Strange Hero, A

A battle of the fittest


By Codtaro

I was tired of being with these kids so I quickly turned towards my house. "Hey liger, come on," I yelled out, as a large white lion like mehcinism ran towards me. I quickly raised my hand in the air and he stopped. "Good Liger," I said gently to my large friend and I rubbed the imense nose. My girlfriend got out of the bus, her mouth wide open. "You have a Liger Zero?" Liz said, retaining her wide-eyed gaze. "Hey hey hey, he has a name. This is liger," I said trying to mantain a straight face. Liger looked up at her and put his paw forward, she gladly put her hand on it. "You want a ride?" I asked, blushing partly because of the cold, and partly becuase of her beauty. "Sure, I'd ride a Liger Zero anytime," she laughed. I helped her in and prepared the Liger Zero for a long run. "ready?" I asked with a laugh. "You bet," she yelled, "I'm ready for anything." I pushed the runner forward and Liger ran through the streets of the town. I pulled the engine gunner back with such speed that Liz was thrown back into her seat. Right in front of use was a dangerous Zoid, a genosaur, Liz was shocked at how calm I was. Every muscle in my medium built body rippled and dripped with beads of sweat. "So, ready to see a fight?" I asked my girlfriend, tensing my arms so that every cord of muscle in my arm, and chest was visible. •

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