Jason Matures, Finally

By TYRfull

Kyle and Jason had been friends all of their lives. It started about 6 weeks after Kyle and his family moved into their new home, in their new neighborhood. A moving van came up the street and stopped in front of the new house next door. Kyle was watching very intently at the big truck and the men with it, as most 5 year olds do. As the movers were unpacking the truck, a car pulled into the driveway of the new house and a woman got out.

Kyle went over to her, said he lived in that house over there, and asked if there were any children moving in with her. She asked him what his name was and he said, “My name is Kyle.” “Well Kyle, I just happen to have a son about your age. He is with his father right now, at the hardware store. They will be here in about an hour. His name is Jason and will be happy to have a friend his age living next door.” When Jason and his father arrived later, Jason’s mom introduced Kyle to Jason. The match was made, and it has lasted ever since.

There was about a 6-month difference in their ages, but you would never know it. Being both blond, like most kids are at that age, they even looked like brothers. They became inseparable; wherever one was, the other wasn’t far away. All through elementary school, middle school and then high school they were the best of friends. Whenever Jason’s father and mother had to go on business trips, Jason bunked in with Kyle. Likewise, when Kyle’s parents were called out of town a couple of times, he stayed with Jason. As they grew, they were still together.

As Kyle got older, he was the more athletic one. He was good in all sports but never great at any one. He was on a team every season, and participated in all he could. Kyle thought that if he worked out and got stronger, his game would improve. It did, but not as much as he wanted. His senior year in high school, he was still blond, 6’ tall and a hard, solid 185 lbs. His studies were good, but he had to struggle with many subjects.

As Jason got older, he became the academic. He could take on any subject with ease and do great with it. He had almost a 4.0, but because of his lack of physical abilities, the gym classes and physical activities required by the school district dragged down his GPA. Jason’s physical growth went to his height, his hair darkened to brown, but he never really matured. By his senior year, he was 6’ 4”, but was only about 150 lbs., soaking wet.

They say opposites attract, these 2 were that and were well matched. Though they never asked each other for help, when Kyle needed help with his schoolwork, Jason showed up and pulled him through. When others intimidated Jason, Kyle was by his side. Mutt and Jeff, Cheech and Chong, Beavis and Butthead, what ever you wanted to call them, they were inseparable. Their girlfriends were good friends too. Many times they even double dated, but most of the time in dating, it was one of the few times they went their separate ways.

Their families often vacationed together. Many years, they took adjoining houses at the shore for 2 weeks. Now, here it was, the summer after their sophomore year in college. They were attending universities near each other and decided to take a week at the beach after school before they started their summer jobs. Jason’s dad paid for the hotel room and Kyle’s dad rented a car so they could use his for the week. Food and fun was on the boys. Kyle got all of the girls, and Jason solved all of the problems. It was low budget, but they had fun. They also decided during that week, that to save money in the fall, they would get an apartment together off campus, close to both schools.

Kyle had seen it before, but somehow it seemed a bit more obvious this week, that Jason seldom took off his shirt. Kyle was bare-chested most of the summer, mowing the lawn, playing baseball, almost any reason because he was uncomfortable with a shirt on. Even in his dorm room, Jason only put on a shirt when he left the room. Of course, he had a body he didn’t mind showing. But with the exception of changing clothes, taking a shower or swimming, Jason never had his shirt off. There were even times that week when they were in the ocean, Jason had a t-shirt on. It was one of those few times Jason had his shirt off that Kyle realized just how thin Jason really was.

The week’s vacation was over, and they went home. Kyle was working as an assistant in an accounting office (he was studying to be a CPA). Jason worked as an intern to an architect, but he was on a job site with the firm for the summer. He was studying to be an architect.

Unknown to Kyle, Jason’s family had been very concerned about the lack of physical development their son had. Many times they had gone to doctors and clinics, tried medicines, herbs, anything they suggested to help Jason mature. He looked like he was 15 or 16, not the 20-year-old man he was. Almost a year ago, his parents had heard about a doctor at the University of Michigan in Detroit who specialized in limited or stunted growth in adults. The doctor had a grant from a pharmaceutical company and was highly sought after for his specialty. He had a waiting list 6 or 7 months long to see him. Because of a screw up in the doctor’s scheduling of a seminar, there was an opening available this weekend. His secretary called them. If they could get there by Friday morning, the doctor could possible fit Jason into the study, if he fit the study’s criteria. Only the interview and checkup would tell. Jason’s parents made last minute arrangements to go, and Jason took the weekend off from work.

Kyle called the house many times over the weekend, and all he got was the answering machine. He had no idea where Jason had gone. He went over to the house and knocked. When no one answered, he unlocked the door (both boys had had keys to each other’s houses for years) and called “Hello, anyone home?” “Jason, Ashley, Mrs. B, Mr. B? Anybody here?” He walked to the bottom of the stairs and called up “Anyone up there?” All he heard was the ticking of the mantel clock. Kyle checked the garage and saw that the Buick was gone. They must have gone somewhere, but where? Jason never went anywhere without telling Kyle where they were going. He was concerned. Jason and his family returned late Tuesday night, and Jason was sick as a dog.

