Interview with a Teen Muscle Jock


By johnd7102000

After dinner Jeff and I went up to his room. I was going to sleep in Jeff's room. There was a sleeping bag there for me to sleep in. I was still shirtless and just wearing my shorts. When we got to his room, Jeff ripped off his shirt and said he wanted to wrestle me. I could see his hard cock bulging under his shorts. I knew he had been thinking about this all during dinner. I said "You're on, cuz," and started stretching my muscles. I loved to wrestle. Kids would always come up to me and challenge me to arm wrestle or to a wrestling match. They wanted to see if I was as strong as I looked. Well, they found out fast enough. I always won. I had wrestled a lot of kids, big kids too, but I had never wrestled a 16 year old before. I was really up for it. Jeff had a definite height and weight advantage over me, but I knew that wasn't gonna matter a bit. I was so much stronger than him I was gonna kick his teenage ass. And I thought he wanted exactly that.

I said come and get me and he hit me as hard as he could and knocked me to the floor. Actually, I could have dug in and pushed him back, but I let him do it. He grabbed my arms and tried to pin me. We squirmed around on the floor, grabbing each other's bodies and testing our strength. I was surprised at how weak he was. His little arms were no match for me at all. But I thought I'd give him the good time he wanted. We wrestled for several minutes, feeling each other's muscles and getting hot and sweaty. He would try to pin me and I'd spin away, and then I'd pin him and I'd let him spin away. I could feel his rock hard cock under his shorts pressing against me when he was on top. Finally I let him pin my arms all the way to the floor. He pressed against them with all the weight of his body. He was giving it everything he could. He looked into my eyes, waiting for my reaction. "Is that all you got, cuz?" I said. "'Cause it ain't nearly enough. My muscles are way stronger than anything you got. Muscles, push up the weak little fucker. Kick his sorry little ass." I was talkin' to my muscles, tellin' `em what I wanted `em to do. Well they always did what I wanted. They were so strong they could always do what I wanted. Slowly my arms lifted up off the floor. I lifted Jeff's body like it was nothin'. Fuck, I had just benched 150 for reps, so lifting the upper part of his 140 pound body was nothing. I threw the helpless weakling off to the side. Then I jumped on top of him and started wrestling him for real. I twisted his arms. I put him into full nelsons. I twisted his legs. Fuck, my arms were stronger than his legs. His weak little muscles were nothing to me. I wrapped my legs around his chest and gave him a scissors squeeze. My big quads applied so much force that he got red in the face and started gurgling. He couldn't breathe. Before he passed out I let go and thrashed his body for another minute or so, teaching him once and for all who was the boss. Fuck, he wanted to wrestle and I was gonna show him some kick-ass wrestling. Finally I jumped on top of him and pinned his arms to the floor. He was helpless against my pin. He was totally thrashed. "The winner!" I yelled. Then I dropped down on his body and rubbed my hot, sweaty chest all over his chest. My pecs were really bulgin' and my nipples were digging into his flesh. He was feelin' the full hardness and heat of my pumped up muscles. I heard him start groanin' as he felt my bulging muscles on top of his body. Then I put my armpit on top of his nose and rubbed it in. "Smell my sweat," I said. "Smell the sweat of the kid who just thrashed your weak little body. I fucked you up real bad and it wasn't even hard for me. I make lots of sweat when I pump up these big muscles. My sweat smells like the sweat of a real jock. That's `cause I am a real jock. I'm a real jock with big strong muscles. Muscles that are way bigger and stronger than yours." Jeff was getting real excited. Somehow I knew that kind of talk would get him totally aroused. He buried his face in my armpit and breathed in the strong smell of my sweat. I could feel his cock bulging under my body. I smiled. I was really turnin' him on.

