Jock Juice

My name is Ryan and I am just a normal teenager, in his junior year of college. I was not very sports-oriented, but I watched sports on TV and even played some weekend football, basketball and baseball. Because of my inactivity and playing computer games and surfing the Internet, I was rather overweight, kind of pear shaped.

My grades were not the greatest in my last 2 years of high school so when I was accepted at State University, I was not accepted for main campus. My first 2 years of college were spent at one of the satellite campuses near my home. That actually worked out well for us. It allowed me, and my folks, a little more time to put the money together so I could finish at Main Campus. In addition, since I stayed at home, I was able to concentrate on school, got good grades and was able to get into the classes I wanted in my junior year.

A good friend from high school, Jake, was at main campus, and we were lucky to be able to be roommates for our junior year. Jake was one of those guys who was on many of the sports teams, even though he was not first string in any sense of the word. He was active and pretty fit. He kidded me about my weight and got me involved in the same training program he was doing for his teams. As the year progressed, I was able to lose about 20 pounds and actually felt and looked pretty good. During spring break, I even was involved with the spring games and went around without my shirt on, for the first time in my life.

When we returned from spring break, I heard about a program the science and physiology departments were doing. They were looking for subjects on campus that they could monitor for a test they were conducting. They needed 20 people and would pay us for our time.

During a break between classes, I went to their office to inquire about being a subject. When I arrived at their offices, a line of about 100 guys were already there. I picked up an application and filled it out while I waited for my interview. When I was called in an hour, I went through a pretty thorough interview. We discussed my medical history, did a psychological test, talked about why I wanted to participate in this study, would I be able to give them an entire afternoon once the program begins and be available for occasionally for additional checkups after.

I received a call from the director of the study 3 days later and was asked if I was still interested, because I fit the criteria they were looking for. I said yes and he laid out the program for me. It would be a double blind test, meaning some participants would get the medications and others would get placebos. He asked if I had a day available the following week where time away from class would not be a problem. I told him that Thursday was my lightest day, with only one class at 10:30 in the morning. Great, he said, and could I be in their office on Tuesday afternoon or evening for a pre-study physical. It would take about an hour. Sure, my last class on Tuesday ended at 2:00 PM, so I could be there about 2:30. Fine, he would see me on Tuesday afternoon. Oh by the way, the compensation for my time would be $300 for Thursday and $50 for each follow up, which there were usually 2 or 3 of. Boy could I use the money. I’ll see you Tuesday afternoon.

After class on Tuesday, I dropped off my books in my room, told Jake where I was going and went to the 3rd floor of the science building, where the offices were. I was greeted by the director and two of his assistants, and led into an examination room. One of the assistants was older, but the other was a grad student probably getting his Masters or Doctorate. They asked me to undress but keep my shorts on. I got the most complete physical I think was ever available. They took blood, checked my blood pressure and my heart, did a stress test, a urine test, they prodded and poked, and measured everything about me and I mean everything. I’m glad they were men, as I would have embarrassed myself if a woman had been in the room. My height and weight also were checked, and they recorded the entire physical as well as wrote it all down. The whole time we talked about all kinds of things. Little did I know many of the questions they asked were leading ones, and they got truer answers because I was distracted by all of the commotion around me at the time. After about almost 2 hours they let me go, saying they would see me on Thursday at Noon. By the way, you can have breakfast but don’t eat anything after that. Water is OK, but nothing else.

On Thursday at noon, I went back to the science building and to the room where we had met. A different assistant led me downstairs to the first floor and into a locker room. There were 4 other guys in the room at that time, and a 5th showed up about 10 minutes later. The director came in and greeted us again, and explained what we were going to be doing. He told us we were taking part in a study of an experimental product that extended human endurance. Some of us would get the product and others were getting a placebo. We were the fourth group to be going through this test and the others had done very well. Both the doctors and the participants were pleased with the results. Only time would tell how this group would do. We were all about the same build and age, even though 1 was a few years older. They seemed to have a physical type in mind.

