JP (2004)

JP Shows Off to the Guys


By luvyalots

As wrestling season drew nearer, JP started showing off a little bit more. While we were waiting to audition for concert band seating in November, a bunch of the trumpet players were fooling around in the band room. Frankly, it was always one of the most boring parts of the year. Hunter, the other senior trumpet player, loved to act macho, even though the majority of his rather large bulk was devoted to fat. He probably would’ve made a decent football player if he hadn’t been so into marching band. Anyway, he was always devising challenges, usually physical, to prove that he was the dominant one among us. This time, it was how many chin-ups each of us could do while hanging from the percussion harness rack. Pretty much everyone agreed that Hunter would win the challenge (as always). However, he wasn’t going to let that slide. “Despite an unanimous vote in favor of yours truly, with one abstention (JP was the only one who wasn’t there), I declare that this experiment commence regardless.“ Yes, he really did sound that haughty. One by one, we were forced to perform as many chin-ups as we could muster until failure. Most of the guys couldn’t even do one. I was impressed with myself that I could do six before retiring. I guess I still had some strength left in me. Hunter, of course, went last and blew the rest of us away with eight. His last one was a little slow, but he said that he was just showing off. As he was finishing up, JP strolled into the room. Hunter saw him and snapped his fingers at him. “Mahoney, chin-ups!” JP raised his eyebrows and cocked his head a little. After a second, he said confidently, “Sure, no problem.” I looked over at Hunter and, seeing his smirk, laughed to myself. Unlike me, no one else, including Hunter, had seen how strong JP had gotten save the little push-up display he gave that one morning at band camp. They had no idea what he was capable of. “How many did you do Hunter?” the sophomore asked his section leader. “Eight. Let’s see if you can beat that.” JP nodded his head and headed over to the rack. He looked up at the bar for a moment and then suddenly, started his reps. Since he was wearing a sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, we could only see the muscles in his forearms working like crazy. I wished he wasn’t wearing it. To everyone’s amazement, JP did eight chin-ups exactly as Hunter had done…except that he didn’t slow down on the last one. Each one was all the way down and all the way up. When he jumped down from the bar, he turned to us, took in a deep breath and let out a satisfactory “Whew!” “That felt good!” he said. “Ok,” Hunter answered, not as sure of himself as before. “So you tied me.” “Oh, I’m not finished.” My eyes darted to JP. Never before had he stood up to Hunter, not that Hunter gave him a lot of trouble. It’s just that very few people, in our section anyway, did. “I’m going to see if I could do a better job.” He started to turn back toward the rack when he changed his mind and quickly faced us again. “You know what?” he said almost braggingly. “It’s getting a little hot in here. Do you guys mind if I take off this sweatshirt?” No one said a word. JP unzipped the top of the shirt and pulled it off his body. An audible gasp came from a few of the younger guys. JP was only wearing a wife-beater underneath the sweatshirt and his body was glorious. The straps clung to his narrow but visible traps and you could see every muscle fiber in his round shoulders. His arms were not huge, but they were definitely fuller than they were two months ago. His pecs had also gotten bigger since I last saw them in June. They now actually protruded a little bit from his chest, maybe a half-inch or so, pushing out at the fabric of the wife-beater ever so slightly. His body was also starting to form lats; they were small, but they were there, pushing at the shirt as well. JP seemed to like the attention. “For those of you who don’t know let me give you a bit of an education. These,” he lectured, pointing to his chest, “are pecs.” As he turned back around to the rack, he tucked in the shirt. My god, he had a tiny waist. In fact, that was probably the only part of him that hadn’t grown. I also noticed, I couldn’t help but look, that he was beginning to acquire a rather nice ass. He looked up at the bar again and immediately began a second rep of chin-ups. My mouth dropped open. The muscles in his back, every one of which you could see, were moving back and forth furiously as JP heaved his body up and down. His biceps were bursting out of his arms the size of tennis balls. This Greek god glided up and down in perfect repetition no less than 16 times before he dropped to the ground. He probably could’ve cranked a bunch more since he hardly slowed at the end, choosing instead to end at 16 to double Hunter’s score and his own from only minutes before. The whole room was quiet when JP dismounted. His face was flush and his chest was heaving up and down. His arms stood away a little bit from his body and moved up and down with his breathing. Everyone was in shock. “And that is how you do chin-ups,” he said. With that, he grabbed his sweatshirt and confidently walked out of the room. JP wasn't transforming into a stud before our eyes, but into a monster who kept getting bigger and bigger. There was no sign of stopping JP's muscles from growing. He was determined to be the biggest he could be. And he was only a sophomore. What feats of strength would he do as a senior?! •

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