Project William


By Also_KnownAs

I was an animal, all right. His heat infused me, his scent aroused me, his gaze heated my flesh and made me feel like fucking the whole U.S. Navy. I was looking up at him as I tilted my head and stretched out the wet length of my augmented tongue. In my new body, it had been improved as well. I could wrap it around his dick three times if I wanted to -- if he wanted me to. It was coated with a slickness that acted like a lubricant, my spit now aiding any manipulations I put it to.

I started slowly. I touched my tongue to the base and licked the shaft. He was hot, indeed. And hard as a rock. I slurped up his cock and paused at the head, pressing my lips to him, planting gentle kisses against the stretched skin of his hot prick before pulling the engorged helmet inside my mouth.

He gasped audibly. I was good, baby. But you knew that already. But you don't know how good it can be until I've been with you. And I was going to give him my all. Because as soon as my lips touched his cock, I could feel the sexual pleasure in myself amplified.

It was finally happening just as William said. Brett was my Cipher. Whatever I did for him, he did for me. I would give him pleasure, and he delivered it back. Then my body, built for pleasure, would take it and pump it up another notch and shove it back. Then he'd give it back again. So that every inch of his hard prick felt like a foot of swollen cock. He had a six-foot high super-sensitive prick. My mouth enveloped it, my tongue lathered and stroked it, I swallowed his monster and he and I started to share something no one had ever felt before.

I was the key, not him. He could fuck me dead and it would feel fabulous, but it would never measure up to what I felt when I was doing him.

It grew and grew, that feeling, that power. It was swelling inside me like a sun. Maybe he knew this would happen, maybe he was scared of it, but now that it had finally started there was no way it could stop. It was better than sex, something vastly more intimate, more overwhelming, more powerfully erotic. It made me feel even stronger, wildly sexual, capable of anything and everything and all at once.

I could feel something building. It was the tingle that you feel in your dick just before you cum, but it kept getting stronger and stronger and it was everywhere. I was feeding it as I started sucking his dick, wrapping my tongue around it. He arched his back and my hands found his ass and my fingers spread his cheeks and explored him, massaging, nuzzling, caressing and finally pushing into his tight-as-a-drum hole. My body was a throbbing, growing cock. His was too. The more I gave the more I got. I don't know how long I was pleasuring him but after a while something else occurred to me through the lightning storm of sexual pleasure I was experiencing.

He and I were one. He had my powers while we were joined. He should have been cumming minutes ago but he wasn't. He was still hard, his balls churning with his load, but he wasn't cumming because... because he didn't want to. He could keep himself from cumming. He could keep himself hard, make himself hard. My hands were suddenly feeling a harder, rounder, more muscular ass. I opened my eyes and looked up his body and the thrill of erotic bliss increased again. Because of how he looked.

Brett was being transformed. His body was changing. He was growing muscle as I watched. I could see it happening. No one had ever had this happen before while I was with them. But William's words came back into my fevered brain again. He told me that just as I'd grown better and bigger and more beautiful when I was with him, and then twice as fast when Scott joined us, I would give some of that to whoever I was with, only they'd only realize it in small doses, and over time. So Brian, for instance, would be feeling better, and looking better, and getting bigger -- but it might take days or weeks, and the growth would be small compared to mine unless I was with him again and again and again.

But here was Brett, and I could see him literally inflating before me. He chest was expanding outward, growing fatter and wider. His belly was tightening, swelling with a six pack of fat brawn. The arms that hung at his sides were thickening with new muscle, thick fat cables of it. His thighs bulged against my chest, and I could feel his cock growing, too.

Everything about him was changing. Brett was becoming something else, something better. He could feel it. I could feel it through him.

He started to moan and to twist. I continued to blow his joint as it grew longer and thicker. I could handle anything, the guy could develop a third arm between his legs and I'd swallow it whole. His nipples swelled outward like an ink stain, their round perfection spreading wider on the fat cables of power swelling under his glowing skin.

