last hold on him, something abruptly changed. Bo saw something that not only startled him, but incredibly excited him as well.

With a blinding flash of light, he was transported outside his physical growing body to an Indian spiritual body, almost exactly like that of the figure tattooed on his back. He could see, hear, and feel what was happening in the room where his body had just been laid onto a cot. He looked down to see his naked form, growing at a fast pace. He chest was expanding and thrusting forward. His back fanned further out than the width of the cot. In fact his entire body was overgrowing the small bed. Veins that were already prominent on his hard body, thickened and pushed against his translucent skin letting Bo see the mixture of his blood and Jeff’s luminescent sperm coarse through them causing him to grow. He became super excited at this and in t urn the cock on his physical body started to expand. It started to snake its way down his massive thigh and then lifted as if summoned by a charmer. It was becoming much larger than his former “Monster” ever had been. It climbed to 20 inches almost immediately and continued to grow. His spiritual self was getting hard and aroused too, which made it unable for him to concentrate on what was happening. This scared him and he closed his eyes and turned.

As he looked away, to regain his composer, he noticed Jeff and Chad were next to the physical Bo, kneeling on the floor, engaged in a strange ritual of sex and morphing. Jeff had become even more enormous with a cock of over 2 1/2 feet long. As he was fucking Chad, he looked to be in a constant state of euphoria and orgasm. Chad was coming as well, shooting loads of spunk out of his 12” cock. His cock was growing inch by inch with every thrust of Jeff’s sperm going into his ripe young ass: 13”, 14 ½”, 16”, 18”, 22” and finally stopping at a full two feet. The more Jeff came, the bigger Chad’s body became, which made him cum more and more into a large urn that was in front of him. Bo remembered that urn as the one he had just drank out of. Th ey were refilling it. With one final building shaking orgasm, Jeff plowed his entire shaft into Chad, causing the boy’s cock to geyser loads of cum into the urn. Bo also realized that Jeff must have been changing Chad into one of the group, as well. He was putting him though the final stages of the change. God, Bo was so envious of Chad at that moment. He wanted Jeff’s massive cock up him too. He wanted to be in the final stages. He wanted to feel the euphoria. On a hunch, he decided to enter Chad’s body with his spirit. He thought that maybe, just maybe he could feel what Chad was feeling.

Bo heard his physical self moan loudly as he merged into the boy. He looked over to see the almost finished form of himself lying before him. His body was enormous with dark tanned skin like that of an Indian and veins traveling over huge mounds of muscle. One muscle in particular caught Bo’s eye immediately. The cock was enormous standing straight up like a flagpole. It must have been over 2 feet long and as round as coffee can. It pulsated and was the most beautiful cock in the world, Bo thought. Then Bo heard a voice talk to him in his mind.

“Control thyself! Use your gift! Make thyself a God. You will know the ways of your ancestry and learn to use your immense powers for your pleasure and the pleasure of others. Be careful. You’re powers are incredibly strong.” he thought. “Send this boy into a sexual intensity like none other. You have the power now.” Bo wanted to send himself and Chad over the brink. He could feel exactly what Chad was feeling and visa versa. It was more intense than anything either man had ever felt before.

As Chad was cumming over and over into the urn, he suddenly felt a new sensation. If felt familiar but much more intense. He glanced over at Bo’s body. “God, I’m so fucking beautiful,” he thought. “Wait, I mean he’s so beautiful. I feel so amazing but I…I want more. I want to be…I need more to feel. How can I feel all of it? What would cause me to feel all the power of the world? I know…the amulet. I need Jeff’s amulet.” With that Chad reached around and grabbed for the medallion around Jeff’s neck. An immediate explosion caused Jeff to exit Chad’s ass, throwing him against the concrete wall, 30 feet away and out of reach of the boy. His huge body wasn’t hurt at all, only stunned, but there was a huge dent in the wall. Jeff shook off the sho ck and noticed Chad putting the medallion around his neck.

“Noooo, Chad, don’t do it. It’s too much for you; you’re not meant for that. That’s only for the Chosen one.”

In his Bo induced pleasurable state, Chad only wanted more. He wanted to feel what it was like to be Jeff: An all mighty and True Muscle God. He put the amulet around his neck and the immediate sensation was that of the most intense orgasm he ever had. His cock started spraying huge geysers of cum, uncontrollably. His body grew to immense proportions. Semen covered the room. It glowed a bright pearl white. He was becoming a God, he thought. Then, his cock stopped spraying and started to slowly ooze cum as he was becoming empty. So far, it was the most pleasure Chad had ever felt. Just when he thought he had reached being and Muscle God, the amulet started to burn into Chad’s skin, seeking out the body of the Chosen one. The pain was hot and intense but still very sexually exciting. His cock started to harden again. In fact it was getting a little painful. Then the pain set in when his sack started to dry up. Chad’s eyes widened and he started to scream as blood started to trickle out of his now 30-inch cock.

Jeff got back up and bolted for Chad, but he figured it might be too late. “Damn that kid. Only the messenger and the true Chosen One can wear that.” He thought.

Chad felt his body inside start to expand again, but this time his skin felt like it was tearing apart. He could feel his insides pressing against his outer shell.

Bo’s spirit shot out of the boy’s body, by the pressure of his impending growth. Bo realized it was because of him that Chad was in trouble. He dove for his own body in the hopes of being able to physically help the kid. But he was weak from the transition and his spirit could only slowly lawl toward its host.

