Interview with a Teen Muscle Jock


By johnd7102000

When I got home from vacation, it was almost time for football season to start. I told my dad I really wanted a weight set. He could see how fast my muscles grew when they were challenged by the heavy weights. But he said I was still too young. He said he would get me some weights when he saw signs I was startin' puberty. Geez, I could hardly wait. I kept up all my other exercises and my muscles kept responding, getting bigger and stonger. For our first game I weighed 118 pounds and it was solid muscle. I was the strongest 11 year old football player by far in the whole league. Kids couldn't believe it when I told `em I could bench 160 and squat with 235. Fuck, I was probably stronger than that `cause I was still puttin' on muscle. I was already stronger than most teenagers. Needless to say, the Tigers kicked ass again. I was the total star of our team. I was so much stronger than Joey it wasn't even close. I wiped up the field with his sorry body. He had to leave the game after the first half `cause he was so battered and bruised from my hitting. We beat the Raiders 84 to 0. With most teams, we stopped pounding on them after about 35 to 0. But we hated the Raiders so much we just kicked their asses. It was real fun.

About a month after football season was over, I noticed my voice was starting to change. It was kinda crackling. Over a few weeks it became a lot deeper, like a man's voice not a boy's voice. And I saw a few hairs starting to grow in my crotch. I was starting puberty! I was stoked! I was starting puberty before I was even 12 years old. I had always been more mature looking than other kids my age. I always looked a couple of years older than my age, because of my muscles and everything. So it just seemed normal that my body was already starting puberty. All the other kids in my class were still boys and I was turning into a man. Of course my muscles already looked like a man's muscles, but now I was gonna turn into a real man. I showed my dad my new pubic hairs and he could hear my new voice. He looked at my body and said "Son, looks like you're ready for the weights. God only knows how fast your muscles are gonna grow when you give `em that heavy iron to push around." I smiled and flexed my arm for my dad. I looked at my bulging bicep and said, "Yeah, these muscles wanna explode. They wanna get huge. They wanna get so strong they'll be unstoppable." My dad reached up and felt my rock hard bicep. He was really proud of me and my body. He knew I was a natural born muscle stud. "Yeah," he said, lookin' at and feelin' my bulging bicep. He knew I was gonna put on more muscle like crazy.

So for Christmas I got my weights. It wasn't a little beginner set like Jeff's. It was a big, professional weight set. My dad had cleaned out our garage. The garage was gonna be my gym. I had a bench that bended for inclines and declines, a squat rack, a pulley set for pull-downs and rows, a chinning bar, parallel bars for dips, a leg press machine, and tons and tons of weights. I had an Olympic bar with lots of big plates. I had a couple of barbells with more plates. And I had a whole set of dumbbells, goin' all the way up from 10 to 100 pounds. Pretty good for an eleven year old kid. Most 11 year olds would get a little 110 pound wimpy set of plastic covered weights. I got a weight set with over 1,500 pounds of solid iron. My dad knew I was gonna need all that weight. He knew I was gonna get huge and get real strong. And as you can see John, I did. I'm huge and I'm real strong. Those 100 pound dumbbells are way too light for me now. I got dumbbells goin' all the way up to 180 pounds. I can do sets and reps of inclines with those. Next week I'm gonna get 190 and 200 pound dumbbells. Those 180's are already getting' too light for these big muscles.

