Damage Control


By Muscl4life

This was sitting on my HD for quite some time, maybe you can say if it is worth a sequel.

Doctor Meyers considered the reasons of his assignment to this mission; it was not because of his excellent background in Biohazard researches, not even for his many published papers in prestigious publications – he was needed because they knew about his skills as a double graduated in Medicine and Psychology – The agency found out he had also published many papers about the treatment of psychological problems during adolescence, in fact he had even worked as School Counselor during his graduation – “What the heck would they want with that?” – he thought as the jet landed after a three hour flight. Scott Meyers is a 32 year old Doctor who works for the US Army, one of the most brilliant doctors with specialty in Biohazard incidents damage control – he was working on the research and neutralization of the chemical weaponry when he was suddenly called to work for the CIA – a very uncommon situation given the behavior of those American institutions. The fact is the agency wanted him, and the Army couldn’t refuse his assignment, no matter how important his work was. It didn’t please Dr. Meyers leaving his research to clean after some secret agent, but he couldn’t deny collaborating. “Welcome Doctor Meyers! My name is Hugh Stevens and these are Roger Fielding and Dennis Talbot!” The middle aged bald man shook his hand as well as the other men he introduced – “Please call me Scott! Nice to meet you!” They drove Meyers to some facility near the airbase he landed. “Dr. Meyers, you were highly recommended to us, because of your professional success and academic excellence” The Fielding guy said with a serious tone. “Gentlemen, I am here to help anyway I can, but I’d like to know why you truly needed me!” Scott said looking at Hugh’s round face. “Scott, we have a very delicate situation here – three weeks ago there has been an incident in one of the NASA facilities during a public visitation, and three civilians were victimized.” “What kind of incident?” “An explosion occurred in lab number 7, an area prohibited for visitation. WE have already ran the damage control procedure in the media, and the real accident proportions were not revealed in order to prevent commotion…” “How could it affect the civilians?” “The surveillance cameras showed that they broke into the area…” “Terrorists?” Scott asked a little more excited. “Worst! Teenagers!” Hugh said with a smile in his face. “What?” “It was a High School visit, the kids were there to see some routines of the astronauts training, you know the usual stuff. But a bunch of them sneaked to this area and broke into the lab 7 soon the smoke alarm went on. Before the local security could do anything, the whole area exploded” Hugh showed the pictures of the explosion. “The kids, are they dead?” Scott asked with a sudden pity feeling. “Scott, would you really think that we flew you all the way to here, if those kids simply died?” The Talbot guy said in a joking tone. “What you mean?” “The lab 7 area realized many of the researches we do out there in the space! Most of them can only be performed in zero gravity as you know, the material was kept in that place…” “Most of those research cultures are highly dangerous viruses!” Scott said terrified “Was there any kind of contamination? The other students, the people from the base?” “According to our last check, they were complete free from any contamination, the only afflicted ones were the kids who actually entered the lab 7” Roger said trying to calm down the doctor. “So, why do you need me anyway?” Scott said impatiently. “Dr. Meyers, as a doctor you know that the human organism suffers a significant loss in muscular mass out there in space, because of the lack of gravity, their muscle fibers are not properly worked, not even with the exercise routine the astronauts realize. Such condition is one of the obstacles of further crewed Space mission to Mars, for instance.” Talbot said in a more polite manner. “But the loss of muscular mass is quickly recovered after the subjects return to our environment!” Scott pondered right away. “Correct! That was the main research going on lab 7. The scientists were studying the behavior of the muscle fibers colleted from the astronauts before they are sent to the mission, those collected right after they returned, and samples collected each day until the subjected recovers his pervious muscle mass.” Roger showed Scott some the project paperwork and he quickly overlooked at them. “The scientists realized that, in order to make the muscle fibers regain the loss size, a still unknown substance was the responsible for the recovery.” “Such unknown substance was never reported in any medical work before and we believe it only is produced under severe conditions like the lack of gravity – the fact is that this substance we called Muscle Hypertrophy Key, MHK, wasn’t