Rift, The

By Corwin

(a brief diversion based upon a (I think hot) role play I did with another member of the forum)

It showed up in your mail. Sure, you had applied, but you never thought you'd be selected.

Congratulations! You have been selected to appear on our reality show Male Muscle Growth!

As you are no doubt aware, about a year ago, what physicists describe as a rip in the fabric of space materialized in northern California. Analysis of this rip revealed that an interdimensional race had opened the portal to make contact with our race. It was also discovered that men who came in contact with the energies eminating from the rip developed extreme muscular size and strength. However, there is a limit. The growth seems to have an erotic effect on the exposed men. While they control these tendencies, their size and strength increase. Our scientists describe this growth as exponential, increasing the longer a man is exposed. However, at the moment that their carnal desires are satisfied, all increases in size and power stops. The interdimensional aliens have also been known to reward contestants with additional growth should they do something dramatic during the game.

We have developed our show around this rip. Each week, one man is exposed to the portal and allowed access to the muscle growth. He is challenged by previously exposed men who try and cause him to 'shoot his load' (as we call it). Our current reigning champion was exposed for 43.1 minutes before succumbing to the erotic pleasures. When he began, he weighed only 150 pounds. His reward was over 1000 pounds of muscle, with strength to left several tons with no effort.

Now you will have your chance. Please contact our office to let us know of your availability.

Sincerely yours, Male Muscle Growth TV

You replied with confidence. They wanted you, and you wanted the muscle. You wanted the power.

To whom it may concern,

I am available anytime. My current stats are 5'9" and 170lbs. You just say the word and I will make myself available! I want to take on your reigning champion. See if he can stop me from doubling his weight!!!

Regards, Tim Fornaio Future MuscleGOD!

The day of the event came. You entered with confidence. Some wimpy grunt greeted you to take you through the preparations. All you cared about was your dream. You wanted to grow.

Grunt: Mr Fornaio. We can't tell you how happy you are to we are to have you as a contestant. I'm sure you are familiar with the rules. Here is your spandex stretch suit. As you know, during the first five minutes you can expect to gain 1 pound of muscle per minute. 2 pounds for the next 5 minutes. 4 for the next. 8 for the next and so on and so on. After the first five minutes, once you are acclimated to the dimenstional warp, three past contestants will enter the rift. Their job is to make you shoot your load. They may do anything but stimulate your penis with their hands. Only you may do that. They also are not allowed to do any damage to you physically. If they should violate any rules, there is a two minute time out where the may not interact with you at all. You may not do any physical violence to them. If you do, the rift-aliens may close the rift and cause slower growth. You shouldn't worry to much about that, it happens to everyone. Our reigning champion suffered two penalties in his way to his phenomenal size. Also, should your body outgrow the spandex suit, you have five minutes free of any interference to grow. Do you have any questions?

Tim Fornaio: Only this, When do I start!!!

The show begins in about 5 minutes, just enough time for you to change your clothes. Your growth begins as soon as you leave this room. By the way, Mr. Fornaio. Michael Thompson, our reigning champion, received your message. He left a video tape for you. (insert tape into VCR).

A seven foot two inch wall of muscle stands, confronting an on-coming diesel locomotive. The train approaches at 50 miles power hour as the man, garbed only in a pair of skimpy posing trunks, stands in the middle of the track, muscles flexing. The train approaches and he draws back a fist, thrusting it into the locomotive, causing it to derail around him. He is unmoved. He turns to the camera, "THAT'S POWER BAKER! AIN'T NO WAY YOU'LL EVER BE AS BIG, AS STRONG AS ME!" He flexes a bicep that forces his wrist out of the way, the muscle is so huge. "THIS BOD HAS THE POWER AND IT'S GONNA BRING YOU DOWN!" The tape ends.

You now know, it's up to you.

Tim Fornaio: Damn, what are his stats?

Grunt: You'll soon see

Announcer 1: What a show we have for you tonight! Our contestant is Tim Fornaio, a Technical Support Engineer from nearby San Francisco! Here he comes entering the rift area. Long time viewers know the rules. Here he comes now, entering the rift area. He looks like a fit man. Looks like he's enjoying the growth!

