Becoming Travis

By QuoteTheRaven

The 23 year-old bodybuilder wore lycra shorts that stretched across his ass and huge thighs. His thick meat was outlined by the sheer blue fabric. He was straddling a stool at the health club juice bar gulping down a huge turkey burger with spinach and no bun. His feathered hair fell down his neck. His big, young muscles bunched on his arms as he fed himself. His pecs were dense and pumped on his bare torso. He was a big, big bodybuilder.

Travis hadn't always been so extremely big. And he hadn't always been Travis - in fact, he'd used to be "Andy" and until he was 21, he was a skinny kid -- afraid to admit to himself that he wanted to be muscular and scared at the idea that other people would know. "I'm not allowed to want that - shit, what would people think of me if they saw me go start working out and trying to bulk up and act like I'm something I'm not."

But even before "Travis", "Andy" was well liked: "Hey, Andy - how's it going? Do your chemistry homework?" "Yeah - I skipped lunch to get it done" "Oh maybe I can take a look then" "Oh yeah. Whatever." "Hey there's Xander.. Later, Andy… Hey Xander, you coming to Mike's party, Saturday?"

The change really started Andy's senior year in college, when a kid, Bill, in his philosophy class started to talk to Andy about working out. He got Andy into the gym. Andy felt intimated and shy - he did not take to it.

But Bill kept inviting him to work out and Andy screwed up his courage to overcome his reluctance and would join Bill most times. Then something strange happened, after two months the part of Andy that would become Travis noticed that he was actually stronger by a notch on most exercises - and he'd stepped on a scale and seen that he'd gained 2 pounds.

"Andy, I can't make our workout on Wednesday - are you bummed?" "Naw, that's ok, Bill - I'll just skip - I should probably read. And then I'll hang out at the snack bar with Eeeker and Melladie."

On Wednesday, not Andy, but Travis went to the gym and did a full workout on his legs and then looked in the mirror before heading to class. He did not meet Eeeker and Melladie. Later that night he did his reading.

On Friday, when he met Bill for their workout, he let Bill talk him into heavier sets and fewer reps than they had done before.

"We can lift heavier today, Andy - because we've had a longer rest not working out on Wednesday." "Ok, Is that right - well, ok, I'm willing to give it a shot."

On Saturday, Travis, not Andy, got up earlier than his roommates and went to the gym. He worked out for an hour and then showered in the abandoned locker room before racing back to the house before the other guys were up. On Sunday too he was at the gym lifting.

And Travis started swiping food from the dining hall at each meal - extra glasses of milk, lots of egg whites, extra turkey on his sandwich, a handful of burgers to take with him and eat late at night in his dorm room. The more the better. Travis just kept getting more food.

Bill kept working out with "Andy". But "Travis" was working out too. Travis was at the gym 3 of the 4 days that Andy wasn't. And Travis wasn't afraid to push it. While Andy did light sets with Bill and was a follower, Travis pushed each set to the max and ground out every last rep. Andy bought a couple of baggy t-shirts and made both Travis and Andy wear them. Because of the t-shirts, noone really noticed that by the time graduation came around, Travis had put 9 lbs on Andy's frame.

Sitting through actual graduation, Travis' left hand had spent the whole time under the robe rubbing up and down over the now defined abs and small chest. "This feels good," Travis thought. This thinking was interrupted, "Jesus, Andy! You gotta stop this. Why are you so obsessed with getting big. Your just Andy - what's everybody gonna say if they saw you working out and being into it - something's wrong with you." He snatched his hand from his abs and brought both hands out and over his gown - there was a tent in his robes.

Chagrined at his bulking up "infatuation", Andy decided that that summer he would stay around on campus, but he would give up the gym. And he did give up the gym. That is he did give up the gym until Eeeker's brother, Adonnio, came for a weekend visit.

"Alright, Eeeker and Andy, thanks for the afternoon hanging out - I'm going to go to the gym now - I'll see you around 6." "Oh, the gym, that sounds fun, Adonnio. You, mind if I tag along?" "I'd rather you not. You don't even work out, do you, Andy? It doesn't look like it. In any case, I'm going for a real workout. It would be boring for someone who doesn't really care what they look like -- whose satisfied just looking like you."

A day later, Travis overcoming Andy's resistance got a job at the gym without much effort - he took a first thing in the morning shift, noone ever came in at that hour. That at least made Andy more comfortable because no one would discover Travis had gotten him into this new job. Travis lifted hard. And then Travis began feeding himself again - again wolfing down eggs, meat, protein. Soon, Travis had himself on supplements - a lot of assorted powders and minerals but also a good amount of creatine and andestroine.

