Damage Control


By Muscl4life

“Dr. Meyers, you are here at last! We are sending the last subject!” Talbot smiled form his office as Scott walked to his own interviewing room – “They are not subjects, Dennis, they are kids, individuals!” “We are sending individual number 3, Charlie Wong. Let’s see how you handle him, he’s not very sympathetic, as you may see!” Talbot said going into his room “One more thing, don’t get too scared when you see him, he makes the other two look puny, especially after his last spurt!” “H-how big is he?” Scott asked a little nervous. “Oh, you’ll see!” Talbot closed his door. Scott tried to calm down and went to his room. This time, there weren’t so many guards escorting the enhanced teenager. Just a knock on the door, and Scott listened – “Come in, Charlie!” from the guard outside and soon he could see CHARLIE! The kid had to duck in order to enter the room. “GAWD! He’s a giant!” Scott mumbled as he stood up. The kid had to be over 7’5” tall, and he had to weigh over 400 pounds! His arms were hugely developed and his uniform was so tight near around his chest and near his arms, the legs, he looked like it had been painted on him, especially on the crotch area, Scott couldn’t help but noticing. “Welcome Charlie! My name is Scott Meyers, and I am here to talk to you!” The doctor offered the hand but the kid didn’t even look at Scott’s face. He kept staring the nothing, avoid any visual contact. Scott smiled and tapped Charlie’s enormous shoulder. “I know you can understand me, son, your brains keep sharp as they were!” Scott said as he came nearer and sat on the table, very close to Charlie’s enormous figure. The kid remained quiet, though. “So, Charlie, you are more like a strong silent type aren’t you? I can see your are very big! I’ve never seen anyone so big as you!” Scott pointed as his enormous relaxed 33 inches biceps, but still the kid remained quiet. “I can see why you are so upset, Charlie, I don’t want force you into talking to me, you can remain quiet if you want.” Scott just sat there and stared and looked straight into Charlie’s eyes, his eyes focused on the enormous kid’s face. Scott realized how much beautiful that boy was. He showed in his face the traces of Chinese inheritance, but his jaw and the nose line were definitely Caucasian, and his beautiful eyes completed the delicate composition of his face. Such beauty and so much muscle are sure a lethal combination! Scott found himself exploring the wonders of the muscle teen’s body. He noticed the kid remained quiet, but then something got his attention, his enormous hands, so big and veiny, showing their power, and suddenly he watched the index finger, it was moving, slowly, rhythmly, and then Scott got it! “He’s spelling out in non verbal alphabet!” Scott realized and tried to keep cool, already knowing what he was doing. He knew the cameras were turned on, but they could show his hand, especially because of his large figure. “I-T-A-L-K… P-L-E-A-S-E … T-U-R-N… O-F-F.. C-A-M-E-R-A-S” Scott understood what he meant. “Fuck, that kid is smart!” he considered as he went out and headed to the supervising room. “I need you turn off the cameras!” Scott urged as he entered the room. “Absolutely not! We can’t do that!” Talbot protested. “Why not? You have a lot of guys waiting outside, the whole area is secure, you can keep the microphones, he didn’t see them, he’s just avoiding talking and being recorded!” Scott proposed, seizing the opportunity to try something despaired. “Why are you supposing he is afraid of the cameras?” Hugh asked intrigued. “I am just assuming it…” Scott tried to protect Charlie, knowing that it would be worse for the giant kid if the agents found out they’ve been fooled all this time. “So you don’t have stronger arguments?” Talbot provoked. “Fine, you keep the cameras on!” Scott said and rushed back to the room Charlie was, noticing an empty room without any cameras in the left isle, he knew exactly what to do – “Charlie, could you please come with me? We’re taking our session to another room!” Scott leaded the huge kid to the other room hearing the curses of Talbot and Hugh over the microphone. They sat down and Scott was smart enough to bring a pen and paper sheets in his coat. He smiled at Charlie, who was about to say his first word, but Scott stopped him, putting his finger in the kid’s full lips. Scott grabbed the paper and wrote very slowly so the very powerful microphone didn’t get any sound. – “Please, be quiet because I’m plugged, just write down and play along”. Charlie blinked at him, for the first time Scott realized the beautiful teen smiling. “I know Shawn and Damon are alive!” Charlie wrote with his giant paws completely the pen. Scott observed it and smiled as the kid realized the size his hands have gotten. The doctor just asked out loud. “So, Charlie, we don’t have cameras here, we have privacy, you can talk if you want.” Scott blinked and the kid nodded his head. “What you want to know doctor?” Charlie’s voice was even deeper