Sons of Hercules, The



By John

What fate has befallen Goliath and the two muscle-guards? Have Atlas and Argolis succeeded in escaping the hot breath of the evil King chasing after them and those they seek to protect? And what forces now drive the confused Ursus and Maciste?

The two heavily muscled soldiers had each assumed a position on either side of the prone heaving, superior muscle creature between them. Both of them moved their mouths in together on the most adjacent sharply aroused nipple of the preposterously huge male muscle-breast presented to them. The salty sweat of the recent harrowing experience served as a precursor for the main event awaiting them at the equally proportioned cock.

As the two men nibble on the meaty appetizer, Goliath laid in a state of prime, pumped arousal and pondered the amazing turn of events that had just transpired. He flexed his colossal pec meat in response to the teasing stimulation he was sensing through the preponderance of male breast and was rewarded with more aggressive assaults on both extremely sensitive nipples. The twin soldiers reveled in the oversized meal that pummeled their hungry faces as the pecs twitched and shuttered with mountainous height and impossible hardness.

Pairs of groping and desirous hands joined in to the exploration of the immeasurable, dark meaty mounds. The massaging digits advantaged themselves with the flexibility offered between flexing constrictions and pushed the piles of meat higher up forcing the cleavage to become seemingly as deep as the chasm from which they had all just escaped. First one tongue, then the other moved in trained motions down off from the top of the pectoral mountains and began the trail across the foothills of abdominal muscle toward the great black tower erected at the groin.

Not long ago, the three had been seemingly sentenced to their death at the hands of the mighty muscle-god on which the other two now fed their limitless lusts. Goliath muscles quivered in spasms of relived shock as he recalled seeing the bridge floor collapsing from beneath his feet and only vaguely recollected looping one mighty arm around one of the side ropes as it arced downward with the balance of the structure.

The base of the bridge had slammed against the vertical stone cliff hard enough to have relieved itself of any normal person. Goliath's vast strength and astounding muscular size held firm against the painful impact. One of the twins had been quick and clever enough to secure both of his amply muscled arms around the other of the supporting cables.

The second muscle-twin had survived due to nothing less than sheer luck and amazing coincidence. In his fall he happened to cross in front of the dangling body of Goliath with one leg on either side of the amazing male instrument that he had helped induce to its level of inhuman arousal just moments before. As the crotch of his body impacted forcefully on the top of the iron-stiff instrument, he had flung both of his arms out and wrestled a hold around the neck of Goliath.

Pain shot blindingly through the minds of both men as descending balls were forced into instant weighted contact with the brutally hard cock shaft. Goliath's cock bent downward under the immediate pressure but did not break from its blood and meat reinforced position. His tangled arm exploded in a display of tested musculature previously unseen on the planet as every fiber within the vast body of sinew interlocked with every other fiber to absorb the combined weighted stress from two densely constructed muscle machines.

"Why didn't you just come to us when we were inviting you to do so?" Had been the first utterance Goliath heard from the interlocked twin.

"Why, so you could finish me off?" He had shouted back. "Let go and go to the death you deserve for causing this!"

"We did not seek you dead, we merely wanted to lure you out of the range of the arrows. We saw you that day with Maciste and knew then that you and your friends were not unlike us in human desire." The clinging twin retorted in as calming a voice as he could muster under the circumstances.

"If we had stepped away, then those on the other side would have reported us and we would be facing as certain a death as you have from their arrows." He went on. "All we wanted to do was to get you to come toward us so that it would appear that we had lured you off into battle."

"I have no more reason to believe you now than I would have up on the bridge." Goliath replied.

"If that is what you must believe, then use your amazing size and strength to shake me from you and cast me down right now!" The twin challenged.

Goliath considered this option. Certainly he knew he could do just that. Yet, there was a look of truth in the handsome eyes of this beautifully muscled man resting heavily upon his own straining rigid cock.

"We were forced into the army of Amulius many years ago and have been trained to do his bidding, but that has not taught us to be ignorant of the difference between his tyranny and the possible good you and Maciste and the others can finally bring to our lands." The handsome face of the twin added. "Maciste alone had been unable to succeed, but there is hope among many of us that all of you, together, can bring us to a better tomorrow. Help us now and we pledge our lives and honor to help you."

