Project William


By Also_KnownAs

It became immediately apparent that having a god around changed everything. Literally. Reality itself was now flexible, changing to his whims. I started to feel freaked a little bit as my head tried to figure out everything, but D was the perfect gentleman about everything.

"Sure, like I said, I can make a mountain of peeled grapes. But what the fuck for? And although it would be great to be omnipotent like some others I could mention, you have to remember I have a role to fulfill." He set his palm against Larry'd head and dug his fingers through his hair. "That's great, Larry. Right there. Uh huh. Mmmm, yeah..." Larry was happily chowing down on the god's hard cock. I was lying in the embrace of William with his dick up my hole. He was fucking me without moving, making his dick extend and retract like a telescope inside my sweet, tight, moist asshole. He played with my nipple as D regaled me with an explanation of how things worked in his world.

"I'm the god of pleasure, as you are no doubt aware. Anything pleasurable, that's my providence. Anything not pleasurable, that's my bane." I looked slightly confused, so he said, "Um, bane. You know? Irritation. Annoyance. Like that. And that extends to all I am with, and all that I do. Even more than our friend William here, I am uniquely attuned to pleasure, and to the pleasure of others. And freaking someone out, well, that's not really in my realm. So I tend to take things slow and delicate."

"Except when he's fucking me," Scott put in. The coach was lying on the diving board jerking his knob. He was slowly stroking himself in the sun, his foot-long bone all slick and shiny.

D laughed. Then he closed his eyes and I felt that gentle tug of all- encompassing pleasure surround and immerse me. Larry made gleeful gulping sounds. I watched his back expand with power. "I'm afraid you and Larry here have been changed for good. Being touched by the god -- being me in this case -- has some certain and unavoidable ramifications. I didn't really think that would be a problem, from everything that William and Scott have been telling me."

"Yeah, what about that, you fucker?" I squeezed my asshole and tightened around his prick. He winced and laughed gently. "How could you keep a secret like that, anyway?"

William said, "That was where I was going on Mondays, stupid. To see D and let him know what was up with our two recruits."


D's soft and beautiful voice returned. "Do you know how a god derives his power?" I had to admit that I didn't, but I was sort of in the throes of sexual passion what with William's enormous and talented tool digging deep inside my guts, so I just shook my head and tried not to drool. "From his worshipers. A god is nothing -- literally, nothing unless he has worshipers. Now, me, I'm sort of lucky because... holy fuck, Larry, who taught you that little maneuver? Uh, what was I... oh, yeah. Since pleasure is my happy duty and forte, and everyone is engaging in pleasure pretty much as often as possible, I derive some of my powers from that. But pleasure is a separate thing from me, you see. You don't worship pleasure."

"Well, I..."

D nodded. "Yes, you do now. You've been exposed, so to speak, to the ultimate power of experiencing everything you ever dreamed of. And you can now also provide that for others. But to be blunt, people enjoy pleasure because it's pleasure, plain and simple. They aren't actually paying me any mind at all while they're in Cancun lying on a deserted beach near the warm turquoise water fucking like bunnies. That's where you come in."

Scott, who was now plugging Larry's muscled ass with slow, leisurely thrusts, moving the length of his amazing prick in and out like a piston, said, "See, William and I are disciples and, as such, everything we do honors D. Directly, as it were. It's like we're connected, and the pleasure we share is pure, undiluted, absolute and utter pleasure. When we share, we honor the god of pleasure, and he grows more powerful through that worship and gives us back our rather unique talents."

"Well put," D said, and he smiled.

"And now Larry and I...?"

"You, too, will become disciples and be given all my powers for the sharing of pleasure. And what you are capable of now will grow more powerful still."

"Like... oh, shit. Oh, William that is so sweet. You have to teach me that... oh, sweet Jesus on a pogo stick! Oh, ohhhhhh, uhhhh, unnnngggg, oh, ah."

"You were going to ask something, Jackson?"