than Damon’s, very powerful too. “For instance, how are you feeling today?” As Scott asked he wrote “WHO?” “Roger!” Charlie wrote and Scott figured the agent probably managed to keep his contact with the quiet behemoth as secret. “I am feeling good today! Just as every other day, but I just didn’t feel like talking!” Scott keep pretending their conversation was just like the others he had with Shawn and Damon, but he knew he could get some valuable info on that huge kid. “He’s dismissed, I Was sent to replace him” “Charlie, you should be more cooperative with us, we are just trying to help ya!” “But I was just afraid, doctor, I mean, my friends, where are them? What happened in that lab? Why can’t I see my parents?” The huge guys said as he wrote down: “I know. Roger tried to help me, but they got suspicious about him!” Scott frowned –“Why would they be suspicious about an Agent from the CIA” “I am not sure they’re from CIA…” Charlie wrote down as Scott answered his fake question – “We are just making sure it is healthy for you Charlie! You’ve been through a very traumatizing experience!” The same phony excuse he gave to Shawn and Damon. Charlie kept writing – “Roger said they are some top secret department, classified information.” Scott read that and became even more worried, he finally ended the meeting. “That’s good for today, Charlie, we don’t want stress you, whenever you feel like talking to me, we can!” Scott said, quickly grabbing the paper and tearing it in very small pieces, putting the rest in his pocket. The guards came and leaded Charlie to his “room”. Scott finally returned to the main office where Hugh and Dennis were talking. “I am surprised Scott, you really got connected with those kids! Your help is gonna be very appreciate!” Hugh said hugging Scott. “Thanks, Mr. Stevens, but I will only cooperate under certain conditions!” Scott demanded. Dennis smiled, thinking that Hugh would dismiss him, but to his own surprise he didn’t. “And what are these conditions Dr. Meyers?” Hugh asked. “First, I want complete access to the boys, no mater what time me or they want to conference we’ll have a non camera room ready!” Scott said at once. “Just that?” Hugh asked as he lighted his cigar. “Second, as a doctor I am gonna have access to the kids medical data!” “I am the head doctor of this project and I shall not be unauthorized…” Talbot tried to protest but suddenly he was cut. “That can be done!” Stevens said without even looking to his fellow doctor. “And third, I will be able to bring the three of them together! The only way I can help them is by making they realize they’re not alone!” Talbot punched his desk, but Stevens kept looking seriously at Meyers, and then he laughed. “You’re tough Dr. Meyers, and I like it! I accept your conditions!” Stevens shook Scott’s hands and Talbot almost cursed him out loud. When Scott finally left the room, Talbot was completely mad. “Are you out of mind? What if he finds out?” “He’s our only way to communicate with them, you’ve seen the troubles those kids can cause, we have to establish leverage, and if they trust Scott, we better keep him on out side.” Hugh said enjoying his cigar. “Besides, he doesn’t have one fucking clue about our plans!” He said smiling at Talbot’s concerned face.

The next day, Scott knocked at Shawn’s door. “ Shawn can I come in?” The huge kid opened his door from the inside –“Dr. Meyers? What a surprise!” Scott smiled – “I figured you would be hungry, so I took the liberty to bring you breakfast!” The doctor entered pushing a huge cart fool of food. “Dig in!” Scott invited as he sat on Shawn’s bed. Shawn was more than happy about eating. “You know before this I almost didn’t eat the whole day, but now I have to stuff my face every two hours!” Shawn said smiling with his cheeks full of food. “I can see that! You’re even bigger than the last time I saw you!” Meyers said calmly. “That’s strange, you know? I’ve had another spurt yesterday, it never happened before!” Shawn said looking at Scott’s eyes. “You feel okay?” “Better than ever… Doctor can I ask you something personal?” Shawn asked timidly and Scott almost guessed what it was, but he nodded anyway. “Is it normal for a guy jerk off over ten times a day?” Scott was surprised but he tried to look cool. “You feel it is normal, Shawn!” “I feel perfectly fine!” Shawn smiled meanly and Scott tapped his thigh. “Then it’s perfectly normal! You’re just a little anxious, and through sexual pleasure you can relieve it, there’s nothing wrong with that!” Shawn got serious – “And what about twenty? More like thirty? Okay, yesterday were fifty!” He asked Scott very nervously. “Shawn, you are growing bigger, stronger, more muscular everyday, as well as your guy parts, you’re already bigger than any adult I’ve known and probably, your libido must got higher, proportionally to your new penile size!” Shawn got blushed. “Well, I sure got hung! 18 inches!” He said proudly and Scott just laughed “Well, you sure would make a fortune as an adult movie