By Freaker

Breakfast took 2 hours! Why? Because without hesitation breakfast turned into a semen-ly endless orgy of muscle on muscle and there was no way of stopping us as our cocks pointed vertically in a direction we just had to take.

They drew us together like 3 magnets. Rick's cock was by far the stronger magnet and his phenomenal body was ours to worship despite the smirking appearance of formality attached to wearing his Cock like tie. But it was a tie with the most delicious knot at the top. A knot with a slit, slit with a purpose, a wonderful design that looked like it was a melting ice-cream cone that needed an urgent licking and it was a knot adorning and decorating the body of a hyper-man who's spectacularly muscled body matched his knotted tie strewn as he now was with muscles so densely packed they were forced to exude and spill over, to rub against one another in spectacular growing piles one on top the other with a new super human regularity. Until finally they all sorted themselves out and reached an accommodation that settled them into firm, beautiful arrangements of strangely harmonious distributions making him even more perfect as his multiple mounds of muscle took on a symmetrically appealing form that was sensuously accentuated by his very narrow yet bulging with solid bricks for Abs muscular waist that embodied both power and ample flexibility to join the spectacularly massive upper body musculature to his equally opposing and very stabilising agile massive legs.

Rick's torso taper was an impressive and improbable 7 to 1 and was matched by his equally massive thighs. He was hot to touch as the surface of his muscles beaded with an almost sweet tasting sweat that tended to hang from and run down the thick prominent veins that Rick loved us to suck and caress and follow with our tongues to the point where they dove deep into his muscles on a journey to his incredible heart.

So of course as a matter of obvious fact Rick was both highly erotic to look at, and had an odour to die for. His BO was always as fresh as if he'd just showered as germs can no longer live comfortably on his skin after we enhanced his sweat glands and beefed up his immune system. His muscle's now had an innate or intrinsic explosiveness that manifested in the rippling striations that surfaced all over his body. Even his jaws were boldly beautiful, packed with striated muscle and his striations rippled like the surface of a pool of water when touched by the wind or our finger tips. And when he moves his body glistens with a multitude of surfeit striations all wrapped in the tightest and sexiest textured pinkness. He has the skin of an 14 year old boy and the facial features of a man his age, 38 yet he looks strangely more like an 18 old young man! And his skin reflected the slightest flex of a muscle, or even the whole of his musculature for he could focus his mind in an instant and do amazing muscle control demonstrations.

Within him, every movement of any muscle elicited one or more of a large repertoire of distinctly different mini orgasms that explode inside of him with uncanny regularity as he moves and flexes. They are revealed to us by the way his eyes hesitate as they dart around taking everything in as usual in his heightened sense of awareness since his transformation was complete. He's constantly aware of us, Ron and I and of his own physical presence of course! And his preponderance of muscle appears to explode like various sized cup cakes that have risen all over his exceedingly symmetrical body and he feels these mini, multiple orgasms as delightful disturbances to his nervous system coming from within his muscles, raking his mind with an unimaginable sensuous delight that both pricks up his prick and heightens his sense of arousal and awareness. They also make his I.Q. sky rocket. As much as his eyes now sparkle an his lips fill with a sensuousness revealed by their blushing pinkness. At first glance they appeared painted-on like lipstick plastering his face with an at first strangely masculine captivating handsomeness. In short, he was beautiful and became more and more beautiful the more one gazed at him. He was easily more beautiful than any sleeping beauty's Prince charming. In fact, he was any Prince Charming's Prince Charming! After all, he had an incredibly beautiful muscular body as well.

So, Rick, our extraordinary creation Rick, was a masculine beauty that could not only wake a sleeping Prince Charming, but should, could hypnotise anyone and I suspect, any animal, around him. And in our case, every attention we pay him evokes a distinctly disproportionate erotic response from him. A response that can only be accounted for by fully appreciating how it is being HIM.

I mean, can you imagine? Being Rick? Melting into his body and becoming him? Heeling his heart pounding? Where every beat is an internalised worshipping gladly surrendering its services in dedicated worship of his musculature and bodily magnificences that surrounds it and where every beat of alacrity maintains his cock's proportions and its erectile qualities that pronounces to the world "I am a God. Look at my body and be overwhelmed by my muscular beauty and power. Worship me and my erection"!!

