Time Alteration Area


By mewletter

"So, how does this place works?" I asked, as I explore this huge underground (and quite bare) hall. "Well, if I tell you, Jimmy, I would have to kill you," replied my uncle. "Or you join our team," a soft female voice came from a corner of the hall. It turned out to be from a pretty hot lady dressed in white. She looked like 20- something, yet her eyes told me she was very old. "Hi, Dr Nelson, you brought your nephew?" "Of course, madam. This is Jimmy Jones, "JJ" for short," and my uncle turned his head toward me, "And this…mature lady is Jessica." after I shook hands with her, she told me something astounding; She is actually over 150 years old and could change her body into younger or older. "This gift of mine is to let me "disappear" without a trace when I'm in a hot soup," she explained. "Oh, and you better meet up with the rest of the team before we start to change your life." She gave me a sweet goodbye kiss and left. What a woman.

"So, err, where are the rest?" I asked. "You will see them after `Phase 1'," my uncle said. He took me to a small office and made me sign a whole stack of papers. "For contract and insurances, Jimmy." he said. After that, he sprayed sleeping gas on my face, and I was knocked out.

"What the Hell did you knock me out for?" That was the first thing I said when I woke up and saw my uncle grinning like Mr. Scrooge on Christmas morning. (As for myself, I was wearing pajamas and lying on a huge hospital bed) "Well, for `Phase 1'; Changing your DNA. I replaced the code for limiting your muscle growth, to a code that stimulates your growth," he explained. As I looked closer behind him, I saw a black, fit man wearing a weird looking bodysuit, and unless my eyes were deceiving, the famous diva, Simone Smith. My uncle saw my reaction and began introducing them to me. "This here is Derek Bark. He's a "Were-man", as in a German Shepard turned into man at night. And this here, is the talented and beautiful SIMON Smith. He's a transvestite but a straight guy." I was speechless. "So, you must Jimmy, our muscleman in our team?" asked Simon, in his normal voice. Before I could reply, I did notice some changes on me. I was slightly bigger, stronger and quite ripped than usual. "Ok, let's begin `Phase 2' already,' said Derek, revealing some fangs.

"I had to stay here for 6 months?" I asked, as I entered the once- empty Hall with Derek the next day. (By the way, it's kind of hard to get use to interacting a talking German Shepard for me, and he STILL wore that weird looking bodysuit that STILL strangely fits) "Or 15 `years'. Depends on HOW you count," Derek…barked. "Over there is the gym. I would be coaching and training once in a while there. And over there, are your living quarters. Very big compare to city standards. And over there, is the kitchen. A month's worth of food would be sent through that elevator shaft, regularly, so I hope you used to follow routines."

The place was indeed state of the art, and very "metallic". The weights there had range up to over tons and the machines were extremely "big". Besides the gym, there was also a running track and a swimming pool. "You be meeting a few people each `month' to watch over you, and I hope you show a lot of discipline and respect around, you hear?" said Derek. He starting to remind me of my drill sergeant…"Here is your schedule and clothes. I'll be seeing you soon." And he left.

The first "year" was the toughest for me. I had to get used to eating bland food, drinking lot of protein shakes, lifting weights, running, swimming and doing all sorts of "aggressive" sports. And I'm not a sporty guy. The routine was pretty much dull, and had little time to have free time. Or I was too tired and sore to have one. Still, I was growing very big and fast. My stomach was beginning to show a eight- pack abs, my upper body grew wider, my left grew like redwood trees, and my arms are like slowly converting from "a pair of pistol, to a pair of shotguns". Every day, I entered TAA at exactly 0600 hours and 1200 hours, I left the area to do what I could in 18 hours of free time. But, hey, I'm not complaining. Besides, I kind of like being big. •

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