Not a little brother anymore!

By Muscl4life

"Hey four eyes, you little dwarf, what are you doing here, runt?" the tall chestnut haired teen asked harshly when he found his little 11 year old brother hanging on the basement of their home. The little curly haired boy was caught on surprise playing with his brother's old action figures – which he was supposed not even to look at. "I am sorry, Todd, I was just…" Timmy said at once still surprised to see his older brother home so soon on a Friday night, he uses to hang out with his gym buddies after he finishes working out. "GET OUT NOW!" Todd grabbed the kid by his T-shirt and tossed him onto the stairs, which made the little boy hurt his legs on the fall. The kid just muffled his cry and cleaned the tears on his face and rushed upstairs. "Oh, Timmy, you did it again? You know Todd doesn't like you playing on his room!" his mother said comforting her little young boy – "It is not fair, mommy, Todd doesn't even play with the figures, why can't he let me borrow them?" the blond boy asked sobbing. "Timmy, it was not about the toys, he is mad at you because you were playing on the basement without his permission! You know we have turned it into his second room, so he could train and lift weights while he is at home" "But that's not fair! I don't have a second room to play! Todd is always getting all the cool stuff just because he is big and strong!" Scott protested while his mother applied a band-aid on his knee – "Honey, your brother is an athlete, he needs space and privacy to train and practice, you know he can become an Olympic wrestler!" "And what about me mommy? I have no fault I am little and scrawny, but I deserve some respect too! I hate TODD, I wish he was gone, no I wish I would be the bigger brother so I could teach him a lesson!" The boy rushed out of the kitchen, taking his little action figures along with him – "Timmy, come back! Oh honey, don't be like that!" his mother tried to defend Todd, but truth is that the 17 year old jock never liked his little brother very much, especially because they are so many years apart, and Timmy is so different from him, he is a tender, caring little boy, while his brother has always been a bully ever since elementary school, and now that he made to be the leader of the wrestling team, he is the meanest, worse, most cruel bully on his school – but who could ever stand against him? Todd is 6'3" tall and weighs over 220 pounds of solid muscle – he is the biggest guy on wrestling team and the strongest lifter on School!

Timmy went to the garage, his favorite place to cry whenever he felt like, there he could sneak into his mom's through the rear window car and hide inside the station wagon's trunk to cry his little lungs out. He was still crying when he heard Greg's voice– Todd's wrestling friend, the kid got close to the carefully, he knew that Todd would clean the floor with him if he found out he was there "peeking" on him. Scott noticed his brother's tone was different, maybe a little nervous. "So, man did you get it?" he asked at once. "Todd, do you really believe in this shit?" Greg asked uncomfortably with the situation. "Didn't you see what this stuff made to Brad? Fuck! He was a runt until last season, and now all of a sudden he just grew five inches in height and over one hundred of muscle in just one year?" Todd asked in his moody temper. "Yeah, I know, I know, but can't he be on juice? We could nail him like that!" Greg tried once more. "No fucking way! This stuff is magic, I am telling you! Brad is over 270 pounds of muscle! He completely outgrew me in a matter of five months! No steroid can do that! Even when I was on roids they weren't so strong! That's why I've searched his clothing while he was on shower and found the card with the cell number written, did you check the address like I asked you to?" "Yeah, bro, it's on Chinatown! We'll have to drive till there! But I am not sure about this, man, what if this guy is messing with Chinese mob? " Greg asked apprehensively. "Come on, Greg! I've spent three years to finally become captain, I won't let Brad take it from me now! Let's get my mom's car, she already let me borrow it!" Todd showed the keys to Greg and they both entered the vehicle, without realizing the little unexpected passenger on the trunk. Timmy's heart was going too fast, he had no idea of what were Todd and Greg blabbing about, but he didn't want them to find out about him, so he managed to cover himself with some blanket his mother always carried on the trunk.