Announcer 2: Yes he does. So Tim, how does the rift feel? Tell us about yourself?

Tim Fornaio: Oh man, it feels great. I've been lifting for 7 years. Went from 125 to 160 naturally but then I hit a plateau. But now, man, NO LIMITS!! I'm going to make Micheael look like an anemic schoolgirl!!!

Announcer 1: Our three challengers today are, oh my, reigning champion Michael Thompson.

Announcer 2: I can never get over his size. Look at that muscle god. Over 1200 pounds of muscle. His chest is over 90 inches. 36 inch arms of solid power. His waist is only 30 inches and his legs are over 48.

Announcer 1: And they say Barbie has problems!

Announcer 2: Well, our audience saw what he did to that locomotive. Now he's going over to talk to Fornaio. Let's listen.

Michael Thompson flexes his massive arm in your face. "This is power, little man. You're going down. I'm gonna make you cum so hard your balls will shrink to the size of raisinettes. Then I'll let you worship this muscle bod some more while I show you what these big, huge muscles can really do. Too bad you are so undeserving of all this power. Wimp!"

Tim Fornaio: Yeah, well you could only gain 1000lbs!!! An intergalactic power rift and that's as big as you could get? Power flooding into our dimension like a hurricane! You think your big, you ain't seen nothing yet!!!

MT: You little asshole I should (pulls his fist back)

Announcer 1: Now now men, you know the rules.

Announcer 2: Our second challenger is the man Thompson defeated. He withstood almost 41 minutes of the rift before succumbing to its effects. Sam Rogers is over 900 pounds of muscle. He's nearly as strong as Thomson. He was a fitness model before competing in Male Muscle Growth and that long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and classic good looks shows you why. Man, you can see why. I'd give up my wife and three kids if he asked. ha. ha. ha.

Anouncer 1: I'm sure you would. Our final challenger is the third biggest man. I'll tell you, Fornaio has his task cut out for him. Like Rogers, Ted Samson was a fitness model before competing here. His dark, mediteranian looks and his hair body were the pleasure of many readers of Playgirl. He was voted the most popular model of 2002, and that was before he became the 850 pound muscle god he is now. He's known for his ruthlessness in the arena and he and Thompson will make a formidible pair.

Announcer 2: Well, Tim Fornaio's first five minutes are almost up. Let's return to the action. Here comes the challengers. Oh my, all three at once, surrounding Fornaio!

Let's listen...

Tim Fornaio: Go ahead fuckers, give it your best shot!

The three hit most muscular poses. Ted Samson speaks: Ya, I remember being that small. Like the feeling of the growth, huh? I did. I liked it a lot. Feeling all that power, dreaming of having muscles like this. (He walks closer. He smells of musk and his deep tan accentuates his powerful body) Ya, you want this bod. (He presses into you, and you feel the warmth of his hard physique)

Tim Fornaio: (Think about baseball, think about my brothers overweight wife, must not get hard!!!)

Ted Samson: Ya, what? It's been about 6 minutes. That means 7 pounds of muscle. Soon, you'll be 200, then 300 pounds of rock hard man. Me, I got more than double that. Feels pretty good, doesn't it?

Tim Fornaio: (oh god, this is harder than I thought, look at them, so freakin' huge and powerfull and I'm going to be that big!! NO I'M GOING TO BE BIGGER! MUST IGNORE THEM, FOCUS ON MY OWN GROWTH!

Sam Rogers walks over. "Hey, why don't we show the guy what he can expect." Rogers points to a powerrack and bench set up in the arena. "They put that there so you can see how much stronger you're getting. I mean, we can see how the spandex is beginning to stretch around all those new muscles of yours." Ted Samson rubs his hand over your right pec, pinching the nipple. "The weights will show you really how strong you're getting." They lead you to the weight bench. "Wanna do some bench presses? Ted seems to like those pecs. How much was your max before you came here?"

Tim Fornaio: I've done 225 for a couple reps (baseball, grandmother, city dump, must focus!!!!)

Sam Rogers: "OK, we'll put on four plates. Get into position and give it a try."