Before I took my first workout on Christmas day, my dad took my measurements. I was 5' 1" tall and weighed 120 pounds. My chest already measured 38 inches and my arms 12-1/2 inches. Pretty fucking big for an 11 year old! My thighs were 19 inches of solid muscle. My waist was only 27 inches and I didn't have an ounce of fat on my body. I was already incredibly muscular. And those weights were gonna make me even more muscular. After I got warmed up with some pushups and pull-ups, I challenged my dad to a lifting contest. My dad weighed about 190 pounds and I always thought of him as a real strong dude. We loaded two big 45 pound plates onto the Olympic bar which was sitting on the bench rack. I looked at those two big plates of iron. They looked huge. I had never lifted an Olympic bar before. But I knew all the big studs lifted Olympic bars with big 45 pound plates. And you needed to start with one 45 pound plate on each side to call yourself a man. And I knew I was a man! The bar and the plates weighed 135 pounds. A piece of cake for my strong muscles. I got under the bar and lifted it off the rack. Then I lowered it to my chest and cranked out 15 easy reps. I crashed the bar back onto the rack and jumped up off the bench. "Man, son, you're really strong," said my dad. "You cranked out those reps like it was nothin'. That weight weighs more than you do." I smiled and nodded to my dad. "Those fuckin' weights ain't nothin' to my muscles," I said. I was real cocky. I was real confident. I'm always confident. I used a swear word in front of my dad. But we were workin' out in the gym. We were men. I knew he wouldn't care if I used swear words. Real men use swear words all the time. "Fuck yeah!" he said as he punched my bulging pec. And we were real men. He got under the bar and lifted if off the rack. He managed to crank out 10 reps and then started slowing down. He did two more with my spot and then racked the weight. He slowly got off the bench and I punched him in the chest. "Not bad for an old man," I said. "Let's add 20 pounds." We each put a 10 pounds plate on the bar. Now it weighed 155 pounds. I got under the bar and lowered it to my chest. It felt a lot lighter than the 160 pounds I had lifted in August at Jeff's house. I realized I had gotten a lot stronger! I pressed the bar up easily and lowered it. Then I pressed it up and down seven more times, with my dad helping with a spot for the last two reps. I jumped up off the bench. "Fuckin' strong!" I yelled. My dad smiled and nodded. He was real proud of me. Then he got under the bar. He lifted it off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Then he started lifting. Slowly the bar started going up, but I could tell he was really struggling. He barely got the bar all the way up and then crashed it onto the rack. "That thing's fucking heavy," he said. "Not for me," I said proudly as I rubbed my hands over my throbbing pecs. "I wanna add 20 pounds more. I wanna lift 175 fucking pounds. Spot me dad." My dad looked at my bulging 11 year old muscles and nodded his head. He wasn't gonna say no to a body that looked like mine and had just done eight reps with a weight he could hardly lift. We added the plates and I got under the bar. I lifted it off the rack and slowly lowered it to my chest. I could feel my pecs and delts and triceps bulge as they challenged the heavy weight. Blood was surging through the muscle. Those muscles were incredibly pumped, just rippling with power. I touched the cold steel to my pecs and then pressed up as hard as I could. One hundred seventy-five pounds of iron against 120 pounds of muscle. And yeah, my muscle won. My muscle always wins, John. I pressed up the bar slowly but steadily. I never even slowed down. I locked my elbows and crashed the heavy bar onto the rack. I jumped off the bench and flexed my pecs in front of my dad. "Fuck, I'm strong!" I yelled. "How's it feel to have an 11 year old son who's way stronger than you, dad? How's it feel to have a muscle kid for a son?" My dad reached down and ran his hands over my throbbing pecs. "Feels good, Mike," he said. "It makes me feel real good to have a son as strong and muscular as you. You make me real proud." I smiled as my father admired my big muscles. Muscles that were already stronger than his. Muscles that were gonna get way stronger than his.

After the benches we had a contest with squats. Of course I won that one too. My dad could barely lift 180 pounds. Not even what he weighed. I got all the way up to 250 pounds for one solid rep. That was more than twice what I weighed. My legs were fuckin' strong! I was stronger than my dad in all the exercises. Curls, military presses, lat pulldowns, everything. God it felt great being stronger than my own father. After that day, my dad treated me with a lot more respect. He knew I was fuckin' stronger than he was and he couldn't do anything physical to me anymore. I was a fuckin' strong young jock, and nobody could fuck with me. Not even my dad.