While Travis worked out, Andy kept wearing bigger t-shirts and bought looser shorts. But even so, people started noticing that Travis was making Andy bigger.

"Hey Andy, hold up… sorry I haven't caught up with you in a long time." "Yeah." "How you been, man?" "Good - I haven't been up to much." "No? It kind of looks like you've been bulking up." "Huh - I mean - Well, Well. No, no way. I haven't been bulking up. I mean…. Well, I've just been going to the gym a little bit.. But only on Tuesday's and Thursday's - I go cause I get bored and am looking for something to do." "You must have been going more than that - I can tell you're bigger" "No- no way - why would I work out like that - I don't want to get all big. I think its just this shirt got shrunk in the dryer."

In spite of Andy, Travis began doing double sessions twice a week and making sure that he got two intense leg workouts every eight days. He kept eating high calorie, high protein, and high fat meals. Travis dug out some of Andy's old shirts and their size was perfect for how he wanted to look while working out. They were tight on his body. Meanwhile, Andy kept trying to stretch out his newer shirts - why weren't they any looser.

"Hey Andy, it's nice to see you here at Wednesday drinks night - seems like we haven't seen you in a while." "Yeah, Melladie, I don't have time for this all the time now." The voice cracked between Andy's usual light voice and something a little lower. Melladie got up and came closer to her friend. "Holy shit, Andy, you're kinda big - heh heh - you been working out or something - trying to get in on that whole buff scene - ha ha?' "Oh, whole buff scene!? No, that's silly, no that wouldn't be me. Well, but actually, yea, I have been working out. I thought I would put on a few pounds, you know, get a little bit of a physique." The voice cracked and dropped as it spoke. "Of course, I didn't mean anything by it, it looks good on you - but just be careful don't get too big, Andy. Ha ha."

To get bigger, Travis continued to work out intensely over the next four months. And eventually began to be hungry for more - not satisfied with where he was. He looked no different than any other regular guy in the gym.

"Hi you haven't met me before but I've seen you around the gym. You work out like a machine. What's your name?" "It's a a aan Travis." "Well listen man. I don't mean to suggest anything but to get where you want to go you might need a little help." "Ah.. Ah.. I don't know what you mean? Wait, actually tell me more." "What I'm talking about is a real difference. Something that will really change you. And I can be your source." "Fuck yea. Alright, I need it."

Travis shook with anticipation the day that the steroids arrived. He'd raced from the mailbox to his room where he'd opened the box in secret and examined every bottle multiple times. Yet, a week past and Andy kept resisting the cycle. And then a second week passed and still the steroids, handled many times, sat unused. A third week was passing with no action, when Travis happened to be in the gym locker room alone. On the way to the gym, he'd had the chance to stop at the sports store on Beltsville Avenue and had managed to pick out and buy a dark blue speedo. Now he felt it was his chance to try it on. He'd just slipped it on and was striking a side pose in the mirror with his stomach sucked in and his chest thrust out, when the door flung open.

"Ha… what you up to Andy? Wait, are you posing? What the fuck… you fucking don't have the build for that. What a fucking freak?"

That night, Travis began the steroid cycle with both hunger and with trepidation. But with each day of taking, he found that the hunger was not quenched but began to grow and he found that the fears and concerns were melting away and that Andy was melting away. 12 weeks later he was bigger and stronger - 16 pounds heavier - almost buff -than he had ever been before and he was actually beginning to feel like a different person than he had ever been before.

"Hey, Andy, you want to go swimming with the gang on Saturday." "Yea, I'd be pumped for that, Eeeker. But do me a favor though call me Travis - I'm giving up my old name." "Sure no problem. Hey have you still been lifting - are you bigger or is this just still the same as last time." "Oh.. Just the same I think… probably just shifted around a little - more cardio you know."

Travis showed up in a loose sweatshirt and cargo shorts.

"Andy, where the.." "It's Travis" "Oh right man sorry forgot about that… Travis where's your swimsuit dude?" "I threw it on under my shorts." "Show me, dude… huh?!… Jesus man are you wearing a speedo? Ha ha" "I wear it because I can….. I wear it because I can"

Travis dropped his shorts - his legs were full and round with small cuts and the speedo was a plain dark blue. He lifted his sweatshirt off to reveal a tight white tanktop that stretched over his torso. After a few athletic steps, Travis launched himself toward the lake and sliced into the dark water.

