Rage, The


By Anonymous

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There is nothing like the taste of revenge. Nothing like getting back at those who have caused you grief over years past count. Those of you that have started teasing you since kindergarten about your size. Those who made fun of you because you could never get a date. You know how I know what this feels like? It's because I have never been able to taste it. Tate the sweet taste of being mad, and being able to do something about it. Being at 5'5", and being at 15 years of age, you wouldn't wonder why I want to taste this taste of the world.

There I was, one day at the local swimming pool, learning how to swim, that my worst nightmare comes true. The one thing I would never tell anyone, my secret about not knowing how to swim, and the people I hate the most in this world, learning it first. Like a mouse trapped in a corner by a cat, I had nowhere to run.

"Hey boys, look at this. Twerps learning how to swim aren't ya."

It's amazing how much words can hurt someone who is already deeply injured with the same injury. I've been punched both ways, with words and fist, and let me tell you. Cuts and bruises will go away over time, but words will scar the heart for life. And there I was having another scar being put in my heart, when I get angry. Rage is building inside of me like water being poured in a glass. Not the normal type of rage that will make tears come out of your eyes and trickle down your cheeks, and not the rage where you want to punch someone. No. This was new to me, this rage was building inside of me, telling me that I was better than him that I should stand taller, and feel more powerful. And that's what I did. I thought I was better than him, but somehow I knew I would never be a big and as muscular as him.

I knew I couldn't do anything, so I just continued on with my swim practice, but something was not quite right, I just couldn't place it. It was like I could swim easier. It also felt like my trunks were a little more close to my body, they weren't so spread out around my legs. Then I noticed that more of my leg was touching the water instead of my trunks, so cautiously I stopped to pull them down. I didn't want to look too geeky.

As I stopped to fix my trucks, I noticed something weird. My stomach wasn't as flabby as it should have been, and my pecs(or my slabs of fat) were a little more out there in the open. As soon as I pulled down my trunks, I continued swimming.

After a while, it yet again seemed like my trunks were a little too far up my leg, so I stopped again and pulled them down. Right then and there I knew something was wrong. I couldn't pull down my trunks anymore, that would reveal somewhere near my privates, but my trunks were only about 3" off of my privates, also. Imminently, I got out of the pool. •

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