Geek to (MUSCLE) Freak


By Muscl4life

Since it has been a while without any new chapters I decided to start a fresh new one, to see if you guys like it! No rules, so you can just go crazy!


People stared at the shining red Corvette; it was really a very hot car, which certainly would make any High School graduate jump inside his pants, anyone but Ryan Phillips. He drove his very fast car like an elderly lady, afraid of getting any ticket or ruining that wonderful gift his older brother gave him. Not every older brother would present his much younger brother with a valuable gift like that, but Steve was no regular brother, far from it! For starters, Steve is a 28 year old PhD, one of the youngest Double Majored of the entire nation, and already runs his own Research Institute, which is supported by the biggest Pharmaceutical Laboratories. He is 12 years older than his little brother, and they used to live with their Uncle’s family for a while, but soon Steve left for college and his success allowed him to have a more than comfortable life. He always wanted Ryan to move in with him, but the kid resisted the more he could. It’s not because of Steve, Ryan idolizes him, and that’s the point. Ryan felt like he would never live up to his brother’s achievements – Steve had convinced him to join the same University he attended, and that’s where the problem starts – How could Ryan ever correspond to the expectations people would have knowing that he was Steve William’s brother? Steve was a living legend. Not only he graduated in less time, but also with the highest GPA ever achieved in the history of that institution. Thus, he was elected Valedictorian and his graduation speech was so phenomenally touching the Dean had it reproduced and placed at the Campus main square, as a tribute to all brilliant former students. Ryan was a very clever boy, a straight A student which graduated one year ahead of his class, but again that was not the issue. “So what? That Steve guy is just a major geek!” One might wonder. It is true, Steve was a geek, mostly because he had been the president of the Chess Club, the Math Club, the Science Club, the editor of the College Journal, and the President of the Student’s Body. It already sounds really remarkable, but there’s more. Ryan knew he could really get high grades and all, but the biggest problem remained – the teenager was afraid of not being able to his brother’s standards, especially when it comes to the sports and physical aspects, there’s where Steve and Ryan differed. Ryan was a 5’7” tall 125 pounds, skinny and bad looking nerd. He could barely do one chin up, and he never been able to work out, not to mention his weak health, he was always feverish and his asthma really prevented him from many things on daily life. On the other hand, when his brother was 16 he was 6’3” tall and weighed 285 pounds, and he was already a College sophomore by then. He had set a new dead lift record on the University championship. Not to mention that Steve also got to be the captain of the Football, Basketball and Wrestling teams and the University won every single championship while “Massive Williams” played for them. But of course, it was over seven years ago, and Steve now was very busy, and probably didn’t keep his college days physique ain’t that right? Yes, it’s also true – Steve is now 6’8” 420 pounds of sheer muscle size and definition, he grew bigger and stronger everyday, and the more he grew, the bigger he got, the better he played, the smarter he was, the brighter he stood above every other student. Everything always seemed so easy for him, Steve was success in human form, he was truly a role model to be followed, but it all contributed to one inevitable truth – Ryan would make his brother disappointed, Steve would be humiliated seeing his skinny, untalented, ridiculous sibling destroying the honor which Steve brought upon their Family’s name. So, Ryan Williams was off to College to move in with his brother, he had a whole new life ahead of him, but he was quite excited about that. At 10 pm, Ryan parked his car in the enormous garage of Steven’s house – enough space for 5 huge cars. He insisted with Steve he didn’t need a car like that, but his brother wouldn’t take a “no” for an answer, as always, he would have everything the way wanted. “RYAN, YOU’RE HERE FINALLY!” The teen felt himself being easily lifted from the ground as his enormous brother appeared out of nowhere. He was all sweaty and smelling and soon he had soaked his brother’s clothing. “Sorry, for that, Ryan! I was just finishing my evening work out!” Steve said as he tried to dry his chest and hands – “Come in, come in! You’re at home now!” Steve said as he carried all the luggage Ryan had brought in one arm, lifting Ryan inside with the other. “Steve, you’re doing that again!” Ryan complained embarrassed, and the huge brother realized he was treating Ryan like a teddy bear once more, and it really bugged the skinny teenager. “Sorry, bro!” Steve said as he lowered Ryan back at the floor. Ryan looked at his idol once more – “Man, you look even bigger than the last time I saw you! And it was only three days ago!” Ryan said as he noticed Steve’s uncanny muscles – “Gee, you think? I could use a couple of extra pounds!” “How much you weigh exactly? 400 pounds?” Ryan asked curiously. “Close to that, I am actually 435 pounds this morning!” Steve says as he blushes. Ryan says nothing in response, he just gulps down and gets his suitcase – “Where’s my room?” “Oh, it’s upstairs, come here I’ll show you!” Steve said as he grabbed the rest of suitcases as well as Ryan’s body – “Steve!!!” But the huge doctor wouldn’t listen to him, he knew Ryan could get tired from carrying heavy stuff. “Here you are!” Steve showed proudly the dream bedroom of every teenager, it had everything! TV, DVD, a brand new stereo, a state of the art computer, with top of the line gadgets, a king sized bed, even his own bathroom with a very cool decoration, it looked like those center pages of those interior design magazines. Ryan almost cried, he used to sleep in a tiny room on his Uncle’s attic, with another two cousins because the family already three other kids. He never had his own room, and now it was finally true. “I’ve done this three years ago, but you just didn’t want to move in with me!” Steve said as he opened the cabinets – he had bought a new wardrobe for Ryan – “You could use more cheerful clothing, you know?” Ryan was dumb folded, he just turned to his brother and hugged him – “Thanks!” He said as he felt his tears soaking his face and Steve laughed – “Oh, come on! You don’t need to cry, you know I am all softy!” Steve said as he felt his own eyes filling with water. “Now you take a shower, and please go rest, you must be exhausted from hours of driving! I wanted you to fly in, but you insisted in driving all the way to here!” “I just wanted to test my Corvette! It‘s awesome!” Ryan exclaimed, drying his tears. “Well, tiger, you’re finally with me now, your life is only gonna get better and better! Believe me!” Steve said as he left the room. Ryan smiled as he undressed and went for a hot shower, he was really very exhausted.

