Amazing Muscle

By DTL12

David loved to work out. He could beat anyone in arm wrestling, but he didnt have all the mass he really desired. Well one night after his evening workout, he decided to go for a jog through the woods. He stumbled over a root and fell, his face landed inches from a moss-covered stone surface. He stood up and brushed the dirt off himself. It was a wishing well. Ha, he had a few coins in his pocket so he decided to make a wish, It couldn't really do anything, Could it? He pulled a quarter out of his pocket, Closed his eyes and squeezed it into his palm. "I wish I was 250 pounds of pure muscle, with a dick to match!" He tossed to coin into the well and went home.

He stripped down to his briefs and read his fitness magazine. Suddenly he felt something, his cock was hardening, and there was only one way to fix that, suddenly he felt something else, looking down he saw his balls begin to swell, causing the fabric to make a protesting noise. Meanwhile during this process he felt what could only be described as the most powerful orgasm of his life. Suddenly his balls released sending testosterone racing through his body. All his veins bulged, and suddenly his muscle began to tighten. Then he realized they were growing, his biceps rounding up, chest pushing out, nipples pointing down. His back flared like a cobra's hood. His quads grew to look like watermelons. Then finally something yanked his attention back to his tight briefs.

His throbbing dick was now almost 10 inches long, curled up inside every available inch of his briefs. His balls which had shrunk to a less amazing size were still big, large eggs in his sack. But then they churned and brought him to an amazing climax, he shot his load in his briefs, tilted his head back and moaned in pleasure. God he had to show his friends the new him! •

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