The feeling of pleasure was as deep as an ocean, it was swallowing me, drowning me. God, I never believed anything could ever feel this fucking great! It was sex on top of sex multiplied by sex to the power of sex, sex, sex. Everything, everywhere, nothing but perfect and beautiful pleasure. I swear we were glowing with it, overheated with it. Was the grass burning under us? Was paint peeling off the house? I swear the pool water started to boil and shift, the earth was moving, the sky was cracking open.

He grew larger and larger, his muscles expanding and developing, splitting and swelling, filled with power and strength and size. His arms had melons of muscle, his chest was two huge globes of hard power, his legs were overwhelmed with cables and wedges of strength. Bigger and fatter by the second, huge, immense, colossal.

Then he came, and it was a tide, a positive flood of cum coming out of his body, out of his improving balls, his monster prick. He howled a deep, feral noise. Something preternatural and basic. The sound of the ultimate orgasmic release. He shot straight down my throat, and I was feeling it, too, like my whole body was cumming, like I was blasting my own thick, hot, creamy load outward from everywhere, like light was exploding from my muscles, like my blood was shooting out, like my very soul had been inflated with sex and was now shattering and blasting and screaming with complete and utter joy.

No lie, it felt fanfuckingtastic.

How long it went on, I couldn't say. It felt like hours, like I was stuck inside a perfect moment of sexual release. It probably lasted less than a minute, or maybe it was five or ten minutes. Maybe I blacked out and came to and he was still unloading down my gullet. His juice was sweet and powerful, it fed me, strengthened me, intensified me and completed me. Nothing I ever felt before was like that moment.

When it was finally over, when I pulled my mouth from his fat cock and rolled over, breathing deep and hard staring up into the blue sky, feeling the wind on my skin cooling me, I couldn't move. Literally, I was drained completely. The only sound I heard was some birds in the trees around us, and the gentle lapping of the pool water (had the earth really moved?) and Brett's breathing that accompanied my own.

I lay motionless like that, staring at the slow-moving clouds, reeling from an aftershock of the intense pleasure, a sort of fuck hangover, when I heard his voice, and it sent a chill through me.

"Oh, fuck," he said, "what the hell was that?"

His voice had a ring of power to it. It was deep, strong, almost melodic. It sounded like it was coming from inside a deep cave, echoing through treasure vaults, a man's voice so clearly masculine that it could make you hard just hearing it. "Brett?" My voice sounded the same to me.

A shadow fell across my gaze and all I could see was a silhouette for a few seconds until my eyes adjusted. Then I was looking at the most beautiful man I had ever... no, he looked even better than that, better than any man I could ever imagine a man looking like. I mean, a wet dream was poised over me, his intense and beautiful eyes looking back at mine. "You okay?"

His voice passed through me into the ground and the rocks reverberated. My body shook. My soul caught flame. "I think..."

He smiled. The heavens opened. I saw God playing checkers. "You look like I feel."


The dream tilted its head. The dream leaned closer and laid its lips against mine. I felt myself cum. I felt my whole body cum. I fell into a deep well of orgasmic bliss. Then his lips lifted away. "Welcome back, Jackson."

I leaned up and he moved back to allow it. As the sun fell across his features, I came again. I looked down, and I wasn't cumming, my body... my body was my real body again. All 6-foot 8-inches of me, and all 16 inches down there. And I wasn't cumming, but I felt like I was. I could feel it, looking at him, at what he had become. "Whoa," was all I could think of to say.

"That sums it up pretty well," he said. That voice was going to drive me batshit. He was looking at me and smiling. I reached up and touched his face. I was cumming again, lost in the feeling of pleasure. His skin was electric, magical, amazing. He put his hand over mine. He said, "Now you're going to tell me this happens to all your lovers, right?"

"All my...?"

He started to stand, and what he had become came into sharp focus all the sudden.

He was a god, there was no other word adequate to describe him. To my eyes, he was everything a man should be... could ever be. The ultimate expression of male power and beauty. Strength on top of strength. Masses of bulging muscle arrayed in such perfection of form and development that he looked almost unnatural. No, supernatural.