He pointed to the lockers and asked us to completely undress, even remove our jewelry; rings, watches and chains. He then gave each of us a pair of white briefs, made of stretchy Lycra. We would have monitors attached to our bodies so this would be the only clothing we would have on, other than the sensors and monitors. We twisted our ways into the bathing suits and surprisingly, they were comfortable, not tight like I thought they would be. 6 assistants came into the locker and each took one of us with them. We were given robes to wear before we left the locker room and went down the hall to our “testing” rooms, each to a different one.

My assistant was Frank and he asked me to take off my robe once we got into the room. As he went over to a table on the side, I noticed the room we were in had lots of exercise equipment in it; a weight bench, lots of weights, Universal machines, a treadmill, a stair stepper and much more. He first picked up a tube of something, looked a little like a tube of sunscreen, but it was clear. Very methodically, he spread this over my arms, chest, abdomen, back, neck and legs. I asked what that was and he said that it helped conduct the body impulses to the sensors, which passed the data on to the computer. Frank squeezed an amount into my hand and asked me to apply it under my briefs. I looked at him questioningly as he turned back to the table. I lowered my briefs and coated my butt and cock and balls. Boy, it was cold!

He picked up from the table a long sleeved shirt with dozens of wires hanging off of it. There was Velcro on the bottom of the arms and down the sides from the armpits to the waist. Frank opened the shirt and lifted it over my head. It was like a turtleneck and he slid it over my head and down onto my shoulders. I held my arms straight out to the sides. He then opened the sleeves and placed them on my arms, closing the Velcro from my armpits to my wrists. He then stood beside me and pulled the shirt tight across my chest and back, and closed the Velcro along the sides. It was as tight as the bathing suit. You could see every nuance of my chest and arms as well as every sensor sewn into the material.

Frank went back to the table and brought over a pair of tights with the same Velcro on the sides of the legs, from the waist to the ankle. He opened them up and pulled them up under my crotch and fastened the closures at the waist first, then closed them all the way down the legs. These were as tight as the shirt, again showing everything, leaving nothing to the imagination. He went back to the table and brought over a scuba type hood with sensors as well as a kind of booties with rubber soles that he put on my feet. These also had sensors. With the exception of my face, I was entirely covered in white, clingy skin.

At this time, another assistant came into the room. This one did not look like a doctor, but rather some sort of orderly. He was not in medical attire, but was in causal clothes, khaki’s and a tennis shirt. They asked me to sit down on the chair while Frank and Scott, the second assistant, connected the wires to the monitors. They pulled major cables from the computers on the sides of the room to connect to my “skin”. It was rather warm in the suit, but I sat there waiting. Luckily the room was cool. What was going to happen now?

They connected the wires and turned on the computers. Frank asked me to take a deep breath and hold it, then release. Raise the left arm, lower it, do the same with the right; stand, sit and check the fit. He was testing the sensor connections to the computers. He asked how I was, and I said fine. Was I ready? I said, as ready as ever.

Frank gave me a can of liquid. It was small, like one of those energy drinks like Red Bull. Please drink it all. OK, I did. It was wet and cool, and I was thirsty. A little tart, but it went down quickly. I looked at the can and on a typed label it said JJ836. “What is this”, I asked. “JJ836 is what we are testing”, he said. “Now come over to the treadmill.” He set it for a fast walking speed and I got on, starting to walk. “This whole project is endurance testing. We expect you to get tired, so when you are exhausted, let us know. We will mark that and go on to something else. There is no right or wrong, pass or fail. That is why we are testing so many people. Understand?” I nodded and continued walking. A minute later, the treadmill sped up.