I held up a finger as my body trembled with sheer delight, realizing some new plateau of erotic bliss I'd never felt before. This had been happening more or less every 20 minutes or so, or maybe every day. Or every week. D called it `Prep Time,' but prepping for what I had no idea. He handed Larry and I over to William and Scott, but Larry protested that since I'd been able to suck cock, he should at least get that advantage, too. He was putting all he had into his performance, and D seemed quite pleased with the results so far.

We'd been going at it non-stop for hours. I realized after some time that we were now in that weird time zone where D ruled reality. The sun should have at least moved to the horizon, but it still stood overhead bathing us with heat and light. Cool breezes moved across my skin, caressing me like the gentle touch of some tender lover. The trees, lush and green, swayed almost rhythmically to music just beyond hearing. The world around me slowed to a stop -- or a pause at least -- while my body was being subjected to some of the most intense and erotic pleasuring anyone ever felt, like, forever. I couldn't even begin to describe it for you, guys.

But I'll try.

Think of your whole body as nothing but a tool of pleasure, everything sensitized to touch and scent and sound and taste. Everything primed and able to give and receive pleasure in such abundance that you almost felt like you would die from it, that the peak of that pleasure was too powerful to handle or control, your whole being raised onto some impossible plane of ultimate joy, everything tingling and wet and throbbing and then you take another step higher. Then another.

I felt myself reach the next plateau, as I was coming to think of this process, and my body gained strength and the realization of its capabilities and sort of settled into a new, higher groove of sexual power. Already William had shown us, Larry and me, who he was in this reality. His ultimate self, the man he is when in the presence of his god. He simply stood before us and... improved, I guess is the word. But he improved pretty fucking amazingly.

Bigger everywhere, to begin with. But more than that, he was perfect. And I keep using that word, but it's the one that comes to mind. Imagine the most beautiful man you've ever seen. This guy, I mean, he rocks you from head to foot. Just looking at the guy makes you hard, out of breath, hot and sweating. If you can't imagine that, you need to pump your imagination a little better when you're jerking off in the shower, dude.

Okay, that man? William looks better than him. A lot. His smile, his eyes, his brow, his elbow... his fucking elbow is sexy, get my drift? And huge? He defines the term. Mammoth. Colossal. Stupendous. Everything magnified, perfected, glowing, bulging, throbbing, swelling, flexing. Everyfuckingthing.

And then we made love, and I was taken to a new level. And then we made love again, with me plugged into him, and he was doing things with his ass that made me catch fire. Who knew an ass could even do that? Then his mouth on my cock, and his tongue and lips, and his gaze, his hands, his... okay, I'm ready to cum how about you?

I knew I would be taken higher still, all in preparation for my time with Dionysus alone, in his ultimate and unstrapped godly existence, and whatever ultimate forms of pleasure he delivered to me.

He had explained that what had happened in the kitchen was a taste of that. Just seeing him as he revealed himself to me, as his gaze and very presence began to alter me, force me to grow stronger, bigger, better in moments and then he pulled that power back, because I was about to have my mind blown and that, as I needed no reminder, would be unpleasant.

And he wasn't the god of unpleasant.

Which was the question I started to ask before William's fuck trick made my whole being shudder with satisfaction. I swallowed and tried to regain my breath. William was massaging my shoulders, his dick still buried inside me, and his touch was pure joy. "Sorry," I said at last.

D laughed gently. The sound made me want to cum. "No problem, Jackson."

"Like... like when I saw you in the kitchen, you mean. When I felt like I was growing."

"Oh, you were growing. Quite impressively, I might add."

"I was? But then..."

"You'll gain control. But I can help you realize your full potential. We just need to ease you into it, that's all. Help you learn to use what you have instead of fall victim to it. Become lost in the ecstasy." He put his hand to Larry's face and eased the boy off his hugeness. I didn't realize that Larry had been drinking cum for some time, feeding from the god's fount, swallowing his powerful seed. He was larger again. Stronger. His muscles bulged with beauty and brawn, shining beneath his smooth and perfect skin. "Thanks, Larry. Why don't you show Scott what you can do?"

