Sons of Hercules, The

The Twins


By John

All is finally revealed to the muscle-laden Sons of Hercules as we wander through the world of mythical muscle in this last installment.

The hugely muscled body of Maciste filled the wide corridor. The others had found their directions in the words of their father, Hercules, and now it was his turn. His phenomenal muscles showed fully pumped and glistened with the sweat of anticipation as he strode toward the cell containing the object of his journey.

His chiseled back inflated like a bellow made from rock with each excited breath. His magnificent chest reflected the harsh torch lights in a variety of directions off of their striated globed splendor as they rocked themselves in torrid fluid motion. The upper thighs of Maciste were corded into diagonally fissured cut diamonds of visceral muscle as they pounded against each other and the hallway wall; passing in wide sweeps around their own trunk-like mass.

The width of his shoulders forced Maciste to hold his ballooned, muscled arms as close in to his impossibly small waist as he could and pushed his pecs ever higher with each rhythmic pump. The biceps were mooned into mountainous proportions and cabled with a network of veining stretched almost to the bursting point. In spite of the concentration to hold his arm in, Maciste's triceps arced out in wide curves under the force of the expansive meat of his lats beneath and pummeled the corridor wall loudly like beating, victorious drums.

The charge was led Maciste's brutally spiked cock. Like a stone ramming post, it preceded the mighty body aggressively. The slitted end of the crowning dome of the double fist-sized head smirked in a vertical line polished with the precum of anticipation. The two meloned testicles shined with the rounded splendor of their heated, creamy load while the veins covering the mast-like shaft beat out the rhythm of his anxious stride.

It had only been a short time since the voice of his father had burst into the palace chamber upon the seven sultry men. Maciste remembered what had recently transpired as he continued along his short sojourn.

"Why do you all mourn in the time of your glory?" The familiar voice of their father, Hercules, had interrupted the solemn gathering.

"Father, do not mock us!" Maciste remembered shouting into the speaking air around him. "We have failed you; we have failed Tiberia; and we have failed Rhea! Can you not leave us in peace? You challenged us to help and all we have done is to bring despair and destruction to many good people."

"No my sons, quite the contrary, you have succeeded as I knew you would." Hercules continued. "Everything that needed to come to pass has happened. I had warned you of the difficulties, but I had promised you that your work was of immense value to the future of your world."

"But, Father, the children of Rhea are lost; Amulius remains in power in Alba; his people remain under his tyranny; and Lin lies near death! How can you call this success?" Maciste inquired in a quandary.

"Yes, the children are lost, but they are not gone." Hercules went on. "They still have a role to play, but that role is theirs, not yours. Your challenge was to put that role into play and you have."

"So, they are alive???" The suddenly attentive Goliath shouted.

"Yes. They are where they belong now." The voice of Hercules answered.

"But they are lost to Rhea. If they have a role, will she be reunited with them? Is there joy in her future? She never even had a chance to name them. All they were ever know by during their short few days with their mother were the names of Sylvia's stolen children by which she called them when she sat with them." Atlas sparkled in.

"Rhea has her own fate. Amulius, too, must meet his fate and, one day will have to face the very children he sought to destroy." Hercules went on. "I cannot share too much with you, but, you must trust me that you have done well and have every reason to be as proud of yourselves as I am of you."

"But it is our fault that the children are lost to their mother!" Argolis insisted.

"Yes, but it was your work in freeing Rhea and Numitor and in destroying the bridge and dam that will bring the things about that need to be in the future." Hercules bellowed back. "Yes, Sylvia gained some comfort for a short time by using the children of Rhea to soothe her loss, but she will have that joy once again, I assure you. The children will, once again, bear the names of those she lost those many years ago and the names, Romulus and Remus, will come to have great meaning to the world in time."

"Romulus and Remus!!!!" The twins shouted. "Why those are our names! Then Sylvia is our mother! We must go to her and tell her of our presence."

"No!" Commanded Hercules. "Sylvia has endured enough for the moment. Awareness of your existence can only add to her confusion and distress now. Your future is already cast and those who you love want that future with you, too. Don't you Goliath and Argolis?"

"Huh, yes." Goliath responded shyly. "It is true, Romulus, I have wanted to be with you since I first saw you standing so boldly and beautifully in front of your brother on the bridge."