Twelve weeks later, Travis started the juice again. Shooting himself up, he realized he had never felt anything like this. Travis lifted hard and wolfed massive quantities of food. He gained 14 lbs of lean mass and started busting out of his old clothes. His t-shirts were all skin tight on his hard, muscular but still lean body. His workout shorts were stretched around his thighs. His old jeans were skin tight and hugged his ass, cock, and balls. Travis was getting strong, very strong with all his lifts. On legs, Travis loaded the bars with massive weight and pushed to make himself indestructible.

"You, still working here at the gym? How's it going?" "It's going Fucking good" Travis had a deeper voice than Andy had had. "How are your workouts going?" Travis peeled his shirt back away from his smooth, hard, rippled torso "Just look, Adonnio." Cuts etched his chiseled muscle. "Shit, Travis, you look good - maybe we should work out sometime together?" "Yea, maybe, Adonnio, I'll have to let you know." "But, man , what are your goals? Ha ha - not to get massive right - to stay athletic right - he he - to get massive would be weird." "Your asking what I want - do I want to bulk up? Yeah, I do. Do I want to put on a little more muscle? Yep. Do I want to pump myself up, and be a bodybuilder? Just watch me, dude. Watch me pile on muscle - pound after pound of it. I AM going to get big. I AM going to get massive. Just watch me." said Travis.

Travis bought speedos and posing trunks and kept working out.

He started another cycle - but this time he really got serious with the juice. He mixed the right pharmaceuticals to prevent side effects and came out 12 weeks later with 18 more pounds of mass, hard and bulked up.

He did a fourth cycle and gained another 11 pounds eating like a beast. He was 22 1/2 and weighed 208. His face was the same handsome face that Andy had had, but Travis was beginning to bulge muscle that hung on his frame like a sinewy coat. Travis' calves and thighs swept down his legs, his lats spread on his back, his arms were endowed with large round baseballs. His chest was nicely inflated above rippled abs.

Nothing special took him back to his Parent's home that next June. He walked into his their suburban house dressed in his biggest jeans and a polo shirt. He carried a gym bag filled mostly with supplements and a few articles of clothing. While not skin tight - his clothes stretched over his frame. "Is that the door? … Hello… Who is it?… let me see" "Oh my wor.. Oh my wor.. Oh my word. What the.. Andy! Andy! What have you done!" "Mom, I'll just throw this bag in my room. Don't change your plans on my account."

Andy's parents were shocked and didn't know how to deal with Travis. Travis ignored them and lay out in the back yard tanning in his speedo, pumped weights lightly in the garage using a set of home weights he dug out of a neighbors basement and spent time mixing himself shakes in the kitchen. At meals, he'd finish his plate and then by right take from his parents' plates what they had not been fast enough to finish. His parents could not comprehend the situation and were afraid to talk to Travis and just staid out of his way.

One sunny afternoon, after lying out tanning, Travis walked into Andy's old room, pulled some basketball shorts over his bikini, grabbed his bag, ready to leave. As he passed his mother, he pulled her against his pumped up muscles, tilted her head back and kissed her on the forehead. As he passed his father, he took his Dad's hand, placed it on his big bicep, and flexed. He smiled broadly at his father while looking him in the eye. He was 4 pounds bigger than when he arrived home and one posing brief shorter -- it lay dried with sweat near a note that said, "Thanks" and was signed "Andy" with a smiley face.

When, Travis got back to campus he was ready to get huge. Big and huge. Massive and huge. He was ready to get rippling with muscle. He was ready to show everyone how much weight he would put on and how big his muscles would grow.

On the first of his three steroid cycles - Travis continued to grow with muscle. All around him, people were fixated with Travis' growth. His muscles were growing bigger, and began to bulge more pronouncedly around his narrow joints and slim waist.

"Andy, you'll be at the lake Saturday?" "Hey man, I haven't seen you in a long time… I changed my name to Travis last year. Andy - he's dead. Oh and yeah, I'll be at the lake, I wanted to play Frisbee up there."

Travis drove up wearing gray sweat pants and a blue sweat shirt.

"Hey, Travis - what kind of swimsuit you have on this time."

Travis peeled off his sweats. His lime green bikini traced a line between his full round ass and his big, muscular legs. The silky nylon held his cock and balls flat against his taught abdomen. His torso was larger and more v-shaped -- probably 15 pounds heavier than the first time he'd swum with the lake crew. With all eyes glued to him, muscular Travis raced for the water making a diving catch of the Frisbee as he plunged into the cool dark waters.