Jason and Kyle had few secrets, and when he returned he called Kyle and talked about where they went and what had been done. The condition was known as RPM – Repressed Pubertal Maturity Syndrome. It is not extremely unusual, but not very common. Most doctors have never heard of it. Basically, his body never matured like his peers. It was normally hereditary, so the doctor had to check and interview all 4 members of the family, including his younger sister. This doctor used hormonal injections, extremely strong vitamins, hGH, some limited steroids, augmented testosterone and other medications to kick start his metabolism. In the 4 days they were in Detroit, Jason was given a complete physical and was started on the regimen that he would be on the rest of the summer, and maybe beyond. He was counseled as to what they think will happen and given a number to call to “talk” to someone as the therapy continues. Jason was sick most of the weekend and the trip home. The doctor adjusted his medications to alleviate the sickness. He had to take his blood pressure and check his blood twice a day, and email the doctor the results. He had a journal to fill out with all changes, feelings, mood swings, etc. That also had to be emailed daily.

As the first weeks of summer went by, Kyle noticed that Jason’s face was getting a little fuller, but not much else. One time, when Jason was mowing the lawn on Saturday, though it could have been his imagination, Kyle swore that Jason’s shirt was a little tight across the shoulders. But the sun was hot and Jason was sweating, so what he saw was probably the wet shirt just stuck to Jason‘s back.

The July Fourth weekend was approaching, and Jason and Kyle decided to go to back to the shore for the long weekend. Since each one was making decent money this summer, they pooled their resources and went back to the hotel they had stayed at earlier. Maybe the girls they had met a month ago were going to be there again. Their expectations for a great weekend grew the closer they got to the shore.

When they arrived at the hotel to check in, Kyle saw one of the girls across the parking lot, near the restaurant where they met a month before. Kyle called over to the girl and she waved back. He had dressed for the beach before they left, so when he got out of the car, he peeled off his shirt and headed across the parking lot. Jason called after him and said “I’ll check us in and meet you on the beach later.” Kyle just waved his hand back at Jason as he jogged toward the boardwalk.

Jason checked in, paid for the room for the weekend and carried the few bags they brought with them to the room. He put Kyle’s bag on one bed and his on the other, unpacked his own stuff and put it in the dresser. After using the bathroom, Jason decided to dress for the beach. He pulled out his shorts and shirt, putting them on the bed. He took off his clothes and grabbed for his shorts. “No,” he said, “I’m not wearing those damn shorts“.

Jason was keeping a secret from Kyle, a big one. The treatments he had been taking from the doctor had been very successful. He had changed. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. His shoulders were broader. His chest was bigger and had more definition than he imagined he could have. There was a noted taper from his delts to his waist. He actually had abs, but they were not as well defined as his chest. His biceps had size and looked like small footballs, while his legs were larger too. Yes, he had changed, and it had only been 4 weeks since they started the treatments. Even his cock was longer and thicker, and he wondered what would happen with it when the time comes for him to use it. The peach fuzz he had had around his groin had thickened into brown hair, and he had grown some hair on his chest and forearms.

He dug around the bottom of the drawer where he put his clothes. Last week, when he knew he was coming here, with great soul searching, he went out and bought a Speedo. As he took the tags off of it, he thought that there was more material in his underwear than in this bathing suit. But that made him smile even more. As he slid the nylon and Lycra up, over his large thighs, he tucked himself into the bathing suit and tied the string. He looked again in the mirror and adjusted himself, tugged the bathing suit a little lower, exposing more of his abs, and adjusted himself again. “If that gets any bigger” he thought, “I’ll be showing more than I want to”. He picked up his shirt to put on, and threw it back on the bed. “No, I’m not going to wear that today, either. There are only 3 people out there that know me, and one is my best friend. He will understand and they will have to take me, the New me, as I am“.

“Kyle, you had to see those girls, didn’t you! You just blew my Plan. I wanted to tell you about these changes in private, but you had to screw things up. Now I have to use Plan B, and I don’t have a Plan B! I will now have to make it up as I go along.”

With apprehension, he opened the door to the room and walked out with a beach towel in hand, closing the door, and his old life, behind him. As he walked to the beach, he noticed Kyle, and now both girls, deep in conversation. He passed the car and grabbed his duffel bag, with his sunglasses, suntan lotion, radio, etc. He found a vacant spot on the beach, laid out the beach towel and picked up the suntan lotion. Carefully, Jason applied the lotion all over, even in places that had never seen the sun before, and put the bottle away. The size of his chest and the firmness of his abs under his hands made him think what little had been there just a month before. When he looked over to where Kyle had been, he and the girls were gone. He stood, scanning the beach for them.

