Muscle Fuck Training

By Anonymous

Hey, man, my name is Brad. I'm a muscle fucker. I always wanted to be a powerfully built bodybuilder with a big, thick, hard cock to match my other bulges. When I was young, I wanted to be a beautifully muscular bodybuilder. I kept injuring myself, though, and never made any real progress. One day, I met Rick. He was a beautiful young man who was muscular and oozed masculinity out of every pore. My cock got hard the minute I saw him. He noticed my dick pushing out my pants and smiled at me in such a way that I almost came on the spot. He put his hand on my crotch and told me that if I would suck his cock, he could make me as muscular as him.

I sucked his dick. I started to grow. My cock grew, too. He made me come and come - over and over. Each time was more powerful than before. Each time, my muscles and my cock grew. We fucked my ass - it felt so good - I grew even more. Then I fucked him. We fucked and sucked each other for a week without stopping. I woke up one morning, Rick was gone. He left me a note saying a friend of his would meet me that afternoon to continue my training. That's when I ran into Jason. By now, I was pretty fucking muscular - although not yet as big as I would get. By now, though, you could easily see the thick hardness of my cock - it matched my rugged, vascular muscularity. This time, it was Jason who was turned on. He put his hand on my 9" dick and I rubbed his 10" through his shorts. I went down on him and sucked him, and sucked him. I felt my muscles growing again. When Jason stuck his hard dick in my ass, I felt my whole body explode with muscular sexual power. Later, as we rested, Jason called his friend Mark. Mark would really ramp up my abs and my dick.

Later that day, Mark came by. Man, was he built. He started out on my dick sucking it like nothing I'd ever felt. It grew. When he was finished, it had grown to 10.5 thick inches. Feeling his hot mouth on my cock made me come. My abs really "bricked" out.

A knock at the door. Ram came by. Ram was beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. We were both rock hard in an instant. We fucked and sucked each other. By the time we were done, I was almost perfected. The last picture is me after being fuck-trained by the four muscle boys I'd gotten to know. That night, I fucked all of them with my fabulous muscular body and my now 11.5" cock. They all fucked me in turn. When I woke up, they were gone - but musular magnificence was mine. The first picture, the ultimate picture, doesn't show my dick. But it's as big and thick as the rest of me. And my friends gave me another gift - as if the superb muscle wasn't enough. You see, along with all the muscle came powerful sexual abilities and strength. I can keep my cock hard for hours, and I can fuck and fuck and fuck without loosing a beat or breaking a sweat. And when I come - I can come and come and come. I can keep the orgasm at peak for an hour or more. My parnters love it, too. My fabulous strength sustains them. Our orgasms rebound off each other, like feedback, getting more powerful and overwhelmingly peasurable.

Yeah. I'm a muscle fucker. I've got a thick, hard, defined, vascular muscled body. And my cock... Oh, man. You've never felt anything like it. •

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