After the lifting contest, I started my first workout. My dad was my spotter. He said he wanted to be my spotter for all my workouts. Fuck, that was great. I could lift super heavy weights every workout and my dad would always be there to help me force out those few final brutal reps. I knew I was gonna get super huge and super strong with my dad helping me like that. I got into a great workout program. I ate a huge breakfast every morning---eggs, toast, cereal, milk, sometimes steak too. Then I'd go to school and drink a big protein drink mid-morning. Then I ate a giant lunch. I'll tell you in a minute how all the kids would give me their food `cause they saw how big I was getting and how hungry I always was. Then right after school before basketball practice I had another big protein drink. That gave me lots of energy so I could be the fuckin star in practice, like I always was. I just dominated everybody with my fast, muscular body. When I got home after basketball practice, I ate a big snack. Yeah, I mean a big snack. I had worked up a real appetite at practice. I ate like two chicken or tuna sandwiches and a big glass of milk. I was always hungry. Then I'd watch TV or play computer games for about an hour before dinner. Then my dad would come home from work and we'd have a big dinner. I was already hungry for dinner even though I had just had that big snack. We'd have chicken, steak, fish, all sorts of protein stuff. Plus lots of vegetables and potato or rice. I always ate at least twice as much as my dad. Shit, I was a growing boy! After dinner I'd study for a half-hour or so and then I'd hit the weights for about two hours. My dad would always be there to spot. After my workout, I drank another big protein shake, watched a little TV and hit the sack. My whole day consisted of eating, playing sports, eating some more, workin' out with heavy iron, and eating some more. Oh yeah, and a few classes and a little studying mixed in. But classes and homework weren't shit to me. I didn't give a fuck about that shit. All I cared about was playin' sports, liftin' weights, eatin' big and getting real big and muscular and real strong. And yeah, John. I did it. I got real big and muscular and real strong. And fuck, when you're as big and muscular and strong and good looking as me, people just wanna do things for you. Teachers just wanna help you get A's and B's. They don't make you work as hard as the other wimpy kids. They know you're a stud. They just let you coast along in their class, `cause your such a jock stud. The star player on the football and basketball team. They wanna give you an A `cause you're such a fuckin' stud. Yeah, John. I don't have to study very hard. My big muscles do my studying for me.

I only did the "beginner" workout routine for one day, the first day I worked out. I was way beyond a beginner. My muscles were already big, toned and strong. So right away I went to the "intermediate" program. I only did that for another week. During that week a gained five pounds of solid muscle and got a lot stronger. I was up to 125 pounds in weight and my bench had gone up to 195. I had gone up 20 pounds in the bench in a week! My dad measured my chest and I had put on a half inch of muscle already. He couldn't believe how fast I could put on the muscle and how fast I got stronger. I had hit another growth spurt. I was goin' through puberty and my body was just exploding. The combination of me lifting those huge weights, eating tons of protein-rich food, and havin' those raging male hormones surging through my body made me grow like crazy.

So I started on an "advanced" mass building program. Me and my dad picked out a program that trained one muscle group each day. You trained that muscle group real hard. to complete exhaustion. Then you let those muscles rest and grow for a week while you trained the other muscle groups. At the end of the week, that muscle group would be a lot bigger and when you worked it again you'd be able to add lots more weight `cause those muscles had gotten so much stronger from all that mass building. This mass building program was designed for the trainer who already had good muscles and now wanted to make them super big and super strong. That sure was me! I was stoked.

Monday was chest day. I did six sets of six different exercises--- bench presses, incline dumbbell presses, decline dumbbell presses, dumbbell pullovers, parallel bar dips with weights, and dumbbell flyes. At the end of those 36 sets my chest was so big and pumped and shredded it was unbelievable. My pecs were just throbbing, covered with veins that were surging with blood. Blood that was pumping protein into those muscles that would make `em grow even bigger and stronger for next week's brutal workout. Tuesday was back day. I did six sets of five different exercises. Pull-ups with weights attached to my waist, dumbbell rows, cable rows, deadlifts for my lower back and shoulder shrugs for my traps. I had never done deadlifts before, but in my first workout I could lift 240 pounds. My back was really strong. And I could do shoulder shrugs with 150 pounds. My traps really popped out on either side of my neck after I finished my six sets and my neck muscles got thick and pumped too. I didn't know I had such big trap muscles but there they were, all pumped and bulging. And my neck looked like the neck of a real jock. Thick and muscular. I decided to do a couple of sets of neck exercises as part of my back routine. So I told my dad to grab my head and I moved my head around against the force of his grip. God, those neck muscles really bulged after a few sets of that! My dad couldn't believe how strong my neck was. Yeah John, look at how thick my neck is. Yeah, go ahead and feel those muscles. Feel my neck and my traps. I still work out my neck with my dad and it's gotten so strong he can hardly hold on. He can hardly hold my head against the force of my neck muscles. I can lay on my back on a bench and do head raises with a 150 pound dumbbell strapped around my forehead. I can do shoulder shrugs with 400 pounds. Yeah my neck and my traps are so fuckin' strong. And fuckin' big too. My neck measures 18-1/2 inches. It's bigger than my arms. It's as wide as my head, ain't it John. Look how thick it is. Look how all the thick muscle rises up from my big thick traps. Yeah, those traps and real thick and hard aren't they John. Yeah, big traps and a big neck. That's the sign of a real muscle jock ain't it John. Big thick traps that just ooze of strength and power. A big thick neck that's as wide as your head. Yeah, my neck's like that. It's solid muscle. Big, thick solid muscle.