It had been awhile since Kyle had found the girls. Jason said that he would meet up with them, but he hadn’t shown yet. He parted with the girls, saying they would meet for dinner, and walked back to the hotel. Kyle didn’t know what room they were in, so he turned around. As he again approached the beach, he looked for that tacky, yellow “Life’s A Beach” t-shirt Jason always wears here. He sees a few other girls that look interesting and mentally takes a note that he wants to meet them this weekend, but still no t-shirt. Kyle walks out on the beach and scans back toward to hotel. If he doesn’t see Jason soon, he will go the hotel office and ask what room they are in and knock. He turns to head toward the hotel, and stops. . .

There is a guy standing there that looks similar to Jason. He is also looking down the beach, as though he is looking for someone. He is about Jason’s height, but with a build that was all wrong. This guy was too big and had been working out for some time. Geez, it looks like Jason, though it can’t be. As Kyle walks back toward the hotel, the guy in the blue Speedo is still scanning the beach. He turns his head slightly, sees Kyle and smiles. Jason takes a deep breath, and thinks: Well here goes everything. “Hey Ky!” he yells. Kyle turns toward the voice and says, “Jason? NA, NO WAY MAN! Jason, is that really YOU?” “It sure is!” he replied, and Kyle approaches his life long friend, shakes his hand and, looking him up and down, sees him again for the first time.

They sat on the beach and then walked along the water, Jason talking the entire time about the meds, the therapy, the blood tests, the blood pressure checks and all of the other stuff Jason is going through. Kyle asked him what was it like to change so much. He talked about the rapid changes he was experiencing, the unbelievable body growth, the new uncontrollable urges, the mental roller coaster, and about the dozens of pills he has to take and the injections he has to give himself. He would go through spasms that were almost convolutions and fits, some he could control and others he couldn’t. His body was going through years of physical changes in just weeks. He was hungry all the time, consuming more than he ever thought he could. His energy level was through the roof, never wanting to stop for anything. He would have never told anyone but his doctor and his best friend but the most embarrassing thing he was experiencing was, almost every morning he woke up with a hard on. Kyle said, “We all get those”. Jason replied, “You might get them, but I never had, until now”. Jason spoke about the mental turmoil and the decision to start this new life now. It took every ounce of courage and determination to wear that bathing suit out of the hotel room, and then, to greet his best friend without somehow, warning him first. Kyle could not believe the change in Jason, and actually reached up and touched his chest. He immediately pulled back and apologized to Jason. The change was so amazing. “Don’t worry about it Ky, I do it too. I can’t believe it’s me either. At home, I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and I think there is a stranger in the house.“ They lost track of time and Kyle realized they had to meet the girls for dinner in about an hour. Jason wondered if they would remember who he was, or who was this new friend Kyle had brought with him to the shore. Jason grabbed his things from the sand. As they jogged back to the room, Jason was actually ahead of Kyle when they reached the hotel, and Kyle was out of breath. Jason was hardly breathing heavy.

Kyle was humorously reminded of part of their conversation the next morning. He got up before Jason was awake, and went to use the bathroom. Jason was asleep on his stomach, his arms under the pillow, exposing his broad shoulders and back. When Kyle came out of the bathroom, Jason had rolled over on his back. Now his chest was uncovered to the waist and the sheets had an enormous tent in the center. “Yeh, Jase,” he whispered, “I get a woody occasionally in the morning, but not like that!”

The rest of the weekend was a blast. Both Kyle AND Jason had girls by the armload, picking and choosing as they went along. This one for lunch, that one for dinner, this one for a beer later. Before, when they came here, Kyle always came back from the beach early so Jason wouldn’t feel left out. This weekend was very different. They were out on the beach with the birds for a morning walk before breakfast, and stayed out until dusk. By the time they came home after the 4 days there, they both had tans like walnut end tables. They never told their girlfriends about the girls the met at the beach. Supposedly, the boys just sat on the beach, watched the girls go by and read a couple of magazines. Then they had a few beers in the evening. What the girls didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

A few days after they got back, Kyle and Jason went to the mall to buy Jason some new clothes. It seems when Jason went to put on his tacky, yellow t-shirt, it wouldn’t fit; it was too small. The few times he did wear a shirt that weekend, he had to borrow one of Kyle’s. Also, Kyle said he had to have a more “socially acceptable” bathing suit. The Speedo just wouldn’t cut it most of the time. “I’d never be seen dead in one of those”, Kyle said. Board Shorts were too long, so they chose a couple of pair of shorter volley shorts and a couple of t-shirts that did fit. When Kyle wasn’t looking, Jason looked at the Speedo rack and pulled one off, even skimpier than the first. With a smirk, he grabbed another, this time in Kyle’s size. “Won’t be seen dead in one of these, uh?” he mumbled. “We’ll see pal, we’ll see” as he walked to the cash register. He then started to concoct a plan so that Kyle could also reap some of the benefits of this transformation.

