Bigger is Better

By swapwisher

Mark often wondered what it would be like to be older. He was tired of being the small guy- he wanted puberty to just happen alraedy. All of his freinds were experiencing it, Mark felt as though he were being left behind.

Mark knew that eventually he would be older and puberty would happen- he just wanted it to happen now. He was tired of being 14, 110 lbs and all of 4'11" tall. He wanted to be at least 6 years older, taller and more muscular. Oh to dream Mark thought, oh to dream is right as Mark would soon find out.

One day while checking his emails, Mark noticed a rather strange junk mail. The junk mail was titled "Wish Maker". Mark opened it and started to read it:

"Mark, have you always wanted to be younger, or maybe even older? Have you wanted more muscles, to look and feel better? Well do we have the product for you. We wili send you Wish Maker for a 30 day free tria. Once you see the results, you will glad you read this offer!"

Mark thought about it and decided what the hell its free why not try it, at the most it dosent work. Mark filled out the required address information and sent his reply back. The offer indicated that he would have the product within 3 days of order. The three days came and went and on Friday, Mark came home from school to find a small box that his mom had placed on his bed. Mark opend the package to find a small brown vial and a letter.

The letter instructed him to drink half the bottle and to vovalize his wished for results. Mark opend the, took a deep breath and drank half the contents of the vial. mark then verbalized his wish, "I wish I was 6 years older, and that everyone knew this to be natural." Mark felt silly doing this, and after a few minutes of nothing happneing felt really dumb for believing it would work anyway.

Just then. Mark felt a warm tingling sensation all over his body. He felt very hot and started to sweat. He was so hot that he started to take off his tshirt. Mark was amazed as his shirt started to rip as he felt himself getting taller and felt his whole body expanding.

Mark looked in amazemnt as his feet began to get longer, as his socks stretched to their limit, and finally ripped to reveal a size 13 foot. Mark's pants started creeping up his leg as he grew taller and taller. His shirt was now in tatters on the floor as Mark saw his chest expand and develop. He felt hair growing under his arms and on his legs. Mark also felt his boxers getting tighter as his balls and cock started growing. As the growing and aging process stopped, Mark ran to the closet door mirror to see the results of his wish.

"Oh my God, " Mark said, startled at both what he saw and how he sounded. Marks voice was now deeper then before. Mark was awed by his older, more muscular appearance, and coulndt help but notice the considerable bulge in his now very tight pants. Mark slowly dropped his pants and boxers, and was greeted by a now very large and now hairy penis and balls. Mark touched his new cock and balls and was instatntly aroused. Mark reached to find a yard stick to check out his new cock. Mark was now hully arounsed as he measured himself' 8" hard now. Mark then measured his height to fing taht he was now 6'2". Mark posed naked in front of the mirror now- reveling in his older post puberty body. Mark began stroking his huge cock- as wave after wave of excitement and pleasure washed over his body. Mark almost screamed as he released- splattering the mirror as he did so.

Mark was so happy with his new body he just stood at stared at it for a few more minutes as he came down for his first orgasm. Wow I cant wait to show this new me off he thought. •

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