Michael Thompson: snickers, "baby weight. bet he can't do more than 6 reps." It's almost 10 minutes -- you're now 185 pounds, feeling strong and getting ripped.

Tim Fornaio: Start pumping out the reps, first one is tough, barely get it up. next oe is easier, 3rd is even easier, pumpt out 4, 5, , start straining, 7, 8, 9, arrghh, 10!!!! Slam the weights down!

You look proud.

Michael Thompson walks over. With two fingers, picks up the weights. tosses it into the air, then puts it back. "Dudes, load it up with 20 plates." They do. You move off the bench, but he laughs. He picks the bar up with one hand and does one-arm curls with it, cranking out 10 reps. Then he does the other. He walks over and flexes his bicep in your face -- "Never getting this power, wimp."

Tim Fornaio: We'll see dude. I have more will power than all you guys combined!!!!!!

Sam Rogers: Oh, ignore him Tim. We do. His bark is worse than his bite.

Michael Thompson glares at you.

Sam Rogers: So, let's take off some of this weight and you can do another set. Six plates this time. Ted Samson sits next to you on the bench while they change the weights. He begins to rub your thigh, squeezing it gently. His forearms ripple with muscle.

Sam Rogers: OK Tim, ready?

Tim Fornaio: Oh yeah, I'm ready! (fuck I'm going to try and bench 6 plates!, Don't think about th weight, focuson the ceiling). Push the weight off the rack. Damn, it's heavy!!! I goes down, I scream trying to get it back up. The next one goes down and up faster. Damn, I'm getting stronger!!! DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

The buzzer indicates 15 minutes have passed. You now weigh 225 pounds and look like what use to pass as a heavyweight bodybuilder. Sam Rogers: Tim, that seemed far too easy for you. You know, I can bench press those 20 plates. I bet you can do 10 now. Let's try, hmmmm.

Ted Samson: Ya Tim (rubbing his hand on your thickening chest, pinching your nipple). I know you can do it.


You get under the bar, try lifting it. your face shows the strain, but the bar goes up. You lower it once, struggle to get it up, but you do. The second rep is easier. The third faster. Four. You feel your pecs stretch and strain. You want more. You are growing. You feel it and your muscles become bigger, stronger. Five, six, seven is hard, but you push it out. You force out the eighth before putting the bar down.

Tim Fornaio: FUCK YEAH! Guys soon i'll be bigger than all of you put together! You laugh at the thought of so much power

Michael Thompson comes over and picks you up. "Like hell you will!" He pulls you close and begins to rub you against his body. Through the tightening spandex, you feel his muscles as he rubs your groin between his massive pecs. He holds you tight. You try and struggle, but he is too strong.

Tim Fornaio: (OHMY GOD, SO HUGE, SO POWERFULL!!! ARGHH!!! DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!!!!) I can feel my dick hardening. SHIT NO!!!!

Michael Thompson laughs. "Ya, getting to you. What are you now, about 250. 275 maybe. You might make it to 300. 400 if you're lucky. But I'm four times that." He raises his arm and puts your hand on it. "Sqeeze! Feel it."

Tim Fornaio: No way dude, get someone else to worship you!!!! You'll be worshipping me soon!

Michael Thompson: "You may say no, but that dick of yours is saying yes."

Sam Rogers: Tim, we have the barbell loaded with 4 plates. Why don't you try curling it?

Tim Fornaio: Yeah right, curl 4 plates. My arms are what only 19" or 20"

A buzzer indicates 20 minutes have passed. Sam Rogers: Tim, if I did my math right, your now 305 pounds. Your arms were small before. Now, they're about 25 inches I'd guess. Try, you'll see. Ted Samson winks at you.

Tim Fornaio: Whole body feels different, big, huge muscle eveywhere ... NO MUST NOT THINK ABOUT IT, NEED MORE MUSCLE!!!! I get pissed and lift the bar. I scream, the first rep feels like my biceps are going to rip from the bone!!! Then I go faster, and faster, 4 reps, reps 8 reps (OH MY GOD, I'M DOING IT!!!)