His responses, being a MuscleGod, were infectious as his "hyperized" most-muscular body eerily stunned us no mater what he did and to what extent he moved. It was like there was something powerful and mysterious slamming into your chests and it had the rhythm of a Task Master. A Task-Master beating at his drum. Directing a boat driven by 100 muscular oarsmen and I was one and so was Ron and you should try joining us. We are not tied to our oars but row as free men and at full speed. We know no other way to row, no other way to be but our muscular, superbly fit and incredibly hugely handsome oarsmen, who only wish for the one thing. To please our Task Master, the musclegod whose muscles exceed ours by 8 times. He's a musclegod who is seething with a sexual excitement that gazes upon us as a scene of raw muscle power driving his ship at 50 knots and with power to spare.

But back to Rick! And his enchanted tendons. They have been enhance and have contracted and strengthened. Becoming the shortest, thickest stubs possible compared to what they once were so that every possible millimetre has been assigned to the lengthen his muscle fibres to allow maximum hypertrophy. A hypertrophy that surpassed our expectations. Even our imaginations. Though in my smirking case, Rick's musculature has grown only marginally more than I imagined he would become. But then I have always been very imaginative when it come to men and muscle. And especially when it cums to the bodybuilders of the future.

Yet that marginal difference between my imagination and Rick Phase 2 Transformation fulfilment pushed at the extremes of what I thought would be possible. So now, with such maximised muscle bellies, when Rick fully flexes a muscle it doubles its cross sectional area!! An unheard of effect!!! And for me, an effect that just NEVER STOPS in its ability to stun. And as for poor old Ron? Well!! As you already know, he is prone to fainting in front of Rick. But he is improving his ability to cope. Oh, poor Ron. If he could have only saw himself when up there on the Mr. Olympia stage. Would he have fainted there and then too I wonder at the sight of himself? Probably :D. But then he's such a sucker for muscle as all he ever thought about all his life and as a young man is getting bigger and stronger. If only he knew how fantastic he already is, he'd probably faint. Its so stereo typical of bodybuilders isn't it, to feel smaller than they are?

Then as Ron and I turned on our modest displays of Phase 1 transformed muscle, being 2 BBERS packed with only 350 plus pounds of muscle, Rick responded with a display 10 times as incredible as ours and devastates our puny efforts. Except Rick is a gracious musclegod and host to our worship. He is easy to please and makes us feel good about ourselves. It cums from the way he looks and touches us.

It's like Rick doesn't notice any difference between him and us as he looks at and touches. Besides, we know we are going to be just like him as we elicit copious quantities of his thickest, smoothest, tastiest and creamiest hyper-muscle-man cum. A cum that was not only incredible in itself, but a cum that he could readily ejaculate 20 feet or more. And just as impressive was the tool he used to do it with. His magnificent, mind boggling, mesmerising master piece that stands so proudly erect!! 20 inches for 20 feet! What a wonderment of nature, now enhanced by our man-ipulations of his masculine genes and a cock that practically glows and shimmers as air around it heats and rises. And rises over a network of veins as globules of white have a tendency to make it self lubricating? A Cock that starts out narrow at its base where ejected from his groin like an extrusion of spring steel. Then rapidly bends and rises up like a seedling in springtime thickening as it matures and more vertical as it thickens with his enhanced meaty musculature becoming his Mascot!! Yet become more than a symbol. It becomes filled with his life giving richness of redest blood and in its middle it thickens enough for 2 hands to comfortably wrap around and grip before it is finally capped with the most mouth watering glistening firm crown with a perfectly lipped corona for its base and a corona so designed it becomes oh so desirable to swallow. Oh so practical a mouth watering plug! No other throat-jamming, totally fulfilling design of shape and size could be imagined for completely filling another man's mouth. Or a device designed to deliver his seedy nourishment from a 1 inch piss slit as man-ipulable as any man's lips, while we flex our preponderance of muscle and verbalise as we constantly do.

"Rick! Look at you! You're huge! Awe fuck look at you, just look at you"……… "Yeah I feel so massive (as he kisses the peaks of both of his bulging biceptual mountains causing his Pecs to bunch up). Huge awesome arms Man look at me! (as he slaps his Pecs and his chest resounds like a base drum). Feel so good too. Feel so strong. So powerful Man. Awe FUCK! YEAH!!!! I feel like I'm a God made of pure muscle MAN! Look at me. Measure the size of my chest MEN"!!! With an emphasis on the "MEN". "Awe fuck!!! Kiss me!!! Look at me! Awe fuck I feel absolutely awesome! Fucking incredible!!!! Look at me! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkinnn Helllll"……