Wednesday was shoulders day. I did six sets of five different exercises----barbell presses, dumbbell presses, upright rows, lateral raises and pulley raises. At the end of my shoulder workout my delts were just burstin' out of my skin. They looked like cannonballs sitting on my shoulders, shredded with fibers of pumped up muscles and covered with veins. The muscles were totally exhausted. I had forced them to work beyond the pain barrier, to work harder than they had every worked in their life. And I knew those muscles were gonna respond by growing even bigger and stronger for their workout the next week. They were gonna need bigger weights to challenge `em. And I was right. The next week those delts could handle 10 pounds more in the barbell exercises and five pounds more in the dumbbell and pulley exercises. The had gotten way bigger and way stronger.

But something else was happening to my body besides my muscles getting bigger. My whole body was getting bigger. I was going through puberty, which meant I was getting taller, my shoulders were getting broader and my chest was getting bigger and deeper. My whole body was changing from the body of a boy to the body of a man. In the three months between Christmas and my 12th birthday, I gained four inches in height, going from 5'1" to 5'5". My shoulders got a lot broader. Not only was I packing on the muscle, but my bones were growing wider and bigger. My rib cage was growing too. So I was packin' on the muscle mass and the bone size at the same time, making my shoulders and chest grow at warp speed. God it felt great seeing my body change before my eyes. My dad had put a big mirror in our garage. After every workout I'd flex in the mirror and my dad and I would stare at my muscles. Neither one of us could really believe how big and muscular I was getting.

Thursday was arms day. I loved to train my arms. I've always had big arms, and blasting them like I did on Thursdays made them get huge. And real strong, Real, real strong. I did three exercises for biceps, three exercises for triceps and two exercises for my forearms. I did six sets of each exercise. I did barbell curls, dumbbell curls and preacher curls. Then I did triceps pressdowns on the pulley machine, French presses, where I hold a big dumbbell behind my back and press it up over my head, and dumbbell extensions, where I bend over and press up a big dumbbell with my triceps. For my forearms I did wrist curls and reverse grip curls. Some guys don't work their forearms. But I like real big, massive forearms. Just like a big neck, big forearms are the mark of a real jock. I've always had big forearms, but because I've been workin' `em with heavy weights for so long my forearms are huge. They're way bigger than most guys' upper arms. Check `em out John. Feel how big and hard my forearms are. Yeah, they're like big bowling pins aren't they. They look like a nest of writhing snakes. Writhing muscle snakes. Feel how hard they are. Yeah, they're as hard a rock. And they're always covered with veins, veins pumping blood into the big muscle to keep it real big and real strong. Yeah I love workin' out my arms, `cause they're so big and so strong and they look so good when they're all pumped and bulging with muscle.

