JP (2004)

First Signs of Muscle


By luvyalots

I didn't think much of this incident because he was like any other silly freshman, thinking they're all that. In fact, I nearly forgot about that episode, until mid-February. I had to stay after school for a concert band rehearsal, so I was eating a snack outside the band room. I had just finished eating and was packing up when JP came over. He was carrying a half-liter of soda and two foot-long subs. A rather large meal for someone my size, much less his. "Is all that food for you?" I asked him. "Yep!" he said confidently, "I gotta get big for wrestling." I couldn't believe what I heard. "Wrestling?" "Yea, my appetite‘s getting really big," he said. "I want to be really good at it so I have to bulk up." When he said "bulk up," he made sort of a mock most-muscular pose and let out a slight grunt. I chuckled to myself. The thought of the little kid grappling around with some guy on a mat made me laugh. "Well, you can't just eat to get big," I said. "You also have to do a little bit of lifting weights, too." I may not have been a jock, but I knew at least that. "I am!" JP assured me. "Every day." My eyebrows went up a little. "Really? Do you go to the weight room?" I imagined JP bench pressing the bar only, grunting and straining just to lift it a foot. "Well, no." he said. I smirked. Then he said: "I have a weight bench in my basement that I work out on every night. It's my brother's, but he lets me use it." My eyebrows went up even further. What, I thought to myself, he owns a weight bench? Even I don’t own one of those. JP continued: "I haven't been doing it very long, only since the summer, but I'm getting stronger and stronger." I had never heard him say so many words at once. "I may only be in the 103-pound weight class, but soon, I'll be the biggest wrestler in the school.” Despite the initial shock of knowing that JP worked out, I still found it amusing that he just “knew” he was going to be a monster. “In fact, I already have some muscle. Wanna see?" I then remembered back to the last episode when he showed us his "six-pack" and laughed to myself. "Alright." I said. Why not make the kid satisfied? "Check it out!" JP said roughly, as he turned with his left side facing me, lifted up his left shirt sleeve, (JP was a lefty) bent his arm, and flexed. My eyes must've widened or something because he smiled. He did have a skinny arm, but as soon as he flexed, a small but very noticeable bump jumped out. It wasn't very big, but it was definitely a very nicely developed bicep. It was as if someone stuck a golf ball in this arm and part of it was pushing out the skin. Of course, there was not an ounce of fat on this kids' body, so his muscle fibers in his arm were clearly visible and they twitched a little bit just before he unflexed it again. I couldn't believe that this was the same kid that I had laughed at a few moments earlier. JP opened one of his sandwich wrappers and took a huge bite out of it. Then, he made another prediction: "I'm going to be so big, I'll be able to bench press you like you were nothing." With that, he walked back into the band room. •

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