The next morning, Ryan woke up in his very own bedroom, it was one of the best nights he ever had, especially because of those dreams, they were very hot. Ryan noticed the wet spot on his brand new sheets and he panicked, quickly he changed them and went downstairs for breakfast. “Good morning, tiger!” Steve said as he finished the last piles of pancakes, Ryan looked at the lots of food on the table – “How many people are you serving?” Ryan asked nervously. “Why? You think I should make more?” Steve replied already grabbing the frying pan. “No, please, don’t! That’s enough for ten people like me!” Ryan said as he grabbed his tiny little share of the pancakes. “You’re only eating that? Come on! Here have more!” Steve fixed an enormous plate for Ryan, but the teen barely ate one fifth. Then he vanished with all the food in no time – “I AM STARVING!” “I can’t believe it’s been just one week before the semester begins…” Ryan said in a low tone but Steve heard it very well. “This reminds me, on Thursday you and I have a meeting with Dean Rivers!” Steve said while he washed the dishes. “What for?” Ryan asked nervously. “Well, when he read your application form, he knew you were my brother, so he wants to talk with both of us about your capabilities, you know, to know you better!” Steve sat back at the table and helped himself another round of pancakes. “But Steve, does he know the truth about me?” Ryan asked afraid. “What truth?” “Well, that I am not like you!” Ryan said at once. “What you mean?” Steve asked. “Come on, Steve! He obviously must be thinking I am a huge muscular player, a mighty athlete like you! And when he finds out I am just geek guy, he’ll just feel sorry for me! Like everybody else!” Ryan finally replied and tried to leave the table as fast as he could, but Steve was faster – “Ryan, you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself, you’re a terrific guy!” Steve tried to comfort him, but Ryan didn’t want his companion right now. “I HATE YOU! HATE YOU! YOU’RE SO FUCKING PERFECT, WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO STUDY HERE ANYWAY? YOU WANNA SEE ME HUMILIATED HUH?” Ryan finally exploded into tears and ran into his room. Steve looked at him and smiled - “Oh, Ryan, you couldn’t be more wrong!”