"Can you pull yourself up onto my shoulders?" Goliath questioned.

The smiling twin nodded and, using the top of Goliath's ballooned pecs as a ledge, hoisted his body slowly and carefully up to where he could virtually kneel on the shelf of domed dense meat. Goliath watched as the still dripping cock of the sweaty muscle-soldier moved past his hungry face. From the top of the pecs, the climber was able to use each of the dangling bridge ropes to pull himself up onto the magnificently broad shoulders. His brother had already begun the assent up to the top of the cliff using the hanging ropes as an unstable but workable ladder.

When the soldier was clear of the massive giant that had broken his fall, Goliath swung his huge body around to face the cliff wall and began to pull his own mass ever upward. The black mans' enormous back and upper body muscles flared and fanned like giant thick wings as they stretched out and assumed the weighted burden within the cores of their meat. Undaunted by the forces to which they had been recently subjected, each muscle pounded into action and formed into its own familiar array of spectacular beauty in action.

By the time Goliath's hands were able to reach up to grasp the stony top of the cliff, the twins were already up and waiting. This was the final moment of truth for the trust that Goliath had placed in the words of his presumed enemy. Instead of stamping the hands loose from the cliff and condemning the amazing body to its untimely destruction, two sets of strong hands reached down and grasped the appearing wrists firmly. Then both men worked in unison to help hoist the magnificent and heavy weight of muscle up to final safety.

When the still watching soldiers on the far side of the crevasse finally realized that their comrades were not intending to complete their assigned task of finishing off the giant black muscleman, they shouted and attempted to launch several volleys of arrows over at all three naked figures. Because of the distance, the arrows fell short of their intended marks and the absence of the bridge now prevented any opportunity for recapture.

The three handsome figures finally disappeared into the nearby woods and collapsed on the ground for a period of much needed recuperation. Goliath was awakened by the feel of the tonguing lips on his sensitive heavily breasted nipples.

Now the tongues had reached the base of his generous cock shaft and the hands lingered seductively on the undulating plethora of pectoral delight. As the two tongues moved ever higher along the forearm length of ankle thick maleness, the hot breath of the panting twins mixed with the lustful heat rising off of the rocked surface of the black shaft of columned muscle. Stiff veins tickled the tongues and, in return, sent shivers of excitement into the pulsing organ itself.

The first mouth to reach the bulbous head tried to gobble it up but could not stretch itself wide enough to consume the fisted girth. The loss of the race to the inviting crown by the second twin sent his head and mouth in lustful retreat to the jism-filled testicles as they pounded out their own desire for release causing attention. The effect of the double assault was profoundly moving.

The gargantuan dark body of muscle vulcanized into reinforced hardness all over as rays of light reflected like lightning from the striated and straining immense surface. The wandering hands of the two stimulators reveled in the astonishing shift from fabulously fibrous flesh to inhumanly cut rocks of meat that could not be clenched or grasped as a result of both the solidity and size. The pecs froze into hard icy diamonds. The biceps and triceps expanded the skin to a translucent casing over chiseled granite. The smallness of the back arced up and pushed the taunt abdominals into a plated vacuum.

Then the massive meaty cock forged itself into a finished hammered metal rod as it prepare to launch the heated juices within. The wait was not long as a rush of jism shot down the powerful shaft and smashed into the waiting covering mouth. The force of the first volley was of such magnitude that it pushed the mouth free from the head and cum splashed wildly back and around. As the second spasm of cream poured forward, the mouth of the second of the twins jumped into action lapping up the drippings that the first one was unable to hold.

Once again, the two feeding musclemen found themselves in an uncontrolled release of their own cum as their over-stimulated cocks reacted in heavy white liquid responses of their own. Soon the three men were laying side by glorious side in pools of cum and wonderful spent bliss. They permitted themselves only a bit more rest before cleaning up in a nearby stream and setting off to find Goliath's half- brothers. It was safe to assume that the separated soldiers on the other side would move toward the dam which was now the only connection that remained between the two city states.

Meanwhile, two of the other muscled sons of Hercules, Argolis and Atlas, were reveling in their own momentary freedom. Since leaving the palace with Rhea, they had, out of consideration and deference, been wearing some of the blankets that Lin had secured as robes. Now, for the first time in a few days, they were off on their own to see if they could catch something more than pasty boiled grain to eat.