found in either the cells before the launch and those after his immediate landing. Although it was found in large amounts on the samples of the very next days after landing, but that amount diminishes after a certain point, near to the individual previous condition until it is not found on the samples after the recovery…” “You mean they were able to find the key to the muscle recovery.” “At the beginning, yes, but they went further! Studying the hormonal activities of the subjects they were able to isolate the exact gland which produced the MHK, the supra renal. With that in hand, they could work in the gene which controlled the supra renal glands to find out which was the genetic code which stated the MHK production.” “This way, the astronauts could stay longer periods in space without the menace of a failure caused by extreme muscle loss!” Scott concluded in a brilliant manner. “Precisely, my dear colleague” Talbot saluted Scott “As the head researcher of this project, you can imagine how frustrated I was when those kids destroyed the work of my life!” “Anyway, they came up with the idea of producing MHK in transgenic micro organisms, which contained the gene of the supra renal gland activities” Roger explained. “To reach such goal, we need highly controlled condition. That’s why I asked to isolate the Lab 7 area, but I wasn’t heard.” “It doesn’t help now, Dennis!” Hugh looked at him coldly. “The lab 7 contained the MHK production center, many cultures with the transgenic micro organisms which produced large amounts of MHK per day…” “Could those organisms survive after the explosion?” Scott asked in anticipation. “We didn’t think so, until two weeks ago” Hugh approached Scott and showed him the pictures of three male teenagers. “These are the kids who were caught in the explosion – Shawn Mc. Intyre 16 y.o, Caucasian, 5’6” 135 pounds; Damon Campbell – 17 y.o. African-American 5’9” 147 pounds and Charles Wong, Chinese-American, 16 y.o. 5’4” 130 pounds.” Scott looked at the pictures, he recognized them from the last news headlines. “Those are the kids who supposedly shot their classmates, and killed themselves? It happened last week!” Scott was terrified he never expected to see this. “But if it happened last week you said the explosion happened three weeks ago!” Hugh stood up and arranged his tie – “I told you we ran damage control! We made the whole thing up, don’t ask me how, believe me that’s better for you, and I think I don’t need to warn you about this top secret information!” “You’ve forged those kid’s death! You’ve given their parents some corpses saying it was their sons? It’s disgusting!” Scott looked at the men in his front and wanted to get out there a.s.a.p. “That’s where you enter, Mr. Meyers. Roger said seriously – “We need you to be our spokesman to those kids!” “WHAT? I don’t practice Psychology for many years now!” “But we can trust you, Dr. Meyers. This is a joint operation from the Army and the CIA, you now work for both of them. You were assigned because of your skills as a doctor and especially as a psychologist. You’ll be working with those kids, know them, be their friend and especially earn their trust.” Hugh said harshly. “WHY? What’s the interest in those kids?” Hugh smiled – “Now, you’re talking! Please come with us!” Hugh leaded him to another room with a bunch of monitor, and other medical stuff. “We follow the boys daily activities from here!” Roger said pointing at the TV monitors. “Doctor Meyers, I’ll show you classified information, these are the pictures of the victims right after we’ve rescued them from the explosion.” Scott was a doctor, and an experienced one, but even so it hurt to see how hurt those kids were, their bodies were completely burnt, and their face were hideous. He wanted to get out of there, so badly. “We thought they wouldn’t last one night, but we were wrong!” Roger showed clicked a remote and a film showed the three kids completely healed, and perfectly healthy. “You’ve realized those kids showed absolute no sign of physical excellence, they were perfect examples of the “nerd” guys! Their bodies couldn’t resist such strong explosion, but yet, they managed! ALL of them! That what started our suspicious…” “I don’t understand, when were those pictures taken?” “They were taken in the very next morning after their tragic experience!” Hugh said looking right into Scott’s shocked face. “Impossible? I don’t think so, doctor!” Talbot spoke with a proud look in his face. “Those kids were completely drenched, soaked, covered and exposed into the MHK culture researches. Their organisms, some how, managed to absorb the transgenic micro organisms and not just that! According to our analysis they are living in symbiosis with their human hosts” “You mean…” Scott said in awe “Look at our wonder boys now, Scott!” Hugh said and pointed to the monitor. Scott saw but he didn’t believe his eyes. There he could see the boys, he recognized the