JP (2004)

Skin and Bones JP


By luvyalots

I found this story a long time ago. I believe it was on this site. Sadly, the author never finished it. Therefore, I decided to have my hand in completing this wonderful tale. It was supposedly a true story (I doubt it, but that doesn't make it any less good). I'll be posting the chapters as I "update" them, putting in some jucier details of my own. Enjoy!

Being in band, like me, one doesn't see too many muscular guys; no more than during marching band camp when the football team passes you on their way from the locker room to the practice field. It was torture; their glorious, sweaty bodies passing right in front of your eyes and all you could do was follow them with your eyeballs while standing at attention, never being able to lay a finger on their powerful shoulders and bulging biceps. I cringe to think of going through my entire high school career like that. However, when I was a sophomore, this changed a whole lot. Since the band program at my school was not very good, I was already the best trumpet player in the school by my sophomore year. Yea, there were some freshmen that moved up from the middle school, but they weren't very good. We were having what they called an off couple of years where the talent wasn't very good at all. One of the freshman trumpet players was one of them. His name was JP and he was the typical freshman, or at least seemed like the typical freshman: short, about 5 foot 4, skinny, couldn't have been much more than 100 pounds, and not very noticeable. He was a decent player, though, probably one of the better ones, but he was generally quiet, that is, until one day in early November when he finally started "showing off." We were outside on the bleachers in the football stadium during a break in our marching band rehearsal. It had been an unusually warm day for November so most people were wearing short-sleeved shirts. A group of my friends and I were for some reason talking about gaining and losing weight. (Some of the "band sluts" always stressed about that.) I confessed that I had gained a little weight over the summer because I was no longer on the crew team. "In fact," I said, "I used to have a six-pack during crew season." Well, that was a little lie just to impress the girls there. True, I had been more fit during crew season, but I never really had a six-pack. Suddenly, JP piped up: "I have a six-pack!" We hadn't even noticed him come over to sit by us and we were a little annoyed that a freshman was trying to butt into our conversation. We all looked at him weird. One of my friends said, "A six-pack?" "Yea!" he answered back almost braggingly. "I have a cut six-pack!" A few of us were laughing to ourselves. There was no way in heaven that a freshman his size could have a six-pack. The kid was really skinny. During marching band season, we musicians were constantly changing in front of everyone else due to time constraints, so we all saw JP shirtless on more than one occasion. He had an incredibly tiny waist, maybe 25 or 26 inches around, and a flat stomach, but that was solely because he had no fat at all, much less muscle. The outline of every rib and bone was visible through his thin, pale skin and his chest was barely wider than his hips. His bony shoulders seemed like they were just plopped on top of his stick-like upper arms and his forearms were even narrower. What made him appear skinnier still was his pencil neck that looked like it was just able to hold up his head. All skin and bones was how you would describe JP. He was definitely not like one of the "freaky freshmen" who were bigger than most seniors, flexing their huge biceps in front of the other freshman girls every chance they got. JP hadn‘t even started going into puberty yet. "Well, let's see it." one of the girls said. "Ok." JP answered and lifted up the bottom of the green Packer shirt that hung loosely from his undistinguished shoulders. I couldn't help but look and laugh at the freshman. He was asking for it. I mean, his stomach was completely flat; not a single bump of ab muscle could be seen. "Go on, touch it," he invited one of the girls. She pushed in gently against his stomach, just above the belly button. "It's pretty firm." she contested. I couldn't tell if she was being serious or just joking around; probably the latter. JP put his shirt down and said, "By the time I'm a senior, I'll have muscles so big, no one will be able to recognize me from my freshman picture." We all couldn't help but laugh out loud at JP's bold prediction. Little did I know how right his prediction was. •

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