Computer Program

Kevin is the oldest brother in his family. He has two younger brothers named Matt and Brian. It was Friday night and Kevin had come home from college. He had bought a new computer program on his way back home at a computer store.

Kevin went up to his bedroom, sat down at his desk and loaded the program to his computer. After it was loaded a window came up. It had a whole lot of options he could pick from. But one said "Real Life" which he click on out of interest.

Then up came another window which had three live images of him and his two brothers. He click on the image of him. On the side of the image were options. Kevin click on more muscles and just then begain feel strange. His shirt and shorts begain to tear apart at the seams as his biceps and triceps grew bigger.

Amazed at his transformation he took a moment to look over his new musclebond body. After a few seconds Kevin turned back to the computer. He then click on the image of his brother Brian. Just then Brian called for him and Kevin went to Brian's bedroom.

"Hey Kevin I feel..." Just then Brian's belt and pants button flew off of his blue jeans. They both stood there looking down at Brian's crouch. "Kevin my..." Just then Brian's cock blew out of his pants and Kevin was in its path. He found him self hanging on to Brian's now expanding and lengthing cock. As it lengthed and grew it carried Kevin out the doorway, down the hallway, and back into his bedroom where is stopped.

When Brian's cock came to a stop Kevin fell to his bedroom floor. All the exceptment was to much. Blood begain filling into the giant cock causing an erection. Kevin watched as it lickened and lengthed. "Do something Kevin" yelled Brian from his room.

Kevin went to his compture and click on "Restore to normal". Brian's cock begain shrinking back to its normal size. Kevin watched out his bedroom doorway Brian's cock shrink back to its normal 4 inch length. Brian then ran into the bathroom and shot his load into the toilet which lasted for two minutes.

Brian then went to Kevin's bedroom and asked who he did that. He then noticed the computer screen. "hey look Matt's jerken off again" said Brian. Just then a book fell on the keyboard hitting enter. "Oh no" yelled Kevin.

Their eyes then locked onto the computer screen. They watched as Matt's boxers ripped apart revealing his cock in hand. Matt then stopped jerking off revealing his erect cock. Matt watched as his whole naked body started to fill up the living room.

"Kevin stop Matt's growth he's getting to big" said Brian. "I can't its not working" replyed Kevin.

Down stairs as Matt's body grew bigger his bare feet pushed through the wall and into the gardage. Matt's head pushed though the living room ceiling and into his bedroom. His feet then blew out from the gargade wall and headed toward the road. Matt's head then pushed through the roof of the house.

He had to put his hands and arms out his bedroom window and kitchen window. Just then Kevin's bedroom wall gave way showing Matt's huge chest. Brain and Kevin then decided to find a way out of their house. They ran out into the hallway and looked over the railing.

There was no way out Matt's legs were blocking their escape. They startd to enter Kevin bedroom when all of a sudden Matt's huge cock head pushed through Kevin's bedroom floor. The giant cock shot its load of cum. The force was so powerful it blew the rest of the roof off. Matt then laughed.

Kevin and Brian watched from the hallway Matt's cock head travel up towards the sky. They then decided the only way to survive this was to jump onto Matt's giant leg. So they jumped and make it onto his leg. They used the hairs on his leg to climb down to the ground.

Once on the ground Kevin and Brian ran to a save distence. They watched as there gigantic brother contiued to grow bigger and bigger. Matt sat there watching his feet plow through houses. His gigantic ass checks rolled over houses and cars.

"Kevin how are we going to stop Matt's growth" asked Brian. "I dont know Brian I just don't know".

The End •

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