Beach Bum

By darkmask

Kyle was a normal beach bum in California, on his junior year of high school. He was a surfer and rather good at it too. The only problem was Kyle was lets say chubby. He had never had a girlfriend in his life because of the fat he carried around. He had tried to work out but it was no use. No fat lost and no muscle gain. he thought he would allways stay at his 6'1 hieght, same brown hair, green eys and fat.


Kyle came home late his parents were big bussines people and always were away he was suprised they haden't thrown them in jail for leaving him alone for weeks at a time. He threw some food in the microwave and went online to chat with chicks he'd never date. Thats when a stupid pop up came on to the screen. Are you Kyle Stevens? the pop up said. It had a picture of him standing half nacked! Kyle was alarmed who did this? "Do you want to look like this?" Then Kyle's picture began to morph into some huge bodybuilder. There was a button it said yes. Kyle clicked feeling scared and stupid. Then the pop up disappeared and an e-mail came. "come to 76 winding way tonight at twelve" it read. "Sure" he tought "I ain't got anything better to do". At twelve he arrived at the building it was a golds gym. Kyle walked in the door slid open and there was a dark work out room. There stood a giant macine and three huge men. "Are you Kyle Stevens" one of them asked in a voice that was so low it shook the whole building. "Yes" Kyle said frightened. "Good" said the man again. "Garb him" the two other smaller men grabed Kyle and stripped him of his clothes and placed him in the machine. The bethemoth leader went and pushed some buttons on the machine. Kyle stood cold nacked and scared. Some vents opened in the machine as a blue gas filled the machine. Kyle banged on the glass for air. At that moment Kyle's whole body went in to a burning frenzy and his body began to inlarge at a very fast rate. His back expaned and formed so both sholders toutched the circuliar glass pecs poped out of his body as though some one was blowing him up like a ballon. his fat chubby belley melted awayand was replaced with a defined 6-pack. His arms grew into huge pythons. His waist shrank to match his huge torso. He grew three more inches. His face thinned out as a black goatee grew into his new nicely formed dimple. His adems apple shrunk even lower then the leader out side of the machine. Crotch began to widen and thicken till it was 18 inches hard on and his balls grew to the size of soft balls. His legs thickened out to giant tree tuncks. it ended with a long grunt as Kyle began to cum on the machine door. When he finished his huge load the door slid open as the three men claped at the transiformed teenager. "Im thiristy got a water fountain" asked the new bethemoth. the smallest guy pointed to a corner as Kyle walked to get a drink. •

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