On the second cycle - Travis found that people were becoming more and more drawn to him as he began to look more like a bodybuilder. Travis gained 19 pounds and he liked the way it felt on him and he liked the way it felt to have people look at his chest as it thickened, at his widening shoulders, at his growing biceps. He liked when people stared at him or brushed against his hard, rising ass. He liked that his bigger legs were starting to force a more muscular, more masculine stance. "Just watch me", Travis thought "you've not seen anything yet." At the gym, other guys showed a level of envy that was unmistakable that Travis had gone where they were too afraid to go.

"Travis, can I feel your muscle." "Yeah, touch anywhere you want." His voice was sexily low. "How are you getting so big - I've never seen anyone as huge as you're getting?" "I'm getting big because I'm hungry to get big - because I need to get big with every ounce of my being --to get more massive than you can imagine. I'm getting big because I pump myself full of juice, because I eat to get big, because you look at me and I look back and say just watch what I become."

After a 3 month break, Travis went on a third cycle similar to the first two. But on the third cycle, more than ever before, Travis felt the freedom to become whom he could become. Starting the cycle at 238, he was still extremely handsome and proportionate but now with a big body. Reaching that plateau he had realized "I'm gifted with some kind of fucking good genetics." It was clear that he had the potential to mass himself up to a v-shaped, bulging limbed perfection. So, Travis increased his dosages, and he began to eat. And eat lots. There was no limit to the amount of food he would eat and didn't need to worry about fat. 5 steak dinners, 3 shake fueling breaks, 16 egg omelet breakfasts just kept making him bigger and stronger. In the weight room, Travis was like a man on a mission - he churned out rep after rep on heavy weights and watched his young supple muscles bulge further and further.

"How does it feel?" "It feels like a thousand stallions thundering through my physique - I feel like a brewing storm building in strength and power - I feel like a mound of coiled steel… Ha, ha, ha. Just joking by trying to sound like some online muscle fantasy - How does it really feel to be beefed up? It feels like a boner - like a big, hard boner - and when I pump up it feels like that sense of intensity as though I were cumming but my whole body is cumming."

Finished his cycles, Travis is a massive 275 and only 23. Travis is 35 lbs heavier than any bodybuilder in the gym - even the young thirty year olds also on the juice. He's 135 lbs heavier than Andy ever was. Travis' broad shoulders are massive with muscle, He has huge legs and a muscular ass. His electric blue, thigh length lycra shorts cling to his nice big cock and balls.

Travis loves being huge and feeling the weight of his big muscles weighing him down. He loves thinking about how skinny he used to be. Now he has muscles bulging all over his body. When he moves, he feels the muscles bunch and flex - his biceps like big softballs, his thighs like swollen tear drops, his ass like two muscular mounds. He has gone through an unmatchable transformation - from a skinny, self-denying coward to a full-bellied muscle boy. "See me - see just how big I have become."

Now, Travis sits at the juice bar, his cock plump, his body alive with power.. Next to him, Travis notices a skinny 19-year-old - strikingly handsome in the same way that Andy used to be.

"Hey there. How's it going? Were you working out?" "Oh no - not me - you weren't talking to me, were you? No, I don't really lift weights - just do a little lifting like a weight circuit for phys. Ed. Or something." "You don't want to get huge like me?" "Oh no way - I could never dare to do that." "What's your name?" "Oh, I'm Eddie" "Well I'll call you Clay, Eddie, and come with me"

In the locker room, while Eddie bends naked in front of him, Travis sinks a syringe of anabolic steroid in his own ass. He's always wanted to do this. Aware that the steroid is in his body, Travis gets a boner, his cock swells to its big size and he presses it against the teen's virgin hole. Entering that soft but extremely tight ass, Travis feels a wash of sensation that explodes back from his cock head and radiates through each of his bulging muscles. With a massive flex, Travis begins to fuck deep and hard in the virgin territory of Eddie's ass. Slowly with each powerful thrust, cum begins to gather in Travis' big balls. Travis' cock reaches deep in Eddie's hole. The stroking gets faster and more animalistic. The sensation of Travis' big cock fucking him overwhelms every sensation in Eddie's body - Eddie's cock is ramrod hard like any good teens. As Travis reaches the very point of orgasm, he stabs a needle in Clay's ass flesh and unloads a dose of strong steroids into Clay's young body. The boy cums a white rain that showers every mirrored surface in sight. Travis, the pumped up bodybuilder, looks at his mammoth reflection in the mirror plowing his once puny self. He blows a load of gism so large it floods out Eddie's hole as he already feels the weight and power of the next 20 pounds that he and Clay will each soon gain. •

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