"Sure!" He was enthusiastic as he sprang to his feet and kissed Scott's face, then the two started doing something with their agile muscular forms I didn't think was physically possible, but apparently it was. So, legs could really bend like that?

I shook my head and laughed, and D took my face in his hands and drew my gaze to his. "Nothing is impossible," he said. "Just dream it."

Another week passed, or it felt like a week. Who knew how long I was under the god of pleasure's spell? And who, really, gives a fuck.

What happened during that week changed me utterly. Boundaries were removed, possibilities opened up, I realized just what I had become, what I could do, how much pleasure was possible when fantasies become real.

By the end, I was super human. Beyond beautiful. Impossibly broad with strength and power. Taller than ever. Possessed of a cock that... the ultimate tool of sexual pleasure. It was nothing short of that. My body, every luscious inch, every hair, every cell of skin, every fiber of muscle, was transformed into perfect instruments of carnal bliss. If I caressed your cheek, you'd start pumping a load. If you looked at my face, your heart would burst. If you heard my voice, you'd get so hard you'd think you were going to explode. Inside, I was still Jackson.

Outside, I was your ultimate motherfucking wet dream in the flesh.

D and his disciples taught me how to adjust my abilities to such a fine edge that I could instantly fulfill any man's lustful desires without overwhelming him entirely. "You could drive someone crazy," they said, "but you can't. Because they don't want that."

And why they brought Larry and I into the fold was simple, really. "More," is how D termed it. He needed more. He needed us to go into the world as his conduits and to worship his power by using our own. We needed to find others who would join, too. Beautiful men who would grow more beautiful, then more beautiful still. Men we chose to join with us, learn what we knew, improve their bodies and what they could do until they were like us. Perfect tools of pleasure.

The question was, how? Obviously we couldn't wander the school naked calling out those who wanted to join. I mean, I guess we could, but it wasn't allowed or something. Or the repercussions were, again, unpleasant. No, it had to be done carefully, quietly, cautiously. No need to start shoving unbelievable headlines in your local paper. "Mystery Men Turn Male Populace Into Walking Fuck Machines." The whole world would freak. And that would be bad for D. And I loved him. I love him utterly.

At the end of a full week of learning everything there was to know about everything there was to know about sexual pleasure from the best teachers in the world, it was time for my final lesson. D had been teasing me mercilessly, which I fucking loved by the way -- teasing is an art, too, I'm sure you know. The slim, sideways smile. The wiggled eyebrow. The glance and then turn away thing. The less subtle but oh-so-fucking-work-me-baby fingertip to the lip, the slow drag across the moist flesh, the smoldering look that said yes, bitch, I have what you want and I know how to use it. Man, I loved that.

When he was Brett, I thought he was tempting, but imagine having the most amazing man, literally a god of ultimate sexual pleasure and all that implies, doing that to you. Teasing, tempting, flirting with your overpumped and superstrong libido. Brushing your skin with his hand, licking his fingertip and swirling it around your nipple. Whispering promises in your ear, his breath warm and wet against your skin, and then he grabs your lobe in his teeth and nibbles you so right you feel it to your toes. All that playful shit that absolutely drove me wild, he knew how to do it all. He even taught me some new ones -- less subtle hints that gave you a taste of the promise of his capabilities and what he'd be doing to you, but never the fulfillment. Always to the edge, never over the summit.

But then it was my turn. Larry whined a little, since I was getting the treatment first, but he was just fucking with me. We both knew there were no favorites here, that we were all D's guys, equally powerful, equally beloved.

"You think you're ready?" We were in some glade. It was weird, we walked from the pool area between a couple of trees and suddenly we were alone in this beautiful wooded place. The breezes were warm on my skin. The trees towered above us. The wind smelled of spices and pine, of jasmine and lavender.