faces, but they were so different from their previous state!” “Subject number 01 – Shawn Mc. Intyre, from his previous stats he grew to 6’7” 315 pounds, his body fat percentage is only 1% and his muscle mass corresponds to 73 percent of his total bodyweight. Shawn was so much bigger than his picture look. His very pale complexion remained that way, his freckled face and shoulders, but much wider shoulders now, nearly at 3 feet wide. His light chestnut hair, thin and old fashioned combed now was longer, way down his ears almost reaching his incredible traps.” “Shawn was the first one to show the signs of his fast recovery. He walked in the middle of night asking for his parents and friends.” Talbot said looking at his clipboard. “Subject number 02 is Damon Campbell. He grew to 6’10” 348 pounds, his body fat percentage read 0.8% and his muscle mass represents 75% of his bodyweight. Damon has showed signs that their growth may be not done yet, just last morning his bodyweight was actually three pounds lighter than Shawn’s, but it just changed dramatically as you can see.” Talbot smiled and returned to his clipboard. Scott saw a beautiful black man, his chocolate skin, shone with power and vigor, his veiny arms and the rugged expression on his face, his walk was so intimidating and at the same time, sexy. But Meyers quickly changed his thought, it wasn’t the time, really! “Subject number three, Charles Wong, son of an interracial marriage, he was the one who showed a better response to the MHK, initially the smallest boy, Charlie grew to impressive 7’3” frame and his bodyweight read 387 pounds this morning. We are still expecting to his daily changing. “The Doctor was amazed to see such power in just one man, or boy! The body of Charlie showed so much muscle mass, he never saw in his years working at the army. No soldier could ever match the kid’s size! His face was calm and peaceful and it really contrasted to his impressive muscular body!” “You mean they keep growing everyday? Since when?” Scott asked intrigued. “We start tracking their stats after ten days they were brought in here. We noticed their enlargement and started studying their development. It was very little at the beginning, but each day it increases noticeably!” Talbot replied with a glint in his eyes!” “What are you intending to do with them?” Scot asked alarmed. “Nothing, Scott! We want you to be their friend! Ever since they noticed their growth, they are freaked, scared about what might help to them, we only want you to comfort them and bring back their emotional stability!” Hugh said more friendly. “Mr. Stevens, those boys suffered a tragic experience, and they are separated from their families, their beloved ones, how you expected they would react?” “We believe it was the better way, Scott, no one would understand it! We are keeping them isolated from each other!” “WHAT? ARE YOU INSANE? Each one thinks the others are dead? You have any idea how much pain are you causing them?” “Dr. Meyers, we called you here because of your psychological expertise, but I guess you are more concerned with minor aspects…” Talbot said in a provoking manner. “Listen, I am a doctor! I have very few experience in the psychological area, and you expect me to handle such fragile situation?” Scott ignored Talbot. “Don’t you wanna help those kids?” Roger asked trying to calm down the doctor. “Yes, yes I do, but I don’t think…” “We know you can, Scott! It’s difficult we know that, but you, as a psychologist and a doctor have far more skills to achieve success! Roger smiled and looked at Talbot. “Dennis is just a little jealous because he was against your assignment, but Hugh and me we are sure you the solution to those kids problems.!” Scott was finally convinced - “When can I talk to them?” “Like I said, they still don’t know about the others, you’ll have to talk to each one in separate, then depending on their behavior, we can consider reuniting them…” Hugh answered in his formal way.

Scott needed some time to prepare himself. He was given a lot of reports on the kids growth, personalities, behavior, and everything he thought at the moment. He spent the whole afternoon reading the files and trying to figure each ones characters before he talked to them. It should be so hard on them, their tragic experience, the fact they were away from their families, it had a serious effect on them… The reports showed that Shawn was scared about the whole thing, he had anxiety crisis and even though he didn’t show any signs of asthma, he kept asked for his medicine pump every time he gets nervous. Damon, on the other side, became very aggressive to the medical staff which treats him. He had broken a few officers arms, tried to attack Dr. Talbot for no apparent reason. Charlie, for his turn, was just apathetic, showing absolute no response ton any of the questions or attempts to start a conversation, he didn’t talk, he just stayed there growing freakier, everyday!