"I think something wants to be free," I said. I got on my knees and ripped off his shorts and his boxers. His cock sprang up, hard as a steel pipe. It was only about five inches long, but it was real excited and real hard. Then I ripped off my own shorts and boxers. My cock was hard too. I hadn't gone through puberty yet but my cock got hard all the time, especially when I was kickin' ass like I had just done to Jeff. My hard cock was't as big as Jeff's, `cause I was just a kid but it was pretty big and thick for an 11 year old.. I grabbed his cock with my hand. "I think this thing's ready to blast off," I said. He just stared at my body. He was starting to pant with excitement. I let go of his cock and straddled him on my knees between one of his legs. "You've been checkin' out my body since the minute I stripped off my shirt. You've had a hard-on ever since you saw me. You like my big muscles. You liked watchin' `em when they lifted weights so heavy you couldn't even hope to lift `em. You liked feelin' em when I flexed `em for you and you could feel just how big and hard they are. And you liked feelin' these muscles when I wrestled you so easy it was like you were a little girl. Yeah, I'm a total jock. I really turn you on, don't I cuz. I'm just such a stud compared to you." I thought it was real fun turning him on with all that muscle stud talk. Jeff was looking at me with a look of total awe in his eyes. His eyes were roaming all over my body, from my face and eyes, to my ripped pecs and abs, to my hard little cock. It was like this was the best thing that had ever happened to him. "Oh my God," he moaned as he stared at my body. Then I flexed my arm right in front of his face. He reached up and felt the rock- hard, bulging muscle. "Oh, oh, oh," he moaned. I reached over and touched his cock. It was like I had hit a dynamite cap. Instantly his cock exploded, shooting cum high into the air. The first spurt blasted way over his head. Then he kept cumming and cumming, shooting spurt after spurt as I gently touched his cock, rubbing my fingers up and down. I had never seen a guy cum before. Neither me or my friends had gone through puberty. But I knew what to expect from all the porn mags and stuff we kids got. Jeff shot a pretty good load. I thought it was real fun letting him get off on my body. After he had finished cumming I dropped back down onto his chest and rubbed my own hard cock up and down his body, thrusting my hips up and down. I was too young to cum, but it felt real good rubbing my hard cock up and down his soft flesh, like I was fucking him. Jeff grabbed onto my shoulders and felt my muscles bulge. I looked him in the eyes and asked him if he had a good time gettin' off. He stared into my eyes told me he had had the best time in his life. Yeah, that was a lot of fun.

Yeah, John. You wanna have some fun just like Jeff had? You wanna wrestle with me? You wanna wrestle with me and feel my big muscles as they twist your little body like a pretzel? You do? Yeah, I bet you do. You want me to thrash your pathetic little body just like I thrashed Jeff. You wanna feel my big muscles totally dominate you. Well, okay dude. Let's go at it! We're totally nude and we're gonna have some wrestlin' fun. Go ahead and hit me. God, John, you're so weak. I could hardly feel that hit, but hey now you're on top of me. Yeah, I'll let you pin me. Oh John you are so strong. You're pinning my arms all the way down. Your body's right on top of me. Oh you're crushing me John. You're just so heavy, hehehehe. Hey what's happening John? Looks like my arms are just lifting you right up. Yeah, its like I'm doing some dumbbell flyes, with your little arms as the dumbbells. Now you're all the way up. I think I'll do some more reps to get a good pump goin'. Yeah, up and down, up and down. Ya know you're like a fuckin' feather to my muscles John. You are so fuckin' light. Okay, that's ten reps. Time for some real wrestlin'. Oh, what happened John? I let you come crashing down onto my chest and then I grabbed you with one arm and spun around, spinning over on top of you and flipping you over like a pancake. Now I'm pinning you. Yeah John I know there's no way you could get up. You're just so weak. Of course I'm so heavy and so strong even big guys can't break my pin. Yeah, feel my pumped up pecs as I rub `em on your skinny little chest. I'll let go of your arms so you can feel `em. Yeah, real big and hard aren't they. Feel how those big nipples dig into your body. My nipples are so big and hard they're like spikes digging into your flesh. Yeah, and feel my big arms John. Those arms are so strong they could twist your body like a pretzel. Sure John, I'll do it. You wanna feel how strong those arms are don't you John. Okay, here goes. Hehehehe, this is fun. I'm just bending your arms and legs like they're nothing. Try to fight back John. What? You are trying? Geez, I can't feel a thing. You're just so weak. You're just nothing to my big muscles John. Look how easy it is for me to pin both of your arms behind your back with one hand. Fuck you are weak. Now look at me bend your leg up with just my little finger. Yeah, I'm grabbing your ankle with just my little finger and I'm twisting your leg all the way up. Try to straighten your leg John. Geez, I can hardly feel that. Shit, my little finger's stronger than your whole fuckin' leg. Yeah, feel that little finger John. Big and thick, ain't it. Just think of how strong that finger is. Now feel my other fingers. Yeah, those fingers are real strong. Real big and thick and strong. Feel how strong they are when I squeeze your arm. Flex your bicep and try to fight back. God John your arm feels like mush. When are you gonna start flexin'? What, you are already? Geez, there just ain't any muscle there. Oh does that hurt John? Are my big fingers crushing your puny little arm too hard? Yeah, each one of my fingers is stronger that your little arm. Just think of the force when all five of those fingers are crushin' your flab. Look at my forearm John. Look at all the muscle in there. Look at all that muscle flexing, puttin' all that power into my fingers. Yeah, my forearm looks like a pile of coiled up snakes, doesn't it John. Look at all those snakes writhing and squirming. Yeah, that's all muscle John. Real hard, real strong muscle. And look at those veins. Yeah, they're surging with blood, feeding that muscle. Feeding that muscle and making that muscle get even bigger and stronger as it pumps up. Yeah, just look at that fuckin forearm John. And feel the power of my big fingers. Yeah, its awesome, ain't it John. Yeah, I bet that hurts. My muscles can hurt anything they want. My muscles are so strong there's nothing they can't hurt. They're crushin' your little arm like it's a banana. Your arm's nothing to my strong fingers, John. I could twist my wrist and snap your bone like a twig. But I don't wanna hurt you John. Yeah, we're just playin'. My muscles are just playin' with you. Yeah I'm lettin' go.