I had no sense of time. There was no clock on the wall and no windows to look out. I also had no sense of speed of the treadmill, but now I was running hard, full out, and it seemed like a half hour since I started on this. But I wasn’t tired. I was breathing heavy, but I really wasn’t tired. I continued to run. Scott came over and asked “Ryan, are you OK” and I said yes. The treadmill continued, but then it sped up again. I kept up but I was beginning to loose. Scott came back and said they were going to slow it down, and I was thankful. It slowed, but it seemed to take another 5 minutes before I was walking again. Then it stopped. Scott helped me off of it and was by my side if I needed help. Actually. I didn’t. I was a little light headed, so I leaned down resting my hands on my knees. Because of my perspiring, what before had been merely skin-tight, was soaked with sweat and practically see through. I could see every sensor sewn into the material (and there were dozens) and almost every blemish or hair on my body. Now I was glad I was wearing the briefs under the tights. As my breathing subsided, I realized how hard my thighs were. Yes, they had been pushed but I wasn’t aware how much. So far, I was feeling OK. Frank gave me a JJ836 and it was gone quickly. He gave me another. As I finished the second, they led me to the weight bench.

Frank explained that the treadmill was my warm up and now they were really going to start the endurance part of the study. I lay on my back and they had 120 lbs on the bar. I guess they started with this as I had told them I was up to this weight with Jake. Frank said that they wanted me to take the bar and slowly lower it to my chest. Slowly press it to a count of 2, hold it there for 2 and lower it for another 2. Do not lock my arms. I started with 10 reps, and did as he said. The first few were difficult because of the timing. After the first set, I stopped and he walked over and turned on a metronome, setting it to the same cadence as he wanted me to work at. As I watched Frank, Scott had put another 20 lbs on the bar without me seeing him. I grabbed the bar again and pressed it up. It felt about the same and actually seemed lighter as the set progressed. They added more weight, and after each set of 10, kept adding more. After the fifth set Frank stopped me and gave me another JJ836. I drank that quickly and he gave me another.

We continued on and they added more weight after each set until they had more doubled the weight on the bar, bringing it up to 275 lbs. I was still pressing it with little problem, amazing myself. I sat up and he gave me another JJ836, but this time it was a larger one. After drinking it I asked what this was. Frank said it was an experimental sports drink, code named JJ836, but known in the building as Jock Juice. “As you can see, it has fantastic effects. I agreed heartily. We continued with the bench press until I topped 300.

We moved on to the preacher’s bench, and I was up to 200 lbs in no time at all and easily curling 80 lbs with each arm. As I got up to go to the inclined bench, I noticed that my arms have grown immensely, stretching the Lycra to extremes. My chest had also grown after the bench press work out. On the incline bench I was doing crunches with a 50 lb plate held to my chest. After I passed 200 crunches with no effort, we moved on.

After each exercise they continued to give me the Jock Juice and I continued to grow bigger and stronger. On the third circuit of the exercises, I had passed what they had assumed would be my limit. Frank called the director of the project in, and as he monitored the computers, Frank and Scott piled on the weight. I did squats and lunges, and every exercise they could think of to find my limit. I continued to drink the Jock Juice and still worked out.

I don’t know how long we were at this, but the fourth circuit was about half way through. The material of the shirt and tights had been stretched so thin the sensors had torn through in places. As I was working the bench press again, now past 350 lbs, the 4 of us heard the Velcro on the sides of the shirt at my chest let go with a loud “RIP”. This then allowed the Velcro on the bottom of the shirtsleeves to let go, also with that tearing sound Velcro gives. They wanted me to stop, but I was now determined to finish that last circuit. The squats this time forced the tights to release the Velcro on the sides of my thighs, while my calves were still wrapped in wet Lycra.

Frank and Scott finally stopped me and disconnected me from the computer. They had more than enough data. They removed the hood, released the remaining closure the shirt had on me and slid the shirt over my head. They both stepped back in awe. There was no mirror in the room, so all I could do was look at their reaction. I could see my arms, bulging and veined. I could hardly see over my chest to look at my thighs. I reached down and pulled the Velcro strips and released my legs from the tights. They too were bulging, throbbing from the workout they had just had. The director came over with a large container of Jock Juice and gave it to me. As I drank it, he said “Ryan, you have made unbelievable gains today. We want to thank you for you time, and thank you for making this study successful. I just hope the others have made the progress you have.”

