Big John


By Muscledude49

John was fat. Not just plump, not husky, fat! He had been fat all his life, ever since he had been born his parents doted on him so much that he just ate and ate and didnít do anything to burn it off. He was fat.

Now John wasnít happy being fat, but didnít really know what to do about it. He was 16 now, wanting to go and do the things other boys his age was doing, but couldnít because he was so fat. He was 5í4" and weighed in at 250lbs. His arms were fat, his chest looked like a girls with big boobs, his stomach flowed over his huge pants.

He was tired of the kids making fun of him and he was tired of being tired all the time. Itís hard to carry that much weight around all the time and being so out of shape.

He had tried walking, but his Mom was scared that something might happen to him while he was outside so she stopped him. He had tried diets, but his metabolism was so slow because of the lack of exercise and his size that he really had trouble loosing any of the fat. Most nights he cried himself to sleep because he was so unhappy about the way he looked and felt.

One day John saw an ad in the newspaper that tweaked his interest. It was for kids his age that were overweight and promised great results, but there was a catch, you had to go to this clinic and have some tests run and then they would choose who was going to be on the new program. The ad said that all the preliminary tests really looked good.

John told his mother about the test and that he wanted to try it. She was really hesitant because she didnít want anything bad to happen to him, but because he was so insistant finally gave in.

They called and made an appointment to go in. They had to wait two weeks because of the number of calls the clinic was getting. John groaned when he heard this because he was anxious to get in and get started, but he was also worried that they would choose all the kids and fill up the program before he had his chance.

The day finally arrived and Joe and his mom went down to the university where the testing was to be done. When they got there the receptionist gave John an oversized towel and told him to wrap it around himself with nothing else on for the test. One thing John never did was expose himself. He never went swimming, never took a shower at school. He was so embarrised about the rolls of fat all over his body that he always wore long sleeve shirts and dress pants. It was still obvious that he was really fat, but at least it covered it up.

He went back to the changing room where he removed his clothes and put the towel on, it had velcro to hold it up. Then he went back to the receptionist where he saw some other kids who had done the same. Once again he won theaward for being the biggest and fattest. He was really embarrised by this and really wanted to head back home, but something kept him there.

In about 15 minutes his name was called and he went on back for the examiniation. There he met a team of young Doctors who probed him in every crevise and hole in his body. After a couple of hours of this he was sore, hurting, and very tired. But they kept on for another hour or so.

Then was told to go back to the waiting room and he would be called back in a little while to discuss the results. So back to Mom he went. She asked what did they do and he just said they poked and probed him everywhere.

In about an hour one of the doctors came out to talk to John and his mom and told them that John had been accepted into the program, that he perfectly fit what they were looking for. They were to come back tommorow to fill out the paper work and get started!

John was so excited. Finally, he thought, Iím going to loose this weight and look like a normal kid!

What he didnít know was this was a special program. The University was looking for ways to fight obesity and to build muscle. That was the ultimate goal of the Drs that had looked at John. The reason they had chosen him was because he was so incredibly fat and out of shape.

The next day arrived and John and his mom went into the center. There she signed a mountain of papers releasing the center from all liability if anything went wrong. They assured here that nothing was going to happen to John, but this was just what the lawyers required. She was worried, but John told her that this was what he wanted to do.

They went to the research area where John once again was given the towel to put on. This time he put it on and went to the room quickly. John noticed something this time he hadnít noticed before. The staff and even the Drs all seemed to be young and in great shape. The Dr that was talking to his mom he noticed even with the lab coat he had on looked very athletic. After Johnís mom left the Dr came over to talk to John and find out what John did on a daily basis. He took off the lab coat and with the short sleeves on the scrub shirt he was wearing showed the size of his arms. They were huge and big balls of muscle formed on them when bent them. John couldnít keep his eyes off them.

The Dr acted as if he didnít notice, but he did. He was really proud of his development that had come as a result of his research. The Dr had been very skinny and out of shape when he started this program. Now his body had been transformed.

While he talking to John he discovered John had never been part of any sports, any strenuous activies, and basically ate, studied and watched TV. He was the perfect one for these trials he said. Then he asked John what he would like to be like. John said that he dreamed daily about being thin, being able to walk without running our of breath, to be able to go outside and play ball and do all the normal things kids his age could do.

The Doc asked him if he would like to have big muscles. "YES!!!", John said, "but mom wonít let me lift weights, I might hurt myself." "Donít worry about that,," he said.

So once again John got the strangest examination. He was measured, fat levels measured, body measured, even his dick was measured soft. It looked really small surrounded by all the fat on his body. He had grown and gone through puberty, but because he was so out of shape it still looked like a little boys organ

This time not only was he measured and probed, but they put him on a treadmill and did measurments for strength. He could barely get started when he was huffing and puffing and he was so weak the instruments barely registered anything..

Then it all began.