He reached down to me and I took his hand, my body thrumming with pleasure again, and he helped me to my feet. "How... who...?"

"One blow job and all your words disappear?" He smiled again, and I was cumming constantly. How was I ever going to survive this, and really, did I even care? I looked up and down Brett's new form, the lines of his power, the bulging masses of pure muscular beauty, the shredded development from an erotic artist's homo wet dream. His Latin good looks had been magnified beyond belief, except I was standing there looking at him. His face alone, even a picture of it, would make a dead man cream. "Feeling better?"

It still hadn't dawned on me that he wasn't freaking out. Not even a little. "I'm okay. Are you... you okay?"

He looked down at that fucking amazing body and nodded. "Yep." He turned, showing me his perfect ass and brushed off the grass clinging to its smoothly muscled surface. "You sure do know a thing or two about giving head, I'll grant you that, Jackson." His voice, his beautiful, powerful voice. "I've had my knob blown before, but never like that." He smiled. My knees nearly gave out.

I remembered that, even after I started developing, I didn't see it either. But he had been radically changed. He was almost a whole new being. I could see Brett in front of me, but this was super Brett, amazing Brett, colossal astounding make-me-cream-looking at him Brett. He couldn't possibly not notice that his dick was huge! At least twice as big as it had been! And his chest, and his abs, his lats, his arms, his legs. Everything on the motherfucker was... was... "You're fucking huge!"

"Huh?" His arms hung at his sides. His waist was tiny, tight, cobbled with power. His chest was almost too big for his flesh. His skin shone like he was polished. "Me?"

I nodded, dumbstruck. My body was feeling his closeness, his heat, his presence. It was reverberating from him, throbbing with pleasure and desire. I caught that scent, the smell of him, and it was amplified as well. It was overwhelmingly powerful, supr masculine, saturated with sexual promise and erotic pleasure.

"You think?" He raised his right arm and flexed his bicep. It bulged with paroxysms of growth, swelling enormously. He grinned. "Thanks!"

He couldn't fucking see this?!? He couldn't fucking tell what had happened to him?!? "I gotta get you home," I said. This wasn't right, couldn't be. Was I insane? Was this what having a Cipher meant? Was I imagining this?

He looked confused. "Why? We can fuck around some more. Honestly, if you're worried somebody'll..."

"No! No, it isn't that. It's... look, can I use your phone?"

"Whatever," he said, and he started back toward the house, presumably to show me where his phone was. My body swelled like a dick engorged with pleasure as I surveyed his tight, perfect ass and the swelling enormous power all over his wide, bulging back. He still walked with that innate sense of self and comfort, and his hips swayed like a man who was fucking me hard right now.

Jesus, whatever this was, I knew I was going to enjoy it.

"Pick up! William, stop fucking whoever you're fucking and pick up! Larry? Scott? Anyone? Hello? William! William, pick... William, thank god."

"What's D got to do with it? Hey, how'd it go with your Cipher? Pretty hot shit, huh? Bet you blew out a nut just..."

"Shut the hell up and listen! Something..." I looked at Brett and covered the mouthpiece. "Can you excuse me for a minute?" He shrugged, I had another orgasm, I heard William laughing. "William, something weird is going on."

"Mm hmm."

"Something really fucking weird, I mean."

"Uh huh."

"Is somebody sucking your cock right now?"

"Ooooooh, yeah."

"Could you put him on pause, please? This is sort of important."

"Larry. Larry. Larry! Go find Scott. Attaboy. Okay, what's your beef, big boy?"


"Your Cipher."

"Yeah, um..." I turned to look through the plate glass window at the most beautiful man walking the face of the earth. "He's..."

"What? You fucked him, didn't you? I didn't scare you off, did I? Look, I exaggerated a lot of what I was saying. I mean, a Cipher is a fucking amazing thing! You should..."

"No, I sucked his dick."

"You did? And was it great?"

"Everything you said it would be."

"It was?!?"


"You said it was everything I said?"