By the time Jeff had reached Chad’s body and yanked the amulet off of the boy, he realized his thoughts were correct and it was already too late. The amulet had caused the boy to start the physical change and increase to the Chosen One’s size but since Chad was not the “Real” Chosen One, his skin couldn’t accommodate the increase fast enough. If Jeff wouldn’t have tore the medallion off of him, Chad would have exploded, but the damage was done. Chad’s internal organs were being crushed against his skin and Chad literally had squeezed himself to death. The boy’s massive frame lay lifeless in Jeff’s arms.

Tears formed in Jeff’s eyes. All he had wanted to due was to add Chad to the group. He was sure he was ready for it. What had gone wrong? He had been nursing the boy to get him up to this day. He knew Bo and Chad would have been great together. Now what was he going to do. In a somber panic he carried Chad’s lifeless body into his own office and laid him softly on the couch, to deal with it later. He gently kissed the boy’s forehead and silently wept for a few minutes. Then he realized that he had to complete Bo’s transformation, and that maybe Bo could help him figure out what to do.

When Bo awoke, Jeff was holding him and stroking his massive frame. He wanted to tell Bo everything, but knew that his business was getting the man into the change and part of the group. He looked at Bo and said, “The last stage is now ready to begin. I must cum in your mouth or ass. Since you have done Phase 1 of the change, you now can continue to Phase 2. Are you Ready?”

Bo nodded and noticed that while his body was still huge, it had decreased somewhat from the form he saw in his trance. He remembered being in his spiritual self, but there was a great part of what had happened missing. He knew that something else had happened while he was out, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Jeff straddled Bo’s massive chest and bent over and kissed the cowboy in the most passionate kiss that Bo had ever felt. There was some angst in it as well. Bo and Jeff instantly became erect. Jeff’s massive God Cock pressed into Bo’s stomach and chest. He could literally feel the strength coming off of Jeff’s pipe.

Bo’s cock started to snake its way up between the crack of Jeff’s ass, making Superman moan in wanting pleasure. Precum flowed in streams from both men covering their huge bodies. Jeff started to fuck Bo’s massive chest as Bo fucked the crack of Jeff’s mounded backside. The attraction that had come between them was so intense, neither heard nor saw the flash of light coming from down the hall. All that mattered now was each other. They were two humungous giants in a prime display of male on male lust.

Then Jeff sat back up and slowly put his enormous cock against Bo’s lips. The whiff of sweat, cum and Bo’s own body odor that came from Jeff’s cock was the best fragrant Bo had ever smelled. It was then that Bo remembered what the voice in his head had said. He remembered about feeling and giving massive amounts of pleasure to another muscle god: But Who? It must have been Jeff he thought.

He opened his mouth wider than the huge cock and stuck out his tongue to rest it against Jeff’s piss hole. Since Jeff’s cock was so huge, the piss hole was about as big as a 25-cent piece. Bo had no trouble extending his tongue and plugging the hole with it. As he did this he started to physically transfer all of his incredible pleasure into Jeff, thus adding to the total sensation of lust and cum for Jeff 100 fold.

The feeling was overwhelming, even for Superman. The immediate added pleasure and sensation sent Jeff over the edge. He almost completely forgot about Chad as he yelled a huge cosmic roar and started cumming in violent gushes, but to his surprise and shock, no juice came out. Bo’s super strong tongue was blocking the way and the more Jeff came the more the back up was. It was such a huge wave of pleasure that Jeff screamed in blissful pain at every surge of cum that was trapped. He could feel his own cum filling up inside his cock and due to all of that added pleasure he couldn’t stop cumming. This made Jeff think for a split second what Chad had just gone through. All the pressure he must have felt and Jeff was sure there was no pleasure involved.

“STOP, AND PLEASE LET ME SHOOT ” he yelled out.

Immediately Bo pulled out and shoved his mouth halfway down Jeff’s engorged shaft. When Jeff came inside Bo it was the most explosive orgasm he had ever had in his life. The amount of force of Jeff’s cum shot directly and quickly into Bo’s system causing him to change immediately. Bo latched onto Jeff and wouldn’t release him from his mouth till the end of his change. His body was growing around them. This made Jeff cum more and more. There was no need to fuck Bo, because every ounce of protein and serum enriched cum from Jeff had been expelled from his own system. Finally when Bo stopped growing and Jeff stopped cumming, Jeff fell back onto the floor and passed out with exhaustion.

When he came too, he noticed that Bo was no longer in the office.

“Bo!! Hey Bo, where the fuck are you?”

“Over here!” said a voice coming from another part of the gym.

“Where? I can’t see you. It’s really dark in here. Where are all the fucking lights, in this place?”

“I’m in your office. Get in here quick.”

“Oh Fuck,” Jeff mumbled to himself. He ran over to his office door and looked inside.

There on the desk was Bo with a piece of parchment in his hands.

Jeff looked over to the couch and Chad was gone.

“What the hell is this all about?” Bo said as he hung out the paper for Jeff to see. Jeff grabbed the parchment and read out loud:


“What the Fuck is that all about?” asked Bo.

“Did you see Chad when you came in here?” Jeff asked looking very nervous and scared.

“No I didn’t. All that was here was this parchment. Anyway, who’s Chad and what’s the matter with you?” Bo said as he was feeling his new body.

Jeff looked at him spellbound, “You don’t remember? Ah, well…Chad was one of my employees. I…I guess he went home for the day.” Jeff figured that from the sounds of the note, everything would be okay, so he dropped the question of ‘Where is Chad?’

He changed the subject and continued, “Let’s get you some clothes to wear and I’ll explain what this new body is all about.”

Both men hugged each other and a tear of relief and shame, left Superman’s eyes.

Bo will never forget that day and neither will Jeff. For both of them it was the best sex with a member of the group either had ever had, but it was also a day of great sadness and enlightenment. That was to be the day the world would, soon, never forget. That day would form the lives of us all. That day was the beginning of the new world. •

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