Magical Muscle

By darkmask

Yo my name is Tom. Im that teen above you well at least thats what I looked like. Im bigger much bigger. Im gonna tell you my tory of how i got big. It wasn't steroids or working out. I have two favorite sports basketball and your wondering what dos e that have to for with this. Well I want to be a pro baseball player I play basketball because its to cold to play baseball in the winter. Well it all started when my travle baseball team was in California all the way from P.A. yeah i play for the state little league. Any way a couple of my teammates and I went to the beach to find some chicks. We were talking when i stubed my toe on something hit my foot it was an old tiny spanish vase. I picked it up and threw it out in to the ocean I watched as the vase's top fell off and landed in the ocean. As it made a splash some big guys came over with some hot babes. We starred at the girls as they passed us. The three big muscle men looked at me.The biggest one asked me "you lookin at my women kid?" I stayed quiet. "Awnser me when I talk to you BOY" I remained silent. "Fine then" he said the man picked me up an tossed me in the ocean. The three men laughed at me as they walked away. "That was mean" I heard a spanish accent say. I turned around "yeah" I replied as I turned around.

"And you would be?", I said with annoyance in my voice.i turned around to find a mexican modle. "I am a genie from that vase you threw so I am you are my master", he said kindly. "You get three wishes and i go back into my vase." Okey for my first wish I want to have bigger muscles than those guys who thew me and be a 25 year old man. I said makeing sure my words were right just in case this guy was a crazy genie. "It shall be done" he said with a smile. Every thing went black and white and everyone and everything stopped moving except the genie and I. My whole body froze as a tingling felling went through my body and it began to grow. My back stretched out, grew and pecs inflated, formed six pack python arms the works grew to match my new muscled body.

When it was over the genie asked. "Do you have any more wishes master?" "Yeah" I replied in a voice that wasn't mine "I wish I could give people muscles at my command." A warm feeling swept threw me and vanished as instantly as it came. "You have one wish left master." the genie said with exaust in his voice."My last wish is when ever I give sombody muscles I gain fifty pounds of pure muscle." The tingling feeling swept through me again and left just like before. It is done he said as the world's color and movement reappered. some of the guys from my team ran over. "Hey mister did you see our friend? he was thrown over here." I replied with a sly smile. •

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