The summer was flying by. Both of their jobs kept them pretty busy during the day, and it seemed they spent more time together at night than before, if that was possible. Kyle’s father had set up a small gym in the basement of their house years ago, with some free weights, etc. Jason had never used it, until this summer. Now he realized why Kyle was so cut. Kyle was down there 3 nights a week, for a couple of hours. Jason was now joining him once or twice a week. Sometimes, Jason was so sore the next day, he thought he had injured himself. He hadn’t. Jason and his parents went back to Detroit in mid July to see the doctor. The doctor was extremely pleased by Jason’s progress, and wanted to know if he could use Jason’s case as an example in his next seminar about this syndrome.

Kyle had noticed in Jason a change of attitude too. He had always jumped on anything that he could mentally win or fix, but physical things always went untouched. Now, he was al least trying to do things he would have previously passed by. As an architecture student, when his dad wanted a nice tool shed in the back yard that matched the house, Jason got on it and designed it. He even included a pool house with changing rooms, in the plan (they were hoping to add a pool next summer). His folks liked it, so he took it to an associate to make sure it would work and be safe. It was fine. Then, he and his dad bought the lumber, dug the footings, mixed and poured the cement and built it. It wasn’t perfect, but they did it. His father was extremely proud of his son, the man across the yard. But he also looked at Jason with sadness. His sorrow was that he had not been successful to alleviate his condition before now. He had lost his “son” this summer, but gained a man. Jason would have never attempted any of this before. Jason was also getting more confidence in himself and his new body. He would even mow the backyard without a shirt on. The front yard though, was still “shirt required”.

For variety, Kyle got Jason to start running. The sprint at the shore showed he could do it. First it was around the block, then twice, then a mile, then further. They had both improved so much by the end of the summer they were doing about 8 miles every night, down to the high school, around the track and back. Jason’s confidence in himself had built up so much, that the last week Jason joined Kyle in running shirtless. None of the neighbors complained.

Jason and Kyle went back to Philadelphia one weekend to locate an apartment for the fall near their schools. Why hadn’t they thought about it before now? Most of the nice ones (if you wanted to call any of them “nice”) were taken in late spring, before the students left school. They choose an apartment in a converted house, about 5 blocks from Kyle’s school, and 8 blocks from Jason’s. It was a 3rd floor walk up, with 2 bedrooms but only had 1 bath. They had the privacy of a bedroom, but had to share a bath. Oh well, they considered themselves lucky just to get the apartment.

Jason was working out more and more at Kyle‘s. Kyle was too. Finally he had someone strong enough who would spot for him, so he could push himself farther. And pushing he was! Jason was gaining on him in the bench press and the curl, and had passed him already with his high weight in the leg curl. Kyle noticed that the sleeves on Jason’s t-shirt, the new one from just a couple of weeks ago, were sliding up and exposing much larger biceps. And the seams of the shirt were straining to contain his shoulders and back

They were both getting annoyed with the time it was taking to switch plates from one bar to another. So after work one day, Jason stopped at the sporting goods store and bought an additional 200 lbs of weight: 4, 50-pound plates. It took 2 guys to put them in the car. It took Jason one trip to bring them into the basement.

Jason was very pleased with his progress. He was accomplishing more than he ever imagined possible. He was doing higher weights, longer sets, different exercises but Jason wasn’t completely thinking about himself. The plan he had started to put together the week after the 4th of July was working. He was pushing Kyle hard, and Kyle, his best friend, was getting bigger and stronger too!

Kyle would spot Jason, and vice versa. Jason was able to bench 235 lbs., an amazing feat considering he had only been doing this for a couple of months. Kyle was at 250, an increase of 20 lbs since the July 4th weekend, but he had been doing it for years. Kyle was pissed that his friend was gaining on him, but Jason was implementing his plan. When spotting Kyle, Jason was actually pressing down on the bar, increasing the weight Kyle was pressing by a good 30 lbs., he figured. This was actually putting his press at 280 lbs. He was going to add the weight soon, and show Kyle how much he had really gained.

The guys were doing dumbbell flies, with multiple sets, adding weights and going to exhaustion. Kyle was on the bench and had been for a while. His t-shirt was soaked with perspiration and had seen better days, plus all of these workouts were taking their toll on it. He was not thinking about that right now. He was up to his 5th set, and had started at 30 lbs, increasing weight by 5 lbs on each set. He is psyched, he is pumped and he is at a heavier weight than Jason was just a few minutes ago, and nearing exhaustion. Kyle was pushing for all it was worth. Jason was spotting him (for real this time) with the flies. Kyle had just finished the 8th rep, coming up for the 9th and almost at the top of the fly. Jason heard and saw it happen as Kyle was grunting to lift the dumbbells. With the pressure of his pecs and back on the material, his shirt virtually exploded, ripping from the neck down to almost his navel. With the weakness of the cloth now started, the sleeves split too. They both started to laugh and it was all both of them could do to not drop the weights. Kyle put the dumbbells down and still laughing, got up from the bench to look in the mirror. He stood there with tatters of a t-shirt on, his entire body glistening with sweat, his chest pumped to the max and his hard abs exposed to the world. As they laughed, Jason came over to look too. Kyle saw Jason approaching from behind and quickly turned and grabbed him by the neck of his shirt. Because he was still pumped from his recent workout and that his shirt had again become too small for him, when Kyle grabbed it, the shoulder seams split and it fell like the 2 halves of a clamshell. It landed at his waist revealing his sweat covered, hard muscled body to the mirror. The laughter got louder, and they grabbed the tatters of each other shirts and threw them to the floor. The more they looked at each other and the shirts, they laughed even harder.