Frank gave me the robe to put on so I could go back to the locker room to change. It would hardly fit over my shoulders, let alone around my chest. Instead, they gave me a towel to wrap around my waist for some modesty as I went down the hallway. As I took the towel off in the locker room, I noticed my cock had also grown, in proportion to my body. It was seriously testing the elasticity of the briefs I was wearing. I looked at my underwear in the locker and realized I couldn’t fit them over my thighs. Likewise, my jeans could not be worn back to the room. I had become a little dizzy, so I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes for a few moments, exhausted.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed a mirror at the far end of the locker room. I walked down to it and was shocked at what I saw in the reflection. The face was familiar but the body was totally new. My arms were twice as big as they had been. My chest was larger than any I had ever seen, in person or in a magazine. My abs were an anatomy display, showing each muscle and crease, defined more than I ever knew was possible. The taper from my shoulders to my waist was severe, the perfect physique. Dazed, I walked back to my locker, flexing my arm, watching the bicep bulge, demanding activity. I passed a steel desk loaded with books and papers. I squatted down and placed my hands around the front legs of the desk, wider than my shoulders were. Thinking of the difficulty, I grasped the legs and lifted. The desk started to rise effortlessly. I could feel the pull of the desk as it attempted to fall away from me, but my grasp remained tight. I slowly stood up. My forearms were ripped and veined as they held onto the desk. My biceps were hardly working as I held it out in front of me. I felt my back and shoulders shifting position to maintain balance. When I was standing totally upright, I continued to lift the desk, pressing it above my head. I pressed it 10 times and lowered it to the floor. With a dull thud, it touched the floor. I rubbed my forearms, more as a reality check than a massage. Could this be really happening to me?

Another one of the participants was entering the locker room. He too had the same problem with the robe, but he had used the robe as I had the towel, wrapping it around his waist. I asked him how he felt, and like I, he felt invincible. “I never believed I could be so big! And my strength, it was off their charts. What formula did they give you?” he asked. I said, “It was JJ836. Was that the one you had?” “Yes. We had the new stuff. The last group had JJ521. They had growth, but not like this. Whoever created Jock Juice ought to be awarded a prize.” With that, he flexed his arms and his biceps rose to phenomenal heights, leading to shoulders as large. I leaned forward, tightened my abs and flexed my pecs. My chest stood tall over the chiseled stone of my abs, which continued down into my bathing suit. We both relaxed and laughed. “Have you thought how you were going to get back to you room?” I asked him. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Take a quick look at your clothes. If yours are like mine, we can only use them for handkerchiefs.” He did, and he agreed.

Frank entered the room as we pondered our situation. “Great, Ryan, your still here.” “And just where do you think we are going dressed like this?” I said as I looked at our extremely small, tight briefs. “If I had realized you 2 would have made such remarkable gains, I would have suggested you bring some other clothes. We have some medical scrubs here, XL, that just might fit. At least they will get you back to your rooms.” With that we tried them on. The pants fit, were loose around the waist and tight against the thighs. The shirts barely fit, very tight across the chest and arms, and were short, looking more like cutoff t-shirts. “Thanks. This should do for now.”

I went to put on my watch and found it would not fit around my wrist. Also, it was after 6 PM, no wonder I was dizzy. I hadn’t eaten in 10 hours, and Boy, was I hungry! My neck chain, which had hung around my neck for years, was more of a choker now. I left it on for now. I folded up my other clothes and tucked them under my arm. “By the way, I’m Ryan” I said, offering my hand. “I’m Ashford, but you can call me Ash” he said and took my hand. Neither of us knew our strength and would have crushed anyone else’s hand.

“Are you hungry?” He said famished. “Great. Why don’t we meet at the Campus Center at 7 PM and get something to eat. I want to change into something, ah, more “fitting” and bully my roommate. We’ve been friends for years, but won’t believe THIS at all! Besides” I said, “I have a funny feeling we are going to be very tired later. I would rather crash in my room than out somewhere.” Ash agreed, and we left the locker room.

Frank looked at the 2 of us as we left the room and walked down the hall. 2 “kids” with the strength of 10 men between them. Little did we know that the effects of Jock Juice was only temporary. Quietly behind us he said, “I’m sorry guys, but is only for a short time. We haven’t perfected the lasting effects. Enjoy it while you have it, guys, have fun while you can.” •

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