What would he say?

By Muscl4life

Well, i just had this idea, what happens after a muscle growth story? I mean what happens after the guy grows massive? He keeps growing, of course, but for how long? And what if it goes up tho his head, what would his growing muscles cause to his ego in , let's say 25 years of intense growth?

If you don't like height growth as well as muscle, then you should stop here!

But if you are into this thing, then let's picture one undergoing a muscle growth experiment today - then let's see what happens 25 years in the future, also he wasn't teen he was a 37 year old scientist, which means he'll be 62 year old muscle freak! What will he be like? what will he say to a normal tiny man? Let's find out together shall we?

oh, yeah, this story is dedicated to a fellow author of this forum, he'll know I am talking to him!


I spare a few minutes and tell you how did I get this size, my way into massive, monstrous, freakish muscle growth, but then would you be really interesting in hearing me? Or would you just nod along as I tell you every scientific detail, while you fantasize about being so strong as I become? Wouldn’t it just procrastinate the moment you’ve been waiting since you laid eyes on me? Believe me, over these twenty years, I’ve been this same face every time I introduced myself to you little guys, every single time I got this reaction from you – first comes shock, you couldn’t suspect someone could be that big. Then, comes astonishment, you can’t just believe in my size, thickness and definition, fear is the next phase, you are afraid of what I can do to you, if I get mad at you, and finally you just forget everything when your little cock is aching hard inside your pants. To make a long story short – especially because you just wouldn’t understand the complex system I used to develop myself into my magnificent form – I’ll just say I used to be normal man until the age of 37 years old – I had conquered prestige among the scientific community with my researches in a particular area of muscular development, you can figure out I had been always been fascinated with muscle growth issue and of course I loved the idea of getting more muscular myself, not that I wasn’t already big and muscular, I was 5’10” 190 pounds of ripped muscles – a really killing body, but I needed more, just like you’ve already guessed. Once the formula was ready I tested it on myself, I wouldn’t let anyone steal this fantasy of mine, no matter what risks it could take I would try it. The feelings of my first growth spurt are still vivid on my mind, I felt the power surge increasing my strength, my muscles and my libido. The growth was rather amazing, in just a few days I could have gained 30 pounds of sheer ripped and developed muscle, reaching the incredible mark of 220 pounds, but in my mind I still looked puny – if you guess I was bigorexic you would be probably right, but I loved the idea of being even bigger. So, it took a few months to develop another muscle growth formula, tent times stronger than the previous – yes, I know it may sound a cliché – but the idea of making such a powerful serum is my greatest triumph! I had this obsession about making each time more powerful versions of my muscle growth treatment. It took years till I find the ideal formula – one serum that would just fool the genetic code of my muscular cells to keep growing and multiplying themselves, but such thing wouldn’t be enough, I’ve also made my bones much thicker and resistant, my skin was treated with transgenic cells so, I would produce more collagen, my vital organs were reinforced and increased with sever training programs and more transgenic cells to produce abnormal amounts of hormones and whatever I needed to overcome human littleness, I promised you I wouldn’t worry you with minor technical details, all you need to know is that once this new treatment was applied my life changed drastically. I was packing over 10 pounds per day, and each time I looked at my body I noticed it was more powerful, and also my height growth started right after my hormones were being produced with such intensity, 15 times more than during childhood and puberty summed, I had constant hormone flow on my blood, thanks to my new altered genetic programming. You realize growing the way I was, I needed tons of food to keep my growth, but I had taken care of that – I’ve founded many fake companies of nutritional Supplements based on the weaker versions of my formulas and selling them on the market made me extremely wealth in almost no time, I could afford eating over 20000 calories per day, every day, and this amount increased every two weeks. At first, my height growth was not a problem, after all there are men taller than 7 feet, but not one of them weighed 1870 pounds! When it comes to work out I also had a problem with that issue – you see I just had to develop an expansive system of magnetic resistance on my gym equipment so it could handle the weight I could have decent work out, and yes, it would be thousands and thousands of pounds, but of course even those weights are puny now. Once I kept growing over two inches per week and packed about 200 pounds each four or five days, I had to retire – It was then I bought this little house in this hedonistic tropical island – it is pretty much isolated from the rest of the word, but once again, my boys took care of everything. You wanted to know why I keep saying my boys huh? Well, they are the main executives of my many companies, being so big I couldn’t risk appearing in public anymore, so I just let them take care of my business, and I can asure you they’re complete loyal to me, because that’s also another aspect of my fantastic body – I produce huge amounts of sexual pheromones – once they taste the scent of my muscles, they turn into complete obedient boys, willing to serve in any possible way, and I am more than happy to let them service me, besides, it give me the opportunity to test on them the effects of my constant evolution, I like to train using them as human dumbbells, although they’re just too light, they still proportionate an interesting spectacle for my amusement. No, no, there’s no reason to be ashamed. I like that, I