They drove for almost an hour, all the time Todd and Greg talked about the "stuff" who apparently made Brad Summers – a former 5'9" 170 pound wrestler who had lost to Todd one million times – grow to an astonishing 6'1" 273 pounds of sheer muscle mass and strength, threatening Todd's place as captain of the Wrestling team. Todd also said, that Brad not only beat every single of his lifting records but had already established much higher marks in just a couple of days since his amazing return. "I am telling you, Greg, this guy is on something magic! No one can change so much in such a little time!" Todd cursed as they entered the Chinatown zone, looking for the address. They parked on a dark alley, in a deserted and dangerous neighborhood, Greg and Todd got out of the car, quickly locking the doors and closing the windows – "I hope they come back soon, or I can suffocate!" Timmy thought as he watched them going away from the car and entering a little place with a neon display – "Wong Mei's Orient Magic" "What are they doing in there?" Timmy anted to get out but he remembered that all the windows were locked, so the only way was to wait for their return, still hidden on the trunk. The boy actually fell asleep while he waited for the teens to get back, so much time they spent at the little store – it was so warm inside the vehicle, Timmy too off the blanket to get a better sleep - that's why our little Timmy didn't notice the jocks coming back from the store carrying a strange package. "TIMMY? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Todd screamed as he noticed his little brother sleeping heavily I the trunk. "TODD, WE ARE DOOMED MAN! THIS KID IS GONNA TELL ON US!" Greg exclaimed nervously walking from one side to the other. Todd grabbed his jacket and pulled him closer – CALM DOWN! I HAVE EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL!" he said and told Greg to enter the car. "LISTEN RUNT, IF YOU OPEN THIS FUCKING MOUTH TO MOM OR DAD OR ANYBODY ELSE THAT WE'VE BEEN TO CHINATOWN, I AM GONNA BEAT YOU UP `TILL I TURN YOU INTO A PULP! NOW YOU'RE GONNA STAY HERE AND BE QUIET UNTIL WE GET HOME!" Todd shook Timmy's little body strongly and even slapped the kid's face and finally, to emphasize his threat, he took Timmy's glasses and smashed them with his strong hands which made Timmy almost cry so angry he was, but his strong brother wouldn't let him cry, he just told him to shut up and lie down at the trunk. During all the way back, the three of them remained quiet, so Timmy had no idea of what thing brought his brother all the way to Chinatown, but one thing was sure – he wouldn't get away of this – if Todd had threatened him the was he did, it could only mean the jock was in serious trouble! Todd entered the garage and looked to his brother - "You'll get out the same way you entered, and go right to your room, if mom asks anything you were playing videogames at Nick's, and if she founds out you weren't, you better have a good excuse!" Todd said as he and Greg went to his room in the basement. Timmy was REALLY pissed, not only his brother treated him like an animal, but also he always got away from his own troubles, but not this time, oh no!" Tim went to the living room, and noticed his mother was talking on the phone with her sister. Tim waved to his mother waiting to hear another lecture, but his mom just waved him back and smiled – "There's a couple of sandwiches for you in the kitchen, honey, be sure to get them before Todd does, you know how he is always hungry!" she said and went back to her conversation. Timmy grinned, he noticed his mother didn't realize he was missing, and now everything was clear, except for Todd and his big secret. The kid tried the door to his brother's room but it was locked, then he remembered the little widow outside, since it was a former basement it still had those little windows near the back door. Tim checked it and found Todd and Greg talking about something unusual. "Are you sure we can trust you brother?" Greg asked still afraid of being caught. "Don't worry, man, Timmy is sacred to death of me! I work him like a puppet!" Todd bragged as he checked the strange vase a little closer – "So, you think that thing works for real?" Todd asked as he searched for the directions. "Dude, that old man was so creepy! I would never trust him, what if this stuff is toxic?" "Relax Greg, the man said that he a guy just like Brad went to his store and bought some magic stuff to for muscle growth a couple of months ago! I just paid him good money to get me something stronger! Then I offered him even more money for something REALLY strong!" Todd asked grinning. "Yeah, I still can't believe you had so much money on you!" "Let's just say the geeks were really generous to me over last month – besides I just got some extra money from Timmy – the runt never realized I am the one who took the money he kept for his new telescope, what a looser!" Todd laughed once more as he prepared everything to his secret ritual. Timmy was pissed, he was more than pissed, he was FURIOUS at his bully big brother, who had not only stolen the weaker kids at his School but also from his own brother, the money he had been saving for months to buy this new telescope, and his mother just thought Timmy had lost the money like a dumb child! Timmy got so mad, he managed to squeeze himself into the room and hided behind huge weight set Todd kept on the corner. "So, we have a full moon night, we have the vase with the spell material, we just have to prepare the doses for our growth!" Todd smiled – "Can you imagine the look on Brad's face when we show up bigger than him? We'll totally blow him out of the team!" Greg added looking at the strange vase – "How much are we supposed to make?" "Well, let's do a double bunch, so we won't have to make everything twice, just make sure we prepare enough to both of us to get huge!" Todd grinned as he poured several tablespoons of the dark powder into the jar and prepared to add water, but then he stopped for a while – looked at the vase and the remaining powder and put all the powder he had poured in the jar back to the vase. "Dude, I think I know what are you doing, but are you sure, we can have the whole thing at once?" Greg asked while he watched Todd pouring the water pitch into the vase and mixing it with the whole powder, making it turn into a dark green tone with a strong herbal smell – "Nah, the man said Brad took something light which took months to make him big, I know he said it was more potent but what if he is lying and it is the same thing he gave Brad? We gotta make sure, so we are gonna take it at once!! I say we go for broke!" "That old dude said it was the "Gilgamesh's Elixir!" What you know about him?" Greg asked still clueless. "I remember Timmy had a book on this guy – Gilgamesh was some warrior king who conquered many other tribes, people thought he was the strongest man ever born, and they even believed that he was undefeatable, the stories told he was a man so strong he could beat one entire army by himself!" Todd commented as he mixed the contents of the jar – "This stuff was made out of his ashes, and mixed with powerful herbs to make sure that the one who drinks this is gonna become as strong as the legendary warrior!" "Dude, you didn't buy that salesman crap did you? You don't really think you're drinking a dead man's ashes are you?" "I don't care for anything, Greg, I only want to become the strongest man on school!" Todd finally said as his sinister potion seemed to get ready. He lowered the jar filled with the dark green liquid, it somehow reacted and the fumes were coming out of it, bubbling and squeaking, the smell was terrible, in fact, the thing s got so strange with so much foam, thick fumes and bubbles, the teens, even Todd, got scared. They could barely see themselves among the thick mist which covered the whole room now, and it kept on bubbling each time stronger. "Dude, are you sure we could pour the whole thing at once?" "How can I know for sure? The man just said we would know how much was too much!" Todd said still looking at the vase, the smell was awful, and the liquid bubbled like those B-movies – "so who goes for the first sip?" Todd asked Greg suddenly. "HEY! Weren't you the one who wanted to be the strongest man on school? Go ahead, be my guest!" Greg replied at once. "Come on Greg! It won't kill you, besides, if I take that first, I'll probably won't left anything for you, then you'll can't complain!" Todd said with his usual arrogant tone. "a-and w-hat if I drink it all?" "Believe-me Greg, I will knock you down before you have the chance to cheat on me!!" Todd said and grabbed Greg's trembling figure by the collar – "Now, you go and drink the potion!" Todd ordered arrogantly and pointed to the table where he had placed the potion jar – but then it was too late! Both Todd and Greg were so lost in their dreams of power and growth, they didn't realize that little Timmy had squeezed himself closer and closer, listening to the whole thing about Gilgamesh's Elixir and the so called power they would acquire by drinking it – "How come they are so stupid?" Timmy thought all the time, but yet he was still pissed at his brother for stealing him so he would teach him a lesson. The boy managed to get closer of the table where Todd had placed the potion vase, when it started bubbling and fuming, Timmy realized it was time to attack. Tim grabbed the big vase in his tiny hands and lifted it above his head. "What the hell are you doing!!!!" The two jocks yelled in chorus but Tim didn't get afraid. "I'M THROWING THIS THING AWAY! YOU STOLE MY MONEY, BROKE MY GLASSES AND SLAPPED ME JUST FOR SOME MUMBO JUMBO?" the 5' tall, 11 year old little curly blond blue eyed boy shouted at the top of his lungs. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" Todd said as he launched against Timmy, followed by Greg who ran in circle to catch their prey. Timmy's courage vanished and for one moment all he could see was his 6'3" 220 pounds insane brother coming after him, with his friend Greg coming from the opposite side, the boy only had time to duck and slide through the little gap between Todd's huge body and the table, carrying the huge potion vase with him. Todd's bulk crashed the table and made Greg fall when they collapsed. "GRAB HIM!" Todd roared as he stood up, but it had given Timmy time enough to get to the stairs, but then he remembered the door was locked and only Todd had the key which was kept around his neck all the time. "QUICK, GREG, GRAB THE RUNT!!!" Todd yelled and was about to catch his brother, but once more, the thick mist helped our little hero, Todd didn't see his own weight bench on his way and bumped hardly against it, which caused his second fall, and Greg's feet bumped on some dumbbells Todd used to work out, and for one brief moment the two jocks were covered by the thick mist that came from the jar. Tim looked to the bubbling vase, and time seemed to stop – if he destroyed the thing, he would be beaten till his death by Todd and Greg, the only way he could get out of this mess he had gotten himself into was… Todd felt like he couldn't move, his limbs didn't respond to his orders, he wanted to stand up and grab Timmy by his ears, but he couldn't. He slowly managed to stand up, almost at the same time that Greg, only to be shocked. "OH SHIT!" the jocks said surprised with the kid's reaction – he opened his little mouth and lifted the jar drinking the potion, the precious Gilgamesh's Elixir, as fast as he could, he drank the potion at once, not bothering to the bitter taste, the horrible smell nor the burning sensation on his lips and stomach, all that mattered was to get lost with that thing as fast as he could. Timmy's belly was full of the liquid, but still he managed to drink all of the potion, till the very last drop. Suddenly, this strange wind came out of nowhere and vanished the mist at once, in no more than seconds the room as filled by the moonlight. •

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