Small to Big to Bigger

By Anonymous

Andrew had wanted a large body for only god knows how long. It was his 14th birthday was he and had just hit puberty Andrew hoped that he would get a whole lot bigger during pubs. Andrew always stayed fit though he ate alot of junk food.He was 6'3 tall for his age. At 12 andrews parents died in a car crash and was let an orphan and was given every thing his parents owned. Andrew's dad was huge he had a wieght set that Andrew wasn't allowed to work out on for reasons he didn't know. In his dad's will there was a letter telling him to not go near the wieght till his 14th birthday. After school Andrew raced home and threw his books to the ground and ran down the steps into his dad's wieght room."Finnaly I can pump my weak little body into a monster", he said with joy. He took off his shirt and beganhis workout. Andrew began with doing some reps. He noticed his muscles cramping half way throgh. "Yeah take that bitches you'll be feel'in that for a long time!" he shouted. After he was done he need a rest. He stood up and looked at a mirror in front of him. "FUCK", Andrew shouted in pain as a pain swept in his balls. "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", he shouted again but this time he felt the pain change into a burnning flame which left his crouch and up to his stomach. Andrews falt bellw swelled into a quick 4 pack then six finnaly an 8 pak!! "Sweet" Andrew said through the pain. The pain shot up into his pecs and they inflated also into the size of large ballons Andrew looked in amazment as his stick like arms grew in to branch like arms his back expanded to match his new arms. His hair turned jet balck. "cool", he said his voiced cracked as a new deep voice came out.

"Damn I look good", he said to him self with a smile on his face as he made a double bi pose. He laid on the floor and began to jack off in the dark basement. He noticed in his new 16 year old body his dick and balls were still small. "I want more" he shouted at that moment he got his wish. Andrews dick expanded and got longer but was hard it became a foot long. His balls grew to the size of baseballs and his underwear split underneath his pants a huge buldge appeared in the 16 year olds pants. "Thats more like it" he shouted in his new deep voice. The pain returned to Andrews dick but his time he greeted it. insted of going up his chest it went down into his unchanged legs they grew to the point his pants bursted right off him leaving him nacked. thepain rockted up into his chest which grew two times as much. His arms grew till the point they looked like someone had shoved five large stones in each arm. His back grew till he noticed he wouldn't be able to get out of the door. "thats right grow, yeah this is the best", Andrew shouted he noticed a lump in his nech as the pain went into his neck and it expanded. His voiced deepend into a rich sexy voice his face became more defined more adult like. At that point andrews body grew 9 inches he became 7 feet tall his skin tanned. He smiled "time for me to get some chicks", he said with a deep laugh as he headed up stairs to find some clothes to fit him. •

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