REALLY like to cause such impact on my boys! Yes, my boys, because I couldn’t leave without them, they’re my cookers, my maids, my bathers, my personal trainers and of course, my man whores. Well I know they’re not boys anymore, but to me they’re just as small as boys, you know I am 18’10” tall! That’s right, three times taller than the standard tall man – and yes again, it means I weigh over 10000 pounds, actually I am almost 2 times that amount – 19648 pounds according to my morning measuring -and before you wonder, my chest is 350 inches, my legs are 265 inches around and my arms tapped 250 inches around, you can’t see my cock from behind my desk, but let’s keep it for a more intimate moment, besides I love the face on you guys the first time you look at that. This house you see is under constant reform, because my growth is increasing over these years, just as I had planned – my objective is never done growing, and I shall live like that. My real problems, if I can call them problems, are my insatiable libido and my constant need to release myself – since I have over 1000 times the amount of testosterone running inside my veins you can imagine just how horny I became – I’ll let you take a look, yes, boy you’re not daydreaming that’s a 8 feet long 5’7” thick cock, my balls are almost 4 feet in diameter and each one weighs 400 pounds and my cock can reach over 1000 pounds when I am fully erect – yes fully erect, I can reach almost 12 feet long and 9 feet thick, so you must notice I am not an easy to please man! There’s no need to fake your fear, little man, I know you’re obviously confused with my standard, after all if I stand up, you’ won’t reach my waist level, probably not even the middle of my thigh, but I won’t harm you, at least there’s no apparent reason for that now. You see, little man, for the past 25 years I’ve been growing and developing into this supreme man, more powerful than one entire army. I am 62 years old now, and if it wasn’t for my face you would never notice that, but I like looking the way I look, otherwise I would have just fixed it – I wanna show you that I am not only powerful but experienced, so you can never, I repeat, never fool me! I’ve seen your type many, many times! The young smart promising scientist, I’ve been you for half of my life, but then I decided to take one step forward, in the evolutionary scale. You’re good, little boy, that’s why I chosen you, I will have you working for me, to develop newer and more powerful growth serums. Why? You thin it’s too much? I’ve been growing for 25 years now little boy, and according to my calculations, I can live up to 300 years, since my cells rejuvenate themselves with extreme ease – I wanna become a force of nature, and I will use you to my purposes, little man, in exchange – I have one proposition to you, I’ll bring you next to my magnificence, will slowly turn you into my pupil, making you swell in mass and power. I know what you are gonna say little man, you don’t need such thing well I can tell you’re wrong, your little puny cock tells me that! You’re gaze upon my muscles tell me that, besides I could just make you work for me and the rest is history, like all the other boys, they don’t have any free will around me, I command their lives according to my own convenience. That being said, I think it would be fair if you had once chance to glance at your possible glorious future – I am willing to do anything you wanted me to do in the next minutes. The classic Pec flexing? Of course, here feel this pecs, yes, that’s a good boy, don’t be afraid, here, stick your little cock in the middle of my pecs, gee it’s so tiny isn’t it? We gotta make it bigger, I could just crush those nuts if I bounce my chest! You’re fucking my chest little boy? Feels good doesn’t it? I had over one thousand men fucking that chest in these years – they are really turned on by that. What now? Before you cum, since you’re just weak and couldn’t last for much longer! You wanna feel my arms? Of course, you want that! Here let me help you! There are you comfy? You’re sat at my 250 inches biceps now! Feels good huh? Notice your little anus is resting exactly over this massive vein here, oh it’s thicker than your cock? Yes, probably, but it is not very meaning you know? Oh, of course you’re licking my arms now, you’re quite obvious little boy! Next you’ll just beg me to let you suck your cock! See? You’re so predictable, little man! Here, I don’t think you can make me fully erect, but at least you’ll be happy. I gotta admit you’re a great cock sucker, little man, but I can see the width of my shaft is just too much for you, you can just lick the piss slit, but you’re quite dedicated, I think I’ve chosen well, judging by the way you’re trying to play with my balls, but there are a bit too heavy for you aren’t they? Well, well, well, I guess you couldn’t last any longer huh little man, you’ve just came all over me – that’s a no-no mister! You gotta clean me now, with your own tongue, and I don’t want you cumming again, you listen. What? Oh come on, you wanna see me lifting something heavy? Gee, you’re one of those too? Oh okay – come with me now! I think it’ll make you happy, these are tow trucks, they must weigh over 5000 pounds each, listen as I lift them one in each hand. Here you see that, and I could juggle them, but it could harm you, so don’t even thin about it – there you had everything you wanted? I knew you would want to see that – everyone wants, I’ll do as you want Here , oh fuck yeah, you’re gonna be swimming in my cum, little man, daddy is gonna cover you hot thick jism, oh fuck, yeah, prepare, little man, I can cum over 2 gallons per orgasm – OH FUCK YEAHHHHHHH!!! You lied that huh? You lie when the big guys grunts and moans and screams! You’re such a muscle junkie! I think it means you’re mine newest boy now, doesn’t it? Why am I saying that? Well because you’ve been exposed to my cum! And it is making you grow little man! You should consider yourself honored, I usually don’t grant that kind of honor for my new kids, but I guess you were so pathetic I decided to give you a boost. You must prepare now little boy, you’re mine from now on!

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