The tiny room was very cold due to the air conditioning, but Scott was sweating because of his own anxiety. He still wasn’t sure about the way he had to follow with each kid, but the supervisors wanted him to start that very same day – “Why being so rush?” Scott considered as he was informed that Shawn was being brought to see him. The door opened and two soldiers entered and stood by the door followed by a huge figure who surely made them look puny. He wore some kind of baggy uniform, and his hands were tied. Shawn’s hair was longer than the picture, and wet, but his face was scared, he kept looking to the sides, his breath was heavy and difficult. “You can release them now, soldiers, I’ll assume from here, and please leave us alone!” The soldiers refused at first, but then Hugh’s voice at the intercoms convinced them. Shawn was released, but he remained nervous. Scott stood up and went near him, realizing that his 5’10” height only reached a little nipple height. The big kid was shaking so nervous he was. Scott touched his shoulder and Shawn almost hit him in the face!” “H-hey! That’s OK, Shawn! I am here to help you! My name is Scott Meyers!” Scott offered his hand and Shawn hesitated, but then he shook timidly but the doctor never had his hands shook so hard before! “I am glad to meet you, Shawn!” Scott said offering a seat. The huge teenager accepted, but he kept looking everywhere. “It’s alright Shawn, we are alone!” Scott commented as he take his own seat. “No we are not, they keep watching on us there are hidden cameras!” Shawn replied whispering. Although the doctor knew the kid was probably right, he tried to drag the kid’s mind to this subject. “Look, Shawn, you have nothing to hide, do you? So let’s just talk, there’s nothing wrong about talking!” Scott relaxed trying to get his patient more comfortable. “Why you wanna talk to me?” the kid asked barely noticing his enormous hands shaking. Scot smiled and noticed the kid had already get off guard. “I know you are afraid because of what happened in the Lab 7, the accident, your unexplainable surviving, and mostly your continuous growth!” Scott spilled it out at once trying his shocking approach. Shawn got quiet, he only nodded his head, looked at Scott and put his enormous hand on the table! “I am so freaked out! We didn’t want to go in there, but those bastards forced us! Damn Jake Powers, he and his bullies, they forced us to enter the lab and get some stuff for him, but when we realized they had locked us inside!” “Do you know how did the explosion occurred?” “All I know is that Damon got so furious, he threw some tubes against a huge glassed wall, the next thing I know I was lying in a bed in this place!” Scott almost guessed his next question – “Doctor, can you please tell me why are they keeping me in here? And what about my friends? And my family? Why they don’t let me talk to my family?” Shawn finally burst into tears. Scott was prepared for that. “Shawn, we are just checking everything before we can let you go home! You’ve had a near death experience! That explosion could have killed you, and unfortunately there were many chemicals in the laboratory, we gotta be sure if you perfectly healthy to return to your family!” Scott comforted him and kept going “Did you notice how much you have grown the last couple of days? I am sure you’ve been aware of this situation?” “That’s what freaks me the most, doc!” Shawn lifted his head – “All my life I’ve been skinny and short. I’ve never been to any gym, because of my asthma, but now after the accident I am blowing in size and muscles! I mean look at this!” Shawn stood up and flexed his 26 inches guns, then he opened his uniform and flexed his 63” chest – “I’ve never seen anyone with muscles like mine, have you? Not even Arnold had those guns when he competed!” Shawn went back to his chair. Scott couldn’t help but having a hard on right there, he crossed his legs and tried to focus in something else. “You keep growing every day?” “Yes, doc, I’ve just had my daily spurt, according to their measures I’ve put on another 20 pounds and grown two inches taller.” Shawn said with a sad look. “You don’t like being so huge?” Scott asked more intrigued. “No, it’s not that! I mean it’s spooky! What if someday, I just blow up?” Shawn asked alarmed. Scott smiled and comforted him “I am sure it’s not gonna happen.” Dr. Meyers decided it was about time to reveal his patient the cause of his daily growth spurts. He spent the next hour talking to him and explaining each detail he was allowed to know and since Shawn was a brilliant young fellow he could keep up with Scott’s technical information all the time. “You mean, I am now hosting a colony of transgenic micro organisms which produce that MHK thing and that what’s making me grow?” Shawn concluded. “Very nice, young Shawn, you could understand it all!” Scott complimented the kid. “Thanks, I was the president of the science club back at school!” Shawn replied, but his