industry!” Scott left Shawn finish his breakfast and went to see Damon. There were three guard on the cell and Scott got instantly mad. “Can you please open this door? He’s not a criminal, he’s only a kid!” The guards obliged and soon Scott was looking at Damon’s enormous figure, and he was mad. He looked even bigger, and his breath was difficult. Scott looked at the door and noticed the signals of punches and blows. “Damon, are you okay?” He asked trying to comfort the huge boy. “Those bastards! They called me a fag! I wanna kill them!” Damon launched himself toward the guards, but Scott put himself between them, and surprisingly Damon stopped. “What happened here?” He asked Damon. “They’ve brought me food, and when they entered, I was, well hard, and they started mocking of me! I don’t have any fault if my cock is 20 inches long! I am not a fag!” Scott looked to the guards and said. “You two get out of here, NOW! That’s an order!” Scott didn’t like playing military crank doctor but he felt it was needed a little discipline in that case. He watched the guards closing the door and then he sat near Damon. “That’s okay now, you can talk to me!” Damon took a deep breath – “Doc, I am going crazy with this!” Damon said pointing at his cock “Everyday I am bigger and stronger, but my cock, it is getting out of control!” the onyx kid confessed. “Are you trying to say, that you are horny all the time, even when the guards come near you?” Scott said at once and Damon quickly grabbed him by the collar. “I AIN’T A FAG!” He said lifting Scot from the floor. “What’s the problem Damon? Are you still bothered with that little incident with Jake Powers?” Scott sounded mean, but he had a plan, and apparently it worked because Damon dropped him – “How did you know that?” “I read your files, and believe me those guys can really dig on your personal life, but trust me, there’s nothing wrong with that!” Scot smiled but Damon was still furious. “Jake Powers realized you were hard watching him in the shower, and he told everyone you were a queer, but it doesn’t mean he’s right!” “What if he was? I can’t stop thinking about those guards! They re all muscular, and strong, but I am even bigger! And one of them…” Damon sighed. “I am aware of that Damon, you two make out a few nights before I arrive, the guard was expelled from this base and you felt guilt for him. Since then the guards blame on you for the incident, like you had forced the man into something he did not want, when the truth is that HE took the first move!” Damon looked at Scott shocked – “You believed me?” “Listen, if you really wanted to force any guard to have sex with you, not all of them together would be able to stop your impressive strength, besides all that macho stereotype simply seems too artificial for me…” “You mean…”Damon asked in his low voice. “Yes Damon, I am gay!” Scott said looking at his eyes “And I think they already knew about this when they assigned for this mission!” Damon went quiet but soon he was mumbling “I don’t know what to say, I can’t come out, my grandma she would freak out!!” Scott just grabbed his enormous hand and said – “There’s no need to rush things Damon, take your time!” “Thanks doc, it was really good talking to you!” Damon shook his hand. “No problem, kid, I am here for you!” Scott said as he walked out of the room – “I’ll se you in the training room! I will be joining you as they test your capabilities!” “Great, the more the merrier!” Damon said flexing his close to 30 inches guns!” Scott laughed and he went straight to Hugh’s office. “I don’t want any more of your guards mocking of Damon!” “Yeah, yeah, but you gotta admit that kid can be pretty scaring, have you seen the cock on him?” Hugh laughed hard. “I don’t think it is funny!” Scott crossed his arms. “Maybe because you are a fag too!” Talbot said coming into the room. Scott just looked at him “Doctor Talbot, are you trying to say that because I am a gay man, I can’t have a clear perspective about those kids? Because they are getting each time bigger and more muscular? Well, Dennis, I think you are confusing the areas, my sexuality never was an issue before, and I must remember you that the Pentagon itself assigned me to this mission, and me being gay never was a secret…” “Against my opinion…” Dennis tried to look calm but his hands were tight closed. “That’s right, maybe your opinion is just irrelevant in this case too, I don’t want any one importuning Damon or any other of them, have I made myself clear?” Scott grinned and Talbot went quiet, furiously quiet! “Okay, guys! Scott, we assigned you, knowing exactly every detail, you could like to fuck wooden tables for that matter, and I still don’t care, we really need your cooperation!” Hugh said as Talbot left the office. Stevens looked at Meyers with deep serious face – “Well, Dr. Meyers, what would be our next step, regarding the boys?” Scott coughed a little to clean his throat “First, I’d like to know why you have kept me uninformed about crucial aspects of the boys