Nothing was said, but the workout was over. They put their arms in the air in futility, cleaned up a little and turned out the lights. Kyle went up the stairs to shower and change, and Jason went out the basement door to go home and do the same. It’s a good thing their neighbors weren’t home that evening, as no one could explain why there was hysterical laughter coming from 2 showers, in 2 homes next door to each other for the next 10 minutes.

The summer was quickly spiraling to an end. Since Labor Day was early this year, classes didn’t start ‘till after the holiday, not before like some years. They both took the last week of August off from work to get ready for school. They decided to take one last trip to the shore before school started, but only took 1 day during the week for the last fling. They choose Tuesday, with a rain date on Wednesday. That would still give them the weekend to finish packing.

Monday night became the impromptu, un-official end-of-summer weigh-in. They had been working out, and Jason had finally told Kyle what he had been doing all summer, referring to the spotting he was doing. They put the weights on the bar, and Kyle pressed 2 sets of 12 reps of 290 lbs, even more than Jason had thought. That put a spur under Jason’s saddle to see what he could do. They loaded the bar with weight and Jason topped out his 2 sets at 255 lbs! This was from a “kid”, who just 3 months ago, could hardly have pressed the bar, let alone any weights. Some kid though. He now dwarfed many of his peers. All of these figures got Kyle thinking. He grabbed Jason by the shoulder and the 2 of them went up to the bathroom, to use the scale.

They stripped off their shirts and removed their sneaks and socks. To avoid any un-necessary weight, they removed their shorts. Here were 2 big guys, standing in their underwear, in a small bathroom. It was decided that each would be weighed 3 times. The number that came up 2 out of 3 times, would be the “final” weight. Kyle was first on the scale. His final was 192 lbs. He had added about 7 pounds this summer. They both could see it was all muscle. Jason’s number was 198 lbs. They checked that 5 times, and it was correct. Kyle’s original guess in May must have been low. It had to have been. Jason said that during the physical in Detroit, the doctor said his weight was 156 lbs. He had gained 42 lbs of body weight in 15 weeks! Almost 3 pounds a week! He had been a beanpole before, so none of that new mass had gone to fat either. He was as solid as Kyle. They put on their shorts, picked up their clothes and headed downstairs.

Passing through the kitchen, Kyle asked his mom for her cloth measuring tape. She looked at these two sweaty, bare-chested buffed men before her and thought they had gone over the edge. She got it out of the drawer and gave it to Kyle. The 2 of them went down to the basement again. Were these the same 2 kids who came crying to her when the neighbor’s dog barked at them? That must have been a different life. She shook her head and smiled. She was going to miss those “kids”.

Downstairs, they were going to write down the measurements, but since they had no “before” numbers for Jason, what good were “after” numbers? There really was no comparison for him anyway. Just his size said enough. The measurements were recorded anyway, for laughs, for posterity and for Jason’s doctor. He has got to be amazed at Jason’s development. Again, Kyle went first. His chest was 49”, a gain of over 2“ since Memorial Day. Biceps were 18”, a gain of ½ “. His waist was down to 32”, a drop of 2 “, and his thighs had also gained 1 ½”. The gains were significant, but his definition was beyond belief. There was not any excess on him anywhere.

Jason was the next victim. They had nothing to compare to, so they just started. His chest measured 47” and his biceps were 16 ½ ”. His neck was 17” compared to Kyle’s 18”. His waist was only 31”. Jason remembered that last Christmas, he had gotten a new shirt and sport coat; the shirt had a14 ½ “collar, the jacket was a 38 long. Could he have really gained 9” in his chest? Kyle said, “Your doctor should win a Nobel Prize. Your development is unbelievable. Is this normal for this therapy?” Jason didn’t know.

Along with his ability to one up Kyle with the leg curls, Jason had been able to consistently do 100 inclined crunches with a 25 lb plate held to his chest. He would follow that immediately with 100 reverse crunches with 20 lb weight ankles. In the last 20 reps of each exercise, his abs were screaming, but the pain was worth it. With his long torso, his 6-pack had transformed into an 8-pack. It was hard and chiseled like cobblestone, and his vascularity was the most defined Kyle had ever seen, more than in most magazine photos. Since he was taller than Kyle, he didn’t look as big. Jason looked leaner, Kyle looked more solid. Studying Jason though, you could see the strength in every curve and angle. When the 2 of them stood together, is was an awesome sight. Jason’s doctor better get some major award for the “recreation” of Jason Barker!