It had not been long after they left the palace that Rhea had begun having contractions. Even with the two hugely muscled men taking turns carrying the insignificant weight of the pregnant woman, they could not give her enough comfort to overcome all the stress and anxiety of the rescue and escape. The immense strength possessed by Atlas and Argolis could not be helpful to a woman about to give birth.

Rhea had told them of a cabin occupied by the old cook from Alba and her shepherd husband who she was sure would still be loyal to the memory of her uncle, the good King Numitor. He had secreted them away shortly after Amulius took the throne and set them up safely tucked away in the small farm cottage here in Tiberia. They headed there covering their trail as best as they could and, in the process, it appeared that they had lost the guards of Amulius trailing them.

The cook, Sylvia, was alone. Her husband was off tending their flock. She had proven to be very accommodating and helpful. Sylvia was more than happy to shelter Rhea and assist in the imminent birth. When, after only a few hours of labor, Rhea gave birth to not one, but two healthy baby boys, Sylvia showed unexpected emotion. It seemed that she and her husband had had two sons of their own who had been taken by Amulius long ago. To avoid that awful remembrance, there was nothing in the cottage that could be used for the newborns. Atlas and Argolis brought in an old wooden cattle feeder and set it up as a make-shift crib.

The ill thoughts of the past were soon forgotten when Sylvia discovered that Atlas, too, was a cook back in his native Iberia. The two of them passed away much of the time exchanging cooking ideas and stories. The opportunity to remember his simple past as a fat cook was much appreciated by Atlas though it did reawaken his memories of his sweet, wonderful Carlos. Because of the seriousness and dangers of the task in which he was now involved, Atlas had not often permitted himself to think of how much he missed his simple life and Carlos.

Argolis yearned for the chance to get away from the confines of the cabin and out into the woods again. He always felt most comfortable amongst the trees and cool wooded breezes. With Sylvia taking care of Rhea and the boys, Argolis and Atlas had set out for the afternoon. This, in addition to giving them much needed relief for themselves, would also provide them with an opportunity to plan their next steps in getting Rhea - and now the infants - safely away from Amulius.

They wanted to check some of the traps that Sylvia told them had been set by her husband to see if they might be fortunate enough to have a meal or two of more than just roots and mushy grains. Once out of sight of the cabin, the two muscle behemoths stripped themselves of the constricting wrappings and were overjoyed with the feeling of their physical freedom. Argolis suggested that they use each other as resistance - like he did with Goliath earlier - in order to get their bodies flushed and hard once again.

The two huge muscle-brothers interlocked their wrists as if preparing to wrestle. Then they began the process of pulling and stretching against one another. Soon arms, legs, backs, buttocks, shoulders and pecs had been pounded into visually stunning walls of striated muscle.

The filtered light drifting down to the ground played with the huge, shapely muscles on the bodies of the two Herculean sons. In spite of the difference in hair color and length, the combination of their blue eyes and matching enormity of musculature showed them as mirrored images of each other. Instinctively, they reached out to explore the physical reality of the exquisite visions of one another.

The surging blood pounded into the muscles through the interactive resistance made the dense tissue feel warm yet comforting to the touch. The smooth olive skin of Atlas and the silky tanned skin of Argolis glowed under the wet sheen of the sweat they had worked up and reflected under the light like differently shaded amber jewels. The thin skins translucently covered the array of perfectly displayed individual muscles. Each muscle stood bold and sharply cut in its immensity.

Atlas began by tracing the cobweb network of image enhancing veining that had spread out over the forearms of his half brother. They formed a gentle, ever widening net between the skin and surface of the musculature as the forearm grew in girth toward the elbow until it was as large around as the upper leg of a typical man.

Above the elbow joint the tributary of veins collected into raging rivers as thick as ropes. They climbed the impossible curving mass of the biceps. Argolis alternated between flexing the multi-headed biceps and the crescent mooned volumes of the triceps as the searching fingers sought to embrace the unclaspible massiveness. When curled into boulder sized ball wonders, the biceps split and divided repeatedly and occupied a rough rounded space much larger than the two outstretched hands of the groping Atlas. Under the pressuring fingers, the stiff, trapped veins shifted in the vacuumed space between the skin and the impossible meat bundles.