The 16 year old teen locked the door behind him. He was so mad at Steve – “How can he do this to me?!!” Ryan said as he looked at his image reflected on the all sized mirror. He was a mess, his eyes all puffed so hard he cried. Ryan wasn’t so bad looking, in fact, if he just stopped to notice how cute he looked with his clear complexion, his blond shoulder length hair and his emerald green eyes. Although he was skinny, if he only dressed a little better, with more fashionable clothes, he would look a lot better. “Ryan, can I come in?” Steve voice came from the other side of the door. “Go away!” Ryan replied immediately Then, he heard a loud sound and the door simply was ripped off the wall. Steve just lifted it with one hand and his hulking figure squeezed to pass through the door – “Don’t worry with that, I’ll fix it later!” Steve had a box in his free hand. “What? How come you enter my room?” Ryan tried to protest but once more his brother was faster – “You think that door would stop me? Please, I bench press over 1000 pounds!” Steve said and pulled Ryan’s hand near him – “I wanna show you something!” “Steve, I don’t wanna talk to you….” But the musclebound bigger brother just kept doing what he intended. “After the accident, we moved in with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Myra, they’re good folks, but they never really loved us as their own children, they just accepted the duty to rise us...” Steve seemed to be drifting away, but soon his voice got a lot more serious. “Did you know our father was a science man? He worked in genetic therapy as the cure for many serious diseases…” “Yes, Steve, I knew that, just like you he was some kind of genius…” “When I returned to our old house, all the things of our folks were still there, and I was so sad, I decided to keep all of them, as a memento…” “Anyway, I found our father’s old notebook, he was working with gene enhancers, a new kind of hormones which increased the capabilities of the subject…” “Gene enhancers? What you mean?” “According to our daddy’s notes, the first tests on animals were successful, he was about to test the formula on humans, but then he suffered the accident. That’s when I decided that I would take our father’s research further, I would become a scientist as well!” “Yes, Steve, and you’ve made it! You’re just perfect, I am sure father is proud of you!” Ryan spoke in a sad tone – “I am the untalented little dweeb!” “Would you stop making so little of yourself?” Steve replied as he handled him a picture of a very skinny young man, he had a pale complexion, narrow shoulders and a wimpy look. “Who is that?” Ryan asked a little confused. “That’s me, when I was fourteen years old!” Steve said and didn’t wait for Ryan’s answer – Ryan barely listened to Steve’s words, he just couldn’t believe that his monstrous muscle brother had once been the same skinny guy on the photo. “It can’t be true, Steve! I remember you were always the tallest and the strongest of our neighborhood!” Ryan apparently lost his ground, he always knew his brother was a huge brilliant student… “Ryan, you’re 12 years younger than me, when you’re five I was already 17! By then, I had already started my treatment!” “Treatment?” Ryan asked, suddenly a lot more interested “Well, that’s why I showed you the picture! After a few weeks searching daddy’s notes, I was able to reproduce the serum he was about to test, and…” “Don’t tell me you…” “That was my wildest dream, Ryan! I was sick of being so tiny and weak, I was 5’6” and 117 pounds, everybody looked at me with pity on their eyes, I couldn’t stand anymore of that! If father had achieved a way to help my dreams comes true, I would do anything!” Steve said with a glint in his eyes. “But Steve, you were only fourteen year old back then…” “I had to go easy at the beginning, people could suspect, I took one shot full of enhancers everyday for the next couple of months, sure the dosage was very low, I still had doubts about the whole thing, especially because father still didn’t know the effects on human organisms…” “H-how did it affect you?” Ryan asked, this time definitely interested. “Well, in less than three days after I started the treatment, I had gained 20 pounds and it was not just that, I felt much stronger, and even my mind got sharper, I could read better, breathe better, I no longer need my glasses…” “Wow! It did all that for you?” “After seven weeks of treatment, I was four inches taller 5’10” and weighing 185 pounds! Once people accepted the fact that I had finally had my growth spurt it got a lot easier, I was able to double my daily enhancer dosage, and when I turned 15 I was already close to 6 feet tall, that’s why you only remember me as a big guy!” Steve brushed Ryan’s hair. “You continued to take those enhancers?” “When I entered college, things were a lot more difficult, but my mind was