The next day was the Tuesday they were heading for the shore for the last time this year. They packed the car and headed out early, to get as much time on the beach as possible. Since they were only going to be there for the day, they didn’t rent a hotel room. The hotel they had stayed at had had 2 rooms that overlooked the loading ramp and trash dumpster. No one would rent them. Management came in, took down the curtains and put up translucent panels over the glass. They removed the bed and other furniture, installed some lockers and benches, and TAH-DAH, they had his and hers changing rooms. The bathroom and shower were still there. They were intended for the guests who came to the hotel before check-in and wanted to leave after check out. These were not advertised so Kyle had seldom seen more than one or two people ever use them. Whenever he came down for the day, this was his free bathhouse. It was air-conditioned, had running water, and was much better than changing in the car.

The guys went into the men’s changing room. Jason had been quiet for the last few miles here. Even getting out of the car, he said little. He had something on his mind; Kyle knew it. Jason sat down on a bench to take off his shoes and socks, as did Kyle. As he reached over to untie his shoes, he said, “Kyle, I know this is going to sound crazy, and this is a weird time to start the conversation, but I have to say this. I have been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks. This has to be said or I will blow a gasket.”

“You have been with me through all kinds of things in our lives, but this summer I have put you through a holy hell. You were there when I was sick, when I threw tantrums and you dodged the things I threw at you. You talked to me when I had emotions I had never had, and urges, Geez the urges, which I had never felt. There were times my parents threw me out of the house, and I came over to you to vent. You held me down when I was pissed; you built me up when I was weak. You have made me into something I will never, ever be able to repay. Some people might say that this metamorphosis of mine was a miracle, and I have to agree it has been a mind blower. But the most important thing that has happened to me this summer is You. Now you can poo-poo it all you like, but I want to thank you, thank you for everything you are, everything you’ve done. You just cannot imagine what it is like to have a friend like you. I would have never made it through the summer without you.”

Kyle just sat there dumbfounded. He had no comeback, at all. Yes, Jason is his best friend but he never imagined that he would come out with such a monologue. The things he did, he just did. You do that for a friend. He had a hard time thinking what he could have done otherwise. It’s just a gut reaction, knee jerk, no thought required. “Thank you Jason. I don’t know what to say. You are a dear friend, the closest thing I have to a brother. I can’t imagine knowing any one as well as I know you. Thank you too, being there for me for all those years in school. I might still be in sixth grade now if it hadn’t been for you.” With that, they both smiled and laughed.

“Enough of that. This is a day of fun and planning our future.” With that, Jason already had his shoes and socks off, jumped up and yanked off his shirt. “OK, Ky, black or blue?” Taken aback at the sudden change in attitude, Kyle said “What?” “You heard me, black or blue?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jason said, “Just pick a color, black or blue?” “Oh, OK, black.” “Oh, I know you too well” Jason stated. Jason reached into his gym bag and pulled out something black, tossing it across the room at Kyle. Kyle caught it with an overhand motion and brought it down to look at it. He saw what it was. “No Jason. There is no way in hell I’m going to wear this.” “Too bad” was his comeback. “Then you’ll have to go onto the beach nude. You have nothing else to wear. You have no bathing suit with you. Of course, you have nothing to hide anyway.” With a puzzled look on his face, Kyle rummaged through his gym bag. “I know I put a bathing suit in here last night.” “Well, there’s none in there now, Ky. I saw to that this morning! When you went back inside the house to get the water, I took out your bathing suit and left it home. Either you sit in here all day, or you put that on.”

As Kyle thought about his day in the changing room, Jason pulled off his shorts, pulled off his boxers and slid into his new, blue tank suit. He didn’t have to adjust it this time, as it had a lower waistline than the other one. He adjusted himself in the suit, noticing how extremely well he was testing the elasticity of the material. He slowly, deliberately folded up his clothes and put them back into his bag. Kyle continued to finger the material of the tank suit, and said, “Damn it Jase, why?” “You know this is going to kill me.” He thought another moment. “Oh Hell, why not. I don’t know anyone here but you, and you will be the last person to laugh at me.” He removed his shirt, slid off his shorts and removed his briefs. Standing there in the all together, he looked at the minimal piece of material, leaned down and slid it over his legs to his waist. The hardest part was getting it over his massive thighs. Trying to get all of him in wasn’t as much of a problem as he thought it would be; the Lycra stretched well. Trying to hide what he had was the problem; you just couldn’t. Jason said “Don’t worry if you don’t have much to fill that out. You can always use your socks.” “Don’t press it buddy-boy. At least I know mine works!” said Kyle. “Oh how true. But now, I am saving mine for hours of sensual pleasure, while yours was used for random acts of pressure relief.” Kyle looked over at Jason with a dropped jaw. Jason stared back with a Cheshire cat grin. “Gotcha!”