"And I have not been able to get you, Remus, out of my thoughts since you appeared on the ridge with Goliath at the dam." Argolis admitted. "Goliath has become a true brother to me and you and Romulus have shown great love and care for him. Even now, you still put our welfare ahead of your own by trying to make sure that we were attended to."

"Then, Goliath and Argolis, my sons," Hercules interrupted "consider the acceptance of this union between you and these mighty twins as my gift to you as part of my gratitude for your accomplishments."

Romulus and Remus needed no more encouragement and rushed to the waiting muscular arms of the tanned white blond man and his silky black brother. Both muscular twins were lovingly swallowed up by the sheer massiveness of the enormously muscled bodies they encountered. Welcoming voluminous male breasts enveloped the handsome faces. The normally rock-chiseled breast meat relaxed into cushioning warmth. Two sets of massive arms blossomed outward as sheltering vestiges of protective meat.

Sweet embraces became amorous stroking. Romulus and Remus began to massage these most desirous of male muscled bodies to which they were now deliriously bound for eternity. The heat of the passionate stroking pushed life filling blood into the cores of the hungry gargantuan muscles of Argolis and Goliath and fed the prodigious cocks to rigid hardness.

The muscles of all four intertwined masses of meat filled under the excitement of the erotic mutual stimulation. The twins began to appear as the same solid aesthetically sculpted masses they were on the bridge. Chests stripped themselves of any vestige of softness as the muscle fibers fill the space between ribcage and thin skin. The lined pectorals moved like thickly roped cables as the equally cut arms of the two former soldiers pursued the exploration of the two other gargantuan bodies before them.

Argolis' body turned into a vision of carved sandstone as his beautifully muscled form grew with the heated stimulation. His own pecs breasted out in fibrous glory under the pressure of the groping hand of Remus. Exploring fingers dove palm-deep into the undulating canyon of cleavage while other fingers nibbled at the stiffened outline of the pointed nipples erupting from the bottom surface of the head-thick male tits. Argolis legs flared with crystal sharpness as the heat of excitement caused them to tense and relax in an application of internal pressuring to his marbled ass muscles and inside to his waiting sphincter muscles.

The ebony figure of Goliath was undergoing a similar experience being caused by the attentive of Romulus. Goliath's upper back swelled like two giant clam shells as they pushed his spring coiled arms further out in his embracing response to Romulus actions. His ass cheeks flexed into dark, honed images of marble purity as the various layers of rock-piled muscle shifted and mounded around the probing hand of Romulus. Brief relaxation permitted the tender hand to slide down to contact with the welcoming love channel opening.

Soon, four cocks were raised and readied to consummate the two unions. Each splendid organ appeared as if cast in bronze. The sweat of excitement wetted the impossibly stiff shafts. A series of crisp veins netted each of the ecstatic begging tools adding to the vision of hardness. Soon the two staggering tools of Argolis and Goliath were encased in the strong hands of their respective lovers, each of whom struggled to get their outstretched fingers around the substantial girths.

It was time for the four men to consummate their union. Simultaneously, Goliath and Argolis swept Romulus and Remus up into their waist-thick arms and, resting part of their burdens of love upon the unyielding stiffness of their metal-forged cocks, carried them off to a far corner of the room. Once there, the two demigods opened their internal passages for the hotly waiting cocks of their respective lovers. The twins, in turn, locked their embracing arms around the tight waists before them and re-clasped the imposing organs.

As the sounds of the foursome lovemaking continued in the darkness, the voice of Hercules turned it's attention to Ursus and Atlas.

"Atlas, you have served well, but have not been happy, my son." Spoke the fatherly voice.

"Yes, father, I love the challenge you have offered me and the body you have given me with which to assist but, in truth, my life is a simpler one in a far away land." Atlas answered honestly. "That is all I guess I have ever really wanted."

"And you, Ursus, what is your desire?" Hercules continued.

"I think you know that answer, father." The muscular oriental responded without looking away from the image of the prone Lin before him.

"Then, you shall both have your desires." Hercules decreed.

The creak of a door could be heard off to one side followed by a soft voice calling out the name of "Atlas".

"I am here!" Shouted the excited Atlas as the image of Carlos stepped into the lighted part of the chamber.

"I have been searching for you since shortly after you left." Carlos cried as he rushed into Atlas' waiting arms.