We rush to get the largest tape measures as Rick stood there suffering a multiplicity of mini orgasms as his whole body stood quivering in rippling ecstasy. Power exuding from him with a ferocity that strangely sustained us though in faltering stages we managed to eventually wrap the tape round his mighty magnificence though unavoidably over his colossal cock as his torso tempted us to constantly worship his godliness distractedly. But somehow we managed to keep under control our kissing and sucking of his incredible rippling muscles and in stages we brought the ends together and finally they were held together by my fingers and read. "Awe shit!! 196 inches" I YELL as Rick continued his incredible torso game of expansion adding a smirk on a face to die for as his manly cheeks folded in that half smile in ways that simply stunned as his improbable torso kept re-adjusting itself. Muscles realigned and jockeyed for new positions and his big handsome, totally distracting smile spread into a gloat the he knew we shared on a face he knew we adored. Then he spoke and my eyes gazed at and followed the movement of his lips as they begged me to lip read them with clear and well pronounced articulations of his lips, and tongue for emphasis. I wanted to kiss and suck them as he asked.

"How much more of this can you 2 take, hey"? Meaning. 'before we collapse'.

The answer was an implied 'very little' as he continued to expand and expand with his magnificent chest rippling. Muscles popped out from within niches previously hidden by dominant muscles as they were forced to give way. To concede to his will to inflate himself. To show us what he's made of. To impress us. And to simply show off with all of his glorious Pecs and Lats and the broad expanses of his impossibly thick Back muscles expanding against a tape measure along with his lats when suddenly the tape almost pulls from my fingers and suddenly the impossible as his Pecs take on a distinctly new and awesome bulging shape…

"210 inches Man" I yell as I choke on my words and stand facing into an intoxicating aromatic right arm pit into which I erupt and shoot a full reply responding to his provocation's and that question. I'm compelled to um as I spontaneously erupt from my upstanding self aligned cock hitting the very centre of his cavernous arm pit that drips with his soft aroma making me swoon just as much as I'm racked by 6 heavily laden ejaculations shot forth and hitting the centre of Rick's heady cave of muscle. A place of tendonous delight where muscles tie in and articulate their powers and for a while after I cum I have to rest my forehead for support against his protruding Pectorals. I'm feeling him flexing his Pecs against my brow and for fear of totally collapsing after expending myself so thoroughly I hold on to his narrow waist for support around which I can almost reach with my 2 hands as my right hand slips welcomingly into the deep cleavage of sensuous opposing Abdominal muscles that surround his belly button!!

My orgasms! Fuck, they just keep getting better and better, every time I experience the touch and aroma of Rick. They just do. And Rick's arms are outstretched and supported by the massive buttresses that are his Latisimus Dorsi as I take back my 6 loads of cumly goodness and clean Rick's muscle filled arm pit, restoring it to its pinkly power-filled previous state. Then, tempted, quickly suck on the broad expanse of his lat muscles where the striations form the only points of wrapability for my tongue and I apply my mouth and lips with a strong sucking in devoted worship of this undoubted MuscleGod.

Then it become so hard to hold the tape measure ends together. But hold them I must. Especially as Rick slowly looks Ron and then me in the eyes and winks with a kiss thrown from lips that speak a thousand words before he restarts sucking on the air of the room almost lowering the surrounding air pressure! He draws in litres more air into his expanding muscle-surrounded lungs. What, more air?!

Yes! And then he looks sideways at me over a huge expanse of Pectoral magnificence. The veins bulge with his power and he makes his muscles ripple slightly. Where 'slightly' is never so slight as not to be noticed, and its more than enough to make my knees go weak. I continue to worship him with my eyes as oh my musclegod he makes more of that oh-so-heart-stopping sound with the intake of air passing his moist pursed perfectly masculine lips. They are constantly such an awesome invitation to kiss him and in fits and starts the tape measure restarts its mesmerising slippage.

Further and further it moves apart nearing its full length as his huge lungs just keep on expanding and the globule of Cum at his piss slit grows bigger. It's as if there is no limit to his lung capacity. No limit to how high his Pecs can lift and expand as their massiveness continues to seek a new distribution and his chest and his ribs grow wider and even the surface texture of his Pecs becomes more masculine yet thin as it stretches.

Its as if his skin is tempting me to kiss his Pecs and that threaten me to find them get stuck to his Pecs while waves of his power fill me until I can't absorb any more and I explode?!!! But he would have destroyed me! And yet another lover because he is an uncontrollable and incredibly masculine muscular MuscleGod.

Then, suddenly I'm compelled to let out a long suppressed gasp before I announcing his latest record breaking measurement. "212 inches!"

