Supersize Me!

By Drakkenfyre

Jeremy was your average 8 year old boy. He wanted to grow up fast. Dressed in his Superman underwear, he'd run around the house pretending he was grown up. His step brother, Luke always played the villainous monster, whether Jeremy wanted him to or not. If he was the adult, he'd teach his 19 year old step brother a thing or three!

Roger, his step father was nice, but Luke more than made up for the evil-step relative from the fairy tales. Since both parents worked, and Luke was out of school for the summer. It meant Luke was Jeremy's overseer most of the time.

College was going to start in a week, so Jeremy had gotten his text books and was looking them over while he made Jeremy sit quietly with the game boy, TV and stereo all turned off. Jeremy was bored stiff.

"Hah! They gotta be kidding! My comparative religions class has a whole section on Wicca Magic. Do people really believe magic spells can change reality? This will be a hoot!" He tossed the black bound book on the table, and picked up his Poli Sci book. Jeremy decided he'd take a look at this book if it was supposed to be funny.

"You can look, runt, but don't tear any pages!" Luke ordered.

"I won't," said Jeremy softly.

He opened the text book, and was disappointed to see it was mostly words. But one heading caught his eye, "Spells To Change Your Reality." He scanned through the section until he found what he was looking for, a spell to steal years off another's life and to make the new reality seem normal to everyone else.

Jeremy studied the spell. The ingredients would be fairly simple items to obtain. He asked, if he could go to the kitchen.

"Yeah, but don't make a mess. And bring me back some Cracker Jack."

In the kitchen, Jeremy quickly added the herbs, oils, and then he snuck into his step brother's room. He needed something with hairs or bodily fluids from his intended victim. He checked out the waste bin, it was full of soiled tissues. Pay dirt, he figured that his snotty step brother was really filled with a lot of snot. He picked a damp tissue with a couple long kinky hairs sticking out of it. Jeremy was surprised that nose hairs could grow that long. Of course, unknowingly Jeremy had found the contents of Luke's latest jack off session. He mixed it with herb's and he added his own spit. Then he blended it in the blender, and filled two cups with the resulting brown slop. He wrote "+15" on his cup, and on Luke's he wrote "-15". He carried them in with a box of Cracker Jack(tm).

"Thanks, squirt," Luke said, and ripped open the box of snack food. He pulled out the fake tatoo prize and tossed it to Jeremy. Then started crunching away, as he reads Machiavelli's The Prince.

Jeremy opened the tatoo and licked it, and stuck it to his upper arm. It was a superman tatoo. He then sipped his drink. It tasted awful, but it was only a couple ounces so he finished it.

Luke was really thirsty after his fourth fistful of salted carmel popcorn and peanuts. He jugged the cup down in one gulp. Only after he swallowed did he notice the terrible taste.

"Jeremy, what is this crap?" His clothing suddenly felt really loose. He looked at Jermey and gasped.

Jeremy was growing. He was at least a foot taller, and 40 pounds heavier, and growing right before Luke's eyes. The Superman shirt stretched taut revealing a muscular chest, then it started to rip.

"Wha--?" Luke stopped in mid word as his voice cracked and became high pitched. The table top raced toward eye level. He shrinking in a sea of clothing. The clothing weighed him down he could barely move.

The now 23 year old, Jeremy, "Yow! These are too tight!" Jeremy says ripping his torn red undies completely off. Little four year old Luke looks up at the 6 foot giant his little step brother has become. He gasps at the 10 inch cock that flops out as the red fabric is tossed aside. He was only 6 inches when hard. Turning his attention to Luke, Jeremy helped his step brother out of his clothing, and stepped into Luke's white briefs.

Looking down at tiny Luke, Jeremy put his hands on his hips, and said, "Looks like we'll both need new wardrobes. You're too small for my clothing, and I'm way to big for your stuff."

That night when their parents returned home. His mother thanked Jeremy for looking as little Lucas. Luke was so tired out he lay asleep in Jeremy's old bed wearing an oversized pair of super man pajamas. Jeremy had found an extra large t-shirt and some stretch shorts in Luke's former dresser. After his folks returned he drove over to the mall to buy some new clothes. He noticed that his temporary tatoo had become a real one when he changed. Now he permanently would bear the Superman emblem on his upper arm. He smiled. When Lucas awoke tomorrow, he'd probably think he was dreaming.

Jeremy unexpectedly had a boner while noticing a couple of pretty young women after making his purchases. His new adult hormones were kicking in. When he got home, Jeremy would discover what those Kleenexes(tm) had really been used for... •

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