You put the bar down and flex your bicep. It's pumped huge. You stare at it, unaware Michael Thompson has lowered his shorts. "The rift doesn't make just muscles grow. It makes this grow too. Like my rod? It's 17 inches of power. Sam and Ted, they know you're into muscle and strength. Think about how strong you're getting. But know this, your dick is also getting bigger. Feels pretty good doesn't it?"

Tim Fornaio: (THAT WAS IT, I WAS NOT GETTING HARD, MY DICK WAS GROWING!!!! HOLY SHIT!!! OK, Stay calm, think abou the ocean, an ocean of power. . NO!!!!!

Ted Samson: Tim, in a few minutes, you're going to be 450 pounds. Think about how big and strong you'll be then. --

Announcer 1: Look's like that spandex suit is getting pretty tight.

Announcer 2: Yep, it's straining to contain Tim's muscles -- you can see the tears beginning in it.

Tim Fornaio: (OH FUCK THE POWER AND SIZE, CAN'T . . THINK . . .ABOUT . . IT!!!) I shut my eyes and start singing to get the muscle off my mind

Wave after wave of power hits your body. You're growing faster now. nearly 20 pounds of muscle every minute. Ted Samson puts his hand on your newly massive arm. "Tim, flex for us. Show us how big you are." Ted Samson hits a bicep pose. "Come on, compare to this..."


As you push them away, the spandex splits down the back, unable to contain your thick lats. The buzzer indicates 25 minutes have passed. You are now close to 450 pounds of solid muscle. Your pecs rip out of the suit, and the legs split into tatters. A1: There goes the suit. The three back away as your glutes cause the spandex to split and fall from your body.

Announcer 2: He now has five minutes without the challengers to grow and appreciate his bigger body. You feel the growth increase to 30 pounds of muscle every minute -- that's one pound every two seconds. You watch as your muscles slowly expand before your eyes, knowing that the speed will only increase with time

Tim Fornaio: "Look at me guys! WACTH ME GROW!!" You laugh with confidence, the confidence of your new strength. You will win. You know it. Nothing will stop you. "You guys are going down!!! Fuck, I'm getting massive!!! More more More MORE!!!!"

The buzzer rings again. You've grown to 600 pounds. Now, you're gaining a pound a minute. Michael Thompson comes over. "Fun and games are over." He lifts you up, positioning your pendulous dick in the small gap between his bicep and forearm. He flexes gently, squeezing it. Forcing it to become hard. "No spandex to protect you now, wimp!"

Tim Fornaio: UGH! MUST TRY TO FIGHT THEM OFF!! I try to break free of his grasp, using my new muscle, my body shaking with effort

Michael Thompson: Heh, I've got double you muscle mass, wimp. (Sam Rogers and Ted Samson come over and begin massaging your muscles, feeling your power. Their stronger fingers dig into your muscle like it was putty) Bet all this muscles feels good on you, doesn't it. I got news for you. When I became champ, the rift aliens, they did something. They moved the rift into me for a few minutes. All that power was mine. More muscle than you can ever imagine. Infinite. I can tap into it now too. That's how I stopped that train. I got power from the rift. All that power is mine and you'll never have it.

Tim Fornaio: FUCK YOU GUYS, NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME!! (women's soccer, Quincy, Murder She Wrote . . . .)

A bell rings.

Announcer 1: Tim has now passed Ted Samson in size and strength.

Announcer 2: The man has the desire.

Announcer 1: yes, but can he beat Rogers and Thompson?

Tim Fornaio: "HA HA, ONE DOWN TWO TO GO!!!" I flex a huge bicep, taunting them.

Samson comes over to you, flexing his arm. Slightly smaller. He grabs your wrist, trying to unflex your arm.

Tim Fornaio: "Go for it man, nothing can stop me!!!" You look at Rogers "YOUR NEXT LITTLE MAN!!!"

Samson puts both hands against your growing bicep. Slowly, your arm comes down. Rogers grabs your other arm with both his and holds it down. You're now over 800 pounds of muscle.

Tim Fornaio: OK, you guys win this time, but soon, nothing will be able to stop me! That train you stopped, ha, that will be childs play for me!!!!" You flex as hard as you can, muscle bulging on top of muscle. There is a trace of fear in Roger's and Samson's eyes, but not Thompson's. You can tell, he hates you. He'll do anything to bring you down. Your determination grows. You demand the power to beat him.