Oh my god, Ron just collapsed. He fell onto his back as his eyes bulge and the last thing he did was stare at my finger tips and see the tape measure suddenly slip further apart in fits and starts responding to Rick's manly multiplication. He wasn't able to see the measurement as he stood directly in front of Rick where he was positioned in eager anticipation of the appearance of Rick's mouth watering firm and juicy pointing down 3 inch nipples! He wanted and anticipated the chance to suck down a heapin-helping of Rick's abundant overflowing masculinity. And now, furthering that temptation as Ron lies on the floor out of the picture, Rick inflates his chest expanding to the point where his nipples finally pop into view after laying hidden for so long inside the cleavage of his lower Pecs and upper Abs! Then, with further inflation Rick is transforming himself before our very eyes. His nipples are threatening to lift temptingly higher, outwards and towards where Ron had been waiting and salivating. Then a small drop of his Pectoral muscle goodness formed at each teat. A goodness that Ron has taken a particular liking to and for a moment I wondered what will happen when Ron completes his Phase 2 transformation? Will Rick, whose chest was presently relaxed, ever be allowed to be relaxed? Or will Ron demand constant access to Rick's nipples? I wonder.

Then, as his monstrously seductive image of massive cleavage that was formed from the confluence of his incredibly protruding lower massive Pecs and the tops of the 2 bricks that topped a 2 column wall of abominable power all but disappeared as his massive chest reshaped itself into a fully inflated chest opening up the cleavage, his muscles glistened with renewed power and his whole body epitomised complete gymnastic flexibility and I was forced to continue to monitor his expansion.

Rick continued breathing in life giving oxygen and I think I was about to wake Ron up as my mouth was about to repeat what my finger tips contained.

"213 inches!!....214 inches!!!....215 inches!!

"Five metres, four hundred and sixty millimetres" I re-expressed, proudly announcing to the gathered 2 the other side of the tape, evoking Rick to raise his head and bring a big smile into existence.

He looked like a work of art in muscle with a handsomeness as perfect as his pearly white ivory teeth and then he opened his mouth and looked down at Ron, only just able to see his prone face. Then he turned to me with his tongue poked out cheekily. He's teasing us with his superior musculature confirmed by my latest pronouncement of his chesty measurement. Then back at him I, and now an awake Ron poke ours too as Ron struggles to find the inner strength and resolve to hit a double biceps. That almost ruins our exercise of measuring Rick's torso when Rick almost bursts out laughing at Ron's brazen beauty and somehow manages to smile approvingly, lovingly and does so in a way that expresses a deep worshipping counter appreciation of the multi Mr. Olympia! Ron's attentions then turn as he resumes his position of pectoral confrontation against my fingers gathered at his right side and that unquestioned determinant of truth, the tape measure as Rick gives a final snort that makes his nostril flare as another considerable volume of air sucks into his lungly bellows going passed his nostrils so sexily flaring they go on my list of the many things to suck and worship about this god when I finally yell!!

"2 hundred & sixteen fuucccc…kkk…ing inches MuscleMAN"!! As the tape stops slipping from between my shaking finger tips and Rick starts cumming. Starts to ejaculate! Its time he enjoyed his magnificence and show us the phenomenon that he has transformed into.

First, his Abs tense into 2 columns of bricks that expand as he brings his soft powerful meaty fists down to meet with the column that is his Prick and this action bunches his Pecs into a head shaking disbelief, and as he goes for it he brings his hands in, and wraps his paws around his colossal cock further forcing his massive biceps directly into his protruding and delightfully obstructing Pectoral masses. This then sends the striations of his Pecs into contorted patterns of delightful stress-curves and as he presses down hard with his thumbs upon the inner part of the base of his colossal columnar Cock he aims his turgid 20 inches preparedly towards Ron who's already retreated in excited anticipation of what is to Cum, positioning himself in a corner of the kitchen as far as he can go and with his back to the wall and taking with him a magnificent Mr. O. Musculature that stands in relaxed readiness facing Rick's imminent eruptions.

Then, sensing the time to be right, Ron hits a brilliant most-muscular pose that turns his body into a completely solid and fully stranded bulging body of superb Herculean musculature. With more muscles than he needs to again win another Mr. O. title Rick's huge lung's capacity commences to be tapped as Rick starts and continues without interruption to bellow out a rivetingly loud and compellingly seducing yell of Tarzan. A yell, the quality of which eclipses Tarzan's best at the peak of his cinema powers and starts to cum with this constant call of the wild filling the room with his loud masculine serenade. His lungs became the source of a wonderful manly resonance that vibrates the kitchen as he let loose his ejaculations like we had never seen before!!!! 10 of his most incredible balls of superb Cumly goodness rocket out with an audible splash exploding from the tip of his 20 inch long thick suckable urethra and controlled and perfectly formed into bullets by his malleable piss slit. It seemed to have a mind of its own as it guided the daubs of white excellence at Ron once every 10 seconds between which Rick's whole body became a glorious perfection of muscle in preparatory motion seeking the greatest of relief.

