No Limits

In the lab


By Corwin

Perkins spent the next few days in his lab. He was able to isolate the muscle serum from Petrowski's blood, yet he was surprised to see that the serum had interacted with Petrowski's own body chemistry. Originally, the formula worked on the endocrine system. The serum in Petrowski's blood now seemed to be originating in the muscle cells themselves. The endocrine system acted as a catalyst to the reaction.

Perkins was able to isolate the raw chemicals and decode the interactions. He also got a sample of muscle tissue and blood from Ken so that the formula could be optimized for the muscle boy. Perkins ran simulations testing the interaction of chemicals on Ken and could barely believe the results. They were right that Ken had a natural predisposition to put on high-quality muscle, but the chemicals amplified his natural abilities. The results showed that Ken could easily be ten or twenty times as powerful as Petrowski. When he was ready, he contacted the sargent and told him to bring the boy.

Perkins was putting his notes away just as Ken and Petrowski arrived.

Petrowski wore a khaki t-shirt and jeans that bulged and rippled with his move of his muscles. He was a good looking man, but Ken had a quality that upstaged him. The teen's tossled hair and impish eyes sparkled. He had a perpetual grin and perfect teeth. He carried himself with the confidence of a champion. He wore a black tank-top that fit snuggly over his chest and accentuated the his ivory skin. His shoulders were wide and round and his arms big, vascular and defined. His abs were so hard that they bulged through the shirt. He wore a pair of shorts that clung to his thighs. His calves were ripped and hard. A shudder ran through Perkins's body as he imagined what the forumula would do to this adonis.

"OK, time for that first treatment, right?" said Ken as he hopped up on the table. His triceps popped into ripped, hard relief as he propelled himself up. He moved his hands to the base of his shirt and lifted, revealing a muscular body with almost no body fat. He placed his shirt on the table next to him and crossed his arms below his pecs.

"What's the deal doc? Same protocol as with me?" asked Petrowski.

"No, Sargent," replied Perkins as he took out two syringes. "Ken, I need to give you two injections. The first goes into a large muscle,"

"They're all pretty big," said Ken, interrupting. He flashed a smile and bounced his pecs.

"I mean," said Perkins, regaining his composure, "a muscle like the hamstring or the gluteus maximus."

Ken continued to grin and extended his leg. His quads split into a river of ripped muscle. "Ya, guess these wheels are pretty big too!"

"Cocky kid," said Petrowski.

"Don't you know it," replied Ken.

Perkins continued, ignoring the banter, "The second injection is given about a minute later in a vain."

Ken nodded. "OK, let's go for it. I guess I'll take mine in the butt," he said. He jumped off the table, his legs rippling as the stopped his body. Ken got an evil look on his eye as he dropped his shorts. A massive cock at least 10 inches soft hung between his legs. He turned to face the table. As he bent over, his thick long cock wobbled and hung like a pendulum. "Ready when you are?"

Perkins pulled out a syringe. Ken was flexing and relaxing his glutes. Perkins and Petrowski were use to looking at muscular men, but there was something special about Ken. His glutes were totally ripped -- thick banded striations that popped out like rope. The muscle was perfectly convex and round, yet was concave on the teen's sides where the mass joined to his hips.

"Relax," instructed Perkins as he prepared the needle. He inserted it deep into the muscle and emptied the fluid. As he pulled the needle out, he noticed a flush come over Ken's body.

"We need to wait a a minute or so. The next shot goes into your arm," said Perkins turning away.

Ken jumped bare assed up on the table. His cock hung over the edge of the table and seemed to be growing a bit harder. "This will make me stronger and bigger, right? No lying?"

"Ya kid, just look at me," said Petrowski.

Ken's grin turned into a full fleged smile and his cock came more to life. The thought of more muscle obviously turned this kid on.

Time seemed to crawl as they waited for Perkins. Finally, he prepared another needle. Ken was clearly flushed, a redish-pink tinge over his whole body. He was also sporting an erection that had to be at least 13 inches or more, yet seemed entirely unconcerned with it.

Perkins walked over and Ken extended his arm. The doctor found the vain and inserted the needle. As he pulled it out, he bent Ken's arm and put a cotton ball over the small hole as a drop of blood sneaked out.

"Hold that there til the bleeding stops."

"Sure, when does..." but before Ken could complete his sentence, his face grimaced in pain. His whole body suddenly flexed as he fell off the table and onto the floor. He moaned and every muscle in his body spasmed. Tears began to run down his face. Petrowski and Perkins ran to him, placing a pillow under his head.

"What's going on?" screamed Petrowski. "Hang on kid, we're here for ya."

"I... I don't know," stuttered Perkins. "It looks like he's seizing, but..."

"It... hurts..." hissed Ken, "cramping..."

Ken's body was a tight mass of ripped, flexed muscles. Each muscle fought with its antagonist as Ken's body tried to rip itself apart. The boy's handsome features were streaked with tears as his body convulsed in pain. His skin glistened with sweat.

Perkin's seemed like a helpless boob trying to figure out what to do as he watched Ken's reaction. After a couple minutes, the seizure began to subside.

Petrowski was the first to notice, and his eyes went wide. Instead of getting bigger, Ken's muscles looked smaller. He was still ripped, but now the bodybuilder's muscle bellies seemed less full.

Ken got up and saw the look on Petrowski's face. He turned toward a mirror, and terror came over his face. He flexed his arm, but instead of the near 20 inch bulge he was use to seeing, his arm looked barely bigger than 15 inches. He massive pecs were now flatter, though clearly defined. His wide back looked thin and lean. Even his massive legs looked like a sprinter rather than a speedskater. "What have you done to me? Where are my muscles!"

