JP (2004)

The Chiseled Torso is Revealed


By luvyalots

Finally, the end of the year had came. Finals were over and everyone was getting ready for summer break. Unfortunately, the seniors would be leaving us. Their graduation was held at the arena of the local university. Of course, the band had to play “Pomp and Circumstance” a hundred million times and I almost fell asleep when the 600 names were read off. Afterwards, we had to go back to the dressing rooms to change from our concert clothes into our street clothes. All the guys were crammed into this one little room. JP happened to be right next to me. I reached over and gave him a smart punch on the shoulder and said, "Sophomore." He glared at me. "Don't think just because you're no longer a freshman I won't taunt you anymore," I said. He put up his dukes and I put up mine. Earlier in the year, I had confessed to him and other people that JP could probably beat me up. I mean, the fact that he was on the wrestling team alone would give him an edge. Plus, pound for pound, he was definitely stronger than I was. Add to that, even though wrestling season had been over for a few months, JP continued getting bigger. He no longer was the little JP back in September. He had gotten taller by about an inch or two. In fact, a few people were starting to notice his gradual growth. But it was just puberty, right? "I surrender." I told him, as I put up my hands in truce. "Wimp!" he taunted me and smirked. Now, remember when I told you about when JP showed everyone his six-pack (or lack thereof) the last November. Well, in the last seven months, he had changed a lot. He began unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt. After the first two buttons, I was enraptured by what I saw and couldn’t keep my eyes off him. There was actually a definite crease between his chest muscles, not deep really, but it wasn’t there a few months ago. The muscle fibers were clearly visible, since even with this new muscle, JP was still as skinny as anything. He undid the third button and the two sides of the shirt moved apart revealing the bottom of his pecs, his nipples protruding maybe a centimeter outward. The entire middle part of his chest was now exposed and it was breathtaking. However, I was not prepared for what I saw after the next two buttons were unlatched. No, it couldn’t be! As JP unbuttoned the last button, a perfect set of six-pack abs were uncovered, tightening and loosening with every breath he took. JP had gotten washboard abs. I had been imagining that he had developed a six-pack, but I had no idea that they were going to be this beautiful. He slipped the shirt back over his shoulders and my heart started to thump at an incredible rate. JP’s shoulders were no longer bony, instead slightly wider than his waist, and his biceps actually balled up a tiny bit when he bent his arm. He hesitated a moment before he started pulling on another shirt; whether he was trying to show off a little, I don’t know. He stared blankly across the room and I remember thinking to myself that he would make a great model. I tried not to gawk in case the other guys would see me, but they were impressive. Apparently, he had been working out quite a lot since last fall and he was starting to transform from a freshman wimp into a sophomore stud. I thought to myself, just wait the three months of summer. How big will he be by then? •

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