They gave John a shot of a new serum. There was nothing extraordinary in it, except that the concentrations were beyond anything given before. What made it special was the time release qualities it had. Over the next 24hrs the serum would enter every organ in his body. What would hopefully happen was his metabolism which was almost non-existant would be jump started, they would be fed with the proper amount of nutrucian, and that Johnís natural hormones that a 15 year old boy has would be elevated way above the norm.

They sent him home with instructions of coming back the next day after school was out.

That night John really felt different. Excited, his heart pounding, hot. He had never felt this way before. One thing he noticed was he was having to go to the bathroom a lot to pee and poop. And it wasnít normal as the amounts were more than he had ever done.

All evening and all night he was running to the bathroom. Fortunately this stopped about four in the morning so he could get some sleep and go to school.

The next morning he was brushing his teeth and looked at himself in the mirror. He was still very fat, but he noticed something, The t shirt he was wearing looked a little less around the middle. He pulled up his shirt and really couldnít tell much, but he knew there was a little less of him. He also noticed that as he sat down to eat breakfast that he seemed to be breathing a bit better. Just the effort of walking from one end of the house to the other he would run out of breath.

That day at school was great. He felt good, better than he ever could remember. And then something extraordinary happened. He was in his math class when the teacher came in and asked a couple of them to move a table for her. John jumped up to volunteer (he was bit of a brown noser) and picked up the eight foot table by himself. He was amazed. He couldnít lift hardly any weight before, and here he was carrying this pressed board top table. He struggled some, but not as much as he would think.

That afternoon when school was out he couldnít wait to get to the center for his next shot!

When he got there he stripped and put the towel on without even being asked and went to the same room. However, the Dr came and took him to another room where he was asked to get on the scales. They were amazed and told him he had lost 10lbs that first day! This was a lot more than they had thought and were amazed. Then they put him on some of the strength measuring machines and again he amazed them as his strength had increased by a quarter. He still wasnít as strong as a normal 15 year old, but had gained a lot in a short amount of time, and he hadnít worked out at all!

They went to talk to him and found out about his many trips to the bathroom and the table incident at the school. They huddled together and decided to continue as they had planned, so they gave him another shot and sent him on home.

Once again there were the constant trips to the bathroom, this time it really stank. He had to open the window and put a fan in it. In between trips he laid down on the bed and folded his arms across his chest. For the first time in his life he felt something he had never felt before, there was some hardness in his upper arms. He could feel a bicep forming! Next time in the bathrooom he stood in front of the mirror and flexed his arms. He could just see the smallest rise happen.

The next morning he looked in the mirror and could begin to see real improvement. He had lost 10lbs the first day. With another 10 off he could really see a differnece, mainly in his face. He felt strong, ready to meet the world. He was still fat, but his body was making some real changes. Then the first problem arose. He put on his pants and they were way to big. He had a 48 waist, but now he had lost about 4" from his waist. He tightened the belt as much as he could and went on down for breakfast. He showed his mom who was really excited for him. She said she would go out and buy him some clothes that day.

That day in school seemed to never end. For one he had to physically hold up his pants all day whenever he walked. His body was still shifting and so he was a bit uncomfortable. The other kids were really noticing his change, many came up and congratulated him for it. He was really stoked when he went back to the clinic.

This time when they measured him they found he actually lost 15lbs, for a total now of 25! His waist line had gone from 48 to 40 in two days. This really awed the Dr who had thought it would be a month to reach these results. Johnís strength had also increased tremendously as well. His strength had grown by a quarter this first day, now it had doubled! He wasnít powerful or extraordinally strong, but he was getting stronger, and all without any extra exercise!

This time they altered the serum they were giving him and had sent to his home some exercise equipment. The Doc said that since he had surpassed their expectations that they were moving this up in his schedule as well! He was to go home and do the exercises on the sheet and no more!

That evening his trips to the bathroom dropped dramatically and he went to his room to do the excercises. First the treadmill for 20 min, and then with the weights they had sent him with he did a quick circuit. He felt a tingling in the muscles he had never felt before, it was wonderful! Fortunately they had sent with him a mild sleeping pill or he wouldnít have gone to sleep at all that night.

The next morning when he went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror he almost didnít recognize himself. He was still a big boy but was looking good! What had been flab hanging off him had tightened up a lot, his chest and waist line were about the same size now, his arms had taken a more muscular appearance and his face was thinning!

The kids at school were astonished when they saw him that day! Even the girls began to speak to him, that had never happened before!

That afternoon at the clinic the Doc was very excited about Johnís progress. After the usual exam they discovered he was now 195lbs, 5í5", his body fat level was still high but not near what it had been just a few days before. His strength had once again increased by 50%. And his muscle tone was really getting good. This time Doc asked him to flex his arm and let him feel it. The Doc did the same for him. John was beside himself when he felt the big hard ball of muscle. He had a hard on, this time very noticable since lots of the fat was gone. The Doc reached down and felt it and congratulated him on his progress. •

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