Suddenly, the arms embracing the tearful Carlos began to shrink. The vastness of muscle was slowly disappearing, but it was not replaced with the layers of fat that had formerly been part of the image of Atlas. Instead, he continued to transform until, after just a few moments, he was the vision of a healthy, trimly muscled man not unlike the image of Carlos.

"Thank you, father!" Atlas offered as tears of joy poured from his eyes and ran down onto the shoulders of Carlos in their tight embrace. With that, they, too, were off to their own corner to complete their reunion.

"What is happening!" Yelled an astonished Ursus still attentive to Lin.

Indeed, the very muscle that had disappeared from the body of Atlas was now passing onto the frame of Lin. The expansion increased over the entirety of the unconscious body. The shoulders spread ever outward and reformed into the boulder capping image that Ursus shared. The arms became massively sculpted vestiges of muscular beauty. Veins surfaced and pumped the fibrous flesh in a frenzy of sinewy feeding.

The biceps formed wonderfully arced domes filled with the same promise of scale possessed by Ursus himself. The triceps and forearms had become cabled with impossibly wondrous muscle. The expansion of the underlying back pushed the sleeping image upward toward the face of Ursus as layer after layer of thick, broad muscle consumed the upper and lower back. The only change to Lin's small crisp waist was that the hollowness assumed an appearance of pure, quality abdominal muscle capable of supporting the huge upper mass that was forming.

At the same time, the rate of rise of the upper body was doubled as the pecs swelled into magnificent globes of heavy tissue. They began to heave with renewed life as each breath pushed the vastness of the breasted male muscles higher and thicker. Ursus first felt the expansion of the upper leg muscles as the growing volume pushed harder and harder against his own adjacent upper thigh mass. Lines cut in between the various striated parts of Lin's legs as each individual muscle commanded its own identity. The calf muscles, too, pushed the lower legs mass up from the floor and cut themselves into diamond clarity as big around as Lin's head.

Even Lin's cock and balls swelled to the same soft proportions as that of Ursus. As the transformation completed, Lin's eyes opened and he smiled a face of recognition as Ursus image came into focus. Excited by the image of muscle now presented to him, Ursus swept the revived Lin into his brutally pumped arms and breast as he cried silent prayers of thanks to his father. Soon, under the caring and familiar touch of Ursus, Lin's own enhanced male member began to swell with excited joy. Not wishing to wait any longer, Ursus lifted the awakening body of muscle into his loving arms and sought out their own space for reunification.

It had all seemed to happen so fast. Now Maciste was enroute to the riddle his father had delivered to him.

"There is nothing you can offer me, father." Had been Maciste's proposition to his father after having observed the happenings to and with his four half-brothers.

"You are right, Maciste, for you have already found your fit." Hercules taunted. "You just have not accepted it as the truth yet. Go and seek this truth, my son."

With that the voice of his father was gone. The sounds of all the others enjoying their new partnerships, bodies and futures echoed through the chamber. Suddenly, the meaning of the words of his father burst into the mind of Maciste. He knew he had to be right and there was no better time than now to prove it.

The painfully pumped naked muscle figure of Maciste did not even stop for the key as he rushed up to the iron grate of the cell. Reaching out and grasping the metal framework with one mind-driven fist, he literally ripped the gate from its hinged attachment to the thick stone wall and proceeded in.

The still naked Eros jumped up in astonishment at the extraordinary image of glistening muscle before him. Maciste, not waiting for any sign or signal, moved in on his former attacker and smothered the confused body with one long, strong and tender kiss. Eros lips locked onto the handsome face with uncaring passionate return.

"Lin was wrong when he said I did not know what love is." Eros spoke when he finally broke free. "Love is you and I offer you everything I have to prove that love to you - even my life - if that is what you have come to take."

"I claim that life!" Maciste whispered. "I claim that life to be with me and to share mine forever."

"Then it is yours." Eros whispered back softly. "And I will prove to you that it is right."

"Take what you seek." Maciste added as he began flexing before the astonished eyes and hands of Eros.

The longing hands moved up on to the crested domes of each of the boulder formed shoulders. They felt and looked like wetted rock that had been chiseled by channels of running waters carved by eons of muscle shaping flows. Each rounded ridge of solid flesh emanated heat from within. Eros' hands tried to grasp as much of the giant spread of rough, rounded flesh as possible as Maciste reached down and clasped the small muscular waist of Eros. Lifting him, Maciste carried them both out into the gallery area of the cell chambers where there was more light and more room.

