JP (2004)

Getting Harder


By luvyalots

For the rest of the year, JP never really showed his muscles much, but I knew they were growing bigger and stronger all the time, like he said. I imagined him bench pressing and curling more and more weight every month, adding more iron to that bar, pushing his ever-expanding body to its limits. I couldn't wait until after the summer to see if he really bulked up. He had told me that he was in the 103-pound weight class in wrestling. It was the lowest weight class available, but he assured me that he'd move up. Apparently, he was pretty good, defeating wrestlers more experienced than he was. For a freshman, he told me, he had a good record. I think it was 9 and 7, which was impressive for a beginner. One of the things a lot of people noticed was his threshold of pain. It was huge, which I guess definitely helped in wrestling. Being that I was in a higher grade than he, I beat up on him all the time. Well, really, I just would give a punch or a shove in the hall. The only thing was that he would brace himself so quickly, he would barely move by the time I hit him or he would block with his hands so hard, that it would almost knock me over. One time, he didn't block me and I accidentally gave him a smart, hard punch in the chest. It was like hitting a hard piece of wood. It probably startled me more than it startled him. Later, I apologized for hitting him that hard. I told him that I thought he was going to block me. JP looked up at me and lower his eyebrows. "I didn't feel anything. I didn't know you hit me." He smiled a devilish smile at me, raising his fist to clench it in my face. Even though he was wearing a shirt, I could just picture his toned body tensing up, six little squares of stomach muscle contracting together and two slim, but round, pecs giving a little bounce. What ever, I thought, and walked away, a bit nervous. Another time, he punched me lightly in the stomach and it startled me a bit, but it didn't hurt much. The next time I passed him, I punched him in the stomach, but quite a bit harder than he had punched me. He must have really fast reflexes because all I hit was hard muscle. It almost hurt my hand! JP turned around to look at me and smiled. "I didn't fell a thing," he said, that look of confidence in his eyes again. I shuddered. His muscles were getting harder and harder with each passing month and that was making him more and more immune to surface pain. He was a nice guy, though, and we got to know each other pretty well by the end of the year. Little did I know how “well” I would get to know him! •

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