I laughed slightly. Truth to tell, I was still a little nervous. What I had been shown and taught and done up to now seemed to stretch the limits of what I ever believed I could feel or give to another. Pleasure so deep, so awesome, so fulfilling that anything I felt before was like... like I'd been rubbing velvet and thought that was an orgasm. How big I truly was now, I had no way of knowing for sure. The only other men to compare to had also been changed, become impossibly beautiful creatures of sensual bliss. Just looking on any one of them was... it was beyond ecstasy.

And the most beautiful of all stood next to me. Dionysus, the god of pleasure.

"Yes," I said. "I'm ready."

"Do you want what I can give to you, Jackson?"

I took in a breath. The question was important. I could tell. My body, my being, my very soul felt as if it stood once again on some edge, the precipice of ultimate pleasure. As if I was shaking, as if I would blow apart unless something happened here. Now. I either stepped through this final doorway, or I closed it. It was my choice. As always, as the god willed, it was choice. What did I desire?

My answer would not be just words. My answer would be all that I was, and rewrite what I would be from this point until... until forever.

"I want it."

He smiled. Something clicked. Something moved. Something shouted with joy unbounded. The whole world tilted. I felt that same disorientation from the kitchen when I first saw him, or a hint of what he was. Because now he revealed himself to me. And I was changed in the process.

He was a god. And as I saw what he was, when I looked upon the supreme and essential beauty of him, I became more that I had been. I felt the changes happening, like before, but even more powerfully. And as I began to grow, to swell with power and strength on top of strength and perfect, incandescent masculine beauty, he kissed my lips. His hands, the god's hands, caressed me. His lips touched mine. I could feel myself expand. His body pressed to mine, all his raw and untamed muscle granting mine force and evolution, becoming better and stronger still, bigger and more powerful. My cock swelled. It bulged. It stretched and thickened. It expanded, larger and larger.

He kissed my neck. His soft lips on my heated skin. My chest exploded outward. Fatter, bigger, better. Huge with thick cables of brawn that did not stop, could not. I felt the power increase, higher and higher, and my body reveled in it, drank it in, grew stronger and more beautiful. How was it possible? How could this be happening to me.

Dionysus pulled me into his arms, he embraced me in perfect ecstasy, he surrounded and fortified me, we joined together, I became a god. I felt it happening. All bounds broken. All limits removed. I became perfect and beautiful and sank deep, deep into his embrace.

This was his gift. This perfect moment of ultimate bliss. This, he said, though no words pierced this perfection, is what I give to you. You are everything to me, he said. You are perfect.

And I was.

Coming back to the pool, I must have looked dazed. But I must also have looked pretty fucking amazing, because Larry took one look at me and started pumping a think, hot load that went on for minutes. He was overcome, completely overwhelmed by me. And I realized another nice benefit of the gift. I felt what he felt. I felt what William felt. I felt what Scott felt. And I felt what Dionysus felt. We were connected, now. Larry couldn't realize this part. He had one last step to take. But the look of realization and wonder on my perfect face made William laugh.

"Hey, wonderboy! Tone down the charm or your pal's gonna bust a nut! Literally!" Leave it to Scott to bring me back to Earth. If this is what my appearance could do to Larry, who was just one step shy of where I was now, what would happen if I set foot back at the school?

Shit, this was so cool!

D followed me out, and I turned and saw that he was the man I knew, the man I had grown to love. He was no longer the god, but I could see the god in him. Feel the power of the god in me. And I realized that I could give the gift, now, too. And he smiled, and he nodded, and he said, "Yes, Jackson. We're together." He punched my muscled arm playfully. "Okay, enough high and mighty shit. Who wants to fuck?" He noticed Larry's streaming prick and clicked his tongue. "Jackson, you may want to listen to Scott, at least one more time. Poor Larry looks like he's about to blow a gasket."

After Larry got his turn in the woods, it was time to get down to business. We pondered and fucked and thought and fucked and discussed and fucked. How could we worship the god and still not throw the balance of the world into hell? What could we do to spread the love around, in a manner of speaking, without being too obvious and making a fucking mess out of everything?

It was Larry who had the idea. He was always more of a thinker than me. And it was so simple and so perfect, we wondered why no one had thought of it before… •

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