Then, when the arm was brought into a triceps enhancing straightened position, the three headed monster ballooned into a curving mass that created a domed relief over the horseshoe shaped canyon form within its central area. Atlas' hand neatly disappeared under the cavernous muscled overhang. Each head coiled itself into a spiral of spring shaped fibrous bundles netted together by the frenzied veining. The totality of the rear massive mooned triceps object was pushed out into a full half globe by the pressure of the upper lats eclipsed behind.

The shoulder capping exploded as a new chiseled boulder in a relief sculpture of corded lines arcing up, out and back into the base of the neck and trapezius muscles. The snakes of deltoid fibers packed themselves into fluid lines of muscle. The trapezius formed a stiff wedge of crisp muscle as if a large chunk from a giant wheel of hard cheese had been inserted under the skin and permitted to petrify in place. Argolis light blond hair flow over the upper parts of the traps like a silky netting of lace.

The tops of the pecs emerged from the soft flowing hair and shelved out from in front of the traps. Both prolific mounds were forged onto the chest as if a perfect planet of muscle had been split in half and both halves were then inserted under the tightly stretched skin. Under the pressure of the strength within the depths of the planeted muscles the pectoral surface had fissured into a series of ridged and domed linear cables. To the touch, the surface was silky and yet the colossal meat mountains proved to be made of dense stone. A hand-deep rift valley formed the cleavage between the twinned planets.

At the outside bottom of each spectacular peaked creation was a pointed tower of aroused nipple. Touching the stiff projections caused a visual quaking of the massive breast organs as they undulated in responsive demonstration to the sensitivity of the milkless teats. Exploring fingers lingered to suckle from the playful protrusions.

Argolis' hands mirrored every move and motion on the corresponding body part of Atlas. The two perfectly primed bodies shared the same erotic experience together and signaled their pleasure with the same stimulated response. The growing organs at each groin smiled in ever expanding pleasure. The results that the eyes witnessed, the hands sought to confirm as they drifted over the multi-plated abdominals to the pubic bases of the distended maleness.

A pair of forearm-thick shafts arced up and began to column themselves as horizontal linear wonders. Each lower forearm-long trunk flared out in sudden capping crowns larger than the hand span could grasp. The initially spongy sensitive caps of glory hardened into protective helmets. Clear fluids of precum leaked joyfully from the vertical smiling slitted end points.

The hands tripped back and forth over the exhausting trip from end to end of the marbleized shafts. The friction inducing stroking drove the frenzied poles to become solid cylinders of sensual, muscle-dense flesh. Soon both pairs of hands were engaged in interlocked manipulation of the overly thick pillars of man-flesh. It took the combined pressure of two hands to sufficiently engage either bountiful cock shaft.

The two cock heads grew stiffly rigid under the stimulation causing the underside of the flared crowns to increase in heated sensitivity. The enraged organs pumped and beat ever harder and packed themselves so taunt that the sheer skin coverings threatened to burst away from the sausages of marvelous meat. The matched fruit-sized balls that had ripened to rounded fullness below the rooted columns, grumbled loudly with the stirrings of the creamy juices of desire.

As the first volleys of thick, rich cum screamed from the free opening at the end of each enormous shaft. The groans from the initial ejaculations were matched by the real screams coming from the direction of the cabin.

The cum spewing muscle-giants reacted instantly to the distant sounds. Alarmed, they disengaged from each other, turned and began to run in the direction of the screams. Cum continued to erupt from the exploding cocks as Argolis and Atlas grabbed the discarded blankets. Once the cum seemed to have subsided, they quickly threw the rough cloths over their phenomenal figures getting them wrapped around them just as they reached the open doorway.

Once inside, they found Rhea and the cook to be alive but overtly emotional. An anxious Sylvia hastily and breathlessly informed them that some of Amulius' guards had burst in and, before they could even react, had taken both of the newborns, crib and all, and rushed off with them.

Neither Argolis or Atlas wasted any time in the blame they felt for having left the cabin unprotected. For whatever reason the vile King had taken the children, he would have to answer to them. Advising the women to secure the door after them, the two angered muscle behemoths set off after the perpetrators. •

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