From Dud to Stud

By Anonymous

Justin was sad. He was fifteen and very skinny and lanky. To top it off he was nerdy. There was no way he was going to date this girl he really liked, Julie.

She was really hot and nice and perfect, but he just wasn't the kind of guys girls dated. He was a dork.

He wanted to change. He had tried to do some weightlifting but it didn't work out.

Late one rainy night, he was sitting at his computer, surfing the internet. He was bored, so he was looking at some sites that were really for kids a little older than he was.

During his searching, Justin came across this picture of this really hot stud guy. "If I only looked like that, I would be set.", he sighed.

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash outside his window. His computer went blank and so did he.

Justin woke up a minute or two later. "Whoa," he said, "That was some lightning strike. I hope my computer isn't fried!"

Then he realized something was different. His voice sounded deeper.

"That's strange..." he began to say, but a sudden massive pain hit his head and he stumbled back.

He felt funny. He began to feel different.

Justin pulled himself up and stood in front of his mirror. His jaw dropped.

As he watched in the mirror, his body was changing.

His skin changed from a pale white to a rich tan.

His weak chin grew strong.

His face became more handsomely set and older.

His feet grew larger to accomodate his new height as he shot up several inches.

His biceps grew several inches around.

His chest swelled in to sculpted pecs.

His abs became clearly defined and a trail was growing down them to...

Justin couldn't believe it as he looked down and saw his new stud 10 inch manhood framed in tufts of pubic hair.

Justin looked over himself once more in the mirror to make sure he saw what he saw. He had become the hot guy from the picture.

He smiled as he said, "Look out Julie, and for that matter all you girls, there's a new hot guy in town." •

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