"It was. More than that. I think I blacked out. We made the pool water boil. The earth cracked. Paint is peeling off the house."


"Yes, whoa. And the weird thing is..."

"That's not the weird thing?"

"The weird thing is that Brett... changed."

"What, like into a dog or something?"

"No, not a dog." I looked out into the yard again. The naked god was looking back at me. I shook with pleasure, I trembled. I came. "He's about the most beautiful... no, he IS the most beautiful man I could ever imagined existing. He's... beyond beautiful. He's... I don't know what he is, but he's it. And the weird thing..."

"You still haven't got to the weird thing?"

"The weird thing is he doesn't seem to realize anything's changed. That he's changed. That I've changed. That we burned a hole into his backyard lawn."

"You've changed?"

"No. I mean, I'm me. I'm all me. All sixteen inches of me. But he..."

"Didn't notice."


"That your cock is over a foot long and thick as a beer can."


"That's weird."


"And he's..."

"A fucking god."

He let out a long breath. "Well, um, now that you mention it..."

"What." I gazed outside. I couldn't see Brett anywhere.

"Now, don't get mad, Jackson."

"What?" I inched over to the window and looked beyond the pool, over to the lawn where we had scorched the earth. No Brett.

"I probably should have said something before but, well, I wasn't supposed to, so..."

"What are you talking about?" I opened the sliding glass door and stretched myself outside and looked all around the yard. Where the fuck had Brett gone?

"It was a test, Jackson, okay? I mean, sometimes he does this and, you know, all I can do is what he asks me to. 'Can he control himself?' he asks. 'Yes,' I say. 'No matter what?' he asks. 'Well,' I say, 'I suppose that depends on the circumstances.' I mean, you hadn't really been holding anything back, so he was wondering, you know, what would happen if..."

A voice, like Brett's but not, a deep rolling baritone, a sound that made my whole body reverberate and tremble and explode with sexual release, was suddenly speaking in my ear. "Jackson?"

I turned around. My world changed. My whole existence tilted. The floor fell away, the roof came off, I was floating among the stars.

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating. But not by much. Because I wasn't looking at Brett. I was looking at the most beautiful being -- not just man, but being -- I could ever imagine. Whatever Brett had been before, even that appearance and presence and strength and beauty that overwhelmed me, made me feel like I was cumming, made my whole body and all its new muscle and size and power feel small and insignificant when faced with his ultimate and devastating beauty, paled before the man who was standing in the kitchen with me.

Awesome does not begin to describe this person, this being, this man standing there in naked perfection. Was he glowing? Was he on fire? Was I really feeling him surrounding me, holding me in his powerful arms, kissing every inch of my skin, sucking my huge dick, stroking me, fucking me, tonguing me as he stood there? Was I really falling into his gaze, the depth of his eyes on mine, the sheer magical feeling of desire and lust and need all fulfilled, all satisfied?

His lips parted and he spoke again. "May I speak to William?" He said the words and they pushed through my soul like the purest fuck in the world. Each sound carried with it the promise and the fulfillment of every sensual and sexual desire I could ever hold. He held forth his hand, and his arm was overlaid with a collection of power and brawn so beautiful and amazing that no other arm had ever been created that could measure up to it. Except for the other one hanging off his body. The perfect male body. Literal perfection. Every inch, every millimeter, every follicle, every muscle. Bulging and bronzed and beautiful. Huge and hard and luscious and sensual.

I couldn't move. I was afraid I'd blow up or something, that my body would melt with ecstasy, that I would be so overcome with supreme pleasure that I'd disappear inside it.

He took the receiver, and then he nodded slightly, and he smiled. My body was cumming, it was shooting out of everything, I was an orgasm, a mountain range of joy, an ocean of pleasure, a sea of cum flowing forever and ever. He lifted the phone to his lips, the most perfect and sensual lips ever created, a mouth that would swallow me whole and blow me into heaven or hell or who knew where, and he said, "Lyaios? It's D." He winked at me. The god of pleasure. He winked at me. "Tell me you weren't about to give my secret away." •

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