Friday was leg day. This was a killer. After my leg workouts I could hardly walk. I did squats, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls and calf raises. I did six sets of each exercise and for the squats, leg presses and calf raises I used incredibly heavy weights. The first day I tried leg presses I got all the way up to 350 pounds. Good thing I had lots of big 45 pound plates. For squats I used 275 for three reps in my last set. And for calf raises I could lift 325 for four reps in my last set. My dad couldn't believe how strong my legs were. After I was finished with my grueling workout, I flexed my legs in the mirror. God, there was a lot of muscle there. And it was all pumped and shredded. My legs were real thick and real muscular. My calves bulged out with the two heads of muscle showing clearly under my thin skin, covered with veins. My dad told me he never saw an 11 year old kid with legs as big and muscular as mine. He was real proud of me. He reached down and felt my big quads, quads that had just squatted and leg pressed huge amounts of weight, way more than he could lift. I flexed `em extra hard for my dad. "God those things are really big," he said. "And really hard. You are incredible." I smiled proudly as my dad admired my muscles. Then I pulled down my shorts and said, "Look dad, something else is growing too. My cock's a lot bigger than it was a month ago." When I pulled down my shorts my cock sprang up. It was hard as a steel pipe. It always got hard when I flexed in the mirror. Still does. "My cock's gotten a lot bigger and a lot thicker since I started puberty. My cock's gettin' big and thick just like my muscles." I was proud of my cock just like I was proud of my muscles. My cock was gettin' big and strong just like my muscles. My dad looked down and stared at my cock. I had just a little bush of blond pubic hair that was starting to grow in above my rock hard weapon. "Yeah, son, you're a total stud, that's for sure. You got it all. Looks, muscle and cock. You're gonna have a great life. You're gonna rule." I smiled proudly as I looked down at my rippling abs and my hard cock. I knew my dad was right. Yeah, I have had a great life, haven't I John. I'm strong as shit. I can do anything I want. I rule the whole school. Everyone wants to be my friend. Girls wanna get fucked by me every day. Guys wish they had half the looks and half the muscle and half the cock I got. Yeah, it's just fucking great being me.

I worked out my abs twice a week, on chest day and on arms day. I did three sets of 200 crunches and three sets of 100 hanging leg lifts. My waist has always been small and my abs have always been shredded. I wanted to keep `em strong and shredded but not add a lot of inches around my waist. Fuck, I've gained 75 pounds of muscle since I started lifting but I've only put two inches on my waist. Twenty-nine inches of fucking rock hard washboard muscle. As strong as steel. As hard as bricks. Yeah, my abs are fantastic, aren't they John. Yeah, I know they are. On weekends I rested. I let those muscles grow and grow. I ran five or 10 miles both Saturday and Sunday to keep up my cardio. That was a piece of cake for me. My muscles never had to strain at all.

So that was my training program when I first started liftin'. I still train pretty much the same way, training one muscle group each day. Shit, why fuck with success? I gained so much muscle and strength in that first three months I couldn't believe it. Neither could my dad. Neither could the kids at school. Every day I come to school bigger and stronger than the day before. I could just feel it. All the kids could see it. I was goin' through an amazing growth spurt, like the one I had when I first started workin' out in third grade, only way more. I was getting taller, wider, heavier and stronger incredibly fast. I was turning from a strong and muscular boy into an incredibly strong and incredibly muscular young man. Every month my mom had to buy me bigger shirts `cause my shoulders and chest were growin' so fast. I liked it when my shirt was too small. I'd put on that little shirt and strut around the school flexing my pecs and lats and arms for all to see. Yeah, you were there, John. You remember that. It was amazing. I was by far the biggest and most muscular kid in sixth grade. All the other guys were still weak little boys and I was turnin' into a real man. A big, strong, muscular young man. Girls kept coming up to me and feeling my muscles. Of course I always flexed for `em. I loved it when the girls when ape-shit over my body. Sometimes they'd reach down and grab my cock, which was hard a lot of the time. Yeah, they wanted that big cock even though they were still in sixth grade. Well, I didn't give it to them. Not yet. I knew better than that. I just teased `em with my big muscles and big cock. It wasn't till seventh grade that I started letting girls suck my dick. Yeah, I had `em practically lined up wanting to feel my muscles and suck my cock. By the end of seventh grade just about every girl in the grade, and a lot of 8th and 9th grade girls too, had sucked my cock. Yeah, I've had my cock sucked by lots of girls John. All the girls want my body and my cock. They just go crazy over me John. But I know you're gonna be a better cocksucker than any of those girls. I can just tell it. •

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