Big John


By Muscledude49

Another month had passed and John had kept up with his diet and the exercise program the clinic had given him. His body had totally changed from extreme fat and flabbiness to a slim young man. The loss had been so fast that he still had some loose skin hanging off him and he still didn’t have huge muscles, though his strength had grown tremendously over what it had been.

His waist was down to 32, his chest was around 42, and his arms were around 13 but solid. The clinic people were working to get rid of all the loose skin he had. Another thing was they were changing the formula he had been taking. Because Jon had been so overweight they had given him a formula that would increase your strength some, but increase your metabolism so the fat could be burned off. Now they were beginning to give him the formula to build muscle fast.

Once again John astonished them. His skin began to tighten immediately and his muscles began to take on a new shape. Now not only was he taking the formula, but he was also working out using the huge weight room that they had at the facility. He was adding new weight everyday. His arms at this point were 12", chest 37, and waist 34. But in just 2 weeks he was at 14"a, 40"c, and 33w. And still he grew.

One day the Dr he was working with named David was talking with some of the others at the clinic about John. "He’s changed so much so fast I would like to try the new formula on him." They were all a bit reluctant to try it as it seemed to test so strong. But David was insistent since John had responded so well to the other test. So finally they agreed.

David went and talked to John and told him about the new formula and how it had not been tested yet on humans. He told him it had tested as very strong and could be dangerous if John was willing to take the chance it could cause him to grow very strong and cause his muscle growth to accelerate. John didn’t even have to think about it. He just said, "Bring it on Doc."

So David opened up a small box containing a hypodermic needle that had the serum in it. He had John pull down his pants turn around and shot it in his hip. Almost immediately John could feel the serum enter and go through his body, like a warmth he had never experienced before. Soon the heat wore off and John was disappointed because he didn’t see anything happen.

Dr. David told him to go to bed and get a good rest and then they would see how this new formula worked.

The next morning when John got up he went to look in the mirror and didn’t really see any changes. He felt energized, but other that nothing. Then he went to take his morning piss and when he pulled out his cock he almost fainted. It had been small…just 4.5" when hard, and now it was about 6" soft! He played with and it got hard now growing to about 8"! He couldn’t believe it. He jerked off and when he shot his load it flew across the room.

Then he went to the mirror once again and flexed his arms. They were still not as big as Dr. David but had significantly grown over night. He measured and hey were up to16". He went to clinic and told the Doc what had happened. Once again he was measured and given another shot. This time the rush he got was even better than before. And this time something happened. He could feel his body growing. His shirt that had been loose on him began to tighten up. His arms stretching the fabric. His chest pushing out and the buttons began to fly across the room. He waist tightened up. His quads and calves began to stretch the material of his pants till the seams began to tear!

His arms went from 16" to 19’, chest from 44" to 56", his waist became an incredible 8 pack and measured at 30". His legs looked like tree trunks…huge, thick and strong. He flexed in front of the mirror and was astonished at the muscle man in front of him, that was HIM! He got a huge hard on that now measured 12" hard and thick with precum flowing from the end. •

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