Petrowski walked over, but Ken turned and pushed him away as hard as he could. Petrowski found himself flying through the air and hitting the wall, his breath knocked out of him. Ken and Perkins were both shocked.

Perkins ran to his computer and typed something in. "I should have guessed!" he screamed in excitement. "Ken, I'm sorry, I should have been more careful, er, examined the data more closely. That first injection, it reacted with your body, your muscles. You see, you know your muscles are dense and hard. Well, the formula amplified that. Your muscles are now far denser than before. They may look like they lost size, but they actually gained mass. That mass is just extremely dense."

Petrowski had recovered and was walking toward Ken now. Ken lifted his arm and flexed. Petrowski placed his hand on it. It was harder than before, and again he couldn't crush it. Ken released the flex and Petrowski squeezed hard. Nothing. Even unflexed, Petrowski couldn't dent the boy's bicep.

A wild expression entered Ken's eyes. "Try taking them down," he said, extending his arms up, palms facing Petrowski.

"No problem," Petrowski took the kids hands and sqeezed. His shirt began to rip as his massive body powered up. He put all his might into pulling the kid's arms down. Ken felt the pressure increase, and he tensed his arms. First, he felt them begin to move down, then he forced them back. Petrowski began to sweat, and grunted loudly, forcing more power into his arms. Ken stood firm. Petrowski's shirt rippped more as his muscles pumped with the exertion. Ken screamed, forcing more strength into his arms. Both men where breathing hard, when Ken's arm began to slowly move down. In the end, Petrowski barely overpowered the muscle stud.

Ken flexed his arm. It looked larger. "Doc, you got a tape?"

Perkins handed him a tape measure. He wrapped it around his upper arm and flexed. He saw the number 17 1/2. "Do they look bigger than before?"

"They probably are," agreed Perkins. "The formula is working. Your test of strength with the sargent probably caused some muscle growth. When you go to the gym to lift, you'll get more of your size back."

"And I'm still like really hard?"

"That will increase too."

Ken smiled from ear to ear. "Cool. Then let's hit the gym. I gotta get my size back, NOW!" He grabbed his shorts and pulled them on, then walked out of the room.

"Doc, I could barely take him, will he..." started Petrowski.

"Yes Sargent. Apparently, Ken is as strong as you after just one treatment. After he works out for a few days, he'll be even stronger."

"Will this help Detrick?" asked Petrowski.

"Maybe. I need to understand what's going on with Ken's biology, but I think it might."

"That's all that's important." Petrowski left, following Ken to the gym.


Jonny spent his Sundays in the lab working on his project. He had analyzed the samples he had taken from Petrowski, and seemed confused. The serum he found in this man was radically different from Mark's. He tried mixing the two to find that their effects were antagonistic, like one formula tried to overpower the other causing both to fail.

As he stared at the computer, his mind drifted to yesterday's football game. Of course, City won easily. Jonny had scored 5 touchdowns. The other team threw everything they had at him, and nothing could stop him. He felt his cock begin to creep down toward his knee as he thought about the strength he had. Even so, he wanted more.

After the game, Jonny partied with the freshman players. They were making huge gains as Mark gave them the growth formula. None would be as big as he, but some were getting pretty big. He thought about Adam and Brett and his initial jealousy of their size. Some of these kids would be that big or bigger. Jonny loved flexing for them and watching them get turned on by his hugely muscled body. He shared his muscle with them, and of course, they shared somethings with him. The effects weren't as pronounced as when he too was getting the serum, but still, after each party, Jonny was bigger and stronger than before.

Jonny regained his concentration and went back to work. The serum from Petrowski had some very interesting qualities, and he hoped to understand them better. He heard a knock on the door and turned. "Come in."

Jonny recognized the person who opened the door. Josh was a tall, about 6'3". He was as broad as a barn, and had huge muscular arms. He was one of the freshman on the team, and one of Jonny's favorites. Jonny's eyes moved toward the bulge in Josh's shorts as he thought about the long, fat uncut cock the baby-faced boy had.

"Sorry to bother you, dude, but you asked for the paper." Josh walked over holding out the local newspaper.

"Thanks man," said Jonny. "Ya, I always like to read about the game the next day."

Jonny turned to the sports section. He was surprised to see that City's victory was below the fold. The headline this week was about State's landslide win. There was a large picture of Ken Walters. He was shirtless, and flexing his prize winning physique. There was a tape wrapped around his upper arm that read slightly over 21 inches.

Jonny read. Ken was the new star of State's team. He seemed unstoppable on the field and the reporter had the gall to compare him to Jonny.

'The state teen bodybuilding champion proved his atheletic prowess extends beyond showing off his muscles,' the article said. 'On the field, opposing player after player failed to stop Ken Walters from rolling over them and steaming down the field. Ken's first touchdown occurred just minutes into the game. Given the ball, he lept 20 feet into the air and 20 yards down field, literally flying over the other team. Like the comic book hero the Hulk, he then continued to bound in 10 or 15 yard leaps into the endzone. No opposing player could hope to catch him.'

Jonny frowned that the paper was not praising his accomplishments. He felt like last week's news. In a couple months, though, he'd have his chance at State and show this upstart what true power is. He looked at the photo of the bodybuilder flexing his bicep. In the background, Jonny noticed another person. The man was familiar to him. Jonny's eyes widened when he realized the person in the background was Amos Petrowski. •

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