face frowned right after that “My friends were the other two members though! We weren’t very popular as you can realize! Those bullies from the wrestling team always picked on us!” Shawn commented remembering of his supposed lost friends. Scott wanted to tell him that Damon and Charlie were better than ever just like they’ve never been in their whole life, but he was not allowed to do so, at least not now! The doctor went near the huge kid. “Listen, Shawn, I am here to help you okay, I want you to count on me! We’ll be talking now everyday, you can share with me any frustration, anxiety, anything, okay?” “It was nice talking to you, doc!” Shawn shook his hand even harder than he did before, but Scott really loved it. When the kid was finally taken back to his room, Scott talked to Hugh on the phone. “You’ve done a great job with Shawn, Dr. Meyers! Although we didn’t like that you’ve told him about the MHK!” “I needed to, he was afraid of his own body, he is a science kid, if he is given the proper information, he’ll be more calm, he needs to know exactly about his situation, otherwise he’ll just freak out!” Scott explained in more simple words to his supervisor. “Anyway, the next guy is sure trouble! Damon had been aggressive to every one who tries closer contact! Good luck with him!” Hugh said in a joking tone. The door opened once more and this time, the guards were even bigger, but even so they were struggling against a HUGE man easily overpowering them. “LET ME GO YOUR MOHERFUCKERS! I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!” Damon cursed as the guards finally brought him inside. They even threatened him with a stun gun, but Scott stopped them. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? HE’S A KID FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE YOU WON’T USE THIS ON HIM! NOW GET OUT HERE!” Scott yelled furiously. Even Damon was impressed to his reaction. The guards obeyed and soon Damon was sat in front of him. He looked gargantuan, even bigger than Shawn. He had those dreadlocks on his hair, it was kind of messy, but even so it looked pretty cool on him. But his face wasn’t as colorful as his hairdo. He looked seriously at Scott, who recomposed himself and sat down. “So, Damon, how are you feeling today? Have you had your growth spurt today?” Scott asked curious to know more about those musclebound teenagers. “Why do you fucking care?” Damon answered in his aggressive tone, but Scott knew he would react that way. “Because I am here to make sure you are being treated nicely, if they are not abusing of you!” Scott looked more serious. “Well, they’ve locked my hands! So much for your nice treatment, huh?” Damon lifted his enormous arms and showed his situation. “They were afraid you could hurt me, should I be afraid of you too?” “Why not? Have you seen me lately? I could break you like a tweed!” Damon flexed his tied arms and his guns bulged with power and strength, his 29 inches guns were peaking massively huge underneath his uniform. “Well, I know you are not that kind of people! You’re not like Jake Powers and his gang!” Scott fired knowing exactly where he wanted to shot. “You know about him?” Damon asked a little less aggressive. “We know he was the responsible for you and your friends being at the alb when the explosion happened!” Scott comforted the huge black kid. “It was very quick, wasn’t it?” “Yeah, that bastard locked us inside, and I got so mad, I just lost control, he picked on us ever since elementary school! We were having so much fun, but he had to ruin everything! I got so mad! I threw some tubes which were on the table and then… OH GOD I KILLED MY BEST FRIENDS!” Damon cried as a little child, sobbing and regretting for his raging control which apparently caused the explosion. “Damon, it was an accident, we know you didn’t intend to blow of the laboratory, but the fact is you were exposed to very peculiar products and chemicals. “Is that why I am growing like this?” Damon asked still sobbing, but more curious. “Almost…” Scott explained him a little faster than he did with Shawn. He felt that Damon wasn’t very attached to details, he was more into the main picture and then focus on what he considered important. “I suspect they are keeping me here because of my growth, you afraid that I turn into a monster, don’t they?” Damon asked scratching the back of his head. “WE are making sure that you don’t get hurt or hurt other people, we don’t know the whole consequences of your exposition, it would be better for you if you start collaborating a little more, for instance, if you shared me what you feel, when those spurts happen, the description may be helpful for our studies…” Scott finally felt secure about getting into the point with Damon. “I-I don’t how to say this, it’s so fucking strange, but so intense! Every time it happens, I feel it is getting stronger!” Damon said looking to the lamp on Scott’s desk. “Is it uncomfortable?” Scott asked “Sometimes, they