Swish! Little Guy Wins The Brute's Muscles

By Drakkenfyre

Damon did a double take, he had just come in from hitting a few baseballs, and there was his runt cousin challenging him to a game of 1 on 1 basketball. His family was loaded and they were standing in the gym complete with regulation basketball court that gramps had built out back by the stables. The dark haired boy looked so coyly at Damon, that Damon just had to teach that kid to respect his betters. He put his bat down and took off his baseball cap and faced his young cousin on the court.

"Lets make it interesting, Dame, how about a wager?"

"Don't call be Dame. The name is Damon, squirt."

His cousin shrugged, "'Kay, DaMON, are you up to a serious wager?"

"Like what?"

"Loser gets whatever he demands from winner! Are you confident enough to wager what you don't know you'll have to pay!"

"You're on, squirt!"

Damon and Eric played to 20, and Damon led at the start, but the little guy was wiry, and kept shooting 3 pointers.

"Kay, dude, you won. What do you want? My watch, my walkman,my--"

"DaMON, I got all that stuff what I want is some of your height and muscle." He reached into his gym bag and pulled out what looked like a flashlight with lamps at both ends. He pushed the red button, and it started to strobe. Red light flashed on Damon, then green light on Eric. Then redlight on Damon, then greenlight on Eric. Damon felt weak, and a huge bubble oozed and formed from his sweating bare torso. The bubble floated over toward Eric and burst.

Damon watched in amazement as his little cousin grew before his eyes. It wasn't until after his cousin walked off that a dazed Damon realized he'd lost height and mass. His pants dragged on the ground.

That afternoon, a taller more mature Eric was down on the courts in his new duds shooting hoops. Damon thought he looked to be 16 instead of 12. A smaller more determined cousin Damon challenged him to a rematch.

"Double or nothing?" laughed Eric.

"You're on!" The taller more muscular Eric whipped the reduced Damon 10 minutes. 22-8.

The sequence repeated itself. Flashing lights and bubble draining his strength.

Soon Eric was a 21 year old stud, and law student Damon was just exiting puberty at maybe age 17 again.

"Hey, twerp, Double or Nothing?" Damon asked

Eric smiled. They'd just exchanged a total of 8 years, if he took 16 off Damon, the brute would be back in diapers. He smiled remembering Damon's mother lamenting that he was over 3 before he was potty trained. And being 37, Eric would be old enough to be a Damon's father. Heck at only 8 years, Eric would be 29, and Damon 11.

"What do you mean by double, twerp?" Eric replied looking down at his now shorter cousin.

Damon swallowed hard as he considered the implications of his challenge. •

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