Uninterruptable sequences of cum volleys explode upon impact as Rick's cock becomes a machine gun repeating in extreme slow motion. His pelvis thrusts up and forwards as the balls of cum release with a recoil like he was a mighty cannon designed specifically to fire his balls of strung together goodness that hit Ron their mark in a sequence of exquisite geometry impactions that coat his entire most-muscular pose from toe to head in a near perfect even coating. This causes his body to emit steam from the hot Cum coating him. Then, the third last shot hits him right between his eyes. It shuts them and opens his mouth at the same instant for Rick's automatic release send the last 2 steamballs of Rick's undoubted manhood as representatives of his amazing muscularity. They follow a well worn path of hyperbolic glidance and fill completely Ron's gaping pink mouth. A mouth that only moments before was surrounded by his wonderful blackness and handsome face.

Now dripping with cum, a smile forms after a series of deep and satisfying swallows that signalled an inevitable collapse! Ron, oh Ron, oh Ron. He blanks out and this time faints into Rick's direction falling head first into the cushioning embrace of Rick's Pecs. But Rick saw it cumming and still having hold of his prodigious pole deflected it with at least 100 pounds of easily available thumb force so Ron's face felling straight into Rick's loving pectoral embrace. A cleavage that he especially relaxed so Ron's face became enveloped in the deep canyon of muscle that was the cleavage of his torso.

Ron's arms flopped to his sides and Rick's highly supported, forwards facing arms atop his massive lats needed only slight adjustment to lovingly embraced and support Ron's angel of muscle body. And then, with a roar of incredible animalistic overtones Rick signalled a new wave of sensuousness and seriousness and Ron arouses quickly with the call of the wild roaring own on him and in a flash stares into Rick's eyes, realises what he must do, lets Rick's cock resume its centrality, adjusts the tape and then thrusts his chest against Rick's cock and chest and Ron ROARS!!!! And the tape measure suddenly slips completely from my fingers and the diminishing overlapping end straddles his chest as the body of the tape measure sticks to Rick's muscularized smooth sweaty skin and all I have to do is watch in disbelief as Rick's Lats explode in front of my eyes. A renewed thickness and multiplicity of striations pop like popcorn to the surface from within this incredible massive reservoir of muscle. His flexing, spreading glorious muscular power reflects in the roar that shakes the room until they number of surfacing striations doubles and his corded sensuousness radiates all over his mind boggling latisimus dorsi muscles! He takes another deep breath replacing the roarer air and masculinizes himself with pursed lips making a sensuous hole to breath through, inviting me to kiss him which is presently impossible. Then he raors again and the same thing happens to his Pecs! The ripple and striate onto a new level of expression. Power surges throughout his body. And again flexing his mountains of back muscles the tape that was stuck to his smooth tight skin straddling a number of chasms like the one formed between his protruding Pecs and bulging sideways Lats reaches it end of its tether. His pendulous Pecs astound me, his massive wide and incredibly thick Lats make me want to cry as they now fully support his 50, 60, 70 who knows how huge arms horizontally. I'm reduced to almost being unable to react, but find it possible, if not impossible not to, suck the extending sides ways flaring of his oh-so-suckable piled storeys high, in tiers of preposterously powerful glistening - Pecs!!!! They almost obscure his view forward to see Ron's incredible again double biceps posing phase 1 body!!!

Then the whole of Ricks body become like his forearms permanently are. He becomes completely covered and exquisitely decorated with the most erogenous, masculine, and pumped up veins. They appear from everywhere. The ever present ones becoming bigger as new turgid vessels of power surging filled by Rick's hot core temperature blood rips through his body in an after-orgasm stabilisation that would render a Mr. Olympia unconscious for days we look upon the most massive representation of masculinity and raw muscle power! Rick's Pecs cantilever his enormous lungs by over a foot. His Lats spread wider than his elbows and his lift his head back against a mountain of Trapeziums as small globules of Rick's amazing Cum fire off salvos that pierce holes in the ceiling's plasterboard and as the final puffs of Rick's diaphragm air signal the end of his all might yell of ecstasy and the bricks of Abs tuck up and almost disappear into his chest while maintaining the maximum chest expansion the purpose of which is to measure him I see and Ron cums to me and we see, right in front of our eyes the tape measure, stuck to Rick like glue finally slip and cum to the ends of its tether and with delayed jam jawed hesitation I smile at Ron and we kiss just before I yell, in stunned disbelief.

"240 inches".

"The Beginning of the Start".

Next episode: Rick gets out of the Kitchen. •

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