are!” “You mean they cause you any pain?” Scott asked worried about him. “No, not painfully uncomfortable, just sometimes it happens in very inappropriate moments, like yesterday, for example! It happened right when I was taking my shower, and you know I shower with two guys looking at me, like some prisoner!” “But it was uncomfortable because?” Scott brought him back. “Well, when it happens, it is like, like an erection!” Damon finally told him the truth, and Scot was each time more interested. “You get sexually aroused?” “Every time! And it feels like my whole body is getting hard too!” Damon said with more trust in Scott. “Last time I was in the shower and those guards just looked at me like I was a freak, like I wanted to rape them or something, and they hit me pretty bad! I don’t control my cock when I am growing! It gets so hard, and big, the guards thought I was some kind of pervert!” Damon punched the table and it was crushed in shreds opening a big hole on it. “Sorry, doc!” Damon smiled “ I don’t know my own strength!” “Don’t worry about that, we are here to help you! Please, feel free to …” “UGHHGUU… ARRRGHHGRR OH FUUUCK!” Damon felt his body trembling and his feet growing. “Damon? Are you okay, son?” Scott asked worried about the huge guy. Immediately, the guards entered carrying heavy sticks and the stun gun, but Scott put his body among the guards and the growing figure of Damon – “don’t you there using it, don’t you notice he doesn’t have any control of this spurts?” Scott looked once more to Damon and he was still growing, fortunately he was given a very baggy uniform, because he was growing so freakishly huge now, he was capable of ripping it1 Scott noticed the chest filling the fabric and the sleeved almost ripping, the legs were suddenly to big for the uniform and even the ankles on Damon’s huge legs were showing far more skin. “Damon, please tell me what you feel?” Scott asked concerned with his situation. “Oh, fuck, doc!” It is so good! I feel so much stronger!” Damon flexed his arm and the now almost 31 inches peaks ripped their way out of the uniform. Damon’s back were enormous, it looked like a road map, even with the fabric covering them. His shoulders were so much wider now. Scott was in awe he never saw such thing, the already huge kid ballooned in front of him, and he was sporting a huge erection, no doubt of that. “Oh, boy! I am so horny!” Damon whispered as his spurt seemed to subside. When he was finally done, after three intense minutes, Scott asked him if he was fine. “Yes, doctor Scott! I just need, you know…” Damon showed his enormous woody and Scott smiled. “sure, Damon I’ll give you privacy, just tell me, were you always that hung?” Scott asked a blushing. “Well, I had an eight incher before, but now it must be twice as long!” Damon replied also a little blushed. “Please, give him some free time in the bathroom, you’ve been teenagers before, you know how it feels!” Scott said and the guards blinked at him – “Sure doc!” Scott was still shocked for witnessing the growth on Damon, already so massive, so fucking huge, and yet he walked out even freakier! “Great work on this one, Scott, he was really a troublemaker!” “He is not a troublemaker! He was a nerd guy remember? He is just as scared as Shawn he just showed his fear in a different way…” Scott realized he was now defending the boy’s attitudes. “You’re the expert here, doc! But your kid just sent five big soldiers to infirmary last week!” “Did you know their growth spurt leaded to a state of sexual arousing?” “Well, we didn’t want to bring this up, the kids are always horny like dogs, each time a spurt comes, the guards have to stay alert! Especially with Damon, he’s the horniest guy! He tried to attack our guards many times…” “Didn’t you notice? Those kids are confused, lost, their bodies have gone completely out of control! They don’t know what they are doing.” “Fine doctor, but we can’t let them rape the guards just because of that!” Scot sighed, they just didn’t understand! He went out for a smoke, he needed one so badly! It was then Roger went outside. “Can I borrow one?” Roger asked and Scott offered him a cigarette. “Look, I know Hugh can be very narrow minded, and Dennis is just a pain in the ass, but I want you to know that I agree with you, in fact I was the one who insisted that you took part in this project…” “What PROJECT? They’re a bunch of kids, who unfortunately suffered a horrible accident! They don’t know why they are being held in here, or even that their families think they are dead!” Scott finally let it out and Roger smiled. “You know I can’t tell you that! All I ask you is to take care of those kids!” Roger went near Scott and whispered in his ear – “I am being singed out of this mission, that’s why I wanted you to come, please protect those kids!” Roger shook the hands of Scott and he grabbed his suitcase and entering the vehicle and left the base •

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