Magic Tie, The

By Wolfrolf

Tom was a 16 year old boy, goes to a internat school, where only boys go to learn. he was only 5' 3" inches high. all his friends laught about him, that was he so small. in school they must wear suit and tie. he loved it, but dont love to be so small.

he found a shop with magic items and go inside. the first, what he saw was the ties. MAGIC ties!!!! hm, he think, what means that. and ask the nice young man behind the counter. he said: this tie will be grow, and will be let grow the man, how wear it. realy, ask tom. and how big? so big, if you wish. you must only zip the tie, if you wear it.

and so Tom try it and tied the tie. she was going down 5 inces far from his belt. and he zip the tie, 1-2 inces.

he felt his shirt going tighter. wow! he saw in the mirror, and his pants are shorter! wow! he zip again the tie, to the belt down. his first button exploded of his shirt, and his cock began to going hard. He was now 5' 10 " hight. but he wish more growing. he zip his tie extra long, over his reissverschluss (dont know the englisch word) and his pants exploded, his cock grows massiv out of his pants and the shirt totaly ripped.

He untied the tie and ungrow to normal size. Wow! he want more. he goes to a shop for big + tall man and buy the biggest suit and 6x shirt, and take it at home on.

it was of course too big for him. but he tied his magic tie and ziped it down to his knee! and he grows, realy big. he was now 7' high! and massive muscles, a cock who was 16 inch long!

and the suit was fit for him.

that what he ever wished! every one saw his long tie, and boys will touch him on it and fell his big cock. .... •

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