Another bell rings.

Announcer 1: Tim has now surpassed Rogers. Only Thompson stands in his way.

Announcer 2: Hmmm... we're getting strange readings from the rift. It seems to be opening wider.

Announcer 1: That would mean ...

Announcer 2: That Tim is getting more power now. Look, he feels it...


You raise your arms, throwing the two smaller men aside. You confront Michael Thompson. Michael Thompson: Ya, you're about 900 pounds now. Didn't think you had it in you. But I've still got 300 pounds on you. (he shoves a fist into your chest, forcing you back. You've grown to be almost as tall as him, your frame expanding to accomidate the massive muscle you now possess. He puts a hand on your shoulder and presses down, forcing you to kneel before him)

Tim Fornaio: Enjoy it while it lasts fucker!!! I CAN FEEL THE POWER, blowing me up bigger and faster than ever!!!

Announcer 1: Our readings show Tim has just passed 1000 pounds of muscle.

Announcer 2: Look at the strain on Michael Thompsons face. He's never met a contestant like this. His arms are shaking trying to contain Tim's growing power!

You begin to get up, feeling you muscle might overtaking the man who was champion.


Michael Thompson: I AM THE CHAMPION. I HAVE THE MUSCLE. (he places both hands on your shoulders to keep you down)


You feel the power grow in you.

Sam Rogers and Ted Samson came running over, adding their strength to hold you down.

Announcer 1: Tim is over 1100 pounds now and growing fast. In 30 seconds, he'll surpass Michael Thompson.

Announcer 2: I sense a new champion. This should be interesting


They can feel your body swellling, growing, expanding, they look at each other in fear!

A third bell rings.

Announcer 1: Ladies and gentlemen, our new champion!

Announcer 2: Uhm, Al, I think there is something wrong. These readings can't be right. The rift, I've never seen it send in this much power before. (You feel a sudden burst of power and you begin to stand, forcing the three muscle men away from you)

You're now the strongest man ever to walk the earth, and you're getting stronger. Nothing can stop you. The feeling of power makes you giddy.


You stand up throwing them off, basking in the incredible POWER!!!!!

You call into the rift, "MORE!!!!! BLOW ME UP!!!!!"

Announcer 2: My god, it says he weighs nearly 2000 pounds. Look at the size of him. And he's still growing. He must be 7 foot six, and those arms. They're huge!

Tim Fornaio: (FUCK)!!!!

Announcer 1: 2500 pounds. Our laser measures say his arms are nearly 60 inches around.

Tim Fornaio: NOW WHO'S IN CHARGE!!!!! I repeated flex my biceps, each time, they grow an inch!!!!! MORE, FUCK I WANT SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Michael Thompson comes over. He throws a punch at you. "DAMN YOU! THAT POWER IS MINE!" (you weigh over 3000 pounds of raw muscle and tower over him)

Tim Fornaio: HA HA, grabbing his wrist and lift him up. YOU DON'T DESERVE THIS POWER!!!!!

He struggles, kicking at your abs. His mightiest blows bounce off your super hard stomach.

Announcer 1: The rift, it keeps expanding. Tim's over 4000 pounds now. I don't understand.

Announcer 2: the interdimensional aliens must be responding to his lust for power. They're giving it to him.

You let him down, and move your tremendous bulk right in front of the rift, basking in the power. Your muscles soak the power up like a sponge!!!! You feel something and pull. Then it dawns on you, "Shit I CAN PULL THE POWER EVEN FASTER!!!!!"

Michael Thompson signals the other two men to come over. They try and stop you. Michael has fought a freight train, but you are proving too powerful. He grabs at your chest and tries to apply a crab to it, tries to crush the massive pec.


Michael Thompson: You've knelt before me once and you'll do it again!

Tim Fornaio: I just laugh!!! NEVER!!! LOOK AT ME!!!! LOOK AT THIS POWER!! I flex my arm over 90 inches of muscle!!!

Announcer 1: The rift, it seems to be moving. It's approaching Tim.

Announcer 2: It... I don't believe it. It's like it's becoming part of him.