physiology?” “What the hell are you talking about?” Stevens said all of a sudden. “Why the reports gave to me didn’t relate the fact that all of the boys, are experiencing intense sexual excitement for long periods of the day?” “Why would that be important? They’re kids they’re horny all the time!” Stevens smiled a little, but just a look at Scott’s face made him stop. “That’s exactly the reason it is important, Hugh! You see, they are completely confused about that! They were used to have erections, but not with such intensity!” “They told you that?” Stevens asked a little amazed. “Yes, and they were ashamed because of their state, in fact, Shawn reported that he is capable of masturbating over fifty times a day! And Damon clearly showed me the same thing happened to him” Scott said as Hugh went to his desk and grabbed some remote control. “They’re right, we’ve been monitoring their bedtime, or like I named “jerking time!” “And you didn’t do anything to help them?” Scott asked shocked. “WE called you didn’t we?” The agent said ironically. “And when were you supposing to tell me about this?” The doctor replied in the same tone. “Well, Scott, I think there isn’t any reason to procrastinate this, we are afraid of what may happen to these kids, you see, their libido is closely connected to their growth spurts, we’ve been calculating that every three or four masturbations induct to a new and even more intense spurt.” Hug said while lightning his cigar. “That’s was my suspicious, Stevens.” Scott didn't seem shocked as Hugh though he would be. “In fact, I had already estimated the boys high levels of testosterone would be working on their growth, and each time they get excited, the chemical triggers of the erection must be the same ones who are present on the MHK symbiotic beings who are living with them.” “Not just that, my dear colleague, there are also other factors we have to consider!” Talbot said carrying a pile of reports – “Those are the reports we didn’t give you, sorry for my behavior toward you, it is just that’s the work of my life…” Scott grabbed the reports and kept listening to Dennis. “Despite sexual excitement, there are other facts which also induct to these spurts. First is the amount of food consumed by each individual during the periods between the spurts, the more food consumed the more intense will be results of the following spurt, second we have the amount of hormonal activity in each individual organism before the symbiosis happens. We had access to the kids files in their school and it seems all of them weren’t completely undergone puberty yet, which means the high levels of testosterone and other sexual hormones were responsible for the symbiosis to happen, and in third comes the genetic inheritance of the individuals since MHK is basely a combination of hormones contained in human glands but with one difference, the MHK produced by the symbiotic cells is not affected by the same chemical inductors which affect those normal version of the same hormones, which means…” “That those boys got themselves into a vicious cycle, the more they grow, the stronger they get, and it only contributes for the increasing of their next growth spurt.” Scott concluded. “Let’s not forget about the genetic influence; it seems that individuals who have interracial marriages on their family tree respond better to MHK than those who doesn’t have this character!” Talbot looked at Scott, handling him Charlie’s file. “This kid, he is son of a Chinese woman and a Caucasian American man, look at his charts, he simply responds to MHK almost 35% better than the other two. Damon, who has a white skinned great grandfather responds 15% better than Shawn who can be considered a “pure blood” “So you say, that the more rich the genetic contributions, the better is the response for MHK?” “Precisely!” Talbot looked at him seriously. Scott looked at all the charts, graphics and technical data, the numbers suggested something REALLY impressed. “It explains why they complain about the strange things happening to them “How STRONG are those boys?” He finally asked looking at Talbot, who looked at Stevens before he answers. Then he sighs and gasp it out “According to our readings, Shawn is 3.5 times stronger than the fittest and strongest male mariner.” Scott’s eyes widened “How can you assure that?” “We have realized with them the same tests those guys did before their missions” Dr. Meyers went quiet allowing Talbot to continue “Damon showed a total magnification of 4.21 times the same comparing standard and Charlie, well he is almost 6 times stronger than the strongest officer on USA’s entire military agents. “6 times? It meant those kids are really powerful, what are they intending to do about Charlie and his friends?” Scott considered as he looked at the charts and papers Talbot showed him. It was then a soldier came to talk with Hugh, the commander nodded and the guard got of the room. “I see you are doing a really good job here, Scott! Charlie himself, asked the guards if he