Strange Hero, A


By Codtaro

I turned on my communication box and saw the boy, his hair was a grayish color and he was slightly less muscular then I was. His shirt was torn so that on his right you could see his abs and part of his chest. On the left you could see two mounds of rippled muscle on his arm. He was very handsome for his age, and a long mark on his cheek told me he was from a family of scientists working for the government. “Hey, you kid, move over that genosaur,” I yelled angrily. “Why should I?” his voice cracked with a sign of adolescence. “Oh perhaps you don’t know who you’re talking to, I’m Cody Harment, the son of the governor.” “Like I said,” He retorted, “why should I, you just want to prove to you little girlfriend that you’re a tuff guy?” I laughed so hard my neck was strained and veins were visible on my neck, “ I don’t need to prove anything, she already know that.” I turned and smiled at Liz, I knew a battle was going to start. “Grrr, you are getting annoying,” he growled, “I’m not going easy on you now.” The Genosuar’s mouth opened up and a large glow started to form around it. I prepared Liger for the blast, and as soon as it fired, Liger jumped up from the blast and jumped on the Genosuar’s back. “Ha ha, you feel that?” I asked laughing, every muscle in my body was tense and my hair had matted down on my forehead. Liger jumped off the Genosuar’s back and waited for it to rise. As the Genosaur lifted its body from the ground a gunshot echoed through the town and it fell to the ground again, a large hole missing from its armor. “I hope you learned your lesson,” I grinned as the Liger pounced off through the town. I turned to look at my girlfriend, then I looked in the reveiw mirror. Sweat trickeled down my thick neck and flooded in my traps. I pulled my shirt off and looked at the rest of my body, dripping with sweat, but I wanted something more, more muscle. •

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