By JMH02003

This story is a fictional account of a person's experience through hypnotic muscle growth. I based the feeling off of my own hypnotic growth experience (Where I could see and feel myself considerably more beefy, no one else can see it though. These hypnotic sessions can be amazing, not to mention surprising. Much like the guy in this story, I let my tounge slip and got a huge surprise.). The situation has been changed for better storytelling purposes.

I stumbled on to the site accidentally. It's weird the kind of places you can find at 3 o'clock in the morning, but this one took the cake. It was a site that hosted hypnosis files that were aimed at fetishes. Furry fetish, transgender fetish, masochist fetish. They all seemed pretty strange, claiming that they could change a person not only mentally, but physically.

It couldn't possibly be true, I knew that, but the file I stared at was just begging to be tried. TrigBig, a file for the muscle enthusiast. The file boasted that it would cause my muscles to grow until my body weight had increased to that which I desired, but what ever change happened was irreversable. I knew it couldn't work, but why did I try? In a few moments it was downloaded and burnt to a disc. I listened to it, and waited for it to complete. My mind wandered frequently, picking up on small things, like how I would feel my body expanding or how my body would accomodate my new mass. I drifted off to sleep listening to it.

I awoke the next morning, the file still playing within my ear, and I tried it out. "Gain 50 pounds, now." I said the trigger aloud, but nothing happened. I didn't feel any different. I walked around listening to the file the rest of my day, and still, no luck. I sat in front of my mirror that night looking at my as usual 180 pound body. Kind of depressed that it didn't work. I turned on the file again, looping it as I slept. The next morning I woke up and tried once more, again with no success. I went downstairs and called over one of my friends, we had to lift my old sofa out to the truck so I could get it to the dump.

"Yeah Nate, I'm ready to get that pile of crap couch out of here, why don't you head over now? Oh, bring that heavy duty scale, I have to see if the couch is too big for the dump." I said, somewhat grogilly. Nate, who sounded awfully cheery for 8 in the morning said goodbye and started out for my place. After a few minutes he pulled his truck up to the step and came inside. He laughed when he came in, making me notice that I was still in my boxers. "I thought you were ready to dump your couch, looks to me like your ready for bed." I laughed snidely at him and started to go upstairs, when he spoke again. "Say, what are you listening to?" I debated in my mind whether or not to tell him, but Nate was a bit of a bodybuilder himself and understood the love of being big. I hadn't realized I'd even been listening to it.

"Well, it's kind of stupid... I don't think you want to know." I said, shrugging a little. Nate laughed again "I definitely need to know now, never tell someone they don't want to know." I sighed and walked down the stairs and back into the kitchen. "It's a hypnosis file that builds muscle mass by tweaking your hormones and mind." I expected him to laugh at me, but instead he looked intrigued. "Has it worked?" He asked with interest. "No, everytime I say the trigger, I don't grow any. I don't even think it's real. It's all supposed to happen in a few minutes, but even when I wait nothing clicks."

Nate folded his arms, then asked once more. "What's a trigger?" I told him very matter-of-fact-ly that it was the words that forced the effects to start. "So, for this file I'd have to say something like 'Gain 1000 pounds, now.'" I shuddered, feeling a tingle go up my spine. I felt a little dizzy, so I took my headphones off and leaned on the table. "What's wrong?" Nate asked. "Nothing. I just felt a little dizzy there for a minute." I stood and Nate backed away. "What?" I asked. He pointed at me and I looked down.

I nearly collapsed at what was happening, My chest had become defined, and I was getting abs under the soft layer of flab that usually protruded from my midsection. My arms were swelling, and my boxers were growing tight on my ass. I had to have gained 20 pounds already. I ran up the stairs, Nate following me all the way, watching me as my back grew outward. My skin felt like it was spandex, being stretched comfortably across a swelling balloon. I got into the bathroom and stood on the scale. It said I was 220 now, then 221, 222, 223. I was growing over a pound a second. I pushed Nate, who stared gaping at me as my body began to rival his own, away from the mirror. I saw what was happening, and it was incredible. My chest was growing solid beneath the veil of skin that contained it. A crease formed between the swelling peaks of mass that lay on my torso.

My legs started to hurt, and when I looked down I knew why. My boxers were pulled tight against my growing thighs. I reached for the band with my beefed out arms and began to rip them from me. Nate backed away as my body grew well past his 230 pound frame, I couldn't take my eyes off myself as I swelled past 300 pounds. In a matter of moments I had grown to 380. I was the largest bodybuilder in the world! I watched the scale as my weight climbed steadily, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399, 400. Then it stopped. I continued to grow, but the scale had reached its limit. I tried to push myself through the doorframe as I continued to grow, but my shoulders sealed me into the tiny room. I turned and walked out sideways, bounding down the stairs. I ran nude into my yard, jumping on to the flatbed truck and singlehandedly pulling the heavy duty scale down and into the house. I tried to navigate my swollen thighs so that my adductors wouldn't smash my balls like grapes, or as they looked compared to the tree trunks shooting out my legs, peas.

I tossed the scale to the floor and stood on it, it whirred around to 476 pounds and started to climb as well. It took seconds, but my body swelled and tensed, pulsing its way past 500 pounds. My legs pushed each other apart on the scale. I looked down over my monstrous chest and saw the strangest thing ever. My abs were past my huge chest, which seemed wrong. I ran my hand down them as best I could, finding that they had grown so large that they had formed a gut that fought for space, bowing out past my chest. It became increasingly hard to rub my abs as my biceps and lats continued to grow, my arm began to straighten and lift from my body. I was losing mobility quickly, I could feel my skin riding shakily across my expanding legs as they pushed farther apart. My huge ass was still balooning, making it hard to stand properly. I tried to look for Nate, but even that had become impossible. My neck would no longer turn about, I managed one last peek at the scale before my head was forced into an upright position. 799 pounds and still growing. My body became imbalanced, causing me to fall on to the floor with a house shaking thud. I lay there, helpless, growing.

A few more minutes passed when nate wandered into sight. He had a huge hardon in his pants. I could tell, he looked at me in amazement. "Are you okay?" He asked with a gulp. "Yeah, but I can't move.... what does the scale say?" Nate looked at the scale, which lay fizzling at my feet. "Error... you broke it." I sighed. "Can you turn back now?" Nate asked. "No, I'm stuck this way for good. To huge to move. I can't even whack-off!" Nate sat on my chest, which pushed him up near the ceiling, He looked so small now. "You won't need to worry about that big guy, you've got me now. And I'll start listening to the muscle growth file, I'll get big enough to move you out to that truck and we'll go somewhere quiet for you to be huge. But first..." Nate pulled out my headphones and placed them on my head. " I checked that site from your history and found another file for you." He pressed play and I began to listen.. my crotch began to tingle as the words were spoken "from now on, you are addicted to sex. You will find that your penis is growing by inches, daily...."

Nate smiled and licked my chest. "You're gonna be a really big man in more ways than one.... we're gonna have a lot of fun together..." •

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