As Eros feet came in contact once again with the cold stone floor, his hands slide down along the outside of the still clenched arms that bore him. Maciste responded by moving the all-to-familiar biceps into a raised curled position. Once again, Eros was presented with the most magnificent of human upper arms ever created to explore and cherish. This time he had the chance to linger on the array of carved muscle forming the impossible spheres.

Maciste toyed with the exploring hands by extending and constricting his upper arms in repetitious motions. Each time Maciste forced his forearms into upright positions, his biceps mounded ever higher until the uppermost interconnected rear sphere of muscle was pushed up into the bottom of his clenched fist. The multiple split mountain of muscle was longer from top to bottom than the length of Eros' own head and just as thick. Each surface level muscle fiber was clearly visible beneath the translucent sheerness of skin. Eros could feel the pumping and pulsing of the muscle through the cords of thick veining that pushed back against his hands from the surface of Maciste's rock-dense biceps meat.

Moving both hands onto one of the lined mounds, Eros clasped his hands on top of the gargantuan dome and lifted his feet from the still cold floor. His own considerable weight hung like a toy from this one marvelous rocky formation. His hands sensed the living flow feeding the stoned mass as the pressurized fluid within pumped with each beat of the equally strong heart muscle within the muscle- protected breast of Maciste. The trapped veins stood sharply and solidly having been forced out form the body of the meat by its sheer density. As the overall upper arm size pulled his face up against the underside of the more voluminous striated triceps, Eros reached out with his tongue and tasted of the living sculpture.

As Eros stood once again, his eyes caught sight of the even more enormous swell of breast meat writhing with intimidating power. A full half moon of heaving pectoral flesh twice the size of Eros head cantilevered out over Maciste's undulating plates of binding abdominals. Hand thick cable after hand thick cable of lined muscle fanned out forming the bulk of the breast from the dark shadow of the joint between shoulder and biceps. The expanding fan domed out over hand-deep solidified tissue and cut back hard and sudden into the vertical canyon between the twinned moons of male tits.

Eros suckled on one downward pointing teat and nibble on the sensitive fibers surrounding it. His tongue tickled the erotic projection until it sensed the deep quivering of arousal from deep within the core of the meaty vestige. Then Eros slipped around to the rear of the statuesque muscle monster to revisit the slithering vastness of upper back and impossible trimness of the rear waist area. Where the chest was a compilation of cabled muscle, the lats appears to be a compacted layering of captured snakes. Each rounded length of shifting muscle had been pushed into the next to form a writing pile of crested flesh. Eros hands were barely able to reach from outer edge to outer end at the widest expanse of meat.

His hands slipped down the muscle offering until, at the base of the back, Eros' opposing thumbs were able to come in contact with one- another. How all this marvelous upper muscle could be supported on such a small central core still astonished Eros. Then his hands dove down the into the most amazing of muscle-formed crevasses between the two towering gluteal sculptures. The terraced rocks of piled muscles shifted into cantilevered pillars under Eros warm sweating hands. His fingers fought their way along the bottom of the central canyon and emerged at the anal gateway. Tantalizing digits toyed with the combination to the locked doorway for a few moments before stepping around to seize the waiting key for his own locked hole.

Maciste's balls were hot and heavy with waiting cream. It took both of Eros' hands to cup and hoist the tender vessels as his knowing fingers found the two small hard mixing nodules within the core of each sac. Then he continued his journey out onto the stupendous tool of glory. This was the key that Eros sought. This was the instrument of real truth that would convince Maciste of Eros' sincerity.

Eros let his hands stroke the calf-thick surface and ran down the full forearm plus a hand width length of hot pulsing rod. Maciste's cock, as always, was the consummate vision of male desire. Eros guessed that this mighty cock, when aroused as it was to vulcanized rigidity, had to weigh as much as the arm of a normal man. It beat like fluid rock. Each pulse only added to the image and feel of inhuman density. Never once did it shift from its anchored position no matter what amount of pressure Eros applied. Finally reaching the groaning head, Eros delighted in teasing the huge knob to a level of fullness equal to the amazing shaft itself.