so much clear, I was so much capable of studying, I could do very well without them, but ...” “But what? Did you feel anything bad?” “No, I felt better than never! And that was the point, I did a few calculations myself, and I realized daddy’s formula wasn’t as effective as it was supposed to be, after a few attempts I was able to upgrade the original formula, and made it work even better! That’s when I went from 6’3” 285 pounds to 6’7” 325 pounds in just one day! And then, everything seemed so easier, I could play, study, work on the lab, anything I wanted!” “So, after all you’re not brilliant, you’re perfect! Enhanced!” Ryan concluded dumb folded, he just couldn’t believe how much clearer it all seemed now. He looked at Steve’s figure – 6’8” and 7/8, 437 pounds of sheer muscle, his tanned skin, black long hair tied in a pony tail and his turquoise eyes. His shoulders stood at three whole feet apart, his chest was almost 65 inches around and his arms were marvelously 29 inches around when cold, his legs were 43 inches legs. “And I want you to take part on it!” Steve said with a mean glint on his eyes. “Me?” Ryan asked almost breathless, he never imagined it could be possible for him to be like his brother, so powerful and muscular. “Of course, I want you to take the enhancers too, little bro!” Steve said flexing his right gun – “You see this? It’s our father’s legacy, you have the same right to achieve this extraordinary body to match with your brilliant mind!” “Steve, I wanna do it!” Ryan said without any hesitation, suddenly everything got crystal clear for him, he was tired of being the small, weak, pathetic little wimp, he wanted to be just as big as big brother, and even bigger if he could! “That’s the spirit, Tiger!” Steven carried him to his own private lab at the basement of their house – “Ever since I took the formula for the first time, I’ve been working on its function, to make it even better…” Steve said as he showed Ryan a lot of charts and tables. “So you could get even bigger!” Ryan added right away. “Well, you’re not completely wrong, but what I really wanted was to create a new generation of enhancers, based on the new discoveries they’ve done ever since dad developed his formula.” Steve showed him a computer generated model of the new enhancers – “According to my calculations, they’re 10 times more potent than the original formula” “T-ten times, are you sure?” “Well, we can only be sure if we test on you!” Steve said hopeful “Why haven’t you tested it on yourself?” “Well, I wanted, but since my organism is already enhanced to its maximum potential, I wouldn’t be sure about the magnification of the original formula properties…” “So, you wanted me, a non enhanced subject to be your guinea pig?” Ryan asked smiling. “Ryan, I want you to share it with me! I don’t have my father’s original formula anymore, I took it all myself, so I felt guilty for not sharing it with you, we had the same problems, and it didn’t seem fair to me that you got to stick as the weak little nerd, while I had the knowledge to make you just as big and strong as me!” “But you got carried away and tried to surpass daddy’s own formula, and now you wanna see how much you’ve surpassed him, right?” Steven laughed – “You know me better than myself!” “Okay, big brother, I’ll be your guinea pig! Make me huge!” Ryan said happily. Steve smiled and lifted him of the floor – “You won’t regret! I know I didn’t!”

After five hours of intense preparations, Steve was ready to start the enhancement of his brother Ryan – “Ryan, I think I have to be honest with you, after you take this enhancers your life will be drastically!” “I guess it will, I’ll be a muscleman then!” Ryan smiled but Steve remained serious. “After you take this treatment, your body functions will be increased, and you will see everything from a different perspective.” “Yeah, maybe one foot taller!” Ryan tried to smile but Steve was not kidding. “You’ll have three priorities – Number one is eating, you’ll have to eat at lest 15 thousand calories per day!” “WOW! That’s five times the ideal amount for a grown man!” “Number two is training, you’ll feel your body needs to work out, to test it’s won limits, anything less than five hours of hard work out won’t calm your muscles!” “Five hours? I hope I can get some tie to study! What’s number three?” “I’ll tell you later, now let’s begin!” Steve prepared the syringe. “The enhancers will work combined with your sexual hormones, that’s why I’ll have to shoot them into your testicles…” “HEY! You said you just shot your arm!” “Yes. But this is different, much more potent, besides it will work faster!” “Okay, then, please don’t hurt me!” “Don’t worry little brother, in a few time I am going to be asking you that!” Steve leaned Ryan on his table and opened his legs wide … •

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