could have a word with you! He actually talked to them, and he was really nice, according to the soldiers!” Hugh said proudly and Talbot was just shocked, because Scott had done in less than one day, what he couldn’t achieve in almost three weeks of attempting. Scott excused himself and went to Charlie’s room. “Charlie? It’s me, Scott, can I come in?” “Sure, doc!” The deep voice came from inside the room. Scot opened the door and his jaw dropped as he saw the size on Charlie – he was almost too big for his room/cell. He had packed so much more mass since the last time Scott had seen him, he just couldn’t believe. “Good morning, doc! It is a beautiful day, isn’t it?” Charlie said as he finished his enormous meal. The kid became almost divine! His enormous frame, absolutely packed with ripped, cut muscles, his thickest neck, the awesome size of his deltoids actually higher than his ear lobes, the impressive pair of muscle hemispheres he had for chest, the uncanny mind blowing thickness of his arms, shoulders and especially the wonders of his 38 inches guns, veined and cut to the max! Then you would look in his face, and suddenly the idea of a legendary mythical warrior, a conqueror, a man of unlimited power devastating everything with his bare hands, cross your mind – his sober look, his strong jaw line, and the impeccable shine of his dark long hair, reaching his back. His smooth body, the size of his muscles the beauty of his figure was overwhelming and Scott only realized that when Charlie was right in front of him, worried about his frozen state – “Dr. Meyers? Are you okay?” he asked as he gently leaded Scott to his bed. The doctor quickly recovered. “Thanks, Charlie! I was just shocked at your size! You’ve certainly grown since our last session!” Scott finally said with no fear of what anyone else would think. “I noticed, even I got scared when I woke up this morning!” Charlie commented as he stood tall – “They told me I was 7’6” only an inch taller, but my current weight is 525 pounds! I’ve broken the 500 pounds mark! And I’ve never had such gain before!” Charlie said really proud of himself. “Well, was that the reason you called me?” Scott tried to skip the subject. “Actually, I was wondering if you could…” “Arrange for you to meet Shawn and Damon, right?” Scott guessed the huge teen’s words, and even Charlie got impressed with the doctor’s clever mind. “Look, Charlie, I am trying okay, those guys are a little stubborn, but I strongly recommend that you three guys get together soon.” “Thanks doctor! I feel I can really trust on you!” Charlie said as he shook Scott’s right hand, barely realizing the frowning on the doctor’s expression, Scott tried to disguise, but quickly he cried in strong pain – “MY HAND! PLEASE LET GO!” Scott cried and Charlie realized his enormous paws were crushing his good friend’s hand. “DOC! Oh please, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Charlie apologized many times. Scott only nodded – “That’s okay now son! I am sure it was no big deal!” Scott said as he left. “You were lucky this kid stopped! He could actually crush your tendons and nerves if he wanted!” Talbot said as he treated Scott’s injured hand. “He doesn’t know his own strength, but he never meant to hurt me!” Meyers stood for Charlie once more. “Well, I hope this incident taught you how dangerous those boys can be, if not under complete surveillance!” Hugh said entering the room. Scott lifted from the chair, as Talbot finished the bandage. “I still feel the same way as I did before this! Charlie, Shawn and Damon are just kids, and they deserve to be treated nicely, no matter how big they get!” Suddenly the door opened and the Charlie simply dragged five huge guards along with him. They weren’t using stun guns as Scott insisted. “DOC, PLEASE, I DIDN’T MEAN TO HURT YOU!” Charlie apologized once more as he finally reached the doctor, who ordered the guards to let the huge kid go. “I am fine, Charlie! It was just a minor injury, just a bandage and tomorrow I will be brand new again!” Scott played but Charlie didn’t feel any less comfortable. “I keep getting stronger! I feel I could blow those walls if I wanted, but it is just so scaring! I don’t want hurt people! I am no mad man!” Charlie said to Meyers, but Hugh and Talbot heard it very well. “Well, Charlie, since you are here, let me introduce you to my colleagues, Hugh Stevens and Dennis Talbot!” Charlie looked at them, a little embarrassed, but no more than the two other guys. “I was just telling Hugh and Dennis to help me putting you together with Shawn and Damon!” Scott said cleverly enjoying the opportunity, Hugh and Dennis were caught off guard, they would never imagined Charlie could break free anytime he wanted. “We can arrange it!” Hugh recovered from the shock and already tried to gain some time, but Scott was cleverer – “I was wondering if it could be arranged for this afternoon?"

The other men just froze, they were cuaght in thier trap. •

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