Now was the moment. Now would come the truth. Now Maciste and Eros would find out, together, if Eros was, indeed, the "fit" that Hercules spoke about.

Over Maciste's initial objections, Eros led them to a nearby table. Then, without loosing hand contact with the aroused weapon, Eros leaned over the end of the table and presented himself to the frightened muscle giant. Eros insisted that, if they were meant to be together, then this would prove it. If not, then, at least Maciste would know that Eros' love had been true.

Maciste, his mind filled with both a chance to finally fulfill his own lustful dreams and the drive of aroused passion, approached the open invitation. He placed the slitted edge of his pumping organ against the point of proposed anal entry. The constant drip of extraordinary amounts of precum had polished the prodigious cock head in wetted splendor. Maciste added a combination of his own sweat and spit for increased comfort. He knew all too well that what they were embarking on was, at the very least, dangerous, and proceeded as cautiously as the reality of his cock size would permit.

His muscles tensed and crystallized into a vision of pureness of form never before seen on the body of any man as he gently applied the first push of pressure. Eros relaxed as best he could as his sphincter hole parted to accept the beginnings of the huge head. With about two fingers of his cock head working against Eros' ass, Maciste paused briefly to let his partner become accustomed to the pending invasion. Then he pushed until only the widest part of the crown remained exposed to view.

Eros whimpered in sudden pain but refused to surrender. His commitment to the proof of their union was all that mattered. Once again, Maciste stepped cautiously closer to his victim and the entire head forced its way through the clasping ring of the muscle opening. The pain of the double fist-sized cap exploding its way inside of Eros sent the sprawled man to a level of combined anguish and ecstacy beyond previous comprehension. The wood-hard shaft began to sink ever more inside the stretched tunnel. Maciste could feel the sides of the warm, moist tube rubbing against his beating pole as the girth of the organ forced the liner way beyond normal limits of flexibility.

Maciste continued his loving and lustful drive as more and more of the thickening rod became embedded. The shaft tripped with brutal delight over Eros' prostate. Eros continued to explore his options of mental relaxation as his mind was driven to new heights of sensual arousal. When just over two thirds of the piped instrument was inside, the head came in contact with the first major desire for the tubing to bend the instrument in a different direction. At that point, Maciste began a slow and sensual withdrawal until almost half of what had been inserted was withdrawn. They both knew that either the tube would shift to accept the offering or would fail.

Eros groaned in pleasured joy as the pole slipped back in once again. This time, it penetrated to about the point before it partially withdrew. The lining had moved with the stronger demands of the petrified cock. The next insertion was slightly deeper and faster. As was each succeeding thrust. Soon, Maciste's movement was driven by uncontrollable desire to complete the task his churning testicles now demanded. As the speed increased, the attention to the penetrations ceased and, finally, the entire cock was driven, time and time again, entirely inside to the point that Maciste's swaying balls slapped hard against the quivering globes of Eros ass.

The tight passageway shifted between extreme fullness and vacuumed hollowness. The resulting activity served like a friction-driven sealed suction device. Eros felt the explosion of his own cum filling the space between the table surface and his abdominals with lubricating warm fluids. His level of erotic achievement was beyond description.

It was not long before Maciste achieved his own long-dreamed-for fulfillment. His balls pushed the entirety of their weighty contents out of their globed presence and launched the burning hot liquid down the weapon's chute. The first eruption was of volcanic proportions as the rushing juices boiled up well into the core of Eros' intestinal channel. The second orgasmic release filled what little space was left within the tube. By the third volley, Maciste realized the need to pull his pile-driver out just to relieve the growing fluid pressure pushing back from within.

As the free end of Maciste's still hard tool emerged, it continued to erupt with hot, white lava that splashed full and heavy across the back of the spent lover. While cum continued to flow out onto the floor from the conquered shaft, Maciste reached out and scooped up what he could from Eros' drenched back. Cupping his own juices up, Maciste rolled the loving form of Eros over on the table and they finished their consummation by sharing in drinking from the palmed cup.

This is the tale of the first of the great adventures of the great Sons of Hercules, but it would not be the last. Soon Atlas, Argolis, Ursus and Goliath would be off on their individual ways to their own future encounters. Maciste had found his true fit, as his father had promised and, together, he and Eros would face their own great adventures.

As to the two infants known as Romulus and Remus, well, their story is - as they say - one of legend. •

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