What? You like to feel the power of my muscles? You don't mind a little pain when that pain is coming from my big muscles? Okay, well feel this. I'm wrapping my legs around your chest and locking my ankles. Yeah, it's called a scissors hold John. Fuck, each of my legs is almost as big as your little chest. Look at that solid muscle John. Yeah look at the solid muscle of my legs. Look at those big quads. They're huge. And look how ripped they are. Yeah, solid muscle. Now feel that muscle John. BAMMM! Yeah, I just flexed those big quads. What happened John? Your chest just got crushed. All the air was just forced out of your lungs. Try to breathe John. You can't? Yeah, I know. My legs are way stronger than your breathin' muscles. You can't breathe any more. Look at my legs John. Just look at how muscular they are. Do you think they're applying maximum force? Well, think again. BAMMM! Yeah, I just cranked `em up a notch. Ya know if I really cranked up these monsters all the way, I'd break all your ribs. My legs are way stronger than your ribs. I know, `cause I broke a guy's ribs a couple months ago. He got into a fight with me and really got me mad. I got him in a scissors hold and squeezed my legs as hard as I could. First all the air went rushing out of his lungs. Then I heard a bunch of cracking sounds as my big legs snapped his rib bones. Then he passed out. He had to go to the hospital . I broke six ribs with just that one squeeze of my big quads. I don't think he'll be pickin' any fights with me anymore. Hey John, you're gettin' red in the face, but you're still staring at my body like you can't believe how strong I am. Yeah, I am fucking strong. Okay, I'll let go. Just so you know John, I was only applying about half of my strength. Yeah, feel those big legs John. They could crush the life out of you anytime they wanted. They are super strong. But hey John. I'm your friend. Those big legs are here for you to enjoy. You can do whatever you want with my muscles.

Hey, you're sticking your head between my thighs. You're jamming right between those two big tree trunks of muscle. Yeah, my thighs are a lot bigger than your head, aren't they John. All that muscle feels real good against your cheeks. Yeah it feels warm and solid. What? You feel real protected with your head buried between my thighs? You like the feeling of my strong muscle when its relaxed, pressing against your head. You feel like a puny little midget with your head being surrounded by my big, giant muscles; Yeah, and feel my balls bouncin' on top of your neck. I'm pickin' `em up and droppin' `em on your puny little neck. Yeah, they're big and heavy aren't they John. My balls are bigger than golf balls and they're real hard. And they make tons and tons of cum. I can cum eight or nine times a day easy and each time I shoot twice as much as Jeff shot. Yeah those balls are real big and strong just like the rest of me. You like the feeling of my big thighs surrounding your head huh John. Nice firm flesh. Well, feel this. BAMMMM! Yeah, that flesh just turned into solid rock. I flexed my quads and my thighs turned into slabs of steel. Now feel what those slabs can do. Legs, move yourselves together. Show John's little head how strong you are. Oh, John you're started to groan. Yeah, my legs feel like a big steel vise closing in on your head. Yeah they're fucking strong. They're so strong they could probably crush your skull. Your little skull ain't nothin' to those big monsters. Yeah, feel the power John. Ummm, my cock's gettin' real hard watchin' my big quads flex and crush. They love to crush things. Ummmmm.