You feel it moving closer, the growth increasing!! You almost scream from the intensity. You think, "BUT ALL I WANT IS MORE!! I NEED SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!"



Thompson steps in front of the rift, flexing his powerful body, pleading for the power to come to him as it once did. Your body expands faster. Your pecs force into your chin and your traps feel like they could touch your ears. Thompson's body shakes with his effort, but the rift begins to move away from him. You are twice as wide as Michael Thompson as you feel the rift enter your body, becoming one with you.

Tim Fornaio: It's like my body is exploding!!!

You roar with power!

Tim Fornaio: It feels like a nuclear bomb is going off inside me!!!! FUCK YES!!! HERE I GROW!!!!!

In your minds eye, you see them. Living embodiments of muscle. They seem to smile at you. Your arms become heavy with muscle, 100, 110, 120, 150 inches and growing. Your pecs are amazingly powerful. You feel Michael Thompson's punches at you as if he were a gnat. Your legs are striated powerhouses, that cause the ground to shake as you move. You are the living embodiment of muscular power. Anything you want you can get with your size and your strength!

You merge with them, become one of them. They look into your mind and see your wildest size fantasy. They smile, I hear them say "HE IS THE ONE!".

You know it is true. Through your eyes, they see the three who came before you. "Show them."

Tim Fornaio, flexing giant muscles: they are in awe of me, bigger than all of them combined! bigger than 100 super enhanced bodybuidlers!!!! I roar CUM! Their bodies spasm as they all exlode in unison, their minds like putty staring at the muscle god before them!

Michael Thompson begins to shake. He runs towards you. You grab him, force him down to kneel before you. "Arrgggghhhhh" he cries as he is unable to overcome the strength of your massive body. Your dick is so long and thick, it hangs before him. Tears run down his face as he lifts his mouth to it, kissing it.


Michael Thompson: "I... I..." he licks your dick, watching your body become bigger and stronger. "I never imagined such power..." Ted Samson and Sam Rogers come over. They begin to worship you. Ever second, you grow bigger and stronger. You look down at these former muscle kings and know you are superior. You may have them anyway you want.

Tim Fornaio: They are totally under my control. I want to fuck them all, but I STILL WANT TO GET BIGGER!!!!!!

The aliens give you your wish. Your feel the strength of 10,000 bodybuilders flood into your body. Your skin is paper thin, revealing striations as thick as bridge cables. Your arms pass 300 inches in diameter as your frame grows to accomidate the infitinite strength you are drawing upon. Each wish for more size is answer with a "yes!" and you grow bigger. The announcers simply stare in awe, cum staining their pants where showing how they envy your power.

Tim Fornaio: YES!!!! MORE MORE MORE!!!! MAKE ME BIGGER!!!! They draw infinite resources, feeding me all I want AND MORE!!!!!!

Michael Thompson is sucking your massive dick, using his now insignificant might to pull on your huge balls. Ted Samson and Sam Rogers are playing with your massive pecs, sucking and chewing your nipples. Each man uses his significant muscle worshipping you as you grow bigger and bigger. You are Atlas holding up the sky -- Hercules separating the continents. You are more than they are. So much more powerful.

The power floods into you. You imagine a star exploding, knowing that force pales to the power you have. Michael Thompson steps back to accommidate your huge legs, barely able to keep your thick manhood in his mouth. You demand more power, and you get it.

Tim Fornaio: YES!!!! 20 FEET TALL, 50,000 LBS OF MUSCLE!!

You feel Michael Thompson's tears. You hear him crying, "I'm sorry. I never imagined. I thought I was worthy, but, oh you are so much more." He is humilated by his show of contempt for you. "You really are the champion. I am nothing."


Michael Thompson looks up at your muscles. He shakes his head. He knows you are right. You are growing so fast. 30 feet, 100,000 pounds of solid muscle and growing. Your huge cock calls to him, and he rubs his body against it, showing his loving devotion the only way he can.

You feel the power, the rift becoming one with you. You control it's power now. No one else will ever have it. You cum.

It doesn't matter. You are the one. All the power is yours. Even as your massive organ sprays cum like a volcano, you continue to grow. No man will ever match your size or might. You are The One.

The end. •

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