As Jason reached up, Kyle met his hand with a high five. Two massive arms touched for a moment between friends. They turned and looked in the mirror. With little thought, they both tensed their pecs, flexed their arms and tightened their abs at the same time. The hard bodies, the new bathing suits, the angle of the sunlight through the window all added to the effect of extreme power and strength. The scene was classic. They look at themselves, and then at the other, thinking how each had changed, how much they had helped each other change. The packages they carried surged embarrassingly, neither one greater than the other, both way above average. The 2 men in the mirror were the epitome of the male physique. Magazines would kill for these two on their covers, yet they were 2 college students ready to go back to school for the fall semester. Friends, nothing more. Kyle looked at himself, smiled and said, “Ya know Jase, this is kinda cool. I’m stronger and bigger than I’ve ever been, and I want to show the world.” Jason replied, “Yeh Kyle, you feel that way and have had the body far longer than I have. You just modified it. Imagine how I feel. This body is completely new to me, and I don’t know it’s power, what it’s capable of or how all of the options work yet!” Kyle thought, that’s true. Jason has physically grown 5 years in the last 3 months, but his mind had to re-sort a lot of information that had already been stored away. It was a big change. They gathered their things and Jason opened the door. They put on their sunglasses and stepped out in the warm sun of the new day. Kyle could feel the stares of the people on the beach and the warmth of the sun on his body. I could get to like this, he thought, I could get to like this.

If you didn’t know better, this looked like a business meeting. They were writing on yellow pads on the arms of their chairs, frequently flipping back to look at other notes they had written. “OK Ky, you are responsible for the dishes and glassware. I’ll get the cooking utensils and other kitchen stuff. We each bring our own bed linens and towels. 2 changes of sheets and 2 sets of towels should start us off fine.” Jason always was the organizer. They had the cell phone out calling their mom’s to see what extra things they had around the houses that could be taken with them. It was a “furnished” apartment, but that only included and old sofa, a couple of chairs, the beds and a few other things. They had to bring a dresser of some sort, a TV and stand, plus their computers and printers. Actually, it wouldn’t be much different from a normal return to school, except for the kitchen stuff.

Next on the agenda was their workout schedule. Neither wanted the other to get too far ahead. Kyle knew the Penn field house had a great gym. Everything they needed, plus more. He had worked out there a couple of times last year. Jason thought that Drexel had a gym, but he had no idea of its location or content. And, could they use each other’s school gym? What arrangements would have to be made? Each made notes to check on that first thing when they returned. Each had an idea of their class schedule, but did not know exactly what it was, so they scratched together a rough workout schedule, mostly in the evenings.

Jason said he was thinking about trying out for the swim team this fall. Kyle looked over the top of his glasses and said, “Getting a little big for your britches, aren’t ya boy? Cripes, I’ve created a monster!” Jason laughed, “I always wanted to, but I was never strong enough. Now I am.” “Jase,” Kyle continued, “You are definitely strong enough. You could probably bench press the entire opposing team! The problem I see is you are too big. You shoulders are too broad. Of course, they might want you just to intimidate the other team!” “Say what you want” said Jason, “I’m going to try out anyway. Besides, Drexel has a great pool. I used it once.” Kyle said, “We could use that as our cardio instead of the running we have been doing this summer.”

When all of the planning was done they decided to go for a walk to stretch a little. As they walked along the water, they noticed behind their sunglasses that they were being watched. The women were whispering to each other about the hunks that were walking along the beach in front of them. They wanted them. The men watched, and were envious of them. Maybe they wanted them too. Kyle and Jason looked at each other and smiled. Jason tensed his 8-pack to put on a little show. Kyle saw that and hardened his abs too. They walked further and broke out laughing. “Yup” said Kyle, “I could get to like this.” Jason slapped him back of the head and ran. Kyle took up the chase. They easily ran about two blocks at full throttle and Jason was keeping ahead of Kyle, their powerful legs splashing in the water. Jason, about 10 feet in front of Kyle, cut right, into the surf. Kyle leapt at Jason and tackled him in about 3 feet of water. They rolled there a minute hysterically laughing. As their sunglasses were being washed out to sea, they dove into the waves again to retrieve them. Kyle walked out of the water first, running his fingers through his wet hair and put on his glasses. Jason followed, doing the same, the water dripping from their bodies. As they went back up the beach to their things, they passed the same people who had made the silent comments before. Now, not only were these 2 hunks walking past them again, with the sun glistening off their tan, hard bodies, their tank suits stuck to them like glue, revealing everything and hiding nothing. Jason and Kyle went back to their towels, put on more suntan lotion, layed down and promptly fell asleep.

When Kyle awoke, Jason was sitting up in one of the chairs, reading a magazine. His tan, solid legs were stretched out in front of him, and even relaxed, his body was powerful. His chest heaved softly as he breathed and his defined abs glistened with sweat. Could this be the same guy who, 4 months ago, wouldn’t take off his shirt? Kyle sat up and leaned back on his elbows to look at the ocean. He looked down at his own chiseled waist and buffed chest. How did this guy next to him push him so far to get this cut? It was hard to imagine them both 4 months ago. And how did he get me to wear this damn bathing suit anyway? But, he liked the way it looked on him, and the impressive way he filled it out.