Okay John. Enough crushing. I'm letting go. Wow you look excited. You really like the power of my muscles don't you John. Even when they're crushin' the life out of you, you really like my muscles. And you like all my muscle talk too, don't you John. Yean, I know you do. You really like it when I talk about my muscles. You are so turned on I can't believe it. Yeah, go ahead an bury your face in my crotch John. Feel those big muscles. Smell that muscle jock stud sweat. Yeah, breathe in real deep and smell the strong sweat smell of a huge muscle jock. Run your little hands all over my big legs. Feel those huge quads and those bulging calves. Feel my big cock pressing up against your face. It's real big and real thick and real hard. My cock's twice as big as Jeff's cock was when we wrestled. Feel those big balls. They're huge. Yeah, my whole body's twice as big as Jeff's body. I got more muscle in my body than Jeff ever dreamed was possible. God, John, you are so turned on. You're burying your face in my crotch and attacking my body like a wild man. Your little hands are all over my thighs and my calves and my butt. Look at your little cock. It's twitching again. It's ready to blast off, just like Jeff did after I wrestled with him. But ya gotta wait John. I'm not done with the story yet. You wanted me to tell you what it's been like to grow up as a muscle jock. And I'm not done telling you. So I'm gonna just pick you up and set you down. Good thing you're just a little feather to my strong muscles. Yeah, just keep that little cock hard John. It's gonna get a real workout in a few minutes.

So I had a real good time at Jeff's house. I stayed there three more days and lifted weights with Jeff every day. His dad went out and bought another 100 pounds of weights. Not for Jeff------he was way too weak to need more weights------but for me. In my final workout I was benchin' 160-----10 pounds more than when I started, pressin' 125- -------five pounds more than when I started, and curlin' 95-----five fuckin' more pounds that I was usin' just three days before. And I was doin' pull-ups with a 55 pound dumbbells strapped to my waist. Jeff couldn't believe how I got so much stronger so fast. He didn't increase his poundages at all. He was still as weak as ever. He was just goin' through the motions. His real job was spotting for me. I was the weight trainer and he was just a little wannabe. The most amazing thing is that I squatted with 235 pounds for three reps. Fifteen fucking pounds more than I could do three days before. I could even see my legs had gotten bigger. And guess what John. I gained two pounds. Two pounds of solid muscle. I went from 115 to 117 in three days. I was eatin' like a wild man. Jeff's mom went out and bought tons of high protein food and I wolfed it down. I ate four or five times more than Jeff. His parents were really into my lifting and eating. They couldn't believe how strong I was and how much I could eat. And they really couldn't believe how fast I put on muscle and how fast I got stronger. Fuck, that was just normal to me. My body's always gotten bigger and stronger when I challenged it harder. I've always been bigger and stronger than other kids. Jeff kept feeling my muscles all the time. And he challenged me to arm wrestling and wrestling matches morning, noon and night. He really liked that. He wanted to wrestle in the nude in his room. I liked to wrestle, so I did it. We were like Greek wrestlers, wrestling in the buff. Of course he wasn't much of a match for me and I won every time. I let him feel my muscles when we were wrestling. He really got excited when he did that. After every match, after I had smashed his miserable weak body, he beat off while he was watchin' and touchin' my muscles. He really got off on my body, just like you. He beat off four times a day while I was there, lookin' at my body and feelin' my muscles. He said he had never beat off that much in his whole life. He was real sad when I left. After I got home I sent him some pictures of me flexing. I'll bet he beat off a hundred times to those pictures. •

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