Strange Hero, A


By Codtaro

Cody jolted out of bed, he realized he was going to be late for school. He ran into the weight room in the house, lifted and benched, then ran back into his room and got dressed. He ran out of the house with his shirt half buttoned and a sandwhich in hand. "Cody, come back here and, oh cody" his mom sighed. He ran to the bus pick up, and jumped up to his seat. he was shocked that everyone was looking at him, then Cody remembered his shirt wasn't buttoned all the way, and it showed off his massive pecs. Cody was 13, but at that age, he was often mistaken for a 14 year old. One girl walked up to him and started to unbutton his shirt the rest of the way. she gasped when she saw the six solid mounds he had for a six-pack, he simply turned around, ignoring her. Suddenly the bus got a flat, and everyone, except cody, was being thrown from one end of the bus to another. As the bus screeched to a hault, all the kids got up. It was a hot day, and the bus smelled of sweat. Cody got up and wondered out of the bus, and looked at the tire. He ignored it and looked at what they hit, but it looked like it was unharmed. It was a piece of pure metal, but when he got a better veiw of it, he saw that it was a mask. he picked it up and threw it in his backpack. "What did we hit, cody?" the bus driver moaned, as Cody helped him remove the wheel. "um, nothing, just a nail." he responded, unsure if anyone should know of the mask. "well, I suppose anything can happen," the bus driver retorted. Cody, looked at this weird mask, " Yeah, maybe so." •

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