It was after 4, and they had a 2-hour ride home. After changing, it would be after 7 before they pulled in the driveway. They picked up their stuff and headed back. There had a little sorrow about leaving the beach. This is where it had all started, and this summer had been the most memorable either of them could think about. As they walked up, Jason said, “Give me the things you want put in the car. You go back, shower and change first. Since there is only 1 shower, by the time I get back from the car, you’ll be done and then I can shower.” Jason headed to the car and Kyle, to the hotel.

When Kyle entered the changing room, a father and son were just finishing getting their things to leave. The boy, about 13, looked at Kyle and said, “Wow Dad, look at him! Boy, is he built!” The father also looked at Kyle, embarrassed by his son’s remark in front of a stranger, but very impressed by the hunk standing across the room. Kyle tried to look busy doing something, anything. “Scott” the father said quietly, “there is a perfect example of what Mom and I’ve been telling you about dedication. That man is very dedicated to his health and well-being. I bet he is successful at many things in his life because he can focus his attention. You have to set examples as he has, and when you do, you will help others by being a role model. They will see your success and then be successful in their own way.” Now Kyle was embarrassed. He looked up as the 2 left the room and the boy looked him straight in the eye. Kyle winked at the son, who smiled. The father turned to Kyle and mouthed, “Thank you” and closed the door.

Kyle stripped, grabbed a towel from the shelves on the wall and headed to the shower. As he showered, he thought about his help with Jason, with others he worked with and, of course, this last encounter with the father and son. Was he successful? Was he helping others? He never thought he was before. Had he helped Jason, or had Jason helped him? It could have been mutual. He had so many conflicting thoughts. He stepped out the shower and toweled off.

Kyle was just putting on his shorts when Jason entered. Jason said that he tried to clean off most of the sand before he laid the chairs and beach towels in the trunk. He put the pads, papers, magazines and other things in the back seat, so they could review the lists and schedules on the way home.

Kyle was listening to Jason, but not hearing him. Kyle was somewhere else. Jason continued to talk about something, but Kyle just stared at him.

As Jason stripped to shower, Kyle looked at the man that had grown in front of him this summer. Was he responsible for his change? How much more of a change could he expect? He looked at his size and wondered when his metabolism would slow down or stop. Would Jason allow it to stop? Had he become “hooked” on the feeling of power, wanting more and more? Was this a mistake to room with him this year? They had been friends so long, he couldn’t think otherwise. Could he continue to help Jason or would he feel Kyle was interfering?

As Jason turned on the shower, Kyle wondered what the next couple of weeks and months would bring. They both had rough schedules this fall. These were the courses for their majors. All of the easy, pre-requisite classes were done. Being together so close, will it end the friendship? Jason was starting a work-study program in the spring as part of his curriculum. What would happen then?

“Ky? Ky? Earth to Kyle! YO, Kyle!” Jason was standing in front of him with a towel wrapped low around his waist, with his right hand on Kyle’s shoulder. “Are you alright guy? You’re just staring out into space. Did you get too much sun?” He had just gotten out of the shower, dried off and was going to get dressed when he noticed Kyle spaced out.

“No. No, I’m all right. I just was thinking about all we have to do in the next week. Move back to school, set up the apartment, register for classes, and continue our workouts. It just hit me all at once.”

“Agreed. I was thinking about that too. But that was one of the things we did accomplish today. We have it all mapped out. Right?” Jason took off the towel, put on his underwear and shorts, and packed his gym bag. He put on his sandals, picked up the t-shirt he hadn’t worn yet today and put it on. Damn, it was one of his old ones. He had built up since then. It was too small. Kyle continued to stare, but snapped out of it where he heard the R-R-R-R-IP! Jason stood there with just a few pieces of cloth hanging from his shoulders. He had leaned over to pick up his gym bag and the shirt seams split! “Yeh, we had it all mapped out until you grew bigger again. Will you stop?” Kyle said, laughing. “Only if you will”, retorted Jason, smiling.

“By the way, what are you talking about? I’m the one who has to increase his clothing budget! We have spent all summer in shorts and t-shirts, and it seems I can’t even stay in t-shirts. I’ve got to buy all new clothes in the next week, along with everything else I have to do.” Jason picked up his bag and turned toward the door.

“I guess that will keep you from working out anymore this week” Kyle said. “Oh no you don’t! You’re not going to get ahead of me that way! We’re in this together, Pal!” With that, Jason grabbed Kyle by the neck and Jason pushed him through the door. As they crossed the street and approached the car, Jason got out his keys. Kyle was very quiet. “By the way, you still seem a little bit out there. Why don't you be the CEO of this venture and I’ll be your driver. We’ll have a board meeting on the way home. OK?”

As the car drove down the street, a few tatters of white cloth flew out the driver’s window. A couple of hundred yards down the road, what had been a white t-shirt just before, now just scraps, was tossed out the passenger’s side, and laughter was heard for blocks. The car headed toward home, then to First Semester, Junior Year. •

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